what the hell is grant wearing

If Jamie and Claire could text: The Search Edition (for @ofbrochtuarach)
  • << Incoming call from unknown caller
  • Claire: > > Ignore < <
  • << Incoming call from unknown caller
  • Claire: > > Ignore < <
  • << Incoming call from unknown caller
  • Claire: > > Ignore < <
  • << Incoming call from unknown caller
  • << Incoming call from unknown caller
  • << Incoming call from unknown caller
  • Claire: Jesus FUCKING Christ, stop calling me whoever you are
  • unknown number: Claire, it's me!!
  • Claire: ....it's who?
  • unknown number: Jamie
  • unknown number: your husband
  • Claire: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Claire: wait
  • Claire: wait NO NO NO STOP
  • Claire: how do I know it's you???
  • unknown number: Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, it is I, James Alexander Malcol
  • Claire: send a selfie RIGHT THIS MINUTE e before I explode
  • unknown number: phone doesna have a camera
  • unknown number: tis an awful shit of a burner
  • unknown number: best i could do wi limited funds
  • unknown number: but GOD, Claire are ye alright, mo chridhe??? I've missed ye so m
  • Claire: WAIT
  • Claire: hold your bloody horses, anon
  • Claire: i'm not telling you a GD thing until I have proof that you actually are jamie
  • Claire: you could be literally anyone
  • Claire: could be Dougal mackenzie trying to ensnare me into marriage
  • unknown number: WTF? ew?
  • unknown number: nevermind that
  • unknown number: mnd it's ME
  • Claire: tell me something only you could know
  • unknown number: Oh, and aye, I 'm doing just fine by the way. What's that? Oh, aye, I'm verra happy to be alive, thank ye verra much for asking.
  • Claire: SHUT IT
  • Claire: What is that pet name I call you in bed?
  • unknown number: ... claire
  • Claire: WHAT?
  • unknown number: dinna make me write it out
  • Claire: WHAT
  • Claire: DO
  • Claire: I
  • Claire: CALL
  • Claire: YOU?
  • unknown number:
  • unknown number:
  • unknown number:
  • unknown number: gingernutmuffin
  • Claire: OH MY GOD!!!!!
  • Claire: JAMIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Claire: YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jamie: and not in the slightest bit humiliated (-_-)
  • Jamie: :D <3<3<3<3<3<3
  • Claire: ARE YOU ALRIGHT????
  • Claire: ...and JHRC, do you really not have access to real emojis????
  • Jamie: aye, it's torture. It's a... razr?
  • Jamie: ANYWAY
  • Claire: WHERE ARE YOU???
  • Jamie: been hiding out staying low to the ground
  • Jamie: not far from Grant lands at the moment
  • Claire: I'm with Murtagh, we'll come to you at once
  • Jamie: nay, I'll come to where ye are, tis safer
  • Jamie: besides, there's a theatrical performance I needs must attend
  • Claire: a what??
  • Claire: what are you tal
  • Claire: oh...
  • Jamie: I hear 'THE SINGING SASSENACH' is a bonnie wee thing
  • Claire: bloody hell
  • Jamie: and wears breeks that put her arse to verra fine advantage
  • Claire: well
  • Claire: can't just say that they're wrong
  • Jamie: believe me when I say that it was the greatest test of all to remain hidden under the brush and not smash the traveler to a pulp
  • Claire: I can ONLY imagine, my raging dearest
  • Jamie: 'like two plump apples in a bonnie sack'
  • Claire: not the most elegant epithet, but i'll take it
  • Claire: I'll bet you ruptured a few blood vessels at that
  • Claire: Jamie i'm SO HAPPY you're alright
  • Jamie: me too, MND
  • Claire: Murtagh says meet us on the outskirts of beauly harbor and we'll work on securing passage out of the country
  • Jamie: tell him his warmth and loving words to his godson mean a great deal in this trying time
  • Claire: he says shut your gob and get moving
  • Jamie: sounds about right
  • Claire: good lord this is such good fortune
  • Claire: can you imagine if we'd just kept riding about LOOKING for you??
  • Jamie: god, no, that would have been terrible
  • Jamie: Let's go get a place in amsterdam and not come out of bed for a minimum of 15 weeks
  • Jamie: maybe even 17
  • Jamie: 27.6
  • Jamie: I'm flexible on the exact duration
  • Jamie: but
  • Jamie: --->SEX<----
  • Jamie: lots and lots forever
  • Jamie: and immediately
  • Jamie: all the ways
  • Jamie: sorryi'msohungryandtired
  • Claire: sounds like a GRAND plan
  • Claire: just remember we have to get across the sea first
  • Jamie: .....fckkk
  • Claire: what?
  • Claire: you don't like boats?
  • Jamie: just...
  • Jamie: do me a great favor and keep thinking about all the things ye love about me
  • Jamie: and dinna come into the cabin
  • Claire: it can't be THAT bad surely
  • Jamie: GIRL
  • Claire: did you just call me 'girl'???
  • Jamie: YE DINNA
  • Jamie: EVEN
  • Jamie: KEN
So this is really stupid but

Why does Blue Pearl not have socks?

