what the hell is wrong people


(2016, Tim Miller)

As someone who has constantly spoken of his fatigue over the factory line delivery of the same exact superhero film over and over again these last few years, you’d think that an entry into the genre that sought to take the piss out of the whole enterprise would be a refreshing antidote. You’d be wrong. To be fair, Deadpool offers up exactly what it promised, so for the millions of people out there who ate up its marketing campaign like it was the second coming, they will surely be delighted by what first-time director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds deliver in the Merc with the Mouth’s real feature debut (wiping away the memory of whatever the hell they did with him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine seven years ago). Whatever appeal it contains for those myriad viewers, however, is completely lost on me. From where I’m standing, Deadpool is a juvenile mishmash of puerile, frankly just lame, attempts at humor that trip over themselves with a transparent need to please in its desperation to be as “edgy” as possible. Of course, in the eyes of the creative team here (including Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick), “edgy” simply equates to being as crass as possible.

Filled with all manner of sexist, racist, xenophobic stereotypes, Deadpool runs the gamut of offensive “humor” to please the young male audience that is certain to eat up its delinquency – or at least it would be offensive if it felt like the film had any measure of relevance to it. Instead, watching Deadpool is like watching the schoolyard bully trying to humiliate and beat up a group of Wall Street brokers who are standing two miles away. It’s a flash in the pan with no greater significance or ability to make an impact of any kind, resulting in something that’s silly and embarrassing to watch and will become outdated by this time next year, if it can last even that long. Reynolds holds himself about as well as he possibly could as the title character, luckily being afforded the opportunity to play him again since he wasn’t at fault for the poor treatment Deadpool/Wade Wilson received in that earlier incarnation. There’s no doubt that he fits this role that he’s been so desperate to realize properly on screen for over a decade now, and as someone who’s been rooting for him and his often underutilized talent for about that long, it’s at least nice to see him finally get a franchise vehicle that’s a massive success critically and financially, rather than the major bombs he’s led several times over. Sadly though, the character wears thin almost immediately, with his queasy sense of humor starting off mildly amusing at best, before becoming intolerable by the end of the overlong nearly two hour running time.

Restricted by its $60 million budget (even a major studio like Fox wasn’t willing to gamble the usual mega-sized budget on an R-rated movie centered around a character whose previous screen interpretation was absolutely reviled, starring an actor with a hard reputation as box-office poison), Reese and Wernick were limited on the amount of action they were able to include in the film, necessitating a lot of backstory and character beats to try and pad enough of the duration in between the big set pieces. Deadpool’s structure is actually slightly interesting for a little while, opening up in the thick of its best action piece (the highway showdown heavily featured in the trailers since it’s the only big money sequence that they have), with Wade flashing back over what led him up to this point, detailing his star-crossed love story with the equally crude prostitute Vanessa Carlysle (a game Morena Baccarin), his diagnosis of terminal cancer, and his inducement into an experimental program run by villainous Ajax (Ed Skrein), which mutated him into a man with accelerated healing powers that cured his cancer, at the cost of severely deforming his skin, effectively transforming him from Wade Wilson into the Deadpool that we see before us. Now he’s hell bent on a mission of revenge against Ajax, and that’s about as much thought as was actually put into this dismally thin story.

The most frustrating thing about Deadpool is how old hat it all ultimately feels. Similar to Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Kick-Ass a few years back, it opens up by making us believe that it’s going to be some kind of subversive antidote to the overwhelming omnipresence of the superhero genre that has taken over the screens, but despite all of those promises, underneath the surface it is exactly the same. Sure, it’s rated R which can offer a higher level of gore and some frequent swearing, and yes the fourth-wall breaking nature of the character is a unique spin that allows the script to address the fact that it’s following all of the same old cliches, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still following them. If anything, it only makes the whole approach offensive to the audience by making a joke or two over the fact that they’re really just repeating the conventional formula, without actually making any attempt to deviate from the norm when it all comes down to it. The admittedly amusing opening credits gives us a cast list that doesn’t feature the actors’ names, but instead boils the characters down to their most basic stereotypes (“The Hot Chick”, “A CGI Character”, etc.), mocking the one-note characterizations that these roles are often stuck with in the superhero genre. It’s entertaining at first, until you realize that it’s only letting us know that the characters are going to be exactly the same ones that we’ve seen before.

