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What German is like

 Hey everyone! 

I know that there are a lot of stereotypes about all kinds of languages, and I thought I’d start with my own and explain a little about it. Even if you’re not aspiring to learn it, I hope this post might interest you. 

1. “German people always sound angry.” 

I don’t think this is true. German can sound angry, yes, because we have a hard pronunciation (I can’t think of a better description right now) and use a lot of nouns, which make everything sound more formal and less emotional (also known as “Beamtendeutsch” = official german). But I think the reason why people from other countries associate anger with the german language is because in the media, you probably only see german politicians in the parliament holding speeches - and, of course, 80% of them are yelling at other politicians and speaking in formal terms. 

Here are some music videos in which you’ll hear a different German: 

Sarah Connor’s “Wie schön du bist” (How beautiful you are) from her album “Muttersprache” (Mother Language);

Andreas Bourani’s “Auf anderen Wegen” (On different ways) (please also check out the english translation of the lyrics!)

Mark Forster’s “Au Revoir”

Adel Tawil’s “Lieder” (Songs) 

Of course there are tons of other German artists, feel free to browse Youtube or iTunes and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

2. “German isn’t useful at all. “

Every language is useful! Secondly, German is among the 12 most spoken languages of the world, and it’s an official language in six countries. Almost 100 million people speak German as a first or second language. (x) It’s also a minority language in several other countries. 

Most importantly though: There are a lot of languages that are easier to learn once you speak German - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch… I learnt Latin in school and everyone told me it was useless because literally no one speaks it. With the help of Latin, I’m now able to understand almost all Roman languages, like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. Learning a language always has more positive side effects than we think. Plus, German is a challenge! It’s different from English, it’s different from Roman Languages, but all in all it’s very consistent. 

3. “German is way too difficult to learn - even German people can’t speak German properly. “

Yes, it’s difficult to learn. What isn’t? We have tons of fun grammar and tenses and weird exceptions, but that’s what makes it cool. It will also improve your knowledge of grammar terms in general so you can apply it to almost any language in the world. (Worked for me that way with Latin, which has some big similarities to German.) Plus, the basic grammar you need to master daily situations isn’t all that bad. 

Well, there certainly are German people who aren’t as capable of German grammar as they should be - but I guess there are also British people who confuse affect and effect and forget to use the subjunctive. I can assure you that people whose first language is German are not bad at German. Not everyone knows the grammar rules, but we use them correctly subconsciously.

4. “I can’t pronounce most of the words.”

The wonderful ä, ö, ü, ch.. Yeah, I can see how the pronunciation can be a problem. However, rest assured that 

a) 80% of the German native speakers have equally as much trouble with the “th” in English and 

b) no one will judge you if you speak with an accent. We’re going to congratulate you on trying your very best to learn our language, and we certainly won’t mock you if you pronounce things wrong. 

Learning a second language (mostly English) is obligatory in Germany, so really everyone here can relate to having problems with foreign languages, no matter if the problem is grammar, orthography or pronunciation. I learnt three foreign languages in school. Half of my year is probably still trying to figure out how the famous english “if-sentences” work, which verbs are used with the spanish subjuntivo and what the hell a latin ablativus absolutus is. So yeah, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. 

5. “Even Germans sound so different, it’s like they don’t speak the same language!

True. We have so many dialects in Germany that I can’t even count them, and of course Austria and Switzerland probably have even more than we do. It’s said that people from Hannover speak the “best” German, but to be honest, I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe. I’ve never been to Hannover. 

The most famous dialect is probably Bavarian. Berlin and Cologne have their own dialects, as well as Sachsen, Hessen and basically every other city or region. If you wanna catch a glimpse of it, watch Peter Frankenfeld’s scene “Die Wetterkarte” (Weather Report). It’s really old and the content doesn’t apply to nowadays, but the dialects he does are really accurate and super funny - even I don’t understand everything he says tbh. Keep in mind though that most people don’t use dialects especially when they are in contact with people from all over the country and it’s necessary that they’re understood, like lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors et cetera. I don’t even really speak “my” dialect because we never used it at home. And don’t worry, most people will try to speak their best non-dialect German when they notice you’re not a native speaker! 