I mean in ‘The Answer’ she’s completely bare foot, for god knows what reason…

Then when we see her again during Steven Bomb 5 she’s got shoes but no actual socks.

And I just find that really weird because it’s like ????

Yellow Pearl gets socks (granted they’re thigh-highs, but still socks) CG Pearl wears socks.

What does Blue Diamond have against socks? Why can’t her Pearl have some damn socks?? Wtf? Why even give her shoes if you won’t give her a nice pair of knee high socks to go with them? Hell even ankle socks would be fine.

I‘m sorry, I just feel as if this should be addressed.

Do something good for yourself. Put more sugar in your coffee if it’s too bitter. Eat whatever you like, go to the gym whenever you want to. Read as many books as you want, whenever you want to enter another world. Read to further educate yourself. Study for school, uni or that midterm exam you’ve got coming up. Grow. Give all you’ve got. Use the energy you have for the things that are good for yourself. Take a shower if you want to clear your head. Walk around the block to get your mind off things. Scream if you gotta let something out. Forget how many calories are in that piece of cake you’re craving. Eat, eat, eat. Live in the moment. Laugh as loud as you want, no matter how many people will stare at you. Turn up your favourite song, as loud as you want. Dress as you like. Drink green tea, travel to unknown places, take aims and fulfill as many of your dreams as possible. Say your thoughts out loud. Cry when you’re sad. Analyse your problems and try to find a solution. If something’s getting too much for you, lay down and rest, you’ll figure it out tomorrow. Don’t stay in one place, remove yourself from all the negativity in your life. Feel the moment, live your life the way you think is the right way. Drink, party and dance all night long. Do your homework. Get ready for your exams. Eat healthy and greasy. However you want. Open your eyes and step away from all the lies, intrigues and toxic people. Run, as fast as you can, to overtake everyone else, be better for yourself as you were yesterday, a week ago or a month ago. Don’t stop. Don’t give up, keep your head held high and show everyone who didn’t want you, what they’re missing. Don’t ever stop dreaming. Tell those who don’t believe in you to go to hell. Trust but don’t be naive. Give everything you’ve got. Your only competition is yourself. Eat, whenever you’re hungry, wear that outfit you like, if you want to, dye your hair in all the colours, be crazy, be moody, don’t be all square and express whenever you don’t like something, when you’re unhappy or uncomfortable. Stand by your opinion. Take yourself seriously. Laugh loud, get excited over little things, laugh about yourself, say “please” and “thank you”, be happy for others. Grant others the things you’d like to have as well. Don’t be perfect. Be brave enough to do your thing, take advice but don’t accept it without thinking about it yourself. Don’t spill your secrets to everyone, trust yourself the most. Start accepting your mistakes, loving yourself, your flaws, your rough edges. Talk good about yourself, with yourself and start thinking positive. See positive in all setbacks and defeats. Look for the small victories and believe me, you will find them. Do something good for yourself. You’re worth it. You deserve it.
—  I think so many people still don’t get this. original text by @neues-leben-berlin , translated by @cldhearted

catherinegrant  asked:


“What in the fresh hell are you wearing?”

The words are sharp enough to have even Kara flinching, bulletproof though she may be. Not that she’d expected differently, though she’d hoped to make it at least into her office before Cat saw her. But of course that would have required luck she didn’t have at this point.

“Miss Grant, I can explain,” she tried, even knowing that it was likely a futile attempt. “It’s only temporary, I’m on my way to change now.”

“You’d damn well better be,” Cat says, hands on her hips as Kara turns slowly to face her.

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Grant & Konnor

If you haven’t read Grant Part one of ? Please do so my clicking here: https://bicollegefessional.tumblr.com/post/155828392432/grant-part-one-of

It was an uneventful Thursday night at the gym. Around the holidays I swear the place gets deserted. Apparently nobody has the drive that I do to get big. Except for Grant, and my new “friend” Konnor. (and your casual run of the mill gym-goers that have not a damn clue what they’re doing)

I saw Grant walking in the same time as I was. We both slid each other smiles and knew that after our workout there would be a much needed “release.”

Trying to keep my mind off of the inevitable happy ending. I MURDERED chest day. You know those days where you feel like your pecs will never NOT be sore again? Yeah, one of those days. It was cardio after lifting day. I parked on a treadmill a few rows behind my newfound muscle-stud ASS-TASTIC friend Grant. I pumped out 1.5 miles and decided to call it quits. On my way out, I noticed Grant wasn’t far behind me. “This dude knows what’s up” I thought to myself. Smirking.

As soon as I walked into the locker room I felt a hand on my ass. Turning around with a sly smile I go “keep it in your pants for a few more minutes man.” He returned with a wink. GAME. ON. Today was a definite steam room day. Grant and I (after our last encounter) had grown much, much more comfortable with each other and had our lockers right next to each other. We wandered to the steam room bare-assed and laughing and joking the whole way.