One thing I can give Deadpool credit for, however, is that it refreshingly doesn’t spend a lot of its time trying to set up sequels and spin-offs the way that most of these movies do these days. Its boring origin/revenge story doesn’t hold much of interest, but at least it exists on its own terms and not as a filler for the next movie. The only real connective tissue to the expanded world beyond this character comes in the form of X-Men Colossus (a fully CGI creation voiced by Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), which is an element that does offer up a few problems (the fact that they feature the X-Mansion that is completely empty aside from those two characters is ridiculous, and something that the fourth-wall break does crack a joke about), but it could have been a lot worse. To be fair, Deadpool as an experience is clearly more about that trademark caustic sense of humor than it is about the story itself. So, if you enjoy what Reynolds is offering up with his juvenile, relentless comedy over the course of these two hours, perhaps it’s easy to look past the thin revenge plot that hinges on boring, reductive damsel in distress stakes and a small-scale anticlimactic final showdown between the annoying hero and the completely irrelevant, uninteresting, paper thin British villain who has similar powers to the main character. That only works if the humor is running at your speed. For me, the jokes fell flat about 95% of the time, making Deadpool a borderline torturous experience that actually ends up being worse than the standard formulaic superhero movies that are fed out to us multiple times every year. At least those aren’t pretending to be something different.



idk i wasn’t going to say anything about this…but it got me thinking. there was some drama in the poke-community a couple weeks ago, about hacked pokemon and giveaway blogs. not going to say anyone’s URL of course. here are my thoughts.

who the hell cares?!
I’m serious! This person was saying blogs like this one only “do it for followers/attention”. Sure, some do, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

I do it for a different reason personally.

It helps me cope with my anxiety and depression. Making others happy when I can’t make myself feel better really can improve my day.

So how about we stop judging? Nobody is forced to enter a giveaway. People are different and have a variety of reasons for doing what they do. Nobody’s getting hurt…

As for ethics around hacking? People can do whatever they want with their game cart. It doesn’t affect you AT ALL. Relax and enjoy the game, don’t be bothered by what others do. Some of my giveaway pkmn are shinified with Powersaves, some were hatched shiny and cloned. It doesn’t matter. Just chill.

Misha literally just released the idea he has about a campaign he came up with that’s solely about helping US and you’re fucking going to walk right up to his face and make him feel unimportant??? What the hell is wrong with people???

Still one of my faves! I was 10!! I have to say….I am shocked and appalled by how many people have not seen this movie!! What the hell is wrong with you guys?!?!?Lol I’m sad for you!!! This is a movie you should be showing your kiddos too!


Y/N: Did somebody call for backup?
Theo: Who the hell are you?
Y/N: Y/N Argent. and you have messed with the wrong pack.
Theo: Argent? Like Allison?
Y/N: Well she does have a sister Theo.
Theo: How do you know my na…?
Stiles: Y/N?
Y/N: Stiles! *runs to him and hugs him* Are you okay?
Stiles: What are you doing here?
Y/N: Scott called saying he needed help. So here I am.
Stiles: Valack took Lydia.
Y/N: He won’t have her for long.
Stiles: We have to get her out of here. She’ll die and take innocent people with her.
Y/N: Stiles, we’re going to get her out of here. I don’t plan on losing one of my best friends tonight.
Stiles: Y/N, about us…
Y/N: No time to talk about us. Like you said we have to get Lydia out of here. We save her and then we can talk about us.
Theo: You two dated?
Stiles: We dated until Allison died then she moved to France with Isaac and her dad.
Y/N: Right so while you update him on this will I go save Lydia myself?
Stiles: I’ve missed you Y/N but I haven’t missed your sass.


