what the hell is my core doing

What Do I Do?

The whole world knows it now.

Donald Trump is President of the United States.

I stayed up late watching this, ironing my scrubs for work. And you know what? I have never been more scared in my life. My heart was racing. Tears were blurring my vision. My fucking heart is hurting right now.

I’m a minority.

I am a woman.

Any form of sexual assault, wherever it be physical, verbal, what have you, is a fucking crime. And I’m no stranger to its abuse.

The fact that this pathetic excuse of a human being is now our country’s leader terrifies me right down to the very core. A man who not only insulted women, but insulted my race, my gender and made fun of both men and women who have fallen victim to sexual abuse. It’s insane. I fear for my life. No joke.

What’s gonna happen now? Who in the hell do I turn to when the majority of the people that I work with are Trump supporters? What do I do when I’m within arms’ reach of people who have disrespected me? Or are racist?

I’m scared. I’m seriously, honest to god, scared right now.

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Oooh so we like girls running in sport bras (do tight tank tops cut it?) and basketball shorts? Where's my Maggie then?? :(

Alex’s heart stops when she sees her.

She should have been more prepared. Maggie had asked her to pick her up at her gym, after all: what the hell should she have expected?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t this, because yes Alex has seen Maggie naked and yes she has seen her dressed to the nines and yes she has seen her in that white button down shirt that shakes her to the core, but god Alex hasn’t seen Maggie in nothing but a sports bra and basketball shorts, beating the hell out of a heavy bag, eyes focused and perfect skin glistening with sweat and ab muscles rippling perfectly with each strike, with each movement, with each kick.

She doesn’t bother saying her name – Maggie’s headphones are on and she doubts if she can form words at this point, anyway – she just leans up against the wall (because something needs to hold her up) and she just stares and if she drools a little, really, who could blame her?

Because the muscles of Maggie’s arms are swollen and her back is perfectly defined and her legs are just, and her hair is just, and Alex can’t, and before she knows what she’s doing, she’s blocking one of Maggie’s blows to the bag and she’s spinning her around into her arms and she doesn’t care that Maggie’s sweat is staining the front of her shirt, all she cares about is the way her neck tastes and the way she grins and sighs into her touch and the way her bare stomach feels underneath her hands.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt your workout, babe, I just – “

“Yeah you did. But uh… you can make it up to me.”

“Oh, can I?”

“Take me home and give me another kind of workout.”

“Oh yeah?”


“… That I can do.”


Video game fangirl challenge
[3/7] video games➙Portal 2

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”

basically even tho im Not Better Off now from having ppl in my life infantilising me & telling me what to do & ordering me around & emotionally blackmailing me & controlling me completely n its taken a lot away from my Core basically i jus need some1 to come & give me clear non negotiable directives every day so i kno what im doing bc every decision i make on my own seems rlly uncertain n weird i am a simple robot man i need this 1 thing Altho Itd probably b actual hell if some1 like that came into my life again But … what 2 do

The FFVII/Crisis Core guys as memes...

Vincent Valentine: Now back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me after he stole my girlfriend and shot me in the chest…Hojo, what’s good?

Angeal Hewley: Pepe

(Alternatively for Angeal) 

                           *Breathes In*  BOI.

Genesis Rhapsodos: [Angeal: ~loses Genesis in a crowd~ Damn…where the hell did he go? ~raises voice~ Sephiroth is the only real hero in the world!

                 Genesis: SAY THAT TO MY FUCKING FACE!

                 Angeal: There he is.]

Zack Fair: [Brain: Do the thing…

                   Zack: That sounds like a bad idea…

                   Brain: DO THE THING.]

(Alternately for Zack)

                  Zack: I’m gonna do the thing.

                 Cloud: Zack, no!

                  Zack: Zack, yes.

Sephiroth: [Sephiroth: My mother is an alien life form and I, as her son, must get revenge on the Planet and become a god.

                    Everyone else: Okay…sounds fake but okay…]

Cloud Strife: ~standing outside of Shinra slamming pots~ I DIDN’T GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YA’LL. YA’LL NOT GON’ GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF ME.

Day 17: Do you think Crystal Dynamics should have continued the AoD trilogy before moving on to their own?