We must have been in there 10 seconds when Grant body slams me into the wall. “Dude what the fuck?” I say, not really pissed, more laughing. When the guy hooks me into one of the best lip-locks I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This dude was throat fucking me with his tongue. All over my mouth, hand behind my head pulling me in even more. Finally, I NEEDED to come up for air.

Grant had some sort of fire in his eyes that I don’t remember from our last encounter. At this point my dick was HARD, possibly the hardest it had ever been. So was his. We were BOTH leaking precum like a fountain. Grant grabbed my muscle stud cock and started kissing my neck (that shit will drive me over the edge almost INSTANTLY) he then moved down my pecs, then to my abs, then FINALLY (it seemed like FOREVER) he throated my 8” cock like it was nobody’s business.

“Dude you keep this shit up and I’m gonna end up cumming.”

“That’s the goal bro. Give it to me.” He looked up at me with the same fire in my eyes. This dude is fucking unstoppable.

“Dude. Gonna cum. Now. Where do you want it?”

“DOWN MY FUCKING THROAT MAN.” Grant commanded.

I let out one of the loudest moans I ever have in my life as this dude continued sucking the CUM OUT OF MY BALLS. There must have been not a damn drop left.

Grant got up, still smiling, and locked me into another forceful kiss. He made sure to give me some of my still-hot cum back.

“Fuck man. I must say. You cum, A. LOT.” Grant said, my cum still dripping off his teeth.

“So I’ve been told. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.” I said… Pushing grant onto the bench, I mounted him 69 style.

I immediately shoved all of his muscle stud cock in my mouth and cupped his full balls.

“Dude…FUUUUCK that feels so fucking good” Grant piped up in between moans.

My cock must have decided it was ready for round two at this point, because it was at FULL attention. And Grant quickly wasted no time and throated the whole thing.

At this point my hands decided they were going to make it to Grant’s muscle ass. He let out a moan as I brushed his pink asshole with my fingers. BINGO.

I eased one finger in, hoping it would send him over the edge. It did.

“Fuck dude I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuum” he said while pumping rope after rope down my throat.

“Me too dude, me too. Get ready.” I said with his hot cum still on my breath. “You pick where you want it.”

“My ass. On my ass.” Grant said with the biggest child-like smile on his face.

Grant got up, squatted down and spread his muscle ass cheeks and let me drop a load ALL OVER his hot fucking ass. LIFE. MADE.

(That’s load number 2 of the day in case you were wondering.)

Grant then got up to leave and said two words. “Follow me”

What the fuck was this dude thinking? The gym was dead, but I wasn’t about to go air my “dirty laundry” in public if you know what I mean.

Walking back to our lockers in the back corner of the locker room, I asked Grant what was going on.

“Dude. Trust me. I’ve done this before.” He said as he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mount for a third time.

“Sit down. Relax. Stop worrying, man!” Grant commanded.

Eh, what the hell. I thought to myself. So I listened to him.

It was just then I heard the door to the locker room open. Grant and I quietly got up so as to not draw attention to each other. In walked in a dude that I had seen before in the gym. He was wearing a black mesh tank-top, black ball cap, and short grey shorts that showed off his power quads. This guy was HOT.

“Ey, wassup Konnor?” Grant piped up.

Fuck. These two studs know each other?

“Not much man. Leg day. (it would explain why his quads were SWOLE as fuck.) They’re dead dude. Dead.”

“Haha I get you man I get you.” As Konnor walked over to the scale (which was in plain view of us and where we were standing) I was wondering why Grant wasn’t even covering up his hard-on.

“Hey Konnor man, this is my new buddy Christian. Not sure if you’ve met him yet.” Grant said as he walked over and gripped Konnor in a bro hug (fully naked and still hard, mind you.)

Now I was hanging about half-hard at this time standing by my locker when Konnor came over and bro-hugged me too.

“Nice to meet you Christian, I think I’ve seen you around.” He said, giving me the eye up and down. FUCK. This dude was checking me out TOO.

“You can call me Chris man, yeah I’ve seen you around. Definitely. You’re jacked as fuck man!”

“Thanks dude, you’re not exactly small yourself over here.” Konnor said as he looked me up and down, making sure I saw him looking at my cock. Game on. My cock twitched.

“Konnor buddy we were just about to hit up the shower back here, you in?” Grant said with the biggest child-like smile on, again.

Side note: For those of you that don’t know, my gym has a room with about 12 gang showers near the steam room and sauna, and back by the lockers there is a single shower room equipped with 2 shower heads.

“Dude, do you even have to ask?” Konnor said with a wink as he ripped of his tank. This guy was SHREDDED. I had to physically shut my mouth so I wouldn’t start drooling.

Walking back to the shower room, Grant kissed my neck (sending shivers down my spine) and whispered in my ear “looks like you came on the right night, my friend.”

