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He wondered if he remembered. Barry pounded on the door to the nest. Closed for the day. He continued pounding into the wood with his gauntlets until he could not bear it. He broke down the door and forced himself inside.

Greed sat alone the dim bar,blinking at the light coming in from outside. “What the hell do you want?”

"The Romans" Chapter 7 ( Feels Like..... Family?)

Hey Dersha fam sorry for the wait!! Here is Chapter 7 of The Romans. I Hope you enjoy it. This chapter wasn’t exactly my favorite to write but it sets up the tone for the rest of the fanfic. Also this chapter will end in a weird place. FOR REASONS!!!!!

As Derek opened his eyes the next morning he noticed that he had a slight headache from the tale of events that occurred the night before. He rubbed the back of his head and turned over on his stomach stretching out further on the bed. He peered over at the clock on the nightstand and the clock said 9:30 am. However the room was still dark as Ahsha did not open the curtains to their balcony window. Suddenly Derek heard his phone vibrate and he reached for his phone laying also on the nightstand. He squinted his eyes at the bright light and the phone read “Terrene”
What the Hell your snitching ass want?” Derek uttered in a groggy voice.                                                                                                                      “Haa Haa” Came Terence’s loud laughter as Derek quickly pulled the phone from his ear. He could kill his best friend. Derek finally put the phone back to his ear.
Yo, D I’m glad you answered bro I thought Ahsha was gonna kill your ass last night the way she had you hemmed up on my refrigerator”.
“Nah everything was cool man I got my wife home and showed her who was boss and dropped it off in her panties and we both feel asleep”. Derek said joking. Terence bust out laughing at Derek’s lie
“Derek shut up man; you know good and well Ahsha aint gave you a damn thing last night but a beat down. Man your woman is scary”. Both he and Derek laughed in their hangovers.
Yea but she knows how to take care of me” Derek concluded now thinking of where was his wife   . “Nah but Tee you don’t have to worry I’m not in the dog house so it’s cool you called Ahsha , I know you were looking out so I appreciate it bro”.
Okay cool well look man Ima hit you back around twelve so you can get yourself together and by then we can call Jerry to see how we can turn this media fiasco around”. Terrence concluded
“Okay cool”. The two men ended the conversation.
Ahsha was sitting in her kitchen staring into the plate of pancakes that Jeeves prepared for her. She just couldn’t focus on eating right now as she and her husband had an emotionally exhausting night.
Please Mrs. Roman try to eat something”. Jeeves said patting Ahsha on her shoulder. Eating nourishes the soul; I promise you’ll feel better”. Ahsha looked back at Jeeves with a weak smile and tried to eat. But honestly trying only made her feel sick. All morning she was receiving calls from Sloane and Pete, reporters and from the league. She knew that everyone saw the images from the night before of Terrence pulling Derek out of the bar both of them drunk as Derek looked angry.  She knew the media would rips her husband the hardest because they expected him to be “Bad Boy Derek Roman”. Honestly Ahsha was just stressed. She placed her head in the palm of her hand and leaned forward on the kitchen counter to collect her thoughts. She didn’t hear Derek approaching. Derek kissed the top of Ahsha’s head as he entered
“Good Morning Mrs. Roman” Derek said in a low tone.
“Jeeves will you excuse us?”
Certainly Mr. Roman” he exit the room swiftly.
For a moment Ahsha and Derek looked into each other’s eyes and they recognized that there was something wrong in each other.
“Ash I” Ahsha cut him off in the process of his words.
“No Derek let me go first”. Derek nodded his head to his wife giving her the floor. “First of all I’m not upset at you for what happen last night so you can stop worrying about that”. Ahsha knew Derek was still trying to feel her mood out and she figured she would let him stop guessing. “Babe I understand your frustration from last night and Terrence explain to me what happened at the bar and I told him he shouldn’t feel to blame either”. Derek the truth is….. Babe we’re both just stressed out”! I mean I get it your stress and I’m stressed because you’re stressed.  I almost feel partly to blame because I pushed the family issue so hard and now it seems like we have just lost ourselves in this world win of chaos.                                                             Derek interjected “Ahsha I won’t dare let you blame yourself for anything I know that your heart is and has always been in a good place”.                                                                                                                “Yes but if I wouldn’t have pushed so hard maybe things wouldn’t be the way that they are. Derek we should be focusing on our happiness.                                                                                                             “I know Ash, and I promised I’ll get us back to that place.                                                                                                                     “I trust that you will Derek but we just have to focus on those things and also manage our marriage.                                                                                 “And we will. Period” Derek said plainly. Ahsha gave Derek a trusting smile.                                                                                                                 “Now would you please eat something”? Derek looked her sincerely in her eyes.                                            “                                                                     Yes Derek, I will. Ahsha looked into her husband’s eyes softly.                                                                                                              “Umhhhummm, I bet you will”. Jeeves make sure Ahsha eats” Derek said walking out of the room to go get dressed for his meeting with his agent.                                                                                                                      “Yes Mr. Roman I will”. Jeeves agreed walking into the kitchen.                                                                                                                   “Jeeves leave me alone” Ahsha said chuckling at Derek’s request of Jeeves like she was his child.                                                                                         “Yes of course Ms. Roman”. He was now leaving back out of the kitchen. Ahsha finally decided to eat something as she had called Kyle to meet her for a stress relieving run in the park.
Terrence and Derek met with both Jerry and Tom they’re agents on what they needed to do about their night on the town.
“Look at these damn pictures Derek you look a mess what were you thinking”? Jerry spat
Look Jer, I know what it looks like but it wasn’t like that. This man literally put his hands on me about his women and I needed to defend myself. Now I can’t help because I had to put my foot in his ass but Ill defend myself any day without apology. I’ve already talked to Terry and he told me that the guy couldn’t sue me because it was self-defense on my end.
“Yea man, we just went out to have a good time”. You know this is defiantly not my style and if I might add Derek has been pretty cool in the public I for a minute. Terrence interjected
Okay so look we’ll fix this with the league, we’ll tell them to take in consideration what your lawyers are saying about the self-defense. If that holds up they won’t try to suspend you guys from the game coming up, but from now on try to lay low.”
Alright man you got it we’ll lay low but this isnt what we wanted. Terrence concluded as both he and Derek exit the conference office.
Derek give  Ahsha my love. Jerry stated.
Derek nodded.
Well that went well”. Derek said surprise.
“Man what you think, the league isn’t crazy they can’t make it without the boys”. Derek and Terrence dapped up.
Plus since this is your last season they know they gotta get another ring out of u together”. Derek added.
Yea but shit we gonna do indoor activities from now on”. Terrence added laughing.
Yea you aint never lied bro, our going out days are over. Plus man me and Ahsha are having dinner with Sloane and Pete and were inviting my side of the family. You in"?
Word your family and Ahsha’s family are getting together for the first time. Hell yea I’m down. I cant wait to meet Cyrus crazy ass from all the years you’ve talked about him I gotta meet him.“ Terrence concluded.
Alright Tee, I’ll tell you more about it after I get back in town from New York I gotta charity event out there. “I thought they just told us to lay low”. Terrence asked sarcastically. Derek looked at him like he was crazy.                                                                                                                      “Man I am Derek Roman they don’t run my life, plus it’s for a good cause man I need some good publicity”. Derek said laughing to himself because he didn’t give a shit about the media.
“Cool see you then bro, stay out of trouble D”.
Alright man I will… Oh and Tee……. Terrence turned to face Derek. Thanks for having my back bro” Derek added before walking off.  Terrence nodded his head.

Kyle and Ahsha met up and the park for a jog. The ladies needed a moment to catch up and it needed to be some place outside of the arena as they had been there all week practicing for game five and six.
Whew slow down Carebear, I need to catch my breath” Kyle steading her breath as both ladies walked over to the bench nearby.
“Ahsha girl your running like a mad women I told you I only came out here with you so I could drive the men wild and see how many would trip over as I run by”. Kyle said in her southern voice
Ahsha laughed at her friend. She was happy to be in Kyles presence because her friend could always give her a good time and with all the stress in her life she needed it. They sat down on the park bench and the ladies started catching each other up on their week.
Yes, Kyle she caught us downstairs, laying on the couch naked. I was so embarrassed.
“Kyle could not stop laughing at the story of Ms. Elanor catching Ahsha and Derek after their wild night.
“Omg Ahsha what did the poor women say”?
She screamed so loud and after apologizing she ran out of the room so fast, and even though Derek has talked to her she just seems so distant now”.
“Oh my gosh that is hilarious Ahsha”
KYLE” Ahsha exclaimed as her friend was just enjoying the story too much. “Why do you and Derek think it’s so funny, I don’t see what’s funny”.
Oh Carebear please, don’t get your panties in a bunch over Ms. Elnaor seeing you with your husband in your own house”. I mean if I had a dollar for every time the housekeeping service walked in on me and Beau the morning after our wild escapades I could have wiped the floor with my divorce papers when I was trying to leave Benny, and at least you never got caught in a sex swing, it’s hard to fake that one”. Kyle giggled giving Ahsha a one over.
Now Ahsha was the one who couldn’t stop laughing. “You know what I’ll never complain again” Ahsha concluded.
“ You know you better hope Elanor isn’t the talking type” Kyle added.
“Why?” Ahsha questioned with a confused expression on her face.
Girl you know all the maid in the neighborhood get together and share stories”. Next thing you know it’ll be like “The Help 2.0”. I can see it now in Elanor’s chapter. “LA’s Bad Boy Basketball star and his sweet angelic dancer wife have sex like animals. Erotic screams all over the mansion, steamy bathrooms with noises of loud thumps and thuds against the shower doors as they roughly romp, naked bodies lying in the living room on the royal decor”. Kyle spoke dramatically as if she was
reading an erotic thriller. “And trust me it wouldn’t be hard to identify you both; how many other basketball teams in L.A were a dancer is married to a player and are public?”  Ahsha covered her mouth as her eyes flew wide open.
“Oh my gosh Kyle that’s exactly what I need right now another scandal”. On top of Derek’s spazzing episode that would just be the icing on the cake”. Ahsha said to her best friend in an sarcastic voice.
Wait what"? Spazzing episode, I thought he and Terrence just had a little too much to drink did Derek flip out or something"?
Kyle didn’t you read the headlines?
No, I just saw the images. If you read the headlines you will never know what the real story is. You know every website has an entirely different story then the next”.
“Huhhh yeah, we’ve been pretty stressed lately and the latest Roman family revelations just sent him over the edge”. Ahsha said lowering her head.
“Oh God” What did Mary do now"? The southern bell asked.
Oh that poor excuse of a woman didn’t do anything, I got rid of her three weeks ago. Ahsha stated in a pissed voice. I was trying to tell you this the night it all happened but somebody didn’t answer the phone for me and my painting date.” Ahsha twisted her lips up at Kyle and narrowed her eyes.
Kyle totally ignored her sarcastic remark. “Wait a minute you got rid of her how? Kyle asked curiously.
“I set her up and planted some fake information about me being pregnant in her head just to see if I could trust her and BAM right after opening game the reporters were flooding us with a pregnancy rumor from a “RELIABLE SORCE.” Ahsha did air quotes with her hands.
So Mary was the one who leaked that pregnancy story and it wasn’t even true?” Kyle asked
EXACTLY” Ahsha confirmed.
Well now that you got the old bag out of your life what else is Derek stressing over?”
Kyle I met his grandfather, grandmother and his aunt and they were all so sweet and loving of Derek I can’t believe he allowed his mother to be the reason why he stayed away from them for so long. But while we were there his grandmother let us know that she was fighting cancer and I mean it really broke my husband apart.
“Omg Ahsha even though I could never see Derek falling apart I know news like that would hurt anyone” Kyle said holding her chest.
“Yea well you know my husband he’s always gonna keep everything together and of course he tried to carry on as normal as possible but I knew it was still hurting him. Plus we’ve been researching all of the treatment places over L.A. to find her a new doctor.
“I honestly thought a night out with Terrence would be good for Derek but they went out and it was a total disaster. Kyle they got into a full on bar fight with some guy over his girlfriend trying to come on to Derek. The only reason he isn’t trying to file a lawsuit on Derek for almost killing him is because he touched Derek first
so they would just rule it as self-defense”.
The blue eyed blonde’s mouth flew open as she was finally getting the real story behind the infamous pictures of Terrence and Derek.
“Ahsha what did you say to him?”
What could I say Kyle”? All I knew is that my husband had spiraled out because his last button had been pushed and as bad as those pictures looked I couldn’t knock him while he was down. Plus Derek has done so much growing to prove to me that his old ways have been buried and he has shown me that everyday so why
should I believe different?. No matter how it looks to everyone else I know what it is. Kyle I will forever support by my husband.“