Back in those days when TR was taken from Core Design and given to Crystal Shitnamics, I was quite sure they would continue the story of AoD. I did not know any game from them, I’ve never been much a of gamer, I played only TR. So I believed that they would finish the AoD storyline with respect to Core Design and then head to their own direction. But always with sticking to Lara’s bio and her traits.

That was before they screwed our heroine… Nowadays, my only response is: HELL FUCKING NO! Imagine me when I found out that Legend is the next game and there is no intention to finish AoD storyline. I was so raged and dissapointed. Then playing Legend. Of course I was impressed with the surroundings and graphics BUT it is nothing special what Core Design would not manage to do. They would create a much better game! With proper and enjoyable plot. But for me it’s not the graphic things that make Tomb Raider so unique for me. It was Lara herself (of course).
And what did they do with her personality?
Changed her bio and made her only aim to find out what happened to her mommy. Then rebooted her, again changed everything (to get it even more pathetic) and this time let her having daddy issues. I am sorry but can it be more boring than that?! My opinion is that they create TR games only to sell money, focus too much on graphic side of the game so that it looks nice and totally ignore the portrayal of what was once the best action heroine of age.

So I say certainly NO to the Crystal Dynamics sequels of AoD. I want only original developers and writers to do it. And even if it was finished… AoD Lara is my heroine and role model. To let them ruin her for me would be the last straw. She would question her every step, moaned over her faith and be startled by every person she killed. And I am certain they would incorporate the parent issue somehow as they are so obssesed with it.

AoD Lara was confident, determined, sassy, angry, impatient, vulnerable… What was left from this in Reboot Lara?! During the Legend and Underworld they at least kept her aristocratic upbringing and did not let her curse. Today’s Reboot Lara is just ordinary. Linear. Plain. She is not a role model, not an inspiration. Core’s Lara showed girls that you can do whatever you want. LaUra and Reboot Lara only shows you need parents to be okay.

I am not saying that Crystal’s games are bad. If I forget that they called them Tomb Raider or Lara Croft, they are good games. But it is not Lara. The only Lara I respect, look up to and consider her to be our heroine is the one you see in the picture to this post, by Core Design. 
Kryptonian powers

How do they actually work? Never fear, for I have theories! These are specifically Supergirl theories, from watching the first season and then going “what the hell” and letting my imagination off the chain. So.

I’m not going to try for science here. Not real science. This is comic book land, so we’re happily dealing with “bullshit space magic” as a Doylist explanation, which I consider a far more satisfying and less SoD-breaking core explanation than trying to technobabble some Watsonian bullshit to people who know better.

That said, using “space magic” as a good core doesn’t mean you can’t give it mechanics. Thus, my basic theory about how Kryptonian powers function is that Kryptonian biology is essentially a superpower engine. Put radiation and respiration in, get superpowers out. You can see what I mean by the “Doylist core with mechanics” here. By what mechanism do they turn radiation into superpowers? “Space magic” - that part doesn’t matter. What are the consistent rules for how their radiation-to-superpowers engines work? Ah, now that’s where the mechanics can start coming into play.

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The Film LaB’s 20 Favorite Films of 2016 - #3

Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water was my favorite film of the year until November and December came around giving me the two films you’ll see ahead of this one but in no way has this changed my feelings on this film. It’s a brilliant character study that’s masked as a modern-day Western/heist film that at it’s core is simply about brotherly love and what we’re willing to do for family. The story is simple: two brothers rob banks (one specific chain) and an old Marshall on the verge of retirement is in pursuit. It’s that simple but it might also be the most riveting movie of the year due to the brilliant writing, direction and performances.

The brothers are played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster (both career-best/defining work) and as the story unfolds you realize the crime isn’t about greed but necessity.  The family farm is about to get foreclosed on so Chris Pine, a man who’s never committed a crime in his life, comes up with this plan to rob the bank that’s doing the foreclosing (the revenge factor is pure western) and enlists his brother, a career criminal as well as a live-wire to help him achieve his goal. Chris Pine completely gets lost in the role (gone is his movie star image/persona and he’s in full actor mode) and gives a really really REALLY great performance. In my mind Ben Foster has already won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar so I really hope that happens for him. He plays the older brother/product of his environment character to perfection who is equal parts nice/sweet and a stone cold menace. It’s a hell of a performance and one of my favorites from the entire year.