“Dude I guess so.”

Just then Konnor stepped into the shower room and shut the curtain. This dude was HARD. Both his cock and his body. He stood 7” at attention and THICK. Apparently he knew what was about to happen.

I dropped to my knees and wasting no time, took all of his ripped shredded cock in my mouth.

Konnor looked at Grant and managed to let out (between moans) “Fuck I think I like this guy” with a wink (what can I say, apparently I can add sucking dick to my list of “special skills.”)

Grant piped up “Told you man.” As he walked over and started kissing Konnor’s neck and rubbing his nipples as I went to town on his cock.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell was happening. Did my life just become a living porn video? This is the type of shit that seemed to only ever happen in my dreams.

It was just then I noticed Grant applying a generous amount of soap to Konnor’s asshole, and his cock at the same time.

He is NOT going to do what I think he’s going to do is he? There is NO way.

Just then Konnor spread his ass open and Grant plunged all of his 6.5” into Konnor’s jock ass.

Well fuck I guess it was happening. I was literally sucking the dick of this dude while Grant was throttling his muscle ass. OH. MY. GOD.

“Are you sure this is ok?” I said while coming up for air after bobbing on Konnor’s cock.

“Dude this isn’t our first rodeo, we just have to be suuuuuuuper quiet.” Konnor said in between soft moans and grunts. And Grant looked at me with fire blazing in his eyes and a giant smile and said “Are you gonna come fuck this ass or not?”

Well, who am I to turn down a proper invitation? I ran over and soaped up my cock and made sure to grab enough to rub into Grant’s asshole. I knew myself that this was going to be a challenge, because I felt how tight Grant’s asshole was earlier in the steam room. My 8” long and THICK cock wasn’t going anywhere without some…persuasion.

While Grant was going to town fucking Konnor (I was amazed how quiet they were able to keep it. I walked over behind Grant and stuck in two fingers and started soaping up his tight asshole. He let out a long moan, and I knew it was time.

I stuck the head of my cock (tagged/me if you want to see) and about 2 inches when Grant started whimpering. This dude was TIGHT. Tighter than any girl I’ve ever stuck it in before. I was having a hell of a time trying to get my dick in this dude’s ass. (To his credit, most girls just usually yell at me to stop at that point. He encouraged me to keep shoving.)

“Dude, FUCK. ME.” Grant commanded.

“Easier said than done man. You’re so fucking tight it’s almost impossible.”

“Not the first time I’ve heard that before” he said in between grunts.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck dude I’m cumming. DUDE. I’M. FUCKING. CUMMING.” I hear Konnor moan as I looked up and saw the stud shoot one of the whitest, creamiest loads across the shower room and SPLATTER the wall. This fucker could have painted the wall white.

Just then Konnor stepped around and lip-locked Grant in one of the hottest dude-on-dude kisses I have seen to this day.

It must have been seeing then kiss, but at that point I decided fuck this “being gentle” thing and I pushed my fat cock in AS FAR as it could POSSIBLY go. Grant yelled “FUCK DUDE. OW. SON OF A BITCH.”

“Dude, this isn’t even halfway in. Are you sure this is gonna work?”

“Fuck it man, we can’t take that much time in here without looking suspicious. Let’s raincheck. But I PROMISE you, that dick WILL make it in my ass one day.”

“Sounds good to me man.” Grant said as he shoved me on the bench that was in the shower.

Grant bent over and took my throbbing cock balls-deep once again. This dude could suck dick. Just as I looked up, I saw Konnor put his finger to his lips, spit on his dick and bury his cock in Grant.

He laughed and said “Thanks for warming him up for me dude”

“Don’t mention it, I moaned out in ecstasy.”

I could feel the cum pumping up my dick. I told Grant, and wanting me to enjoy it, he chilled for a second. I enjoyed watching Grant and Konnor fucking like rabbits underneath the shower for a few minutes when I heard Konnor say “gonna cum man, gonna cum.” And Grant looked at him and said “Cum on Chris’s face.”

I willfully dropped to my knees and let that stud drop his load all over my face. Licking every last drop up. Seeing this must have sent Grant over the edge as well, because before I knew it, he pushed Konnor to his knees and dropped his GIANT load all over his face as well.

“Dude. Not gonna lie. This is THE single hottest think I’ve ever been involved in.” I said, smiling from ear to ear as I looked at these two studs glistening under the water.

“You think we are done with you, huh Chris?” Konnor said, laughing.

“I didn’t see you drop a load, and that’s NOT acceptable.” Grant said.

“You may think I suck dick good, but you should see this guy working a dick” Grant said, laughing as he slapped Konnor’s 6-pack.

Just then I had the bronze Adonis kneeling before me sucking worshipping each of my balls.

“Fuck dude, after seeing that, I’m NOT gonna last long.” I managed to let out between moans as Grant licked from the base of my cock to the head. All 8”. This dude knew how to work a cock. Seriously. He throated me with ease.