This turned out much longer than I thought, but I hope this was helpful in some sort of way. :) 

Any more questions? Ask me! x

I know I said I was done talking about the whole cult thing, but hear me out. A lot of people have been saying that the cult ending situation has gotten out of hand, since it’s not achievable and not canon endgame, and spreading any more information/ideas about it is harmful to the game’s image.

What we know is that the cult ending is either something scrapped, but not deleted or a Halloween gag for later on; there may or may not be a hidden good ending behind the “3rd Walk Mary Home” bug (we probably meet Crish in that ending); and worst case scenario, Joseph has two routes and stays with his wife in both of them.

So, he’s not actually a cult leader. He’s technically still the dorky ~cool~ youth minister we thought he was; but he just happens to be a cheater, too. (A cheater in an all-but-finished marriage. He got kicked out of his house and lives on his yacht, guys.)

However, all of the “canon” dark stuff in the cult ending makes for one hell of an AU. I, for one, am completely here for cult!Joseph.

Tl;dr, even if the cult ending isn’t a real thing, there’s nothing wrong with a cult AU.

Imagine if Rogue One survived and kept on fighting for the rebellion together, so one day they end up in this shady bar in the middle of nowhere. When they get the tab, it’s a lot higher than they expect, so they’re freaking out and trying to figure out what to do. Chirrut waits for them all to quiet down before he says ‘Don’t worry, Baze and I can handle this’, and Baze just nods before motioning for the bartender. 

So Chirrut says their tab is way too high, and could you please consider going down? But of course the bartender is like ‘the prices are set’, so Chirrut turns to face Baze and they start speaking in Mandarin. At first it sounds civil, but then they both raise their voices and sound like they’re fighting. Are they fighting?  No, of course not. They’re complimenting each other in increasingly sappy ways. But the only one who knows that is Bodhi, who managed to pick up a bit of Mandarin as a pilot, and he’s sitting there quietly getting a bit embarrassed at these two guys complimenting each other rather aggressively, like:


And it keeps going like that for awhile, eventually everyone in the bar is staring and the bartender is like ‘Ok, ok, I’ll cut the tab! Just please stop making a scene!’ and the instant he says that Chirrut and Baze go back to their usual countenances and Chirrut thanks him with a sweet little smile.

 When they walk out, the other members of Rogue One ask what the hell they could have possibly been saying, were these two SERIOUSLY having a row in there, should they be concerned? But Chirrut just smiles and says ‘Nothing that needs to be repeated was said’ while Baze claps Bodhi on the shoulder, who laughs kind of nervously because they know Bodhi is the only one who’s in on their secret. Also, sorry if the grammar is wrong, my Chinese is still rather shaky.

(Jughead Jones x Reader): Forsythe Jones, what the hell is wrong with you?

Summary: Jughead confronts Mr. Andrews about the drive in and reader tries talk to him about it, he tries to ditch her but it doesn’t quite go to plan.

Word Count: 1731

Warnings: swearing and kissing (is that even something that needs a warning??)

Author’s Note: This is my first thing on tumblr ahhh (apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes)

It was one of those terribly sticky and humid days in the middle of the summer, you’d been hanging out with Archie on his porch and he told you his dad was getting really stressed out because he couldn’t find an accountant for the construction company. You’d gone to the Andrew’s Construction office the next morning and offered to help out.

“Please Mr. Andrews, I’m great at math, I’ve been tutoring Archie since pre-school, let me take the job.”

“(Y/N), you’re not even a sophomore yet, are you sure you’re ready for the responsibility? Don’t you want to spend your summer having fun?”

“With all due respect Mr. Andrews, you hired your son to do manual labor, is it really that far of a stretch for me to sit here in the office and crunch some numbers for you?”

“Alright, if you think you’re up for it I guess you can try it out.”

Jughead had popped into the office unexpectedly, he came in all the time now that you were working here, usually to say hi to you (at least you hoped so, you had to think it was pretty unlikely that he visited because he wanted to spend more time with Mr. Andrews).

You were sitting at your desk with stacks of financial records and account papers littered around you. You smiled at Jughead when we walked in but he seemed preoccupied so you turned back to your work.

“Mayor McCoy says you won the contract to tear down the drive-in,” Jughead said while Mr. Andrews poured himself another cup of coffee.