Jeff Bridges, who can play this role in his sleep, is hunting the brothers and there isn’t a better actor for this role (the scene-chewery has never been better). He’s this folksy Marshall who’s dreading his incoming retirement and is using these robberies as a way to show he still has a few “tricks” left in him.  He is really great here and it’s a nice showcase of all the reasons why we love Jeff Bridges.

Hell or High Water is a straightforward, simple…hell, even predictable tale but it’s done with so much skill and grace it feels like something you’ve never quite seen before. It’s a film about quiet, introspective moments between characters about their lives and the environment in which they grew up. The characters and situations are really complex and the script is smart enough to let everything play out at it’s own pace and allows us to not be completely sure who we want to win in the end (if there is even a winner).  It’s a truly sensational film that demands your time.

Caught in the...uhh...act

A/N: *mouth hangs open* Sebastian was supposed to be in Austin…


“What the hell are you doing?” The familiar voice asked. The voice that was supposed to be Austin, Texas.

I jumped up with a fright. The vibrator flew from my hand across the room, hitting the floor and whirring somewhere by the window.

I pulled the sheet up over my body that trembled violently from the orgasm that teetered helplessly at my core.

I became reticent. I opened my mouth, but words couldn’t form as I looked into his darkened eyes.

“What are you doing?” He asked again.

Wasn’t it obvious I answered in my head.

He was met with silence.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything but look at his silhouette that crept closer to the bed, slowly revealing his face. I pulled the sheet closer to my body as if it would shield me from his intense glare. I couldn’t read the glint of his eyes, he was void, it was like staring at a blank slate. I hated and envied how he could be unreadable in this moment and in another his eyes would ooze with all the emotions.

The vibrator buzzed eerily and loudly by the window, echoing throughout the stillness of the room, or maybe it was me? Nope, he hears it as well; his gaze shifted to the curtains, then back to me.

“Pick it up.” He says as his words numbed my spine as it crept up and settled in my throat. I knew that tone, he was angry, but why? I turned my head and peered at the floor then back up at him. I opened my mouth and closed it immediately. “Go and pick it up.” He commanded. I didn’t budge, my heart pounding loudly in my ears. I looked at him dumbfounded. “Doll, I’m not going to tell you again. You know what the consequences are when you defy me.”

I’m not defying him, am I? Is this a bedroom rule that I didn’t remember?

I wanted to get it, but I couldn’t, my legs were too heavy with need. Why couldn’t he see this? The one time when I wished he would read my body language, he doesn’t. Is it too much to ask for him to climb unto the bed and plunge into my depths, taking me to a place the vibrator couldn’t. I looked up at him, my voice still lost to me.

I shook my head.

“No?” He laughs. I don’t see anything amusing. “Doll, are you telling me no?”

I clenched the sheet like one in the final extremity of misery and hopelessness. “Yes.” I croaked as the constriction in my throat relaxed, allowing me to speak.

“And you understand where we go from here?” I looked down at the bed helplessly, bedroom rule broken. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” He commanded.

I looked up. His demeanor that of stolidity unlike my own, which was a picture of uncertainty answered. “Yes.”

His brows drew together and immediately relaxed, too quickly for my liking because he already knew what he’s going to do next, which caused my mind to be plagued with dark imaginings of what he had in store.

It’s been a few days, so I knew the intensity of his release. The longer we are apart the less likely it is that my body would be able to function at its normal capacity the following day. My mind travelled to the night of his return after comic con and my inner walls, stomach, and heart quivered at the pleasure, pain, and inevitable soreness that was on its way.

He walked towards the window and picked up the vibrator, I held my breath, watching as he pressed the button, silencing it. He examined it in his hand and he turns, walking towards me, sitting on the edge of the bed, his back to me.

“Did you come?” He asked.

I gawked at the back of his head. “No.” I whispered, tugging on the sheet he sat on, he made no attempts to move.

“Do you want to?”

I stopped fidgeting with the sheet to look at his muscular back outlined in his white t-shirt.

Of course I want to, but not when I’m unsure of which Sebastian I’m dealing with.

