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Your heart’s desire, Swan. 
                    I promise, that’s all I want you to have.

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So Edd, have you ever talked to the Red Bandit?

edward: he called me “cowardly as hell” and said that i was “a gullible dumb bastard for trusting thompson,” among other less eloquent things.

edward: i have no idea what he’s talking about with thompson. the sheriff’s one of the most reliable people i know.

edward: even if he does throw chairs at me when i’m drunk.









So my good buddy Kairi is turning old about a half hour from posting this going by my timezone (she’s already old in her timezone lol) SO WHAT ELSE FOR A PERF KAIRI RP PARTNER THAN A PERF KAIRI PORTRAIT

alternate color balances/palettes to get their own posts


idek man, he just looks so good.

“You just need to find something true to say about her.”

“That’s what my brother Daeron does. Even ugly old whores can have nice hair or well-shaped ears, he says.”
“Well-shaped ears?” Dunk’s doubts were growing.
Or pretty eyes. Tell her that her gown brings out the color of her eyes.” The lad reflected for a moment. “Unless she only has the one eye, like Lord Bloodraven.”


“That green becomes you well, m’lady”, he said. “It brings out the color of your eyes.” 

(The sworn sword - Dunk & Egg tales)

The wench looked as ugly and awkward as ever, he decided when Tyrell left them. Someone had dressed her in woman’s clothes again, but this dress fit much better than that hideous pink rag the goat had made her wear. “Blue is a good color on you, my lady,” Jaime observed. “It goes well with your eyes.” She does have astonishing eyes.

(A storm of swords, Jaime IX)

Cannibal Actually ;)



Put me on Santa’s naughty list cos I only went and wrote the thing….I don’t give any kind of fucks that it’s July I am a prompt freak this week! Although it was meant to be a fun little ficlet and then turned into 1700 words of the fluffiest fluff this porn princess ever wrote LOL

@color-division I apologize for stealing your hilarious dialogue, and thank you for the inspiration <3

@victorineb @artbyvictoriaskye @hannigram-hell @lecteronthelam@allegralovelace this is all your damn fault!

December 23rd and Abigail was hovering around the kitchen as Hannibal pre-prepared food for the next day. They were hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party – their first as a “family” now that she was living there until she decided what she might want to do next. She wasn’t exactly helping, but her presence always made Hannibal feel lighter so he indulged her endless stream of musings and questions. He had a lot on his mind and it was a welcome distraction.

“Are there going to be many guests for the party?” Abigail asked

“Only close friends” Hannibal replied.

She thought for a second, figuring this definitely included Will, “You can hang mistletoe” she said, earning herself a glance up from the chopping.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours?”

Abigail picked up a spice jar and pretended to study it, “You need help with Will.” She said. It wasn’t a question, merely an observation. One made having lived through countless hours in their company whenever Will came over. Which was always. Watching them stare at each other and make their little jokes was vomit-inducing. They were worse than twelve year olds, dancing round each other, and she was getting exasperated.

Hannibal actually stopped and considered her bold statement, which although possibly true was not something he thought widely known. It was Christmas though, and he felt particularly warm towards his surrogate daughter.

Here we go again, watch him deny it as usual, she thought as he half smiled and leaned over the counter towards her, “Will only needs to be alone with me.” he said. Although this gave nothing away, Abigail realised that he had technically acknowledged, out loud, that he was trying to kiss Will Graham. An impressed smile spread over her face. She was actually excited now.


The dinner was going splendidly. The wine was flowing, the food was – unsurprisingly – delicious, and everyone was fully in good spirits. Even Frederick had cracked a smile when Alana had nudged him and told him about the weird, lone mistletoe she’d seen hanging in an odd part of the hall. It was definitely in stark contrast to the elaborate décor that adorned the rest of the ground floor. Clearly a gaudy attempt to get his hands on Graham, he thought. Never one to miss an opportunity to be a pain in the ass he cut through the chatter, “So there’s only one mistletoe in the house, isn’t that weird?”

Clearly Abigail wasn’t the only eagle eyed one in the group, as Jack agreed, “Not subtle, Hannibal”

Picking up on the fact her husband obviously knew Hannibal was up to something, Bella joined in the teasing, “Oh you have someone in mind, Dr. Lecter?” she said and there was a smattering of laughter.

Blunt as a spoon, Frederick snorted, “Graham, of course”. Will practically choked on his dinner.

He set his glass down pointedly, not sure if he was angry at Frederick, or embarrassed that people had picked up on their mild flirtation. I mean that’s all it was, wasn’t it? It was just banter. I mean yes, Hannibal and he had a lot in common, very alike, but it didn’t need to be made a big deal out of. It certainly didn’t need dropped like a bomb over dinner.

Not in front of Abigail either. When he checked to his left to see how she had reacted, he was a little startled to see her with a look that said she was as fully aware as the rest of them. Hannibal for his part, didn’t help matters, but simply sat there with his expression unreadable and said nothing.

Will refocused on the anger and without looking at anyone in particular he said, “You’re sure paying a lot of attention to that mistletoe, Frederick…” his tone frosty. The awkwardness spread. Alana took a sip of wine to hide her giggle, Jack raised his eyebrows, Bella fixed a smile on her face and Bedelia shook her head at the lot of them. Frederick had been shut up at least, looking suitably sheepish.