Mr. Andrews sighed but nodded, “I did,” He replied as he went back to his desk, “Look, I’m sorry Jughead. I know how much you love the Twilight, and so do I-”

“Mr. Andrews, just give me one week to track down the person who bought the land, and convince them not to demolish a holy house of cinema.” Jughead begged.

Mr. Andrews looked up at Jughead, trying to reason with him, “It’s a big contract for me, Jug, and for my guys. Whatever they build in the place of the drive-in could me more jobs.”

“In what? Some hypothetical future?” Jughead replies,” You put one Jones out of work, why don’t you put out another, huh?”

“Jug, your dad was taking materials from one of our job sites. I had to let him go.”

It was at this comment made by Mr. Andrews that pulled your head up sharply, you were surprised, you’d known that he’d let Jug’s dad go, but you’d never known why.

“Right. You did what you had to do, like you’re doing here now,” Jughead scoffs, ”later.”

“Jug-” Mr. Andrew starts, but he’s already out the door.

“I’ll go talk to him,” You tell Mr. Andrews as you quickly get up from your desk and head out after him.

“Jug!” You yelled after him, jogging to catch up with his brisk pace, “Please wait,” You said.

“(Y/N), I can’t- I really don’t want to talk about this right now.” He tells you, unable to make eye contact with you.

“That’s fine, we don’t have to, I just want to make sure you’re okay.” You tell him, trying to search his face for what he’s thinking.


“Jug…” You reply, smirking slightly.

“You know I hate when you do that,” He shoots back, rolling his eyes as he crosses his arms over his chest.

“If you didn’t give me so many reasons to smirk then I wouldn’t have to.” You shoot back. There’s something about pushing Jughead’s buttons that you enjoy.

“I’m going home.” he says, turning to leave.

You grabbed his arm and pull him back around to face you again, “Can I walk with you?” You ask him, trying find some excuse to spend time with him. You tell yourself that it’s to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, but if we’re being honest you just like being around him.

“Don’t you have to work?” Jughead asks with a sharp glance back to the trailer.

“I’m sure Mr. Andrew will let me leave early, just let me grab my stuff, okay?” You reply quickly, he nods and you let go of his arm and run back into the trailer. When you push through the door Mr. Andrews is still sitting at his desk like he’s been waiting for you.

“How’s he doing?” He asks you.

“I’m not sure… Is it okay if I walk him home?” You ask Mr. Andrews, “I swear I’ll stay late tomorrow to make it up.” You add quickly.

“Of course, (Y/N),” He says quickly, “Don’t worry about it, just make sure Jughead’s okay.”

“Thanks Mr. Andrews,” You reply as you grab your jacket and backpack, “See you tomorrow.” you add as you step out the door.

“Okay, Jug, Mr. Andrews said that I can go home,” you say as you close the door and turn around only to see that Jughead as disappeared, “Jug?!” You yell, looking around frantically.

“He went that way,” You hear someone say, whipping around to see one of the guys from the crew pointing down the street.

“Thank you,” You reply quickly before breaking into a sprint.

It only took about a minute to catch up with him, you’re pretty athletic after all, but he didn’t hear you running up to him until you were already on top of him, pushing him to the ground.

“Forsythe Jones, what the hell is wrong with you?” You holler at him as you crouch on top of him, pinning him to the sidewalk, your face inches away from his.

“Ow (Y/N)! When did you get so strong?” He asks, gritting his teeth as he wriggles beneath you, unable to get up.

“What the actual fuck Jughead! What is wrong with you?” You ask, your voice seething with anger, “Why would you just leave like that?”

“People are starting to look,” he says, causing you to glance behind you at the houses and realize that there are several heads poking out from behind curtains. Jughead takes your moment of distraction to turn the table and quickly flips you onto your back, pinning you down just like you pinned him down, “Not so fun? Now is it?” he says, smirking down at you.

“Jughead, my backpack,” You say, you words coming out clipped, as all of your books dig into you sharply, causing you to arch your back in pain.

“Shit, I’m so sorry.” He says quickly, jumping off of you and helping you to your feet, “Are you okay?”

You shrug, not wanting him to worry about it, “Can you just walk me home?” You ask, ignoring any concern he may have, “I don’t want to give these people anything more to gossip about.”

As you walk silently to your house Jughead keeps glancing over at you nervously, “Do you really care what people in this town think about you?” He finally asks.