Thenvunin shrieking brings up so many intriguing possibilities, so here’s what I imagined happened :>

Uthvir biting people is not an acceptable method of rousing them what is wrong with you. Also their NOTPness is so profound it kind of inverted itself in my head, and came back up the other way around (I’m sorry it probably has to do with something fundamentally perverse in my nature). 

@feynites​ it’s the funniest feeling when the supporting cast becomes just as important to you in the fic you’re reading as the solavellan romantic plot! I just love the way you’ve set up the entire world and its players. Sometimes I find myself wishing that this journey would never come to an end. :x

I understand feeling as small and as insignificant as humanly possible. And how it can actually ache in places you didn’t know you had inside you. And it doesn’t matter how many new haircuts you get, or gyms you join, or how many glasses of chardonnay you drink with your girlfriends… you still go to bed every night going over every detail and wonder what you did wrong or how you could have misunderstood. And how in the hell for that brief moment you could think that you were that happy. And sometimes you can even convince yourself that he’ll see the light and show up at your door. And after all that, however long all that may be, you’ll go somewhere new. And you’ll meet people who make you feel worthwhile again. And little pieces of your soul will finally come back. And all that fuzzy stuff, those years of your life that you wasted, that will eventually begin to fade.
—  Iris (Kate Winslet)
The Holiday

ok but why haven’t we talked about Astra’s reaction to Bizarro first showing up like she probably monitors the news a lot and she turns it on to her beloved niece just rANDOMLY THROWING A CAR OFF A BRIDGE





I see so many beauty blogs and sites tweeting headlines about contouring your nose to make it look smaller or how to line your lips to make them bigger. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we do feel like we wanna fix something, but how much of that is because we keep getting signals that what we have isn’t good enough? We want people to look in unexpected places for inspiration and not be afraid to try things just for the hell of it. You’d be surprised at what makes you feel beautiful and how strong you feel when you break a few rules.


so apparently looking at lydia out of intense concern while she has a fucking HOLE in her head and is BLEEDING OUT onto a pillow on a bed in a fucking mental institution after just coming out of her fucking CATATONIC STATE is more than platonic?? worrying about your friend who’s about to be potentially tortured to death is romantic??? what the fuck?? what the FUCK is wrong with you people??? why the fuck are you romanticizing a scene in which my love is literally bleeding out onto a fucking pillow what the hell????????

But seriously what is wrong with the people going to the Dallas EXO concert wearing Luhan and Tao’s shirts? And that BTS Suga shirt. Seriously? 

It’s EXO whose performing for you today, it’s EXO who will probably get no sleep or rest this tour practicing and working hard to make the NA fans happy. Why bring in the ex members or other groups? They’re completely irrelevant and I find it rude as hell. It isn’t funny. 

I am asocratesgonemad

Okay, so, this is awkward.

Thanks to a dramatically-worthy, pulse-pounding series of events which may or may not have involved failing to think through what was meant by “delete account” and/or pressing the wrong button, I no longer have access to the url @asocratesgonemad, and neither does anyone else. :(((

This is my new account/url! It is more closely tied to my other LWsphere username, “Vulture”, and I will try not to post things on here which are likely to be dredged up as blackmail material in my distant future.

(Oh, who the hell am I kidding. This is a negative development and I am annoyed and eternally kicking myself right now.)

I’ll tag some people who were following me, in case they want to re-follow and/or signal-boost this so that I can retain some of my sweet precious social capital:

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anonymous asked:

since avonlea is gone and you still have the file can you upload those leggings? i'd love to have them in my game

Hell no.
A truckload of NO. 