AND AS YOU SHOULD” Kyle agreed. “At the end of the day you know the man you married and that’s all that matters”.
Ahsha smiled softly at her best friend. Ahsha could tell Kyle anything and she knew she would never judge her; she would always love and support any decision she made and she loved their relationship.
“Kyle what would I do without you” Ahsha asked with a wide smile on her face.
Whew Carebear I don’t know but you can start by showing me your appreciation by treating me to a mani pedi for coming out here with you to play trainer and therapist all in one setting.”
Both women laughed like two school girls.
Okay I’ll do you one better”. Ahsha raised her brow at Kyle.“ Ill treat you to a mani and pedi if you come over to help me entertain dinner at my house this Thursday night both my family and Derek’s family are meeting for the first time and I don’t know if I can take everyone alone. Plus Derek is inviting Terrence so you have to come too”. Ahsha said in a hopeful voice.
“Girl of course I’m there your family mixed with Derek’s family should be like an episode on a soup opera so you know I’m coming”.
Ahsha laughed at Kyle’s comment “Thanks…… Kyle she said while shaking her head. Her best friend was just way too much for her.
So besides practice keeping you busy, what else do you have going on”? Kyle asked
“I’m going on a talk show to do some press this week on Monday”. Ahsha stated excited
“Oh which show?”
The Real” I’m super excited about it Kyle, even though Derek isn’t gonna be able to make it to the taping”.
“Why can’t he make it?” Kyle asked concerned that he wasn’t going based on all the craziness in the media lately.
He has business in New York for three days” Ahsha stated bombed out. But she couldn’t stay that way for long because of Kyle’s next reply.
“Well I guess you can go on the show and confirm Elanor’s stories huh”? Kyle said giggling.
Ahsha was sitting in her room packing her bags for her interview that would be on “The Real Daytime” talk show. The show was filmed in California so she didn’t have to bring much. Earlier that week she had already met with a wardrobe stylist for the stars so she could dress chic for the show. Even though Ahsha always knew how to dress it up she was more of the comfy and athletic wear type of girl, but this show was known for having gorgeous women who could dress from head to toe and they always kept it real hence the name. It had been planned for two months now that Derek would clear his schedule so he could come along to watch backstage as they did taping for the live show. They were always busy so they made it a effort to plan ahead when they wanted each other to come to each other’s events or other business ventures, but at the last minute Derek got called to do some press in New York for a charity event for the youth who wants to play pro basketball. Ahsha understood why he couldn’t come but she still wanted her husband to be there.
Ahsha and her team drove over to the production studio and the team at The Real treated her life a queen. They showed the team where her dressing room would be and they began getting Ahsha ready for taping. Ahsha had big setting rollers in her hair as her makeup artist was doing her makeup. All of a sudden a person from production knocked at the door. They were ushered in by a member of Ahsha’s team.
“Hello Ahsha, call time is in an hour, we will have a break between filming were we’ll have your food ready when you return back to your dressing room.
Okay thank you so much“ Ahsha said sweetly
“Oh and I have a note here for you, it’s from your husband.” Ahsha opened the note and read it to herself.
“I love you Mrs. Roman, I know you’ll be great. Show them all the things I love about you. Since I can’t be there with you today I’ll make sure to make it up to you I promise. You’re Husband. Ahsha smile internally at Derek’s note and she exhaled with every good feeling he had ever given her. She loved that man, even his little gestures like this. Thirty minutes before taping and Ahsha met all the ladies. All the women welcomed her with open arms and she knew this would be a really good interview. The taping was thirty minutes into the show and Ahsha had been called to her que spot backstage as she was about to walk out.
Welcome Back to The Real our guest today is and amazingly gorgeous dancer who dances with the Los Angeles Devil girls. ( the crowd goes wild at the word Devil girl)
That’s right she dances on your team!!! Give a warm welcome to Ahsha Roman!!!!
Ahsha walked out on the set to the show’s theme song This Is Our Time and she hugged every host sitting on the couch and took a seat in between Lonnie and Jeenie.
“Omg my gosh thanks for having me, it’s such a pleasure to be here with you ladies”.
Yes Gawd honey we are excited to have you here with us today on the show “Tamar added.
Oh girl, I seen you on Dancing with the start and you were killing it, I was rooting for you”. Ahsha exclaimed.
Yes I got my entire life on that show and it was such as experience. Tamar concluded.
So Ahsha we heard you’ve been dancing all your life is that true? Tamera asked
Yes literally all my life. As you all may know my mother was a dancer and a Devil girl”. The crowd started screaming again.
Yes, give it up for my mother or Mama Sloane as we all call her”. Ahsha said giggling. She got pregnant with me as she was still a dancer for the team and decided to raise me differently outside of the Devil world and of course you all know my dad is Pete Davenport, they dated while they were both working for the organization and 23 years later here we all are”. The producers flashed a family photo of Ahsa, Sloane and Pete on the big screen and Ahsha smiled.
“But I’ve literally wanted to be a Devil Girl all my life and my mom wasn’t so fund of that but she couldn’t keep me away”.
Wow that’s amazing Ahsha, history literally repeats itself for you and your mother and so similar that you also dated and is now married to Devil Derek Roman”.
A picture of Derek and Ahsha flashed a crossed the scene and then a picture of Derek’s abs out with a devilish grin his face. The women in the audience went crazy at the sight of Derek. Ahsha looked back at the photo in admiration.
“Hey Hey ladies yall better calm down and put some respect on Ahsha’s name because she has his last name, ha wifey is in the building”. Adrienne said in a sassy voice.
Ahsha laughed at the entire scene unfolding, she couldn’t even be mad because she knew her man was fine as hell.
“So Ahsha how has the married life been so far, you know I did that married thing one time and it wasn’t for me” Lonnie asked
Well yes marriage isn’t for everybody because its defiantly not easy but if you have that person who you’d literally give your entire existence to and they’d givetheir to you, it’s a beautiful thing”. My husband is a handful sometimes but he’s my handful and he makes me the happiest women and the proudest wife.
Now Ahsha this is the real so I have to ask you how do you deal with being in this professional word were your relationship is always so public?.
“Well, sometimes the public receives all this information and think it’s literally the only things that go on in our lives, when in actually the public only sees into
a glimpse of what your reality is. I’m mean you ladies know how that is”.

“Yes honey the media really do be trying it, just last week they put out stories that Vince and I were getting a divorce and me and my boo was in the bed eating lunch together and I’m like Vince is there something you wanna tell me? He said what babe? I said we getting a divorce and we literally sat back and laughed at the story.
Yes it can defiantly, be a little much sometimes, but as long as we know what’s going on in our household we try not to pay all that stuff
any attention”
Ahsha responded back.
Well Ahsha how do you deal with even the bad press, lately because as you know this is the real and just recently your husband and Terrence Wall was spotted out leaving the bar after maybe having too much fun”. Adrienne stated.
The image of Derek and Terrence flashed across the scream from the night at the bar. Respectfully the producers asked ahead of time how Ahsha felt about them showing the image for reference and she said it was okay. Plus every blog sight on the internet had already posted it with whatever tacky headline they felt necessary.
But Ahsha wasn’t going to shy away from the topic if they asked in fact she wanted the public to know that she would defend her husband.
Before Ahsha could answer the next question the doorbell rang throughout the studio as it would do so when the show had a surprise for the guest.
“Oh I wonder who that could be”. Tamera said startled.
All of a sudden the doors opened and it was a fine ass Derek Roman holding a bouquet of three dozen red roses in his arms and the crowd went wild.
Ahsha’s covered her mouth in shock as her husband had tricked her. Every woman in the studio went crazy as even it was a surprise to the other host.
Derek walked out and greeted all the woman with hugs and placed his hand on the nape of Ahsha back and kissed her on the lips giving her the flowers. She handed them to Tamar and she sat them to the side as they were too big to go on the table for filming. Derek then sat down next to Ahsha between Lonnie and Jeenie.
I’m gonna get him ladies he tricked me and told me he couldn’t come to watch back stage because he was going out of town for business and now he’s on stage.
“Derek why did you trick her like that” Jeenie asked.
Oh I didn’t trick her entirely I do have to leave right after this for a charity event in New York but if I had the choice of having a tight schedule or being there for my wife I wouldn’t be anywhere else but where I am right now”. All the ladies were amazed at Derek’s charm. “You guys should have seen her sad little face when I told her I couldn’t make it”. Derek said as he extended his arm over the top of the couch looking in her eyes smiling.
Yes, audience and if you think Ahsha was fooled we didn’t even know!! The producer’s didn’t even let us know. I’m giving our staff major side eye right now. Adrienne added.
“Well we couldn’t tell you guys because, everyone know you women talk”. Derek added laughing
Tamar then cracked a joke.“ Wheww you think you had to worry about these women in the audience, chile your man is sitting next to the two biggest vulture in the building”. Honey because Lonnie will try it and Jeenie loves black men”. The entire room cracked up laughing.
Well he’s sitting next to me so he’s safe”. Ahsha stated rubbing Derek’s leg.
The women in the crowd started whistling at Derek screaming their I love you’s and the women couldn’t control themselves.
One young lady looked to be around 28 even screamed out “Derek I wanna have your baby!!!”
Ahsha clapped back. “Me too girl, but my chances are a little bit better than yours boo”!!!  
Derek had the biggest grin on his face. “Ladies ladies I would say it’s enough of me to go around but my wife is not the sharing type so I’m sorry”.
Ahsha smirk at the husband remark.
Yeah ladies “we” aint the sharing type Lonnie added, and I’m sitting right next to him and I can tell you he smells good”! Ahsha bust out laughing
“Lonnie why are you egging them on?” Ahsha said laughing
Okay but honestly do you ever get tired of that Ahsha”? Adrienne questioned
Tired of what?” Ahsha asked.
“Women wanting your man.” She answered.
“No, I mean come on I get it my husband is talented, sexy, a great business man, and can woo any women I’m sure but I think its sexy having something that no other women can have. I mean it sounds crazy but what woman wants a man that no other women desire. It makes me want him even more because he’s exclusive to me. Yes ladies you can look but don’t touch and might I add he looks so damn good without clothes on”. The women went crazy again. “Oh and like Lonnie said he does smell
really good too.”