You shoot him a look before staring down at the ground again, “Why does it matter?”

“Because you of all people shouldn’t care.”

“Well, I do. Maybe you should too.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Jughead, you saw the way those people were looking at us through their windows, you you enjoy people looking at you that way?”

“It doesn’t matter to me. They don’t matter to me.”

“Some of us don’t have the luxury to not care,” You reply, trying to not sound to snippy, “I’m not aloof. I’m too self-conscious.”

“But you’re perfect,” Jughead tells you before realizing he just said that aloud, “I mean- you are, you’re smart and funny and amazing, you don’t have anything to be self-conscious about.” He quickly adds as you walk up your front steps.

“Do you have time to help me with some homework?” You ask him, trying to change the subject.

“Sure,” He replies with a shrug, “Do you have any food?” He asks as he rummages through your fridge.

“Grab whatever, I don’t think my parents are coming home tonight so could you grab some for me too,” You reply.

Jughead pulls some leftovers out before you head upstairs to your room. He flops down on your bed the moment you open the door to your room and opens up the containers. You set down your backpack and lean down to grab your homework and wince sharply as you feel more stabbing pains in your back.

“Are you okay? Is it really that bad?” Jug asks as he stands up and walks over to you.

You quickly shrug off your jacket, “I can’t really tell, I’m sure it’s nothing.” You respond quickly.

“Do you want me to look?” He asks, his face furrowed in concern.

“Um…yeah,” You respond, pulling your hair over your shoulder. You pull your sweater over your shoulders, leaving you in just a tank top, causing you to feel even more self-conscious as you turn around, “Just check here and here,” You say quickly, pointing the best that you can to where you can still feel the impression of your textbooks.

You can feel his fingers gently trail over your shoulder and your breath hitches ever so slightly, “May I…?” He asks.

“Oh yeah, I don’t mind.” You respond a little too quickly as he gently pulls the back of your tank top down a little bit so he can look.

“It looks like it pierced the skin a little bit, there’s some blood,” He tells you quietly before lifting it up the bottom of your tank top, “Same down here.”

“Thanks,” You tell him as he pulls your tank top back down, his fingers lingering slightly before you turn back around.

“I’m really sorry about that, I wasn’t even thinking and I-” He starts saying, but you’re not listening to him, you’re just looking at his lips and before you think better of it you cut him off, pressing your lips against his.

You break away quickly, “Jug, I really like-” You art telling him, trying to confess your feeling for him, but then he gets payback and cuts you off in return, pulling you close.

You finally gain up enough willpower to pull yourself away, opening your eyes and breathing heavily.

“I really like you too, (Y/N),” He tells you as he wraps his arms around you.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I took my sister out for margaritas for her birthday and this place’s drinks are like the size of your head so after a couple drinks it was safe to say we were drunk. Our waiter was really cute and when I went to pay with my debit card my sister writes, “My sis thinks your hot” on the receipt. And instead of scribbling it out in embarrassment, I just take the pen and change it to “you’re.”

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Dude you're being ignorant... like you're worried more on the grammar or how that anon worded something that the actual point they were trying to make. They were trying to help you, you can choose to not be racist... but by them bringing something to your attention that is maybe offensive you should just apologize and move on instead of defending yourself and brushing past it as if nothing is wrong

What the actual hell am I supposed to apologize for?? I didn’t do anything? I posted an unpopular opinion on FB 3 months ago and someone randomly decided to bring it up on my page?

Analysis of Run and I Need U dance

Yes, I have analysed their choreography and how the hell it links to their mvs/epilogues etc. We all know BTS for their sharp moves, synchronization and energetic dances. But in I Need U and Run, they move away from their usual groove into a more dramatic interpretation that enables them to show their mvs through dance moves. 

Now, I don’t know if someone has already done this (dance theory etc) I have read a lot of mv theories but haven’t come across one that included their choreography.  Their choreography holds major signs that correlate with what is happening to their Run mv, Run jap mv, I Need U mv and their epilogue. 

They may answer all these questions: 

  • The sequence of their deaths (who died after who)
  • Did they all die?
  • How does their choreography link to their mvs?
  • Their relationship with each other and what is implied
  • And last but not least: IS JIN ALIVE OR DEAD? IF DEAD HOW THE HELL DID HE DIE?