He turned his head. “I don’t know.” I replied. He smiles and refocuses his attention on the vibrator in his hand.

I exhaled deeply wishing he would end my agony, but this was a tortuous foreplay all for his benefit, he knew the angst he was causing and that little smile of his showed that he was getting off on it.

“Do you remember what you agreed to when you defy me?”

Oh, why oh why, would I agree to something as sadistic as this. He wasn’t into BDSM, but he was keen on exerting his strength and maleness in other less than subtle ways.

“Yes, I remember.” I replied. “But I didn’t defy you.”

He turns again this time his eyes piercing my own. I recognize that dark glimmer, in his eyes, I know that otherworldly gaze, I don’t see it often, the last time I saw it was a few months ago when he crashed ladies night and I doubt I’d be able to seduce myself out of this situation.

“What do you call this?” I looked at his palm.

“A toy for when you’re not here. Are you serious right now? I’m being punished for using a vibrator?”

He doesn’t answer, he purses his lips and turns his back to me.

He places the vibrator on the bed and stands, my eyes watching his movements. “What did we agree to if you defied me Doll?” He asked as he pulled the buckle to his belt.

The sound ricocheted throughout my skin, sparking the flame at my epicenter.
“I agreed to-.”

He cuts me off. “We agreed to.” He corrected.

“We agreed to ten opened palm spankings on my ass followed by ten deep…” His zipper comes undone and the flame burst within my stomach, releasing the moisture between my thighs unto the bed sheets.

“Ten what, Doll?” His jeans pool at his feet and he sits again, his back to me. He picks up the vibrator and continues his cross examination of it.

I shifted, pulling my knees up to my chest. “Ten…deep fucks.” I said all breathy.

“What happens if you scream?”

Our verbal agreement had an asterisk clause that I hoped he forgot.

Clearly he hadn’t.

“Y-you start from the beginning.” I replied, rocking back and forth, the faucet between my thighs set to medium drips.

He pulls his shirt over his head and drops it on the floor, he shifts his weight as he kicks off his sneakers and jeans. He stills, the vibrator in his palm.

“Do I please you, Dollface?”


Is this a trick question?

“Yes, Sebastian you do.” I replied slowly, not sure where he was going with this.

“Why do you need this?”

He lifts up the vibrator.

Isn’t it obvious.

“I don’t need it, but it’s good to have for those nights when I miss you when you’re away.”

Any other man would understood the logic in having a vibrator, but not Sebs, he would see it as illogical and demeaning to his manhood.

He nods his head. He turns, his otherworldly eyes upon me again. My gaze shifted uneasily from him to the darkness behind him, which was more palatable.

“How long have you had it?”

“I bought it today.” I replied flatly.

He stretches his hand to me. I slowly take the vibrator from his palm, he turns his back to me once again and sighs loudly. I placed it by my pillow.

“Come here.” He says coolly. I unwrap myself from the sheet and climbed off the bed, taking a few steps towards him. “Here.” He gestured to the space between his knee and thigh.

I inhaled deeply as I stepped closer to him, feeling his heat wrap itself around me. My stomach was a breath from his face. He closes his eyes and I could only imagine the thoughts rummaging through his mind as he rests his head on my stomach and inhales deeply.

“Stand by the table and bend over.” He says in the next breath.

I made out the silhouette of the desk in the darkness that held our electronics and notebooks. Like a woman being led to her death, I trudged my way over to white desk and did as he commanded. I felt his presence a minute or two later, his hand massaging my derrière or warming up his hand, I couldn’t tell.

“You should probably hold the table.” He says in a non threatening tone.

My breathing was heavy against the table. His finger slid inside me and a moan escaped my lips. His two fingers swirl within me in a circular rhythmic motion as the orgasm that dissipated from earlier returned, his fingers were slick with my medium drips that were now tsunami waves.

I forgot his anger momentarily as I let the heavenly pleasure wash over me. This was what he wanted, for me to give into the desires that flourished throughout my being and let my guard down. I dissolved around his fingers as he quenched my lustful thirst.

The sound of his palm against my flesh rattled my brain.

This is really happening?

He’s really doing it?