The women continued their conversation with both Ahsha and Derek and it became clear to everyone in the studio that were made for each other.
“Ahsha what are qualities you love about your husband”? Tamara asked.
Oh gosh, there are so many things. I love that he’s so much more then what people know of him. He’s more than just this sex symbol who’s amazingly talented at  basketball, he’s really caring and he has a really genuine heart and no matter what I can always count on him to have my back”. Uh I don’t know I just love him as a being period.
And what is one thing you can just kill him for”?
Ughhh sometime he doesn’t put the toilet seat down”. Ahsha whined
Oh girl join the club”. Tamera added I’ve fallen in before because of my husband.
And Derek what is the thing that most attracted you to Ahsha when you were dating? Jeenie asked.
I’m attracted to so many things in this women but I think the greatest thing I love about her is her ability to genuinely care about anybody. You know, when we met I was this “Bad Boy Derek Roman” and she saw pass that; she just genuinely cared about me as a real person. She was always really honest with me and I would say to myself
who is this women telling me all the things I don’t wanna hear but I need to hear? I mean and she wasn’t fazed by any of my so called game that I thought I had.

Derek said chuckling. She just wanted to see who I really was and I thought to myself wow I don’t have to be anything else for this woman but myself. It just made me gravitate to her like a moth to a flame; she was so intriguing and she was the light in all my darkness. Ha and of course she is a beautiful dancer. Derek added
“You see that ladies you gotta be a stand up women to be with a man like Derek Roman”. Lonnie added.
Yea, that’s true Lonnie and let me just add this about my wife because she’s truly amazing”. Derek took a moment to look into his wife gorgeous eyes.“Earlier you were asking how we deal with negative media as a public couple”. Let me just say I love the fact that my wife is the most supportive women I’ve ever met and believe me I can be a handful.
As a couple and as a married couple there will be things you have to face and honestly it’ll put stress on you and your partner. Those pictures were a direct result of bottle up stress that we as humans face every day. But the media has no idea or care to know about those things and it isn’t their job to care. They just know that you were coming out of the bar looking drunk and angry as hell and they take it and run with it. I was finally pushed to the limit of all my stress that night and I
handle it in that very Bad Boy Derek Roman way”
Derek said chuckling. But Ahsha and I don’t care what the media is saying weather its good or bad because we know who we are and we answer to each other.
Now was my wife upset with me that night, Yes she was. Did she have a couple of words for me? Yes she did, but she also understood the situation”.
Girl Ahsha was Derek on punishment or nah”? Tamar asked.
No not this time”. Ahsha said laughing. As my husband said the media never knows the whole story and I think everyone here can agree that being a public figure everyone can sometimes forget that you’re human and that every moment wont be your best moment and I understand that my husband is human so I could understand the situation. I don’t care how the media portrays him as long as we know what’s going on in our home and we are on the same page that’s all that matters. The crowd clapped in Ahsha’s response.
See that’s the beautiful thing I love about my wife; she know who I am and no matter what she will always stand by me and vice versa. This
women is my unit and we are one.
” Derek ended.
The entire crowd cheered in applause and Ahsha pecked Derek on the lips.
“Oh my gosh they make me sick, I love them”. Adrienne said.
“Okay everyone stay right there we’ll be right back on ”The Real. Lonnie announced.
After the show was over Derek walked Ahsha back to her dressing room and he was rushing to tell her goodbye.
Ahs you did so great today, I’m so proud of you”! Derek smiled warmly.
“You too baby I’m so glad you came” Ahsha said kissing his lips over and over.
“Okay Ahs let me go babe I gotta head straight to the airport I’m gonna call you when I land. Text me when you get home”. They kissed one last time and Derek left for
the airport. Ahsha was literally in awe of her husband. She was in a daze.
Ahsha and Kyle sat in the kitchen drinking wine before all of the guest arrived. Jeeve was just finishing up a wonderful feast that the entire family would enjoy.
Derek was almost home from his trip and he stopped to Terrence’s house to get ready for dinner because he lived close to the airport. Plus Terrence was also coming to dinner. Derek called Ahsha when he got to Terrence’s house and she just couldn’t wait for her husband to get home. She hadn’t seen him in three days since her interview at “The Real” which the public had a really great response to. She was so nervous about tonight and she needed him to calm her nerves. She was really nervous to hear from Pete and Sloane as she has been dodging their calls ever since the news came out about Derek at the bar but they had already planned this dinner so there was no more running now. Pete didn’t get to run into Derek at the arena this week because he had three meeting so one of the other assistant coaches was at practice. Ahsha ran upstairs to get dressed and Kyle took her glass of wine to the dining room. Ahsha went into her closet and put on her black lace dress with a low cut at the cleavage. The dress was sexy but it also had class. She then paired them with her black and gold Valentino heels. She wore her hair in a simple bun and added a diamond hair pin to give it a little chic edge. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked
her appearance. She reached over in her white gold jewelry box got her diamond studded earing to finish her look with a simple touch. As she fumble through her jewelry she came across the Cartier gold bracelet that Derek bought her back when they were still engaged. Ahsha wasn’t the materialistic type but this was a gift that Derek gave her that she cherished. Derek had her name embossed on the inside right before the quote “You’re Everything I’ve Ever Needed”. She smiled at this token of his love. She placed the bracelet back inside of the box, she always put it away when she left the room because she never wanted to lose it, she would literally die if she did.
After that she put one of the earrings in her left ear and she went to put the other one in her other when suddenly she
dropped the other earring on the carpet.
Oh crap, where did you go?” she said to herself and she kneeled to the grown and started looking for her earring.
Meanwhile Derek and Terrence walked into the mansion and greeting Kyle with more wine.
Hey Kyle” Derek greeted the blond with a friendly peck on the cheek. “Where is Ahsha”?
“She’s upstairs finishing getting dressed”. She pulled Terrence by his collar. “Come on Tee lets go get that other bottle of wine open”.
“Kyle you better slow down” Terrence added laughing. Derek headed upstairs to his bedroom to greet his beautiful wife as he had missed her so much. Derek didn’t care how corny it may seemed he couldn’t wait to see his wife even though it was only three days. He walked in to the couple’s closet and he saw his wife looking under the counter bent on her knees with her ass up in the air. He was admiring her ass to waist ratio as she looked curvy with her tone mocha legs in contrast to her black lace dress. He stood right behind her enjoying his view.
There you are” She said finding her earing and she threw her head back and put her earring on her ear and stood to her feet.
Ahsha was suddenly startled as she stood up and felt a solid figure behind her. She turned around quickly and saw that it was indeed her husband. She breathe in his scent and she was immediately intoxicated in Derek.
“Umhhhh Mrs. Roman don’t you look gorgeous tonight, this is the best welcome seeing your beautiful face”. Ahsha placed the palm of her hand on the back on Derek’s head and placed the sweetest kiss on his lips. “I missed you so much”! Ahsha purred. Derek placed his forehead on hers and they both closed their eyes to reconnect in each other’s love. “I missed you too my love” Derek cooed. Derek placed his hands on Ahsha hips and they rocked back and forth.
How you feeling, you excited about tonight”? Derek asked.
I’m a little nervous but I’m better now that you’re here”. Ahsha admitted.
Ahsha You can stop hiding now!!! A voice came from downstairs. It was Sloane.
“Oh my gosh she’s literally gonna kill me Derek” Ahsha frowned.
Ahs it’ll be fine if they’re mad about the incident at the bar I’ll let them kill me but I promise babe you’ll be fine.” Derek looked into her eyes sincerely.
Ahsha and Derek walked down the stairs and Derek kissed Sloane on the cheek.
Hey ma, how are you”? Derek asked
I’m fine but me and Pete want to talk with you both, can we sit down in the living room and have a discussion”. Sloane said right away.
Sure” Derek said as he grabbed Ahsha hand and led everyone into the living room and closed the ceiling to floor Italian doors of the palace.
Kyle and Terrence were sitting in the kitchen drinking wine.
Oh no they didn’t just close us out the living room like that. I told Ahsha I wanted a front row view to all the drama this is a rip off”. Kyle said
I know right, you know that’s the only reason I came to see a beat down or a cook off between the two families or something” Terrence confirmed.
Both Terrence and Kyle looked at each other at the same time.
“Let’s go” they said in unison as they both went to go spy on the conversation trying to go catch voices by the closed door.
Ahsha and Derek were sitting down as Sloane and Pete stood.
“Now you too were gonna make this short”. Sloane started. We can’t lie when we saw the pictures of Derek and Terrence we were disappointed and didn’t really know what to think”.
Look Ahsha and I have been dealing with a lot of stress from my side of the family and I went out that night and had a couple of drinks I lost it”.
“Stress what kind of stress, you two can always come to us when thing are going on”. Pete stated.
“Yes and not answering our calls is not the right way to go! Sloane added behind Pete. I mean after the initial shock left we just wanted to know
how you two were doing”.
Yes mom I know that wasn’t the right way to handle things, but at the time I didn’t know exactly what to say all I knew is that the media was calling my husband a drunken disaster and I needed to be supportive to him. Ahsha stated.
Yes, the only reason why Ahsha didn’t answer your calls is because she was trying to protect me”.
Well Derek what’s been going on with you? Pete added. “You know I wanted to initially choke you because you’re one my players and two you and I have had previous conversations about what I’m expecting of you now that you’re married to my daughter and my new son in law but I then just decided to wait it out. So tell us what’s going on.
Well to be honest Ahsha and I have been trying to reconnect with my family. I just had gotten my mother out of jail for trying to defame my name, then she was the one who put a fake rumor out about Ahsha being pregnant”. Sloane knew about the jail incident because Ahsha had told her against Derek’s wishes when she needed to vent but she didn’t know things had gotten worst or that the pregnancy rumor came from Mary Roman.
What!! I knew I read something like that in People Magazine but you know I never pay any of that junk any attention”. Slaone said in shock.
“Yes then we decided to completely end ties with her and after that I received the news from my grandmother the woman that actually raised me that she has been diagnose with cancer. So honestly we both have been under a lot of stress but we are dealing with everything how it comes. Me and Ahsha. Derek stated grabbing her hand.
Kyle and Terrence was still listening through the door.
What!! I think Pete just said he’s gonna choke Derek” Kyle whispered.
No Kyle I think he asked him would you rather go to jail and defame his own name or get his act together”. Terrence whispered back.
No Terrence I heard them loud and clear Sloane said Derek doesn’t wanna end up like her going to jail for something he didn’t do. Kyle argued back.
Both of them were clearly wrong.
Oh my goodness, Derek I’m so sorry to hear that. Sloane said in a sincere voice. Is there a treatment for it”?.
“No”. Derek sated in a low voice and he began to get sad thinking of the situation. Ahsha rubbed that back of her husband’s neck to comfort him.
“Look now they’re saying Derek needs treatment for his drinking problem”. Kyle whispered.
“Nah my boy doesn’t have a drinking problem they really played us out in the media”. Terrence added.
Meanwhile the conversation in the living room was taking a softer turn for the best.
“Wow it all make since now your interview from the talk show this week. I’m sorry to hear this Derek, we obviously jumped to conclusions and we apologies. Of course, I can’t be the one to judge anyways because I have a past too with alcohol when I’m trying to numb, but you just gonna be man enough to face your pain in another way”.
Yea you’re right”. Derek agreed with Pete. Were sorry we kept you guys out of the loop about what was going on; we’re all family and you guys deserve to know something before it comes out in the media". As Derek finished his words the door fell open and Kyle fell to her knees from leading on the doors to hard
She had her mouth wide opened shocked and Terrence stood there with a shamed expression. The entire room looked at Kyle and Terrence and shook their heads at them.
I was just…..We were just… She fell and I was just helping her up. Come on get up I told her to slow down on the wine y’all. Terrence tried to lie but his lie was not worthy, they clearly were busted.
Terrence helped Kyle up and she fixed her dress as Sloane and Ahsha walked out laughing at her. As Pete and Derek were leaving out Pete got Derek’s attention.
Look Derek I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions, I should have just waited to find out what was going on”.
Ahhh it’s alright I know you were just concerned and wanna look out for Ahsha". And giving my passed its easy to possibly think the worst".