“You’re being rude, Will” Hannibal finally broke the silence. Will opened his mouth to retort but Abigail quickly cut across to defend him, desperate for them not to start sniping at each other.

“Maybe we should just change the subject…..” she said hurriedly. They all slowly went back to their dinner, noise level rising once more. Will chewed sulkily and Hannibal almost imperceptibly frowned. This might be difficult.


Will was just going to leave. Under the guise of going to the bathroom he was going to get his coat quietly out of the pile, say goodbye to Abby - maybe Hannibal too - and go home to his dogs. The prying eyes he had felt on him since dinner were exhausting and he wasn’t really feeling in the same raucous mood as the rest of them. As if on cue, roars of laughter rang out from the lounge. Will sighed and opened the bedroom door.

As he was fishing out his coat, he sensed a presence behind him.

“Where are you going, Will?” Hannibal said softly.

Will didn’t look round, “Home. I have a headache I think…must be all the tension.” He said, the last bit partly under his breath.

“If you are referring to Frederick’s crass remark, then I think you’re over reacting.” Hannibal said as he made his way slowly over to him, placing his hand soothingly on Will’s back. “I had been under the impression you were staying here with us tonight,” he added sadly. Will wanted to shrug him off, now paranoid about how they were coming across despite the empty room. It felt nice though, and no different from Hannibal’s usual lack of regard for personal space.

“I just don’t like being the butt of the joke, feels like high school” Will admitted quietly.

“That moron aside, they don’t mean to make you feel that way. In fact, Abigail is the one who hung that mistletoe…I think she might have been hoping we would kiss” Hannibal reassured him. He knew fine that her feelings on the matter were what was really getting at Will, and this might be the thing to make him stay.

Will turned into him and looked up at Hannibal with wide eyes, searching for the truth in his face, uncharacteristically soft, and found it. Hannibal’s hand was still resting on Will’s shoulder and he slid it up to his flushed cheek. Will’s heart felt like it grew in his chest at this soft, new touch. Suddenly a question he never even knew he wanted to ask came tumbling out, “Were you hoping that, Hannibal?”

Hannibal lowered his gaze to Will’s lips and then back to his hopeful blue eyes, before pressing his mouth softly on Will’s in answer. Will hesitated for just a breath, and then gave in. He kissed Hannibal back, clutching at his waist. As Hannibal tried to press himself closer, Will’s legs got trapped against the bed and buckled. They fell onto the coats of everyone at the party, one or two sliding to the floor in a heap.

“Isn’t this a little cliché for you, Dr Lecter?” Will teased between kisses, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Hannibal‘s weight on top of him.

Hannibal chuckled into Will’s mouth, “Oh do be quiet, William, I am the host after all and can do as I please” and leaned down for another kiss.


After a few minutes, Will suddenly remembered why they were even there and scrambled to stand up. Hannibal perched on the edge of the bed.

“Maybe we should go back to the party.” Will said in response to Hannibal’s confused look.

“They are all far too drunk to notice, Will, it hasn’t been nearly long enough” Hannibal said. Will wondered if he meant their absence or the kiss, but gathered up the fallen coats nonetheless.

“Yes but it’s rude…” Will mocked. Hannibal just shook his head and made to follow him back downstairs, towards the sound of merriment.

Hannibal had been wrong. As soon as they walked back into the room, all heads turned to them. Maybe it had been longer than it seemed….or maybe it was the fact they both had hair messed up, clothes out of place and red, kiss-swollen lips; and hadn’t even thought to straighten themselves up. In the light of the lamps and the fire they might as well have been wearing a neon sign reading “just been making out”.

Jack and Bella gave each other a knowing look. Frederick all but spat out his brandy, “Oh God… finally!” he exclaimed theatrically.

“Took them long enough.” Jack laughed.

Alana started giggling, throwing herself back into the cushions, “Have you two seen yourselves?!” She managed to say. They looked at each other. Hannibal couldn’t help but smirk lovingly at Will as he blushed right to his cute little ears.

Bedelia rolled her eyes so hard at this, she almost toppled off the arm of the chaise, “I was beginning to wonder if they were ever coming back down…” she said, slurring slightly, setting Alana and Frederick off again. With a nudge from Hannibal, Will finally moved to join Alana, and with Hannibal settled on his other side, he finally felt the love in the room. It was everywhere. They were actually happy for them.

Abigail was sitting on the floor by the fire just beaming at them. Her TWO dads, together at last. Her Christmas wish for them all to be a family had come true.