“Let me know when you’re gonna shoot man, I wanna savor EVERY drop.” Konnor said, coming up for air.

At this point Grant was rinsing off under the main shower watching us like a kid in a candy store. Fuck. I can imagine how hot it must have been to watch.

“Will do man, not far off. That’s for sure.”

Konnor was sucking my dick like a fucking Dyson. Seriously. Grant still holds the title of the best blowjob I’ve ever received, but hey I’m equal opportunity.

“Fuck dude, it’s coming. It’s coming. I’M COMING.” I said. And I felt the floor leave from underneath me. I was SHAKING. Fucking SHAKING. (if this is what an orgasm for a girl feels like then HOLY FUCK, I can now appreciate it even more.) He was cupping my balls as I was pumping my hot seed down his throat.

Still in a state of euphoric bliss, Konnor gave me a tongue-down throat kiss and let me taste load number 3 that had been dropped that day. (In an HOUR AND 20 MINUTES, FYI.)

We all rinsed off under the shower, for about 5 minutes and said our goodbyes.

“Not gonna lie guys, I don’t think I’ll EVER forget that. EVER.”

“That’s the point man, that’s the point. Looking forward to seeing you again.” Konnor said with a wink.

And just like that both their muscle asses walked out of the shower, leaving me (still shaking from the 3 earth shattering orgasms I had received) to finish rinsing off and composing myself.

Definitely looking forward to meeting up with these studs again, away from the gym.

So, there you have it. I basically lived a PornHub video. I am still in awe to this day that this happened.

What do you think guys? Let me know your thoughts via message or whatever.
Likes, reblogs, and submissions of you are ALWASYS appreciated.

Until next time Guys. ;)


No Body But You

Or, “Even Heroes Need Some Body Positivity”

Cut is for length. Some innuendo but mostly boyfriends being good boyfriends. And Garou being Garou.

‘Is Metal Bat Becoming Metal Fat?’

That was what it said in the tabloid, in large dramatic letters next to quite possibly the most unflattering picture of himself that Badd had ever seen. And ‘unflattering pictures’ included every baby album at home, photos from a hospital when a monster had essentially crushed half of his body, even his senior yearbook portrait that had been taken after an unfortunate incident with a hair product boasting “big sexy hair” (come on, he was seventeen at the time). No, this one was worse than any of them. Where the hell had someone even taken it?

“Big Bro?”

Snapping the magazine closed and stuffing it back into the rack facing the opposite direction, he turned a wide smile to Zenko, who had appeared with two boxes of Pocky. It was their tradition to go grocery shopping together Sunday morning, and Garou always stayed at home, giving them some sibling bonding time.

“What was that?” she asked, nodding at the crumpled magazine.

“Nothin.’ Just some garbage. What’s up?”

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In Which Peter Quill Goes On A Blind Date (Guardians of the Galaxy Fluff)

Opening line as suggested by becauseimrichandican

Peter wasn’t really into the idea of blind dating, he was more for drunken dating with the term dating being used extremely loosely. Gamora had somehow talked him into it though so here he was, waiting around in a restaurant alone like an asshole.

He didn’t even know that Gamora had friends (female friends, nonetheless) outside of their group, but evidently she’d made a few in the months after being given the title as one of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Though according to Rocket, she sought them out only for the purpose of putting an end to Quill’s constant advances. Yes, the two of them saw each other more as family than possible partners but Peter found it impossible to shed himself of his “no girl left un-turned” nature around someone he found attractive. But until that night, he hadn’t realized how truly desperate she was to get him to leave her alone to the point that he felt a rare twang of guilt within him.

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SuperCat Fanfic: Coming Out

“When I came out, things really did get so much better.”

Cat Grant sat up in her office chair, and took pause. That voice. That was Kara but…

She should have gently sat the phone back in the handle and stopped listening in on Kara’s phone call. Cat had mistakenly picked up a line that was already in use, but now that she had started listening she felt compelled to continue.

Muffled crying could be heard on the other end of the line, then Kara spoke again, as Cat turned up the volume and tapped her fingers on the surface of her desk.

“You know living your truth is the most important thing. When I came out and realized who I truly am, I can’t even begin to tell you how much life on the whole improved. Heck, even my fashion sense got stronger.”

Cat rolled her eyes and scoffed at that statement. 

“I don’t think I’m strong enough…people could get hurt,” the deep timbre of a man’s voice came through the line, but Cat didn’t recognize the strained and pained tone as anyone she knew personally.

“I just think you’ll do what’s best for you when you’re ready. It took me 23 years to finally feel ready to come out and enjoy all those things that I had wanted to do my whole life, but I never had the strength. The fear kept me in the closet: What would people think? Would I be rejected? Would I get fired from my job?” Kara was going a bit of a monologue, and although Cat was paying attention her mind was working overtime.

When the hell did Kara ever come out? She wondered to herself, she peered through the glass walls and saw Kara sitting at her desk speaking passionately into the phone.