“No it’s not okay. You are also my concern now as my daughter’s husband. People use to do the same thing to me and for so long I wanted people to forget my mistake so that I could move on, I know how that feels”.
“I need to be the example and be the the fair chance that I wanted to receive from people back then”. Pete concluded
Alright,  Pete. The two men embraced and walked passed Terrence. Right after Derek looked at Terrence stating.
“Come On Tee, you a grown ass man you still spying”? Derek chuckled.
Soon there was a ring at the royal doorbell and Jeeves got the door and greeted Cyrus, Jade, Gigi and Ziggy. Derek and Ahsha came to welcome the family into their home.
Whew Derek, I remember the last time I was here was when you first bought this house. It’s been so long but things look different. Jade said.
Ahhh yea it would look different my wife has changed this house into a home” Derek cooed kissing Ahsha on the side of her neck. Ahsha couldn’t help but blush.
Derek stop, ugh he’s so touchy feely” Ahsha stated smiling at Derek.
Yea it does look different in here, y’all shoulda seen it when Derek was living that bachelor life and we had about fifty  hunnid butt naked women running roun”…All
of a sudden Ziggy felt Derek’s death glare on him and stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of his sentence. “ I mean yea the decor is lit in here” Ziggy
redirected the conversation. Ahsha ignored his ignorance. She would let Derek snap on him later.
It’s so good to see you ladies she hugged her arms around Gigi and Jade at the same time and they hugged her back.
Ahsha parted from the women and her and Cyrus locked eyes at the same time. “Cy!!!! Ahsha said sweetly.
Ahhhh yeah that’s my girl“ Cyrus said kissing Ahsha hand.
Derek walked over to Jade and kissed her on her cheek. Hey their gorgeous, how you feeling today? Derek asked plainly not showing the full capacity of his grave conceren. Jade gave Derek a tender hug back
“I’m doing really good now I’m here with you”. In that moment Derek truly felt special and all they’re hard work to reconnect with his family was all worth it.
“Come on everyone I’d like to introduce you to my parents” Ahsha said excited.
As everyone left the foyer Ahsha and Derek walked behind the crowd and Ahsha whispered to her husband “I wanna new house, all the ghost of your tired ass groupies haunt the hell out of our home.
Derek laughed at his wife’s request, even though if she were serious he would grant her wish. “Ahsha Relax” Derek shook his head
They Roman clan walked into the dining room to sit and join with Sloane, Pete, Terrece and Kyle. The two sides of the family got well aquatinted as they enjoyed each others company as a whole family. Sloane shared stories of Ahsha’s childhood and they compared them to Dereks and the love was flowing as the married couple were the reason why they were all together. After they enjoyed their meal that Jeeves and the culinary staff prepare the women started to talk about their love for dance and the men began to loudly banter about the sports teams they were rooting for besides basketball. As the staff started to clean their eating area the women took their wine and conversation to the living room and the men went on to the downstairs entertainment area.
Derek listened on as the men were talking and all he could do was think about his wife in that sexy dress. He needed to go steal her away for just a quick moment for himself. So he decided to go find her upstairs. Before he could he was stopped by Cyrus.
Ahsha was standing by the couch with a wine glass in her hand as she watched on as all the women went on to talk about the men. She thought their conversation was full
of whit and they were dropping gems on how to keep your man happy and in love for so long.
From cooking, making your house a home, putting your man in check, making him feel like a man, letting him be the king of the castle and even bedroom business. Kyle and Ahsha listened in on the conversation closely and even though they were both grown women they followed along like they were reading a article in teen magazine
about how to make your crush notice you. As the women continue to chatter Derek walked through the kitchen and walked into the living room full of women and he did so with a boldness as Cyrus’s words echoed into his head.
D don’t you walked in that living room with all those women they gonna talk about you.”
Derek walked up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“And what are y’all talking about”? Derek flashed the room with his flirtatious smile. All of a sudden all conversation stopped and Jade replied in a sassy voice and smirked at Derek
We’re talking about y’all so mind your business”. Derek looked to his grandmother and he was glad she was feeling good and her upbeat self.
Well y’all can talk about us all you want but I need to have a word with my wife” Derek responded back in a mocking tone.
Okay I’ll come find you when I’m ready”. Ahsha said plainly as she was enjoying the ladies conversation to much to walk away right now.
Owh ,that’s the keeping your man in check segment”. Kyle added in her southern voice laughing. All the women laughed together.
Derek started to mock the women and their laughter. “Oh you think that’s funny? He raised a brow at his wife.
Let me whisper something in your ear real quick to see if I can change your mind”.
Derek gently grabbed Ahsha closer so he could whisper into his wife’s ear. All the women got quiet trying to catch what Derek was saying but they couldn’t.
Ahsha Bring your ass now”. Derek cooed in a demanding deep voice. By the tone of her husband’s voice Ahsha knew exactly what her husband wanted and he wasn’t playing.
Ahsha eyes opened even wider and she placed her glass down on the living room table.
Ladies If you’ll excuse me! she said smiling as she turned to leave out of the room.
As Ahsha left Derek was standing their like a champion and all of the ladies were rendered speechless at Ahsha’s abrupt exit.
“Well damn what did you say to the girl Derek?” Gigi blurted out.
“Now that ladies…. was the “Your Man Being the King of The Castle segment” Derek chuckled.
The women in the room were shocked. “Oh Don’t look so shocked you women have been preaching that same ol “How to keep a man business for years. We know what’s up yall aint fooling nobody”. Derek walked out laughing sending the women into and uproar. They couldn’t believe Derek was in on their women secrets. Ahsha was waiting for Derek in the kitchen and he crept up behind and kissed her neck pushing his hard on on her firm backside.
The next time I tell you I need to have a word with you, you better bring your ass to me” Derek cooed in a sexy tone
Ahsha now turned around to face her husband and bit her lip raising her brow. “Who said you were the boss of me”? Ahsha challenged
“I say I’m the boss of a couple of things”. Derek tipped his fingers over Ahsha breast. Derek’s lips came crashing down onto Ahsha’s and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Derek rubbed his hands down her sides and grabbed both hands full of Ahsha’s ass. Ahsha then rubbed her husband’s penis through his pant. They felt themselves getting a little too worked up and at any time someone could walk into the kitchen.
Come on Ahs lets go upstairs real quick, I say we have a good solid ten minutes before they wanna know where we are I gotta have you baby”.
Ahsha took Derek’s hand and they rushed to the stairway.
Wait a second baby if we go to the bedroom they’re gonna suspect that we’re up to something we can’t go up their plus they are company”. Ahsha lead Derek past the staircase to the left and she opened the door to the laundry room. Derek shut the door behind him Ahsha turned her husband around and backed him into the dryer. She kissed him passionalty and rubbed up his strong back.
Ummmm Ahs you look so damn good baby I can’t wait to take a bite out of you”. He picked Ahsha up and placed her onto of the washing machine.
He caressed his hands up her thighs and placed kisses on her neck.
Ugh Derek please hurry I need you”. Ahsha said in a low erotic voice
“You need me?”
“I need you daddy yes” Ahsha confirmed. She wasn’t even gonna front seeing Derek walk through the door from his trip he looked fine as hell and she wanted him from that moment on.
“Shit, I need you too” Derek replied in a hungry tone. Derek reach between her legs and snatched her panties so forcefully that they ripped. He threw the black lace fabric on the ground and he placed two fingers inside of Ahsha’s wet center.
Ughhh” she moaned and her head fell back.
Derek began kissing and licking her neck while he rubbed his thumb over her clit as he pumped his other fingers in and out.
“UGHH Derek” Ahsha moaned louder than expected as he gave her gspot all of the attention.
Derek quickly placed his hand over her mouth because he knew Ahsha was the loud type once she got carried away. The mood was so erotic because they were in a rush. “Baby put your dick in me now we don’t have a lot of time” Ahsha rushed demanding her husband.
Derek backed away with a smirk on his face. “I should make you wait until tonight when everyone leave since you were gonna make me wait to come here”. He said in a torturing voice. Ahsha eyes shot open in disbelief. She jumped off of the washing machine.
Derek I’ll kill you dont play with me” she threatened as she pushed his against the wall starting to unbuckle is pants.
Ummm I love it when you get mean”. Derek cooed and looked at her with a devilish grin. He kissed her boobs and pinched her ass about to pull up her dress.
All of a suddent the door came open and the two spit apart franticly. Ahsha jumped behind her husband’s large frame.
Oh my goodness you two” Sloane said shocked. Oh tell me you two weren’t just about to”.
This isn’t what it looks like”. Derek said while buckling his belt back
Well it looks like those are my daughter’s panties on the floor”. Sloane pointed down covering her eyes
Huhhhh” Ahsha Gasp and she grabbed the torn panties from the ground”.
Mom what are you doing in here anyways”? Ahsha said mortified.
Well excuse me for looking for the bathroom in your big ass house and opening the wrong door. I didn’t know body parts would be flinging everywhere”
Ugh now you know how I feel when I see you and dad and may I add Derek and I are still decent” Ahsha concluded with her hands on her hips.
Sloane was so freaked about by almost walking in on her daughter and her husband about to get busy that she left the room.
As soon as Sloane left Ahsha slapped Derek on the chest. “Ugh I can’t believe we almost got caught again”.
Hey why do I always get in trouble when we’re about to get caught?”
“Cause it was your idea.”
Hey it was your idea Mrs. Let’s Get Busy in the laundry room no one will find us there”.
Ugh shut up” Ahsha said pushing past Derek.
Hey Hey whoa whoa fix your dress its crooked Mrs. Roman” Derek said as he grabbed her arm while she was leaving out the door.
Ahsha fixed her dress and tried to walk out again but Derek spun her around and grabbed her into his arms tightly.
I can’t wait to have you all to myself tonight” He kissed her softly on the lips making her weak. Derek smacked lightly on her ass and looked her devilishly in the
Now C’mon lets go be the worst host ever so we can get them out of her early he said while grinning.
“Deal” Ahsha agreed as she kissed Derek quickly before they finally left the room to be reunited with their families
Derek and Ahsha was full of smiles as they’re families hit it off great together. They were finally getting to a place where they felt they’re entire family was in
tact and that If anything happened beyond this point Ahsha or Derek would have no regrets. Ahsha and Derek were both undressing.
Ahhhhh Mrs. Roman we pulled off a great dinner tonight”. Derek said as he unbuttoned his shirt.
WE?” What do you mean we”? Derek Roman all you did was show up”. Ahsha said placing her hand on her hip.
“Exactly, Im what the people want.” Derek said laughing. Ahsha only rolled her eyes at his reply.
You know it was good to see your mom in a good spirit, we always see her when she’s so upbeat it’s kind of hard imagining that she’s so sick.
Yea I know, but man I can’t explain it. It just feels good having them back in my life”. It really feels like…… Derek took a long pause.
“Like family?” Ahsha asked finishing his sentence. Derek looked over to her and smiled.
Yea something like that” he replied. Derek would forever be in his wife’s debt for being the reason that he and his family reunited.
He finished taking his shirt off and walked up behind Ahasha who was standing in her bra and new underwear.
Derek looked at Ahsha in the mirror and admired his other half. He admired who she was and almost taken back by her beauty.
“What”? Ahsha said looking at Derek’s reflection in the mirror.
Nothing I just……..you’re just ….. I missed you”. Derek was trying to fine words to express this feeling.
“Ahsha leaned her head back on Derek’s chest as Derek wrapped one hand around her belly.
“I missed you too”. Seems like were getting back to us huh”?
“Yeah” Derek cooed in his deep voice. This is the first time in a while Derek felt content and Ahsha could feel that.
As they admired their physical appearance in the floor length mirror they also admired the symbolic reflection that they saw in themselves as they were exactly were
they wanted to be. Ahsha got so overjoyed she got this sudden urge of emotion that caused her to want to cry. In one moment she felt a rush inside of her that she
couldnt explain, something different was happening to her as she was being held in her husband’s arms. It was almost strange. She couldn’t explain it.
“Derek”! She said while turning around slowly as she tried to calm her emotions. He could see a weird expression on her face.
“What Ahs, Something wrong?” He frowned.
Ahsha’s eyes shifted briefly and all of a suddenly she could no longer focus on her strange feeling as something else caught her attention.
“Ahsha what?” Derek said looking at her concerned now holding onto her waist staring into her glossy eyes.
Ahsha looked towards the counter with a confused expression. “I……….I thought I put my bracelet inside of the jewelry box, why is it on the counter?