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1. Any scars? yup! my arm and legs and a couple on my torso and shoulders
2. Self harmed? yeah lol did that like a couple days ago
3. Crush? nah
4. Kissed anyone? yess
5. Coke or Pepsi? slurpees
6. Someone you hate? God
7. Best Friends? @stormiebear & @dxabla
8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? haha hell yeah
9. What’s your dream job? sugar baby
10. Ever been in love? nah
11. Last time you cried? hmm not sure
12. Favorite color? red!!!
13. Height? 5'5
14. Birthday? July 24th
15. Eye color? Hazel
16. Hair color? red right now!
17. What do you love? weed
18. Obsession? the 1975
19. If you had one wish, what would it be? to be rich
20. Do you love someone? do my friends count
21. Kiss or hug? hmm both?
22. Nicknames people call you? slut or hoe
23. Favorite song? currently it’s Love by Lana Del Rey
24. Favorite band? The 1975 and Nirvana
25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? i was born
26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? meeting my best friends.
27. Something you would change about yourself? my weight.
28. Ever dated someone? oh yeah
29. Worst mistake? not committing suicide correctly
30. Watch the movie or read the book? read prob
31. Ever had a heartbreak? meh i guess?
32. Favorite show? does anime count
33. Best day of your life? n/a
34. Any talents? i suck dick good
35. Do you wish you could ever start over? oh yeah
36. Any bad habits? smoking lol
37. Ever had a near death experience? yup
38. Someone I can tell anything to? the two i tagged earlier
39. Ever lost a loved one? hmm yes
40. Do you believe in love? nah
41. Someone you hate/Dislike? God
42. Are you okay? no i’m depressed
43. Relationship status? single af
44. Selfie? i’ve posted a couple… i really hate myself so it’s hard for me to post them online


I was doing so well but then I tripped and faceplanted into Daisuga hell again =_= …. so here are some drawings from that wizard/herb kid AU from before with them more grown up~  ٩( ᐛ )و 

Don’t even look like them anymore though… =_= 

Oh well~  ┐(´∀`)┌

ps. I know in the anime Daichi’s skin is darker than Suga’s, but I think the reverse is also super cute so…. TTvTT 

What the hell is background even OTL

It’s actually kinda fun to experiment with darker and more saturated colors tbh! I usually use light, pale ones, so it’s a nice change of pace. Idk what to put as a BG alright

Wanna try to color this yourself? Click here for the lineart post! (Ask me for permission first tho!)


Mika & Mikleo and Yuu & Sorey clothing swap

I procrastinated a lot, complained for days on twitter (lol) but I finally finished them :3

I suddenly remember why I’d never dared to draw sormik - their clothes are hell for a lazy ass like me *gross sobbing in the corner* ;;v;; but eh I’m quite satisfied with the result. Mikleo looks hot in the vampire outfit and Mika looks like a little prince <3 Yuu and Sorey are two cinnamon rolls, I can’t even with them anymore ;w;

ended up changing character positions b/c tiny characters on tiny canvas = hell and suffering

now i have to go on a reference hunt for the back of jon snow’s head lol and like not the back back, but this weird ¾ view, gaahhh

and I’m still not sure about the color palette - i like sansa’s - basically lifted from the season 6 costume, also jon’s armor is totally what you think it is (that dracula untold au photoset came by on my dash as if it was ordered lol)

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Name: bryce
Gender: trans male
Height: 5'7
Orientation: pan
Age: 17
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Hair Color: dyed black
Smoking?: idc
Drinking?: idc
Drugs?: idc
Job: not rn
Favorite Color: idk rn
Favorite Band: say anything
Siblings: 5
Tattoos?: i would like some
Favorite Book?: flipped
Perfect Date: what's a date again
Hobbies: drawing and talking and having fun p much!
Why should I pick you?: u don't gotta im doing this to try and make a friend
Why do you even want to date me?: can we be friends

heckie hell yeah we can be friends dude! and this is @ anyone you can send me messages any time im just really awkward lol

you sound really pretty btw? ive always wanted to dye my hair black but i m nea,,, everyone already calls me emo i dont need to further prove it lOL you probably work the black hair tho also those eyes sound gorgeous im jealous

i hav no diea wha a date is halp but drawing and making bad jokes is what i do best


Old doodles from last year that I forgot to post…

In other news, Normal service has been resumed.  I have a two-week break from hell school. I can finally draw some sinful and problematic crap and answer asks with quality replies.

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Hello! When I was going back and reading volume 70 the new age Color spread. I notice that the right side of Nami chest has almost exactly looking breast pirates Jolly Roger on her shirt. Makes me wonder if she will play a big role in the wano arc along side Zoro. I hope lol what do you think?

Holy hell, that is such a clever find!

For those who don’t know, Volume 70’s Chapter 693: DIE FOR ME, has Nami wearing a shirt that bears a symbol on it. Though it is missing the hourglasses and a bit more detail, it does have the curved horns of Kaido’s Beast Pirates.

Personally, I always felt like Nami was going to get into trouble on Wano.

Either her personality - which someone explicitly stated that they prefer women who ‘fall in line’ and are quiet, gentle creatures - or something pertaining to Kaido is to bound to happen.

Robin is 1000% vital in translating the Road Poneglyphs and helping them figure out their path, but only Nami has been proven to be a strong enough navigator who could get the crew to Raftel.

I mean, do any other navigators stand out in the series?

Poor Nami is never going to catch a break, because if nothing else, Oda-sensei has used foreshadowing in chapter covers before! I don’t know what Kaido is all about yet but he has power for a reason, and who knows?

Maybe he will pull a Shiki?