This is gonna be a mess but oh well. Bear with me. I am in no way claiming to be an expert at dance etc lmao. I major in English Literature which will probably make you all think wtf her grammar is wrong and there are many mistakes. I wrote this quickly lmao. Don’t tell my teachers.

Some of my ideas may have been already covered by other people with their own theories. etc~ And this is quite long, maybe cause of the screenshots but I guess it’s worth it?

Let’s start with the epilogue: WHO WAS TAE TALKING TO ON THE PHONE? 

Tae was in a tiled room with graffiti everywhere after he had killed his father in INU. The use of graffiti is seen in all of their music videos, remember? So it plays a huge part. 

Now he is on the phone to…. 

NAMJOON, as seen in Run jap mv where he is at the payphone!

Namjoon looks distressed and shocked. So the obvious is there! Tae has told Namjoon about him murder of his abusive father. But why Namjoon? Why didn’t he go to the other members? 

It’s because we can see that they are close in the Run mv. We see them doing the graffiti together and getting caught by the police. My theory is that Namjoon has influenced Tae in doing bad things and we can assume that Tae was already a lost child, someone who needs help from his family home. But he got drawn into the parties and Namjoon’s scene. (insert party scenes from run here)


We can assume their relationship is really close because in the epilogue, who woke him up? 

OH HEY NAMJOOON!!!!!! So we’ve established their close bro relationship now. 

In their dance in INU and Run, we often see them moving together. 



(Tae moves in the next second)

Due to the bad influence of Namjoon, this may have led to his murder of his ass of a father and he began to go a little crazy which led to his suicide. Where is this craziness seen? 

In the japanese version of Run. We see Tae crazily spray painting the room he is in and looking like he is going mad as fuck and disorientated.

And he is spray painting again! A symbol of Namjoon’s influence.ANd yada yadada… His craziness led him to his suicide

Look, crazy eyes here. Probably the effects and guilt of his murder.

So how does their choreo link to this? In their choreo, second verse with Tae. He is center staged and his movements at the beginning is in sync with the others like he is controlling them. Then they become choppy and almost forceful. 

Here they punch under their jackets to show a beating heart showing they are alive. But Tae…

Goes out of his way to create movements of his own like looking at his hands. His hand that killed his father before looking back at the others to see that they are on the floor. They have collapsed because of his wrong doings, unable to get through it due to his murder and his suicide. With their hands reaching like that, it could be implied that they are trying to stop Tae, telling him to get a grip, don’t do anything please. And we see him even turn back to look at them like he was questioning his decisions.

In their INU choreo, everyone spirals around Tae letting him be seen as he since ‘mianhe’ saranghae’ maybe to the other members? to his father? for taking his life and ruining his friends’ life too? 

As he sings mianhe and saranghae, the others are shouting i hate you as response and moving around crazily as he walks calmly and brings his hands up together as if praying and asking for forgiveness from his friends.

In other parts of their choreo in INU and Run, Namjoon is always alone, walking around like above or with the members’ backs turned on him like they don’t want to know him or see him. This could be because they blame Namjoon for what had happened to Tae. 

In their RUN choreo, Tae is seen again begging and falling to his knees like the other members during the bridge. 

Everyone else collapses properly and curls up apart from Tae who brings his hands up again to pray and above he looks up with his hand in the air like he is reaching out and the others look like theyre in pain and distressed. Due to maybe their trauma of the loss of their friend.

Onto other choreos… At the beginning, all 6 members excluding Tae are all close knit together apart from Tae who walks over to them. 

And who does he put his hand one to push forward and to let them be seen and to rap? 

That’s right. He moves Jin forwards and allows Namjoon to be seen to everyone and everyone else moves too. Why? Why is the Tae the one able to move them all? Why did he only push Jin? Because Tae has a strong hold on them. He is their close friend. Maybe the one who holds them together? Or had? The one who they took care of cause he was maybe a little crazy already and needed more protection? And why Jin? Who died next?


Jumping off the scaffolding.


Remember he was at the petrol station? With a lollipop in his mouth but he drops it? AND IT TURNS INTO A CIGARETTE? What do you think happened with his ciggy being dropped in a place where there is petrol? CONSUME IN FLAMES!!! 