Hmmm...I've seen Tiffanys crying fest called a "mental breakdown" like 6 times...so far

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Giving love a shot part 15

Opening the room door is like a freezer, all the lights, including TV are off what the hell was she doing?

Jay: Jae are you asleep?

Jae: no

Jay: can I turn on the light?

Jae: uuhh.. Wait a second…. Go ahead

Jay:*turns on the light* what were you doing?

Jae: nothing, it was just hot

Jay:*walks over to her side of the bed, and Shock* oh damn

Jae: what?

Ok I know it hasn’t been an 24hours since I said that I wouldn’t sleep with her but damn she looking so good in just a thin while shirt, and underwear right now, even worst you can her her hard nipples in the shirt.

Jay: nothing, so the others are going hiking do you want to go?

Jae: no

Jay: no?

Jae: yes, no I don’t want to go *gets up off the bed to go get her phone*

Jay: well okay, I’ll go..*gulp* tell them

Jae: uh you might wanna take care of this first *looking at his bulge that’s going up by the second*

Jay: oh shit.

*knocks on the door*

Jae: can you get the door

Jay: like this?

Jae: do you want me to get it?

Jay: not looking like that

Jae: you are so complicated. *get's  up and go opens the door*  hey Simon

Simon: uh.uhm. *smh*  *shocks at the picture in front of him*

Jay:*stands behind her, clears is throat, Jae walks back to the bed*

Simon:*snaps out of it, still smiling* did I interrupted something?

Jay: no

Jae: baaabee I’m waiting *yells from the bed*

Jay:*shakes his head*

Simon: you sure?


Simon: *looks at Jay’s condition* if I were you I’d ask her out the second I close the door.

Jay:*whispers* I told you, I don’t want to just have sex with her, well at least not for her first time

Simon: well okay. I’ll see you later, bye Jae

Jae:*yells again* Bye Simon

Jay:*closes the door, and looks at her* I think something is seriously wrong with you.

Jae: what are you talking about?

Jay: nothing nothing *sits next to her flipping the channel*

Jae: you know what you should do?

Jay: oh man

Jae: you should let me pluck your eyebrows

Jay: why in the hell would I let you do that?

Jae: because you’re my favorite person in this whole world?

Jay: really?

Jae: no but-

Jay: *hits her with a pillow, and gets up off the bed*

Jae: hey! *gets on his back and wraps her legs around him*

Jay: Jaeha I need to use the bathroom, I need to pee

Jae: well take me with you

Jay: you’re joking right?

Jae: nope *holds him tighter*

Jay:*lays on his back and tickles her bottom feet*

Jae: *loses her grip from him,laughing* that was cheating.

Jay:*pins her down on the bed holding both hands up with one hand over her head*

Jae:*wraps her legs around him, to pull him closer on her*

Jay: Jae we can’t do this

Jae: why not?

Jay: because…

Jae: you don’t find me me attractive enough or? You just don’t like that I get smaller?

Jay: I just don’t want you to rush into something that you might not want to do

Jae: I want you to

She making it very hard for me to keep my word, right now. Knowing she wants me as much as I want her make it soooo much more difficult.

There’s nothing I want more than to please my girl, but I want that to be be special for Jae that’s why I’m just going to stay calm… For now

Jay: look knowing that you want me just as much as I want you make what I’m going harder

Jae: then don’t say it

Jay: baby I want your first time to be special, and right now really isn’t the right time.

Jae: when will it be the right time?

Jay: I’ll let you know

Jae: what if I’m not in the mood?

Jay: don’t worry about that.

Jae: so what are we going to do in the mean time?

Jay: whatever you want to do

Jae: then can we-

Jay: no

Jae: awe bubbles *in a whinny voice*

Jay: did you just call me bubbles?

Jae: yes, you’re Jay Bubbles

Jay: out of every pet name they have on this planet you pick bubbles?

Jae: what? It’s cute

Jay: how about Jay Beast?

Jae: bubbles, besides you love bubble baths.

Jay: I do not like it, it’s not manly enough

Jae:*pouts* then can we-

Jay:*kisses her pouty lip* nope we have to wait.

Jae: you sure we have to wait for however long?

Jay: yes, we have to, and in the mean times I’d advice you to not tease me princess

Jae: and if I do?

Jay: *bites his lip* I will make-

Mark: Jae *Door bust open* oh I’m sorry

This guys opens the door with me on  his friend who’s wearing somewhat nothing, how awkward

Jae: yes?

Mark: uh can I talk to you?

Jae: no

Jay: she’ll be out in a second

Mark: okay, thanks *closes the door*

Jae: hey what-

Jay: look he clearly stayed home to work things out with you, don’t be hard headed and go work things out.

*few minutes later*

Jae: *knocks on his door*

Mark: *opens the door*  hey, come in

Jae:*peaks inside*

Mark: she’s not here

Jae:*walks in and closes the door*

Mark: wanna sit?

Jae: not on this bed, idk what you’ve been doing on it?


Jae: what do you want?

Mark: what is going on? Why are you mad at me?

Jae: I’m not mad, don’t worry about it

Mark: Jae you and I are closer to each other than 
any other one of us. We tell each other everything, so when you’re not talking to me like this and I don’t know the reason it really drives me crazy.

Jae:*sits by the bathroom door*

Mark: *sits next to her*

Jae:*sigh* I guess I was kind of or maybe…. jealous

Mark: what?

Jae: nvm nothing

Mark: jealous of what?  Come talk to me, what are you jealous of?