“You didn’t have any problems with your boss?” The man spoke again.

“Well, aside from the normal wear and tear of working for Cat Grant, no, but I didn’t exactly come out to her directly. I think she might know…or at least suspect with some of the comments she makes and the way she looks at me, but I…” Kara sighed loudly and looked toward Cat’s office.

Caught red handed Cat wasn’t able to pull it together and she slammed down the phone, instead of pretending she was on a different call when Kara looked at her.

She got up from her desk immediately, feeling guilty, her cheeks were burning as she looked out the window of her office. Thoughts started racing, things that she hadn’t thought about for ages started bubbling to the carefully maintained surface she had worked hard to erect. She squeezed her eyes closed and let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding for far too long.

Kara Danvers was a lesbian! Cat had had her suspicions of course, but it wasn’t like her meek little assistant would ever bring it up directly.  Cat would just have to find a way to, like she always did, of addressing this very, very interesting ‘coming out’ topic.

By popular demand (aka like two people who asked for it), @thefairfleming​ and I have posted our angsty-fun Gladiator crack AU on AO3!

SeriesCity of Illusions
Authors: @thefairfleming​ and @misshoneywheeler
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Pairing: Jon Snow/Sansa Stark
Rating: from Mature to Explicit
Total words: 12,828
Warnings: Mentions of violence (because Gladiator)

Summary: In, which Jon is a gladiator, Sansa is going to marry the Emperor, they’re Doing It On The Sly, and we play fast and loose with anything resembling historical accuracy.

Individual links to works in the series:

Enjoy again or for the first time!

Yet another rant, this time on “cultural appropriation”

OK, so, this is less of a rant and more of an explanation of sorts. About, of course, cultural appropriation and why the concept of it is so wrong. I’m not even going to delve into things like how people willingly share cultures and how they want them to be exchanged, shared, and appreciated. This is my personal views only, and likely the views of many others.

As many of you know, I am a Hawaiian. Now you’ll know something else about me; I don’t care how my culture is used, unless it is used in a way that attacks me or anyone else based on their culture/race (not saying you can’t do that, but I’m saying I’ll say something to you if you do). Stereotypes are fine, and I don’t care if the first thing you imagine when someone says the word “Hawaiian” is a fat, dark-skinned guy in a floral shirt eating Hawaiian pizza on a beach with hula dancers in the background. I really don’t.

OK, now onto more individual things. If you aren’t interested in Hawaiian culture but go to luaus? Do what you want. Do you like to wear Hawaiian shirts you got at a department store? I ain’t gonna say anything. Wanna speak the bits of lingo you learned from Lilo and Stitch? Go for it. Like spam and eggs? Eat as much as you want. Wanna put that ham and pineapple on your pizza? Eat all the Hawaiian-style you desire. Wanna take up hula dancing and nothing else? Alright, have fun doing that. Like putting on flower crowns? Granted, that’s not exclusive to Hawaii, but if you want to wear it, wear it. Hell, I find it aesthetically pleasing on almost anyone. Vacation there too, it helps the local economy.

There’s more I could go into, but I won’t.

@siinfvl​   continuing from ooc plotting 

“Excuse you?” she growls over the phone the second he takes her call, after that passive-aggressive message that might as well have been summed up in one word: cheater. “Where do you get off? What the hell was that supposed to mean, Grant? What, you think I screwed him to get the jacket? You think I have a bloke every day? I don’t know what has gotten into you but you better pull yourself together!”
It’s good that she’s home for this, because with the volume of her voice she knows that had she been in her bunk at the base other people would have heard her too. Clearly. Plus, she needs to pace, while speaking on her earphone.

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hey i have an olicity prompt for you :) Now that Oliver is poor, he has to go and stay with felicity. After being on the island for 5 years he has developed a fear of thunder and lightning, felicity finds him awake in her living room in the middle of the night and she comforts him. They wake up the next morning in each others arms.

“God, I hate it when it rains like this,” Felicity said, shaking her hair free of her ponytail. At least they were under the cover of her porch roof. 

“Yeah, you’re telling me,” Oliver muttered, gritting his teeth when lightning lit up the dark sky.

“Crap. I think I left my keys back at the Foundry. Do you have yours?” She asked after shifting through her purse. He nodded as he removed her spare set of keys from his pocket and stuck it into the doorknob. “See, this is one of those upsides I was talking about. I’m really glad you chose to stick around- I was gonna have to go all the way back to the Foundry!”

“I swear, it’ll only be for a little longer,” He said guiltily as he followed her into the threshold.

Since he lost Queen Consolidated, the mansion, and most of his money, he’d had to stay with Diggle for a few days. But since he and Lyla were now expecting a baby, she had to move into his larger apartment, thereby kicking Oliver out. The second she heard about Lyla’s moving in, Felicity had offered him her couch. What Oliver promised to be a couple of weeks actually turned into a two-month stay.

