what the hell is in france's water

So like the scene on the water is the same scene that trish said was mean to be on “France” and if I recall correctly, she said it was a romantic place where the bellas are recovering from whatever is that they’re doing (honestly who knows what the hell are the bellas up to)

So because I’m a hopeless case I imagined a bechloe scene.

You know the girls are partying inside the…hotel? (mabye), Beca or Chloe are outside watching the ocean, and one of them comes out to find the other and they start talking and one thing leds to another and both jump to the water and then *insert here that part where they’re playing on the water and then they get really quiet, stare at each other eyes and then kiss* And the only break apart because fat amy yells : “BHLOE IS REAL” And then she and the rest of the bellas jump on the water as well.


There must be a bechloe moment in that scene even if it is subtext, I don’t care but it has to be there.

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2ps one day switched bodies with their 1p lmao

(Oh my god this is probably the best one I’ve had so far XD -TC)

Italy: What the fuck is this?! Why is there pasta in the drawer? Where are my knives? What happened TO MY HAT?!

Germany: Well this is kinda cool. Got a clean house, don’t have anything to do. Gotta do something about that noisy neighbor, but I’ll wait for later. Let’s check his magazine stash…

Japan: This is slightly unnerving. At least he has the black uniform from back then. Wait, is that hentai? Oh, Kiku I always knew you had it in you.

Romano: Tsk tsk tsk nothing good in the closet. Let’s go shopping! This bisch is going to show the world how queer Romano can really be!

Spain: What the fuck are these turtles doing on me? Maybe if I just get up…what the fuck why are there pictures of Romano in my bed?!

Prussia: Why am I covered in chicks? They’re flapping their little yellow winks in my face. Gilbert how do you even…?

America: Ugh, I feel so fat. And how am I this hungry? I just ate…OH MY GOD there’s fucking meat in the fucking fridge!

England: Well this is interesting. Arthur, how do you not have baking materials?! Fiddlesticks! …And should the oven be smelling like that?

France: These clothes are so uncomfortable; how does that imbécile even walk in these? Putain. Does he have any real clothes? …Why the fuck are there dresses in here?

China: Ugh I feel so old. Does the old man even have any more opium? Oh my god there’s a fucking panda on the table what the hell?!

Russia: Ahhh! Why is Belarus chasing me?! All I wanted was a glass of water! Fuck my life!!

Canada: Huh, kid’s got more muscle than I thought. Let’s see what’s under the hood… … Mine’s bigger fuck yeah.