We see him and Suga fighting because Suga is drunk and going mad. Maybe due to the deaths of tae and namjoon. And in their scuffle, Yoongi punches Jungkook who we can assume is shocked and cannot put his hyung tother. They were close as seen in the mvs. They were always together weren’t they? Seen in the epilogue. They had a close relationship but due to the first two deaths, they fell apart.

And Jungkook died after he got beaten up and due to his daze and the ability to not feel anymore and the feeling of numbness because of the deaths, his fight with his close hyung and the beating he got from those guys.. HOW DARE THEY HIT MY BABY!?!?!?! he walks out onto the open road and got hit by an incoming car


With the addition of Jungkook’s death too, his only conclusion is to kill himself too. He lost Tae, Namjoon and now his closest friend, Jungkook. In theories I’ve read, his relationship is close with Jungkook (and that maybe they were lovers etc) because in Suga’s room is the flannel shirt hanging that Jungkook had worn so there is a connection there. Suga decided to pour petrol in his room and set it alight. (like Namjoon) 


Well I don’t think they are deaths. Just simply attempted suicides that led them at a mental hospital since in Run mv, Jhope is woken up by Jimin after he overdosed

And Jimin attempted to drown himself

And now theyre both in the same place together, trying to get themselves back up to their feet and attempt to move on with therapy etc


Let’s look at their dance in INU and Run. 

In INU during his verse, everyone is around him as he sings before moving their hands and pointing upwards as if directing him towards maybe the good life and stop him from doing what the others had done to themelves. 

But he looks like he is in pain due to his own individual moves, like he cannot take it anymore. He had to experience losing his friends one by one to deaths and attempted suicides. Who can cope with all of that? No one! HE is slowly crumbling and breaking down, unable to take it in and cope.

And during the bridge, everyone moves out to allow jin to be seen on his knees like he has fallen and begging for his friends to come back, who we see are all around him but out of reach either looking away or looking at him.

Now in their Run mv, everyone holds out one finger to the camera which could possibly mean there is only one person left now. Will they get through it? Or will they fall too? That ‘they’ is Jin.

during Jin’s verse in Verse 1, he is seen walking through the members like Namjoon and Jimin holding hands and Jhope tripping him up. The members are representing obstacles that Jin has to go through to be able to move on. The obstacles are their deaths or attempted suicide and Jin manages to get through it all. 

And he touches Tae here, signifying he was the start of this mess but the hand on his shoulder could mean he is not blaming him at all. Kinda like an affectionate move of reassuring him. 

So what next? Well, they replicate INU again. REmember above where they are pointing Jin to a direction? This time, Jin opens his palm and a butterfly pops out and everyone looks over with Jimin pointing for him. Like they are saying to follow that butterfly. Like they have given him a sign that he cannot give up. He has to keep moving. KEep going.

And he does. He moves away from the others and follows the direction of the butterfly and where Jimin is pointing. But in the end, he couldn’t cope and he killed himself.

Now you’re probably thinking, wtf? WHY?! HOW?! WHEN?! 

Well…. He shot himself in the head. How? 

During all his scenes in Run japanese version, we see Jin in a bathroom with water everywhere as he kneels or stands on a platform. Now the tiles are pristine, white and clean. 

Until Jungkook crushes that flower in his hand and a series of events happens like the feathers start flying at Jhope etc. And then.. what do we have with jin? BUTTERFLY SUDDENLY SPLATTERED ON THE WALL BEHIND HIM IN A MESS. 

A gun doesn’t have to be present to show what he did to himself. The mess on the wall behind him says it all don’t you think? He shot himself in grief and the loss he experiences. If you look closely in the mv during this scene, you will see ‘Goodbye Jin’ written on the butterfly. 

In the end, he does die. So that is 5/7 who had died and the remaining 2 are in hospital being treated for heir attempted suicides. 

And remember in their Run mv, Tae spray painted Jin across the chest with red spray paint? Yeah, he was pretty much marking him to say you’re next bro. You’re the chosen one.

Back to their Run dance, their first chorus they do their back shoulder rolling thing but keep their jackets until the second chorus. Why? Whats the significance of this? Everyone has been questioning as to why they don’t tkae their jackets off during the first chorus.

First chorus: They are trying to break free but unable to. Unable to show their wings cause they are butterflies right? or angels. But they can’t. Their jackets stay on. they can’t move on, let it go.