“Hey, I didn’t mean it like that,” She said, grabbing onto his arm as she stepped out of her rainboot. “I love having you around, you know that. I just said it- if you weren’t here with your set, then I would’ve had to drive back in this storm. And speaking of driving, at least we carpool now. Saving the earth too, how ‘bout that?” She smiled. “I like having you here, Oliver.”

“But I’ve overstayed my welcome,” He reminded her.

“According to you,” She scoffed, pulling him back to help her with her other boot. Once they were off she patted his arm. “Thanks. And plus, my couch offer doesn’t really have an expiration date. Stay for as long as you want.”

Thunder shook the house. Oliver grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her behind him, then looked around frantically. 

“Hey, are you okay?” She asked, putting a hand on his arm.

“Yeah,” He muttered, then left towards the living room. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m not a huge fan of thunder either. And that’s another reason why I like having you around. I’m not so- alone. Uh, in the house, I mean.”

Oliver looked up from his seat on the couch and smiled. “You know, you’ve been saying that a lot lately.”


“‘It’s okay.’ You’re always trying to comfort me.”

“Well, everyone needs a little comforting,” She shrugged, smiling. “Um, do you need anything? You know, before bed?”

“No,” He shook his head. Another clap of thunder shook the house, followed by a flash of lightning that lit up the already-bright living room. Felicity noticed that the magazine in his hands was now a crumpled mess.

“Okay. Goodnight, Oliver,” She smiled.

“Night,” He nodded.


“Felicity!” A woman’s voice shouted.

A young blonde, wearing a familiar ponytail and glasses, looked around. Rain slammed hard against the pavement, and soaked her tiny body. She looked around helplessly, trying to find the source of the voice.

“Mom?” She called out. “Mom, where are you? Mom!”


The shrill scream burst Felicity’s eyes open. A loud crack of lightning flashed her dimly lit room. She bolted up as another clap of thunder rang in her ears. Sweat plastered her forehead.

It was just a dream,’ She thought to herself. ‘Just a dream. And it’s only rain, Felicity. Rain and thunder and lightning. You’re okay. Come one, you’re okay.’

With a shaky hand she reached over to turn on her bedside lamp and grab her glasses. The rain pounded against her windows, and the lightning and thunder seemed to have worsened. 

“Water. Go drink some water,” She told herself, pulling the duvet off her body. She slipped her feet into her favorite pair of light pink bunny slippers and wrapped her arms around her. She wasn’t cold; her pajama pants and white v-neck were her favorite things to wear to bed, but for some reason wrapping her arms around herself comforted her; so she kept them there. She rubbed her hands over her arms as she descended the stairs. 

Quietly, she made her way to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. After taking a sip, her eyes squinted towards her living room. The flashes of light from outside lit the room just enough for her to see a figure sitting on the couch.

“Oliver?” She rounded the counter.

“Hi,” He said in a muffled voice. He was sitting in the middle of the couch, wearing only his boxer shorts and plain gray shirt. His head was in his hands. 

“Uh, hi. What are you doing up?” She asked, taking the seat beside him.

“Can’t sleep,” He said.

“Oh, the storm? Yeah, me too,” She nodded.

“Five years on that island,” He muttered, lowering his hands to turn to her. “Five years of hell, and I can’t get through a night of thunder and lightning.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” She said, taking his hand. “I’m afraid of it too. Granted, I wasn’t on a hellish island for five years, but I did get lost in a pretty nasty storm when I was five.”

“You did?” He furrowed his eyebrows. Another crackle of thunder boomed, making him jump and clasp both of his hands around hers. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s okay,” She smiled.

“There you go again,” He sighed. “‘It’s okay.’"

“Because it is,” She reminded him. “It’s okay to be scared. It might surprise you, but it helps for me to talk about it.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“I figured. So, would you like to hear my story then?” He nodded, leaning back against the couch. She smiled and did the same, crossing her legs beneath her. They laid their enclasped hands on the space between them. “Okay. So my mom wanted to go to the store to get a, uh, a drink.” He nodded in understanding. “Yeah, and it was pouring out. Kind of like how it is tonight. But to my tiny five-year-old ears, it was much louder then. Anyway, she was kinda out of it to begin with, so I went with her. I had on this tiny pink raincoat and boots and a matching hat. You should’ve seen me.”

“That’s cute,” He laughed. He could just picture a miniature version of her- ponytail, glasses, and pink everything- waddling around in the rain.

“Yeah, I was downright adorable,” She laughed. “So yeah. We went and the nearest store that sold my mother’s drinks were, like, half a mile away, but we went anyway. She’s a stubborn woman, my mother. She held my hand for most of the trip, but then somehow I lost her.”

Oliver watched as Felicity stared down at their hands, her eyes anxious with the memory of her story. She fiddled with their fingers, but didn’t bother to remove hers from his. Thank God.