Jae: * sigh* I don’t know I just don’t like it when you’re doing all of….. this with another girl. That’s probably selfish of me to say, since I’m here with Jay uh?

Mark: Jae..

Jae: I’m sorry

Mark: is it her that you don’t like or?

Jae: I don’t know

*I’ll fill you guys in, on to what’s going  between Mark and I*

Mark and I we shared our first kiss when we were younger, and swore that we would never tell anyone and that we would take the secret to our grave. As we get older we realized that it’s better to just remain friends and act like the kiss never happened.

After meeting Aaron and when through all the trauma, Mark and the others moved around traveling  and that’s how it we missed our chance. Now I am beginning to fall in love with Jay and that happen. Wait I just said love right?

*after sitting for like 20 minutes not saying anything*

Jae:* gets up* I have to go, Jay’s probably waiting for me.

*back in the room*

Jay:*on the phone*

Jae:*walks in get on the bed and pulls the cover over her head*

Jay:*pulls the cover off of her head*

Jae:*pulls it back*

Jay:* again puts it down again*

Jae:*moves over and puts her head on his lap*


Jae:*puts his other hand on her head so he could pet her hair*

*like that he watched her fall asleep*

*much much later*

Waking up I think I missed dinner cause it is actually 3AM and everyone sleeping. Walking out I find mark sitting by the pool by himself.

Jae:*sits next to him*

Mark: what are you doing up?

Jae: I slept all afternoon

Mark: oh, look Jae-

Jae: let’s not talk about it. If we meet each other again in the next life

Mark: *smile * promise

Jae:*pulls put her pink* until the next life *lol*

*both pinky swore*

Jae: I still don’t like her

Mark: I know

Jae: and I will still annoy any girls that likes you

Mark: it’s expected


Mark: so are you going to tell me what you wanted to talk about?

Jae: sex

Mark: WHAT?!!

Jae: keep your voice down

Mark: you’re not having sex yet are you?

Jae: why not? All of you guys are doing it

Mark: so, don’t mean you can

Jae: you have no idea how selfish that just sounds

Mark: regardless, you can’t sleep with him unless he ask you out OFFICIALLY and then 6months to a year later y'all can do it

Jae: MARK??!!

Mark: what? Now you keep your voice down

Jae: 6mths to a year? The heat is already there

Mark: put a ice pack on whatever heat you’re having

Jae: are you dating the girl who’s currently on your bed?

Mark: no

Jae:… Then why are you sleeping with her?

Mark: long story

Jae: make it short

Mark: she’s not interested in dating, we’re both just in it for the fun

Jae: so you guys brought flings to the vacation?

Mark: what about you?

Jae: Yori invited Jay, I didn’t even know that they were going until I saw them at the airport.

Mark: regardless no, not until you guys are official.

Jae: yes boss

The rest of our vacation went very nice and smooth. It’s not the kind of vacation I had in mind, but I guess it was fine.

Jay and I got closer in a lot of ways, which is pretty nice I guess, now it’s time to go back to reality..

*couple of days later after the “vacation”*

I think I left my tablet at Jay’s house and I need to get to download the pictures. The problem is I haven’t talk to him since we got back, I don’t want to just show up at his house, even though I know the code..

*texting Jay*

Jae: bubbles are you home?

Jay: yeah, what’s up?

Jae: can you check to see if my tablet is at your place?

Jay: it is

Jae: do you mind if I come get it?

Jay: right now?

Jae: is it a bad time?

Jay: kind of

Jae: oh.. Well I’m going to go get my hair wash, I’ll just come by afterwards

Jay: okay

*3hrs later*

Jae:*knocks on the door*

Yuri:*opens the the door looking like she just got out of the shower* you?

Jae: me

Yuri: what are you doing here?

Jae: I don’t have to answer to you, where’s Jay?

Yuri: *tries to close the door*

Jae:*pushes the door with full force and hits her in the face and just walks in not realizing that she busted her nose*

Yuri: what the hell?

Jay:*walking out of the room looking fresh out of the shower* Yuri who- Jae? What happened?

Yuri: she hit me in the face with the door

Jae: you wouldn’t have gotten hit if you weren’t trying to slam the door on my face.

Jay: *pulls her into his room* hey I missed-

Jae: *frowns*

Jay: you…you look angry

Jae: woah! Is it that noticeable?

Jay: baby it is not what it looks like

Jae: then tell me what it? Cuz it looks like I just interrupted something. Is that why it wasn’t a hood time to come earlier *crosses her arm*

Jay: she just doesn’t have anywhere to go right now

Jae: I didn’t know you were running a homeless shelter

Jay: Jae-

Jae: how long is she going to stay here?

Jay: I’m not sure

Jae: you’re not sure, well let me know when you are *start walking off*

Jay: wait you don’t trust me?

Jae: Its not you I don’t trust, it’s her. look do whatever you want *gets her tablet and walks out*

Yuri: what’s up with her?

Jay: *ignores her*

*Jay’s view in studio*

So it’s been a week since Jae left the apartment, and ever since then we barely talk. Whenever I call or text her all I get are one word answers, or when I ask her to hangout she just blow me off…completely.

With Christmas coming, busy working on a album for the spring of next spring. The last thing I want is for things to messed up with Jae, we’ve made so much progress and I’m not going to let anyone ruin it, not even  for Yuri. Right now spending all this time in the studio I rarely have time for anything or anyone.

Simon: so when are you going to ask her out?


Simon: oh now what did you do? You guys looked like you were making great progress.

Jay: Right now after taking 50steps forward, it looks like we took 49 steps backwards, that last steps is that she actually read the messages I send her and barely replies

Simon: what happened?

Jay: she’s not really happy that Yuri’s living with me.

Simon: living with you? Since when? Why???

Jay: she’s having some problems

Simon: and you’re the only person she can come to? What about Sunny and her parents? Can’t you see what’s going here?

Jay: look I don’t know okay.

Simon: as your friend I’m just going to say in my opinion you’re being very disrespectful to her, and I’d also ignore you. The fact that she had her doubts about the whole thing, now you’re just giving her more reasons.

Jay: so what do you want me to do?

Simon: ask yourself that question. How would you feel if she had an ex living with her? Even though her house is that big and chances are they probably wouldn’t cross paths, you’d still have issues with it.

Jay*slouches on the chair*

Simon: I’m meeting Jimin for coffee wanna come along?

Jay: nahh

Simon: come on

Jay: fine, but I’m not staying out for long

*fast forward coffee shop*

To be honest I was hopping Jae’s there, but she isn’t.

Jimin: hello guys

Simon: hey how’s it going?

Jimin: good, you?

Simon: good just busy

Jay: you’re here alone?

Jimin: yeah. The girls are out shopping

Jay: oh okay

*20 minutes into talking*

Surprisingly Jimin is exactly like Jaeha hearing her talk and the way she act is just the same; well not exactly cause I feel like she’s holding back unlike Jae who just say whatever she’s thinking, speaking of which.

Yori: oooh look who’s on a date?

Jimin: oh my God

Jae: I thought you said that you had an important meeting?

Simon: hey guys

Jay: how’s it going?

*after greeting*

Ailee: how’s your date going?

Jimin: it’s not a date, just coffee and  it was fine until y'all 3 show up

*all 3pulls a chair and sit*

Jimin:*face palm*

Yori: okay since it look like you guys are about to date, we’re going to give you some details. She’s allergic to sea food.

Ailee: she can’t eat anything that lived in the ocean

Jae: and even if she’s not eating it, the smell makes her troat dry,  she won’t tell you cause she doesn’t want to ruin the dinner.

Yori: and the little mermaid she can’t watch that

Ailee: uh uh nope

Jae: just watching it will make her puffed up like the mean octopus

*All 3 laughs*

Jimin: are you guys done?

Ailee: she prefers white wine

Jae: hate the smell of cheap alcohol, we’re not really sure how she can tell but she does.

Jimin: are you guys finish?

Yori: no, she has the most manners amongst us, she will wipe her mouth after each bite.

Jae: she’s also a neat freak, she hates when people breath too close to her face unless it’s-

Jimin: *frown at her*

Ailee: two people you should never underestimate Jimin and Jae both starts with “J” they’re the nicest also the meanest.

Yori: I think Jimin can be worst, because Jaeha give you warning and strikes

Ailee: Jimin will silently kill you, little by little by little by little-

Jimin: *silently saying sorry to Simon*

*Simon and Jay just enjoying how they’re torturing their friend.*

Jae: okay I think that’s enough for today’s info

Jimin: You think??

Yori: maybe next time you’ll think twice about lying to us about what you’re doing.

Jimin: I’m going to get you guys

Jae: as if, everyone knows that I really don’t care-

“Hey ladies”

Yori: no way, Nate?

Nate: hey Ladies, hey Jae

Jae: if it isn’t the Mayor of JERK’s ville

Nate: I see you looking hotter

Jae: don’t I always look hot

Nate: you’re confidence is still the same

Jae: nothing changed

Nate: except for the fact that you don’t race anymore, and I’ve heard that you’ve become weak

Jae: I’ve become weak?

Nate: haven't  you?

Jae: why don’t you try me and find out for yourself

Nate: okay, have a race with me

Jae: Race? You know I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore

Nate: you do, you just won’t cause of your lame boyfriend. Where is he anyway? Does he still have you on lock?

Jae: don’t push it Nate

Nate: why you scared?

Jae: of you? *chuckles* you know that’s not true.

Nate: then race me, if I win when you go on a date with me

Jae: and if I do?

Nate: you won’t, when was the last time you ride?

Jae: true

Nate: so we got a deal

Jae: but what do I get if I when? Even if my chances are slim

Nate: what do you want?

Jae: can I decide later

Nate: whatever you want princess

Jae: ok, well I’ll see you in 2 weeks?

Nate: yeah, you can go practice. Later princess I’ll be seeing you

Jae: I’ll be seeing you around to…

Nate:*walks off*

Simon: you race?

Jae: there’s a lot of things you guys don’t know about me

Simon: why’d you stopped?


Yori: she had to pick between love or being wild

Simon: so she picked him?

Ailee: to be honest we actually scared whenever she’s into anyone

Simon: why?

Yori: she becomes a lovesick idiot, giving her all and shi-

Jae: I’m still here

Yori: it’s true

Simon: so you give up everything?

Jae: I loved him. The last time I race he was so mad that he didn’t talk to me for a week, that was one of the worst Week of my life. The worst thing about me is If I like or love someone I just give them my all, but mostly want him to be happy. If me doing something bothers him I’ll just stop.