But second chorus: they shrug off their jackets (hello jimin and tae arms hnnng) and do their moves and boom; they are free, able to move on and fly. they are finally free. 

And their last move is them representing a butterfly. Further emphasizing that they are indeed free now, including maybe Jhope and Jimin who maybe are able to move on together and continue living.  

So I guess there you go. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I still need to look further. Maybe I have missed stuff to support this further but I tried my best. These are my own thoughts on their dance and how it is linked to their mvs. Goodbyeee~

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sorry if someone's asked you this before! how did you learn japanese, classes, self-taught, etc.? How long did it take? I'm learning japanese through classes in school (2 years so far), but I feel like the class is going a little too slowly for my liking so I'd like to supplement my learning to improve faster ;w;

Um well! Some of my relatives are Japanese so the first time i learned some japanese was when I was 8 or so and I memorized hiragana/katakana and the names of like 50 animals from a game i got on the airplane and at that time i knew a fair bit of chinese so I could read stuff on signs and I learned things like “that’s dangerous” and “eat!” and “be quiet” because hanging out with small japanese cousins and their mother ww

then I took actual classes from 8th-12th grade and yeah the classes were really slow and I never did homework at home because I could do it in class and we ended up having combo classes because lack of students and I was the only one in my level in the end bc everyone else dropped out;; I took the ap and IB tests if that means anything to you

about one year ago I started translating stuff and that’s one of the biggest reasons currently for any japanese improvement I get

in first year of college I took 3rd year japanese (hs courses are supposed to be half the speed of college classes) but it was super slow and easy so after that I took classical japanese where I didn’t directly learn any japanese but still I learned a lot of stuff like origins and history and sayings, so I’m more aware of how to navigate the language because of that

so yeah I have a weird history of japanese uh

Anyone who actually wants to learn japanese is likely to feel that classes are slow since most of the time its full of people who dont really want to learn it that much lmao i have a bad impression of japanese classes but yeah they do help, a lot, don’t get me wrong. my teacher was pretty understanding of my boredom and gave me extra stuff to do like there are some books that have short stories (i got horror stories ( ´▽`) ) with japanese on the left and english translation on the right and that was pretty useful for self-study. and when I became the only student in my level it was great because I could go as fast as I wanted so it was no longer a problem.

as for other things to supplement, since you’re in 2nd year it wouldn’t be quite a good idea to translate things for other people, but

one thing I would suggest is translate short things others have translated (songs, short stories, manga etc) by yourself and then compare to the translation (make sure it’s a reputable one) and mark down the things you got wrong or are not sure.

another tactic I did in 3rd year on accident is memorize songs and their translations (be sure to know what every word means, what form it is, etc etc). that was when I got into nnd and utaite and I memorized songs for the hell of it but I found out that certain vocab, grammar, etc would come to me in the form of certain lyrics whenever I was confused about it. 

for example like my first favorite nnd song was aa subarashiki nyansei and there’s this part like



so the first line really helped with mamotte morau since the giving verbs are confusing in japanese and just having that one line pop up in my head reminded me that morau is 1) preceded by the te form 2) means to receive 3) can be used for anata

similarly for the second line, hikareru unambiguously means “to be hit (by a car)” and comes from the word hiku so the passive form was easy to deduce if I was ever confused about if i was missing a syllable or something in my passive forms.

something else you can do it look things up in japanese dictionary reference sites in addition to jisho.org or whatever when you don’t know something. yes, it’s really scary, but reading the japanese definition can be helpful in getting you to be used to plain, sterile sentences in purely japanese. Also japanese yahoo answers is where I figure out what idioms and slang mean because a lot of them are not in dictionaries lol

finally whats really nice is having some sort of “senpai” who can check your japanese and explain stuff to you because teachers are busy and sometimes don’t understand your problems. that’s partly what renna is to me and I ask her about japanese questions and stuff since just dictionaries can be are pretty bad at explaining certain topics. you can find people who offer themselves especially for this service on some language learning websites but uh there are some shady characters out there so be careful. Anywaym I don’t mind explaining japanese to people, precisely because this sort of interaction is so helpful, so I have a few friends who will just text me asking about japanese and I’ll give a mini lesson and it’s great.

sorry, that was really long answer.