Do you really think I have so little respect for people that I would take someone else’s work and upload it without their permission? If so then I encourage — No, I BEG you to unfollow me right now

I would NEVER upload another creators stuff; gone or not her TOU still stands. I mean for fuck sake, she hasn’t even been gone that long! Jesus what is wrong with you!?

down with cis rant

honest to god, this is the stupidest thing i have ever talked about.

as a nonbinary person, i find it astounding that people are saying “down with cis”. what the hell is wrong with you? you’re being hypocritical! 

and dont you fucking say that cisphobia doesnt exist. it does. almost everyone ive met on tumblr hate cis people. this is the most hypocritical thing ive ever seen. we’re already trying to get rid of homophobia, we dont need another phobia of a sexuality or gender. and a lot of people are apologizing for being cis or white or whatever the fuck. i know it happens to other sexualities and genders but dear fucking god! just calm down with all of this.

please just stop saying down with cis. its honestly the stupidest fucking thing. its like saying down with gay or down with whatever. dont be like that. just dont.

thepantsfancy asked:

So you're rewatching Marble Hornets right? Do you ever get the feeling like the characters almost always danced around talking about the Operator after rewatching it? Like, the most they talked about him was Alex's last entry. Tim and Jay were always dead set on finding out what the hell was wrong with Alex but not the supernatural creature that's been stalking and taking people over the last year. Sorry, you're just one of the only blogs talking about Marble Hornets and I wanted to talk!!

Oh heck yes I could write an entire essay about the implications of the characters never actually discussing the really tall elephant in the room on-camera. 

Because you’ve got this mysterious thing that just inexplicably exists, and seems to be the main cause of nearly every single problem in the series, but yet the characters hardly seem to acknowledge its existence at all (while the camera’s rolling at least)? And from a meta standpoint it’s fucking beautiful because there’s this thing whose presence is so wrong that it fucks up everything around it including cameras and/or the human mind, and so there are several reasons why the characters wouldn’t really talk about it, one being that they probably just straight up don’t really remember most of their encounters with it besides what can be seen on the tapes (and even that in itself isn’t super reliable what with all the distortion and nonsense). 

Then of course, there’s the fact that simply talking about the full extent of the mess that they’re in would make it feel too real. And I know I’m just kind of word-dumping and probably not really making much sense, but the whole thing with Jay especially carrying around the camera all the time, it’s like, it kind of distances him from the whole situation. Any time you see Jay’s reflection in a car window, or a mirror, or whatever, and he’s holding the camera, he’s almost always always looking at the camera’s viewscreen thing rather than just kind of pointing the camera and looking with his own eyes. And ignoring the fact that of course OOG Troy would be paying more attention to the camera than what’s going on while they’re filming MH, like, Jay would definitely view the camera as more reliable than his own eyes in some ways, especially since it’s so often the only means of knowing what happened if some plot-related memory loss occurs as it often does. And I’ve rambled so long about this that I sort of almost forgot where I was going with it, but basically an essay for another time is about Jay’s camera serving as a sort of buffer between him and the world around him (at least in his mind anyway) and how tragic and terrifying that makes his eventual loss of the camera in Entry 77 BUT BACK TO THE TOPIC AT HAND

Related to that long paragraph above, they can’t just talk about it in casual conversation. Jay in particular doesn’t really discuss what he’s going to do before he does it (which I’m just realizing could also go a long way toward explaining why he seems to just jump into things without thinking them through but that’s also an essay for another time). He and Tim have to keep moving, to try and stay one step ahead of Alex, to try and figure out how to put a stop to all of this even though they never really discuss how they’re going to do that. Because the moment that they acknowledge what’s happening around them, that they’re being hunted by someone whose main goal is to kill them, who could find them at any point, and that’s not even mentioning the faceless supernatural thing that could just appear in front of them at literally any point, like, that’s a lot to deal with. And so they deal with it by not dealing with it. They keep going, and they have to stay focused on one. goal. at a time. because if they think too long about what they’re up against, it’s gonna be completely overwhelming and what would even be the point of trying? Because holy shit if the Operator isn’t completely unstoppable, it’s pretty damn close. So of course they can’t acknowledge something like that.

AND THAT’S WHY I LOOOOVE ENTRY 67.5. Aside from the atmosphere and the everything else about it, just, Tim’s one line as they’re walking to their cars. “You know, if Alex is still out there, he’s gonna find us sooner or later.” And Jay doesn’t really have a response to that. Because he knows that. They both know that. But saying it out loud just breaks this unspoken rule that they have.