*few days later*

It’s going on two weeks since I’ve spoken to Jaeha, with me still haven’t dealt with Yuri due to working on my album. I miss Jae like crazy I can’t even focus on anything.

I’ve been in the studio since yesterday morning, right now it’s going on 10 PM I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep without talking to her, even worst it’s raining like crazy.

*Jay finding himself at her door in the rain with lightning and thunder*

“Ms Han someone’s here to see you”

Jae: at this time? Who is it? *going to the door wearing only a oversized sweat shirt* what are you doing here?

Jay: I’m here to see you

Jae:*frowns and crosses her arm*

Jay: listen I’m at the point where I’m going crazy, I can’t even focus on doing my work.

Jae: so, what does that have to do with me?

Jay: I miss you, if I knew that letting Yuri stay over would make you stay away from me  would’ve never done it, and to tell you the truth I don’t even know how I end up in front of your door.

*°Jae’s view°*

Jae:*startled at the lightning and thunder**steps aside and let’s him in*

What in the heck is going here? Since he look so miserable I’ll just pass on whatever slick comments that I have.

Jay: we’re you busy?

Jae: no, I was just on my phone * walking up to her room*

*in the room*

Jay: Jae listen I-

Jae: don’t, I don’t really want to hear it. *hands him a towel * bathroom is the second door on your left.

Jay:*walks to the bathroom*

*few minutes later*

Jay: Jae

Crap I forgot my bathroom operate  with a remote. After helping him with the shower I just find him a sweat and a shirt to wear.

*30 minutes later*

Jay: can we talk?

Jae: do you want something to eat?

Jay: I just want to talk to you

Jae: okay, if you want anything you can just ask for it downstairs. The remote is here, I’m going down to do something.

*1hr later*

Apparently I took longer than expected. When I get in the room Jay had already falling asleep with his phone in his hand.

Jae:*gets on the bed, put the phone away, fixes the cover on him since he was laying on his back* how tired were you exactly? Uh bubbles *kisses him for a couple seconds and turns off the light*

To be honest, I’m beginning to get sick of this place, I feel both mentally and physical sick. Maybe my parents are right, I should just live with them. It’s not just the issues with Jay, I just feel exhausted, like I need to get away for a while, to clear my head and start fresh

*a few weeks later Thanksgiving Dinner at Byul’s well with pretty much everyone*

After dinner, everyone just sitting down around in the living room talking.

Simon: who’s hosting dinner next year?

All:*looks at Jae*

Jae: no, no, no

Jimin: why not?

Ailee: it’s not like you’re going to cook.

Yori: speaking of which, I thought you were going to be with your family this year?

Jae: plans changed, I figured since I won’t be here next year, I might as well have a last supper with you guys?

Byul: last supper??

Jae: yeah, I’ve decided to move with my grandparents for a while.

Jay: what?

Joon: you can’t do that

Eric: yeah, you can’t just get up and leave, what about us?

Mark: when did you decide that?

Jae: I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.

Jimin: why didn’t you tell us? I thought we told each other everything

Ailee: how long are you going for?

Jae: I don’t know permanent.. Maybe

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"OOPS" //(theprettiestkira) she would tbh

Fuck! Misa! What the fu—” Light shouted as loud as he could, immediately jumping up from his seat and giving his girlfriend the deathliest of glares. He wasn’t one to use profanity in a public place such as this, but with the hot coffee all spilled over him, especially spoiling his cashmere shirt and ruining his once perfect attire, Light was not happy. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Can’t you see straight, or what?” He cleared his throat, grabbing the napkin and trying to wipe some of it off him. “Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom.” He rushed out of there in a daze, sweating visibly because of the way others kept staring at him. I knew I should’ve written her name down…

“Just Another Night in the Bay”

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( Music - To set the mood / His Theme )

The evening was setting in, but you could barely tell in the Bay – bandits, pirates, factions of all sorts, everyone and their mother was bustling about and screamin’ for Light knows what about anything and everything. Hell, half the port was stained with alcohol and it probably had every fish from here to the isle smashed like no other.

Me? Nothin’ like any of em’. That’s a problem though ‘round here, you go walkin’ around with a pretty face and a record enough to drown you sometimes things get tricky and people start recognizin’ you. Granted, I kinda like the attention but I’m sure it’s just me.

The name is-

“Sam McCoy,” a gravelly voice called from behind followed by the hushing of all those that stood around gawkin’. That big burly son of a bitch, that’s ole Captain What’s-his-name… Can’t remember for the life of me, but I’m sure it’s some rugged fella who lost to me gamblin’, or maybe I took his pretty lady friend, we’ll find out…

I definitely stopped though, I remember that, thumbs looped in my belt and my trench coat pulled in to hide my face with the collar – don’t laugh though, I was trying to be edgy.

“Ya know, you all sound and look the same so I’m gonna need a refresh-“ I swiveled on leather boots to see a quite disgusting man; whited out right eye, three large claw marks down his face, big gut and a scraggly beard that could’ve been mistaken for a batch of… you get it. I couldn’t help but scowl, hunching over rather quickly and raising a knuckle to bite on, “Beckett. Yup,” I tried straightening and clapping my hands together with a light laugh, “Guessin’ I rubbed you the wrong way, but you look used to that…”

“Shut it boy, you took somethin’ o’ mine and I want it back,” the bugger was quick on the draw of his cutlass, the awful sound it made when scratching against the scabbard, makes me shudder and you could see it on my twisted face.

“Tell ya what,” I pointed at him, trying to play this entire thing off like I had for so long but the more people that came to form a ring, well… “I’ll give you what coin you think I swindled and we can both be on our merry way, yeah? Everyone’s happy, rounds on Captain Shit-bag, glorious,” my trailing turned into a mumble as I spun around a bit and realized no one really gave a shit. Not to mention, it wasn’t coin he was after, but a map.

“The map,” he spat out at me, shoving the cutlass towards me and taking a step closer. Told you it was the map… His stench got to me though, sticking me like that crude cutlass, boars smelled better, the pissy stalls – never mind it wasn’t that bad.

I raised both hands with palms facing him and tried backing up but callous palms thrust against me and pushed me forward while Captain Ass kept trudging forward, his peg leg thudding against the wood and mouth turned to a crooked smile to show off his gold tooth. “Listen,” I tried to defuse the situation ‘cause to be honest I got a pretty face and it would be hard to swoon women and all – keep trailin’ off…

“’Nuff o’ that shit,” he barked before taking another quick step and raising his blade. The wicked metal came damn close, but me being an agile speed demon, not really a demon, I ducked out of the way and sped off around the captain’s right. His momentum carried him into a spin to the left and he faced me once more a bit angrier than before.

“Ay, Captain, c’mon you know you can’t touch me,” I patted my chest and popped my collar with a smirk to top it all off, “Last thing you wanna do is make a full of yourself in front of all these questionably decent people.” He didn’t like that but I had plenty of space between us to steer clear.

With a growl and abrupt charge he wobbled himself over to me with the blade raised high in that mighty right hand and tried to thrust it into me but I, I was quicker. I situated myself so I caught the blade between my left arm and side, twisting to my left so he couldn’t swing at me and then swung hard back into him to bring a heavy fist into that nasty face. That gold tooth I mentioned, it was for a reason, sent that mother flying through the air to the other side of the ring followed by ole Captain Beckett thundering down against the wood.

Silence followed, people unsure of whether to lash out and lop off my head or give way to an uproar. You know me though, or should by now, I hollered.

“Whew,” I sounded, bottom lip curling inward to be graced by my sly tongue, granted that punch did hurt like hell but again I’m a badass. I was impressed by what I did and you would be too. Problem was however, everyone else didn’t like it. There was just somethin’ about a thief with a pretty face that pissed everyone off. Inch by inch I caught a few of em’ reachin’ to their belts and casting scowls and low grumbles. That sort of thing backed me into a corner and I could practically feel their breath on my neck.

I turned my head to the side a bit all subtle like and before things got too out of control I thrust both elbows up and into the welcoming noses of some bandits behind me. Needless to say, they weren’t expectin’ it and found themselves joinin’ the cap’n on the ground. Knockin’ em’ down gave me room though as I spun to face the remainder of them. In an instant, I blinked a single time and my once gorgeous sapphire hues were enveloped by an arcane brilliance. To top it off, I crouched and looked between the cracks of hurrying bandits and it seemed like time slowed down. No, I’m not some Chrono mage or secret bronze dragon though I wish, the moment – anytime I used magic, seemed surreal. As a herd of rugged men and women came crashing down I appeared behind their entire conglomeration, a faint image of me staying behind that dissipated into dust with a shimmer. Can you say, outplayed?

Standing slowly like a confident badass, I straightened my dapper clothing and popped my collar. With a lazy salute to finish it off and them realizing what had happened, I set off with in a sprint to get the hell out, smirk on my face and plans to put my coin to good use elsewhere.

( New idea I’m rollin’ out just to see how I like the writing and what other people thinks. Feedback would be awesome and if you have questions about Roland and my plans message me, may just stick with this new direction but we’ll see! )

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1, 9, 16, 24, 26, 33, 38, 40, 44

1. Any scars?

-I got one from when a dirt bike fell on me and the extremely hot motor and kickstand decided to burn and puncture my leg at the same time, it wasent fun

9. What’s your dream job?

-Wanna be a baker but my family is kinda pushing me into programming

16. Hair color?

-last I checked its like some kind of really really dirty blonde but it looks black/brown as well so I have no fucking clue what its actual color is hELL IT LOOKS GRAY IN CERTAIN LIGHTS LIKE WTF

24. Favorite band?

-fuck. I wanna say Neon Trees but im also a M83 and Bring Me The Horizon person, not to mention like 20 others but ill leave it with those for now cause I cant pick only one

26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?

-uh………………………. I got to go to Washington DC a few months back and that was fun, yeah I rarely have best moments whoops

33. Best day of your life?

-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… when I went to the Keys (i think) in Floridia when I was like 6, and I hardly remember it

38. Someone I can tell anything to?

-uhh theres a few but imma tag like one or two cuz i cant be bothered to tag everyone @fatarcanine @kitsy-the-fox @theblazewolf and @mkthenerd4488 i know im leaving a few of yall out but don be mad plz

40. Do you believe in love?

-with how often im dumped I couldnt give two shits about it anymore, so, no

44. Selfie?

-never, im not posting my face publicly, only to some VERY close friends


theres me

I Can't Change

by niallsmofo_37

Harry is a dark angel that is sent to earth to get all the bad people that die and bring them back to hell with him. What happens when a light angel gives those people a second chance and takes them back to heaven with him. Louis believes that everyone deserves a second chance but he doesn’t understand that his making Harry’s job more difficult and that there are consequences that Harry faces for every person he doesn’t bring back.