I clenched the sides of the table as the second blow in the same spot transported me into another reality. I bit my bottom lip and squeezed my eyes shut as the third and fourth blow came consecutively. He massaged my cheek before the blow found it’s mark. I clenched my jaw as the screams formed on my tongue seeking its release. I reached around trying to grab his arm, but he pinned my arm to my lower back as the sixth blow watered my eyes.

“Sebs.” I murmured. Bolting upright. I leaned against him, his hardness creeping up my back as I gripped his wrist that twitched. “Please.”

He breathes on my neck and nibbles on my earlobe. I shivered against him.

He orders me to bend over. I shook my head defiantly. “Sebs, please.”

“Do you want me to start over?”


“Bend over.”

I dropped his hand harshly and gripped the desk as blow seven, eight, and nine landed loudly against my skin without a warning. My legs hitched as the tenth blow knocked me off balance. Like the first spanking, his first thrust caught me off guard and I screamed out at the deep penetration, trying to no avail to free myself from his grip.

“It seems we have to start over.” He says. I feel his smile, I hear the enjoyment in his voice, its sweetness dripping all over his words.

Oh, Fuck.

He grips my hip and slams into me again. The table shook from its force, knocking someone’s book and pen to the floor. After the fifth full and deep thrust that sucked the air from my lungs, I felt the strands of this reality loosen as I slipped from this existences. He pulls out, turning me around, my legs became insupportable, no longer capable of sustaining my body, one faculty down, two more to go.

“Doll? Look at me.”

My eyes were glazed and hazy. I understood nothing. I was weak. “Please, no more, no more.” I mumbled before my legs buckled and I collapsed in his arms.


I opened my eyes, the moon peeking through the curtains, painting the room in an eerie silvery glow. Sebastian had his arm wrapped protectively around my waist and his legs entangled with my own. It would be impossible to untangle myself without waking him, my body quivered at the possibility of what would happen if the sleeping giant stirred.

I lifted the sheet and slowly pulled my legs from his, I lifted his hand and slid out from his grip, only to have him pull me into his chest, wrapping his leg on top of mine.

“Where are you going?” He asked sleepily.

“Bathroom.” I answered slowly.

He frees me and I climb from the bed, walking tenderly to the bathroom. My lower body was sore and my ass hurt. I flicked on the light, blinking as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. I looked at myself in the full length mirror, turning to see his palm and fingerprints on my derrière. Is it peculiar to say that even though I was sore and angry that I had to pay for a crime I didn’t commit, that I was turned on at seeing the marks on my body, which would darken in a few more hours.

He hates bruising my skin during the act that is supposed to be sensual and pleasurable as he says, but I get so turned on by it because it’s not in his nature to be this aggressive with me. It makes sense as to why I would agree to this kind of punishment, not because I found the pain pleasant because it wasn’t. The aftermath of it was pleasurable for me.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

I looked up into the mirror to see his muscular body, freshly fucked, matted hair and sleepy blue eyes looking at me.

“Just admiring your handiwork.” I answered. Did you enjoy it?“

“Punishing you? Yes. Seeing you in pain afterwards? No. I don’t like seeing you like this, but you leave me no other choice. This is what happens when you defy me, love.”

“And how did I defy you? I didn’t do anything but use a damn vibrator.” I rolled my eyes in the mirror and walked to the sink, turning on the faucet.

“Don’t roll your eyes.”

“Why? Will I get punished for that too.”

“Yes.” He says flatly.

“Are you serious?” I laughed. “For Asgardian sake.” I said rolling my eyes. “You just love exerting your strength and manliness on me to prove that you’re the alpha.”

He crosses the room in three strides and he had me pinned by the bathroom sink, my back to his front, his hands gripping my wrists across my chest, his hardened manhood pressed into my lower back and our eyes locked in the mirror.

“Roll your eyes at me again and you will get punished in any way I see fit. The sweetness between your legs is mine and mine alone, nothing goes near it, no toy, no dildo, no vibrator. Nothing explores that area, but my cock, mouth, and my fingers alone. Am I being unreasonable?” He shrugs his shoulder. “Maybe, but that is my rule.”

“And I have no say in the rules?”

