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Their reaction on you crying over your cheating boyfriend [BigBang]

So, this just popped up in my head… Blame my ‘not being able to shut my brain up’ for this one. Basically, you find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and go to them for support (They are your best friend, even like family). I really don’t know why I am in such a mood for cheating boyfriends… But yet here we are! I hope that you enjoy this.
Keep in mind that it is 3:03 AM, some grammar might be a bit off because of my lack of sleep the last few days (okay, maybe even weeks. I can’t help that I’m a really bad sleeper) 

Seunghyun (T.O.P)

He would be so mad at your boyfriend for hurting you, but finding you on his doorstep while crying was more important than slamming your boyfriend his head in with a baseball bat, so he took you inside. Making you sit down on the couch while he made your favorite kind of hot drink to calm you down a little. Coming back into the living room with the hot drink and a box of tissues with him. “Cry it all out (Y/N)-ah. You feel a lot better after that.” He would say while taking you in his arms, lending you a shoulder to cry on.

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Youngbae (Taeyang)

He would be out of his mind angry at your boyfriend for even hurting you, he seemed like the most decent and caring guy so Taeyang thought that he wouldn’t even dare to hurt you. But he was wrong and even felt a bit guilty for not being able to prevent you from getting hurt. Nevertheless, he would pull you into a hug. Sitting you down next to him and telling you to let it all out. “Tell me everything (Y/N), curse him all you want. I will be here to listen.”

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Jiyong (G-Dragon) 

He would have seen it coming. He always has had an eye for that kind of stuff, though he didn’t tell you as you would have been too stubborn to listen to him. It wasn’t like G-Dragon didn’t trust the guy at all, he gave him his fair chance. But when he found you crying all alone in your room, after not answering any of his calls he knew what had happened right away. He would sit down next to you, snaking his arm around your shoulder. Making you look up to him with bloodshot eyes and cheeks full of tears. “He never deserved you anyway (Y/N). Cry your heart out as much as you need.” He would tell you, wiping away some of your tears.

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He would probably feel everything you feel. He saw you as a little sister and was sad whenever you would be sad. So when he found you crying on his doorstep he needed to fight the tears himself. Knowing that he needed to be strong for you right now. “I am so sorry (Y/N). You deserve so much better than him.” He would tell you while pulling you into a hug, letting you cry out on your shoulder. He would make the day all about you, watching sappy movies with you while eating ice cream, or making a cake with you and allowing you to smear flour, frosting, and decorations all over his face. He would do anything to make you either forget for a while or to make you smile.

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Seunghyun (Seungri)

This guy would have no chill at all. Plotting ways to hurt him as soon as you told him that he cheated on you. “I am going to kill that bastard for hurting you like this! Who does he think he is that he has the right to do this to you?” You would have to assure him that you didn’t want any revenge right now, but that you just needed him by your side right now. That you needed him to make you feel a bit better again. He can’t say no to you especially when you are crying, your head already on his shoulder. He would wrap his arms around your waist. Pulling you closer to him. “Aish, I won’t kill him for now. Just cry as much as you want. I’m right here and I won’t leave you alone.”

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