“You should never trust a dark Angel” he says as he slides the knife down my stomach cutting the skin.

Words: 276, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/29HwbiU

 are you dead dog, that needs to get put down. or are you an upstanding gentleman and addy. am i not enough for you. do you need another dog. do you need another son. who just wants to bleed into the water. all i do is come right here in the water. you cant even talk to those people who want ot be a person in the water. might be right now where it then again stole all this. you text my friends. why? right where he would have been a motherfucker. would be a dog right here again going out. you are the day we graduating to where we had death their porr. what was how he broken into hell. this owmans bright light language. where she was just as busying fucking and sucking big black dicks underwater. and just trying to stay blue up to where an ocean was a fish to here and thee. and all i have to do is hit continue in these keyes. actually i could close my eyes and it wouldnt change a thing. the king is vicious to there money. right up there where you would have about killed it. that hard.  it made it theree again that hard. are you going to respect my wishes bitch or are you going to keep being a stupid fucking whore.  if i have friends i dont want in this house. it does not mean let them in you stupid wfucking daughter. shes very stupid then again what is then just agian right here.  who robs me of my family. this other dog had. who made that bullshit just as true. to what real angle. you get the feeling. what was then again team captain sittin right here. i was the captain of this police force. who had to describe the suspect accurately. who had broke into a little more girls deeper dark porn. who really fucked her in the pussy. who know longer grew to appreciate this. what muscle did i broke down here in russia this is now. it resulted in more commmunity service. why cant you learn to respect each other you stupid bitch who just gave bitth to a stupid dog who wasnt grateful for this another power on the elctrical. oh you want a mother fucker. you want a mother fucker. how long did he have to say that this was there baby. another dog who is the result of a stupid bitch mother experiemnt  where she had the money to die. and her experiement really didnt come out at white. what was then again she thought she deserved it. and it made no sense to him. and every other little girl would be looking and staring in disbelief thats 50 million dollars. do you really want that much money.  you rich dog that is a little to rich. thats the one that might kill it. one little dog that is a litlle to rich and does something a little differently. i dont think so you are a plain jane. and you are a sad sally. and boring betreatice. theres nothing special about you. go back to your friends. what do i even do downstairs. i dont even know you old woman. i have a different family that is sitting down here being a little meaner to this big boss that we have to beat. a 321 blast off, get kills more money. blood money. walked into a spiritual jail. the day we have to get rid of everything. all our misconceptions, illusions, disbeliefves. as clean as code green. get right there again where that was a little heart breaker then again thats just one night. where thats then dead. where she  made me go on dates with other boys. irhgt then again where these who actually recognize what is gay, is all the marriages. its that night where i was just sistting here just as stupid as drunk with my head against the wall. the team captain to wheree our russian mom wanted us to get married. blod elite up here in russia. oh we are sorrry. oh you better be a better srorry. i will continue to pay attention because i have a choice what have we learned. that i might jjust be a son in the light and there we have no real connection. a family is just a unit of people. and jyour step fathers brother evil little son might just be thelittle demon he had nneeeded to the daddy who did so much damage. who down there crying again directly. who never knew what was up when its just me. make that the night our dad did rest in pain. where exactly would he kill it to keep it all clean. to a most expensive little bone that realy has do die. right here again where was i sleeping. in the car. i had a dog first. i had a dog first, and i wrote and fell asleep in what was my goo back over there. and i just had tohe power to keep oing . to got a little longer sweet dance with the blue. my writing is complete and utter horseshit. utttering, mutttering, murmuring. whispering. no one here is actually saying anything. except.  what they have come to accept about what is eternity. so borring to anyone else whose down there sitting at taco bell. kissing our greate writers directly with her horrror romance fantasy. shes then again so far away. he would put up the electric bars and killl himself. that would have bee n a prison of our mind. that would have been monyey. not freedom. not absolutel freedom. not utter justice. absolute jjustice. is what we are after. these demon armada of taken who are married to the water. directly where i wouldnt correct me. abng. wouldnt he have been the one that woke you up the night you really couldnt remmeber. except this is his number and you have to stay. this big black boyfriend that said you have to stay. how truely gay he is the one thats gay again, yes thank you ya here. the one who really fucked me when i turn off the lights. who has given you his sheidld. and who cant find his sword. make then gagin where is this the biggest dark energy. where is pokemon here again time to go. when i met back here again directly. cant connect its that hard i would be down here this ready to got o this directly. right where would this hit me. word for word. it was here this direcctly. right as the rice, word o=for word, tthis little girl wrote me a message that could have wrote me in half. half of what i do to day i write back to what was coming at me here directly. the night we had to direct all the energies coming at us here so directly. another plane landed. and another plane landed on a other corresponding tarmac. where we had to be radio operators at an airport directly landing traffic. how long you needed to hold on. wait is waiting way to long. wait wait that sun grew a little longer way to long. get then again its family who play hardball. the night we murdered you that do that. a little baseball bat would have to die. get another eye at this baseball field became way to clean. it was this energy that we needed to balance the energies of our family. that was still down sitting just intent on going back to whats on video. its that perfect litttle video cop that assures us everything alright and we are just family. get where the musics at. to another man with that. no one else really cared. to hate. cop on this big baclk cops problem he was still sitting here righting all his letters to hate. because to that hive army that was just the start of something that could only get better. why did i hate being here daddy. why did i fucking hate this. answer me that daddy. why did i distest this work. why did i resent you. why did i hate both daddy and mommmy so fucking much. all they do is feed me and torture me daddy. why oh why must we continue. just stop has a big crash helmet. its that little black energy. that burns a little hotter underwater that makes us go crazy. its that cancer. that was there when you first grew awake. there was acervical caner. where you kept calling daddy sir. with no respect for how much he didnt deserve your respect. get that dadddy who is up there to the same respect. who had been down there that long simply trying to gain its respect. that he prays that his father doesnt kill him who had to pay that respect. then again its very crayz. and gunshots go off all the time. what was then that electrical to the crazy cop who had a price. the day its crazy that was day that put here in hell. and gave her this longest life sentence. when she wasnt even the boys mother but actually she was a brother who couldnt come out where she just wanted to go and turn off and play video games longer. another deep pause that i am acknowledging. at what age does this camera continue rolling. thats the hard part. one mind. and i cant get up right now. the sun is to bright. thats where you go back down and you are playing on a big green trampoline. you saw what its like if you put presssure on its would. it would break. eyee dance with a little higher white. its that whats there now. who had to ebe keeping up. oh you want another son your son would be more than happy to defer ownership of you. your son doesnt even like you. you are fucking lame. i bet your nemesis would lovet ogo with you. because he is the biggest sissy bitch dog. that i honestly feel sorry for him. live wouldnt even be worth living. castrate me. those big bitches fucking would. thats what they are coming for. the vicious nurse female dogs. the biggest nurse bitches who were old lady. nanc if you were a boy  you would have been castrated. because your dogs life is to low. you did nothing but cry and complain and talk about cutting off other boys balls. because you played way to close to a knife blade.  who wanted to eat to much meat. and the pain and torutere and hate that came with it. that same knife that goes with it. she thought the human came with a knife accessory in her barby doll place. its the negative that you needed to meet and shut them down. because they are out there grinding hard to kill us all. you get the hell that you where love paid you. youve never seen a man fight like a man who struggles to keep his ball. disagree or agree. the saddest thing in the world is when you cut offf the a mans balls. more than dead babys. and you know who the man would be now. fuck off to you. ca caka. i have no time for you. the most expensive at cgay for you. gay for a sister who dont have pensis or gay for a man who has a penis and knows what its like to get his toe stubed. he knows what its like when someone steps on your toes. at a word. who all she would do is be respectful and listen. yearh but what about when no one listen to her. that never happens here because no one has a pensi and everyone gets respected and everyone is polite. where one is still getting fucked down there in a little different light.  what was darkie. im working. where a gaurdian went dark and there are those friends that you no longer have. i miss nico. i went dark. i miss ian. it got one hell deeper. dont wake up. its one long step into the night. how deeply i got these that grew here sorrry and i will never see you again. thats what this penis was then when im the only one meant meaning alot. its all down there to one tv cop at one weight. haha. i rememebered how deeeply icey this place is. i had hiked up on top of a mountainpasss. i was sittting in field. just my laptop. gets really clear. who clean at what ocean. who isnt going away. who grew sturdier. who began to type to. who eat here. its ice cold. really at the piece of condom them. i was just something you came inside. when i was just a condom to you. i was just a used condom. that hit him in the pussy. where that would have been the biggest disaster of your life without me. the day you just really want to get out of this place. where you really wanted to fuck ourt here and really wanted to grow up into space. you hated to love it when you really didnt want to. your not here not yet. the day daddys not done until he fucks you. and he isnt finished until hes finished. most of the time he was just loading you up for whats about to come. and she would kill him in the same one that came right here at his price. one little place where he stops and goes dark. because i might write back for a little fucking longer. still scratching my head like we both know whats about  to happen.  the day it was deep to then again. i need a cigarette and she doesnt come back for like 4 months. the day that dad just killed that. i fresh as froze deadmeat i was roadkill. one of those things that the road does killl. one of those things that we dont have patience for. its taht that one thing. elctrical mind. who sits here and is actually dying to all his people that are out here to just that one who is theres that one who is there that want to eat, thats there special. that one time we got to be human what did we want to do. it could get trippy that kife that you walked into.

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  1. Gender? Female.
  2. If I had a cat what would i name it? Geralt, because I have one named Ciri already so  
  3. Height? 5 feet
  4. Hogwarts house? Hufflepuff
  5. Favorite color? red
  6. Average hours of sleep? 8  
  7. Favorite number? 7
  8. Last thing I googled? Overwatch characters’ heights
  9. Fictional character you want as a younger sibling? Gon from Hunter X Hunter.
  10. Blankets I sleep with? its summer but I still sleep with like 3 blankets 
  11. Favorite Bands/Artists: Bring Me The Horizon, Silversun Pickups, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Disturbed, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Chevelle, LIGHTS, etc   
  12. Dream trip: to hell
  13. What am I wearing right now? plaid pajama pants and a Rey Mysterio tee
  14. When I made this blog? about a year or 2 years ago
  15. How many blogs I follow?  945 but I should downgrade because that’s too many
  16. What do I post about? video games, nature, Supernatural, Doctor Who, other tv shows, and other stuff idk
  17. Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your tumblr name: mistress
  18. Do I get asks on a daily basis? lol no
  19. Why did I choose my tumblr URL? I changed my url so much that at this point I don’t even know

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