what the hell is that blue ranger

Pyro (1)

Everyone around me burns to ashes.–Lucas Friar, Pyro.

Chapter 1. Introductions

Lucas Friar flicked the ball of paper into the air and watched as it landed on his best friend’s hair. Zay Babineaux continued to jot down notes, unaware of the seemingly increasing paper balls stuck to his hair.

Lucas smirked, steadied his fingers, and this time launched a blue pen. Zay ducked down to grab a colored pen from his backpack and Lucas’ eyes widened as the pen bounced off long brown hair.

The girl’s fingers flew to her hair before she spun in her seat to find a perpetrator. Her eyes zeroed in on Lucas whose desk was full of crumpled up paper and similar pens. She tilted her head and stared at him for a moment, making him slightly self- conscious.

He winked at her and she flushed brightly and returned to her notes. Zay looked back at him and shook his head, letting the paper fall off his curls.

“You know I don’t appreciate you messing up my afro,” Zay nudged Lucas as they walked out of class.

“I was bored,” Lucas answered simply and opened his locker, “Mrs. Deven is boring. I’m tired of chemistry, honestly.”

“It’s English class actually,” Zay muttered. “There’s a party tonight, you in?”

“Pass,” Lucas shoved his books into his locker trading it for his motorcycle helmet. “I’m not really in the mood in spending time with self-absorbed wannabe high school royalty.”

“You are such a cliche, you know that?” Zay grinned glancing at Lucas’ leather jacket and combat boots.

“You’re this cliche’s best friend,” Lucas smiled. “That makes you a cliche too.”

“Whatever man,” Zay’s eyes drifted towards something down the hall. “Miss Goody Two Shoes coming our way.”

“What?” Lucas turned and found himself staring down at a pair of sparkling brown eyes.

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5: Who Cares and Why?

Ever since I can remember, masculinity has been questioned and challenged. Both mine and the men around me. For some reason, unknown to me, when someone challenges or goes against the typical idea of what a man is supposed to be, or of how a man is supposed to act, the world starts to crumble just a little bit. Or so it seems. While I like to believe that I live in a progressive society that is open to change, I cannot help but remember and acknowledge all of the criticism I have been exposed to directed toward men who don’t fit a certain mold. As with women, men are born and immediately assigned a role. Immediately wrapped in a blue blanket because that is a “boy” color. We are raised to believe that playing sports makes us more of a man and that liking something artistic like dance or painting makes you feminine or even gay.

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Masculinity has never been so fragile to the point where a shower loofah needs to be labeled for men because it is apparently not very manly to use a loofah. If we want to wear tights or leggings they need to be called “meggings”. Flowers belong to women. Fashion belongs to women. Caring about your skin is feminine. Candles belong to women. Having the pink iPhone 6 is some kind of rebel against society that makes men feel guilty. I won’t go any deeper than this for now.

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I am not sure what the purpose of my rant is but I truly wonder….who cares and why? In my youth I even judged people on things like this and while I am well beyond that phase of life I still wonder why did I even care? A man wearing a pink shirt shouldn’t disrupt another man’s (or woman’s) day or even life. This can go with anything I suppose but I have a terrible time understanding why a person who is happy and confident (dare I say brave) enough to express themselves a certain way, without harming anyone, becomes a danger to society somehow. None of us asked to be born at all and it seems a little unfair that we are immediately told how to live our lives.

When I was very young my favorite color was pink. For years and years, I loved pink flamingos, my favorite power ranger was the pink one, yaddi yadda. I was criticized and questioned so often because there was a color that made me happy. What the hell? Criticized to the point where I didn’t even want to like the color anymore. I started feeling ashamed for this as if I were doing something wrong or harmful. I started to lie and convince myself that I liked red or blue more. I am happy to say that I now could not care less about that sort of criticism and I do not feel like less than a man for liking shit.

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A big thank you to the great people of the internet and to celebrity youth who have made it okay to be yourself, carefree, unapologetic and still confident.

A lot of my opinions here parallel toward other topics like feminism, religion, politics and more. The purpose of this post was not to upset anyone, so I hope that does not happen but I will not be apologizing because I am not sorry. Even still, no disrespect to anyone or their views, just sharing mine.

Stay lit,

- Lackwhen

Why every team in the NHL has a shitty terrible name and color scheme (N-S)


nashville predators - this is by far the worst one in the league like let’s not even pretend here. the highlighter yellow is almost enough to distract from how the team plays although it makes pekka rinne look MORE like swiss cheese than he already does. and those fucking teeth WHAT THE HELL. what predator has ever looked like that. if that thing was real it’d die before it could even swipe at me. i’m not scared. and just throw in guitar stuff in there too while you’re at it. that all makes sense.a nd yellow and blue are the first two colors i associate with nasvhille and tennessee as a whole.

New Jersey Devils - you may think they’re called the devils afte the new jersey devil but NO it’s really beacuse new jersey is hell and anyone who decided to put a hockey team here is fucking delusional. no one in new jersey likes ANYTHING. and another red and white scheme? really? you go with deivls and you couldn’t even come up with something a little more exciting. “well hell is red and…” no hell is new jersey. a nice shade of brown to go with the air pollution would be nice.!

New York Islanders - what a fucking JOKE THO honestly. ou’re barely even on an island anymore and thank you for making your logo a fucking map or i would have forgotten where you guys came from considering you’re basically fucking homeless. like you guys were better off when they were threatning to move the team completely. fold now before your ice melts and the florida fans start laughing at you.

New york rangers - we’re america’s team our colros our red white and blue. no fuck you you guys were too late to the party and you have no creativity. how about not steaing the color scheme from the united states of america and maing up your own. but it’s fucking new york city. can’t expect you guys to do anything but steal from others no can we. and rangers? where are there any rangers. it’s a city not a national park. try again new york

ottawa senators - okay first of all why is your arena in the middle of a FIELD your the team of your nations capital and you couldn’t even get an arena on an actual road??? and senators? like “oh look at us we’re the great and powerful political leaders” like i don’t know if you noticed. NO ONE LIKES POLITICS. especially not in sports. get away from us with this ottawa. we’re not here for it.

Philadelphia Flyers - This just doesn’t make sense, you know why? because anything with wings would fly the fuck AWAY from philadelphia. no one is sticking around. and those colors it’s like. seriously? i thought i was in the target back to school section but no i guess they really do let highlights skate. like this city already has nothing to be proud of and then the flyers go and pull this shit.

Pittsburgh Penguins - alright guys time to make up your DAMN MIND ARE YOU BLACK AND YELLOW, BLACK AND SHITTY GOLD OR BLUE. and like i’m really glad you named your team after the local wildlife. NOT. has anyone ever been to pittsburgh ever? because the guy who named this team sure as hell did not. and why do this to penguins. name your trash team the boobies. that fits. [insert drake and josh gif].

Saint Louis Blues - i’m feeling blue in st louis alright. and fuck the music note FOR REAL? you know what really scares me music. you guys would have been fucking better off with just being the arches or some shit. or you should have gone with the Missouri Blues…misery blues. get it. because this team is giving me depression. FUCK. and on another note. why does every blue team need to also have yellow or orange. pick a BETTER COLOR SCHEME YOU FUCKS.

San jose sharks - you know what happened to that shark after he bit that hockey stick? he DIED because t was made of wood and a shard of it got lodged in his throat and he DIED. sticks aren’t even made out of woodso what is this shark jsut swimming around old polluted water and just bit a hockey stick? what is the story here san jose because you’re asking me to reach a little too far.