“No.” He says matter-of-factly. “There are not many things I can control out of the bedroom, you have your freedom to do as you please, I’ve never stopped you, I let you shine, baby, but what goes on in the bedroom is all on my terms and mine alone.”

“Controlling much.” I replied sarcastically.

Why can’t I keep my mouth shut?

Why do I have to push him?

Oh, I know why? Because I love it that’s why.

I loved being his submissive in the bedroom.

He forces my hands down on the sink, this was all too familiar, I gripped the edge as he lurked eagerly by my entrance.

“Sebastian, wait.”

I wasn’t prepared for another round.

“Yes,” he groans in my ear. “I’m controlling.” He spreads my legs. “I can never change that about myself. You make me controlling, your body, your character, your mind, everything about you makes me controlling and protective and if I have to punish you with my cock for you to understand that I am not like any other men then so be it.” He tugs on the drawstring of his pajama pants. “There are things you cannot do without it pissing me off, like right now, I didn’t like that sarcastic tone of yours and I’m going to fuck you across this sink until you scream for mercy or unless the sink cracks. Why? Because I can. Nod if you understand.”

I nod.


His eyes blazing and my grip on the sink tightens.

Hate me if you want, but that first episode was fantastic.
It was brutal and traumatic. The acting was phenomenal.

Glenn did not “deserve” that death, but it was such an iconic death in the comics, and it was “nice” to see the writers keep to that change.
I did not expect the two death scene though.
Everyone is hating on Daryl..but he had no idea what would have happened when he punched Negan. should he have done it? Hell no! He should have sat his ass down and listened.

This whole episode broke my heart. Abraham was a fucking beast! Hard core till the end. It was so tough seeing him die. He will always be my ginger love. <3

This episode gave me so many feels, seeing Glenn with his kid, and that look Abraham gave him.

I cannot wait for the rest of the season. Keep doing what you are doing Walking Dead. <3

Do you know what I love about the Shadowhunters fandom? It’s that those of us who really love the show are so respectful of each other and our ships. And it’s not even just that, it’s like though we may have our core ships, we’re all so open to the idea of all our characters dating different people. Yes Malec, Sizzy and Clace will be my favourites but Clizzy? Absolutely. Give me a bad ass female couple. Saphael? Hell YES!

I dunno, I just have a lot of love for you guys.

Cool story to share on Easter… After my workout I’m driving in my pick up and notice these kids in the rearview mirror screaming and running after my truck. Thought to myself, “Should I stop or keep driving?”. I stopped. I hop out of my truck and this kid runs up to me, hugs the hell outta me and says its been his life’s dream to meet me and tell me how much Ive inspired him to fight cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and hard core chemo and stem cell transplant treatments. He was a little teary eyed and said for months and months all he’s wanted to do was find me and say this face to face. I told him what it meant to me to hear this story. I thanked him, hugged him (and his friends), took a few pics, got back in my truck and drove away. As I’m driving I start shaking my head (and tearing up) at how fragile life is and how amazing and cool the universe was to make this meeting between myself and this special kid Nick Miller come true. Let’s always take a moment to count our blessings… cause there’s always something to be grateful for. Happy Easter y'all - DJ

“Levi, you have to trust my decision.”

“No, Erwin. I - I can’t. I’d go to hell for you and I’d go through fire, I would do anything, but - ”

“Jesus Christ Levi, I just want you to try one of my caramelised dates. You’ll like them, I promise – ”

“Erwin, haven’t I already told you about those fuckin’ traitors of fruits!”

“Here we go again.”

“They seem soft, yes, but you know what?! They are false! You bite down and it’s sweet at first, but then! They take you by surprise, with their stone-cold core.”

“…you could just tell me that you don’t like my cooking. They are just the tiniest bit burnt.”

“They’re blacker than my coffee.”

“Alright. I guess you love me for other qualities than my cooking, then?”

“Of course. If you put those abominations down, I’ll show you everything I love about you.”

“…fine. As long as you quit throwing a fit whenever I’m trying to be romantic.”

“I love you, idiot, no matter your cooking. Now c'mon. Bedroom’s much more romantic than a kitchen that smells like you burnt some bodies in here. You can be romantic under the sheets.”

“I really do love you, Levi, but sometimes - forget it. Let’s go.”