“I still don’t know how, but the next thing I knew I was completely soaked. It was dark and there were no lights around. the thunder just kept booming, you know? Over and over again. And the lightning kept striking. It sounded like it was coming closer and closer, maybe to come attack me or something. And then I heard my mom. I heard her screaming for me but I couldn’t find her. I couldn’t find her anywhere. And then I was screaming too but I- I don’t know. I thought the thunder and the lightning were coming after me.” She gulped and looked up at him apologetically. To his disappointment she pulled her hands away to fix her glasses. “Kind of silly, huh?”

“No, it’s not,” He shook his head and leaned forward to hold her hand again. “Then what happened?”

“Another woman- I guess she was out at the time; I don’t know why, but I’m glad she was- found my mom and then helped her find me. I never let go of my mom the entire night. So now every time it rains like this, I get- I get scared.”

“Come here,” he said, pulling her to him. She sighed and snuggled closer against him. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. “It’s okay.”

“See? Now it’s your turn,” She smiled, looking up at him. Her finger drew small circles on his arm.

“Well, sometimes we all need a little comforting,” He said, repeating her words from earlier. Then, she felt his lips against her hair. It was barely a brush, but she felt it. She closed her eyes and leaned against him.

“Sleep down here tonight,” He said a moment later. “You said you didn’t let go of your mom that night. I don’t think I can let go of you now.”

She nodded, and followed as he shifted them so they were laying on the couch. He tossed the blanket over them. Her back was to him, his arms still encircled around her. He kissed her hair, this time fully pressing his lips on her, then he rested his chin atop her head.

“Goodnight, Felicity,” He whispered. 

“Goodnight, Oliver.”

He let out a breath. The storm still thudded against the house, but he didn’t focus on that. He focused on the blonde laying beside him, cuddled up in his arms. He listened as her uneven breathing steadied, then listened to his heart thud against his chest. He was calmer; calmer than he’d ever been during a storm like this.

He wasn’t exactly sure when he’d fallen asleep, because the next thing he knew he felt her shift beneath him. He blinked his eyes open. The storm had stopped, but the sun hadn’t risen yet. But she was still here. She had shifted sometime during the night, because now she was snuggled against him, her cheek pressed against his chest. Her glasses had tangled themselves in her hair so he carefully removed them and set them on the coffee table.

“Mm, Oliver?” She looked up at him. “Hi.”

“Hey,” He smiled, his arms tightening around her.

“We made it through the night,” She yawned.

“We did. But technically it’s still nighttime because the sun’s not up yet.”

“Mhmm,” She nodded groggily. 

“Go back to sleep,” He whispered. She nodded against and snuggled closer to him. One hand was pressed against his chest, right over his heart, and the other was laid on top of his waist.

“You know, rain storms don’t seem that bad anymore,” She muttered before sleep consumed her again.

“No, they don’t,” He agreed, then pressed a kiss to her forehead. He closed his eyes and listened to the steady rhythm of her breathing, before drifting off into another restful sleep.

Dear useless diary,

I have called my personal physician, three specialists and the Surgeon General. All of them confirm what WebMD told me at 5am: this swirling, sick feeling in my stomach is not a life-threatening condition.

Apparently, it’s nerves.

Which is ridiculous, because Cat Grant does not get nervous. 

I’ve broken laws, I’ve conducted a live interview with Sarah Palin, and I’ve stood between Kris Jenner and a red carpet. I know what nervous is. I know when it’s just common sense to be nervous. A simple date with Kara should not have this effect.

I could call the whole thing off. Cancel the event on the calendar without even looking at her. I could invite 12 other people and make it a work outing. I could call that deadly little Marine woman and have her kidnap me for 24 hours and make it look convincing. Only I’d have to ask Kara what her name (Sam.. something?) and number is, defeating the object entirely. 

The worst part? The thought of canceling feels even worse. Hell or high water, I am taking that girl out tonight. Now just the small matter of wearing something to blow her mind. The closet awaits.


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My ex told me i needed to wear braces and i need my nose to be matangos daw. I left him ahaha and he also took me for granted what the hell

That’s so magaling of you! You don’t stay with mga tao like that! They you know.. gusto you to be someone you’re not. So kapal ng mga people like that! Tell him na Pinoy you and you’re proud pango!! HAHA :))))) #MedyoConyo ah! HAHA :))

32 TV Men Who Made You Thirsty In 2014

3. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), The Flash

External image

The CW

External image

The CW

 What makes him hot: Barry is nerdy in that Superman kinda way, where when he’s wearing glasses he’s hot, and when he takes them off he’s still fucking hot.

Thirst level: Even camel humps dry out around this guy.

11. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Arrow

External image
The CW

What makes him hot: He’s a rich and charming dude, but he’s also a superhero and, ya know, survived a couple of years of hell on an island.

Thirst level: You just ate a handful of pretzels in the middle of a work meeting, and have to wait it the fuck out. Luckily, there are visions of Ollie training to kick some ass, which help.

21. John Diggle (David Ramsey), Arrow

External image
The CW

What makes him hot: Diggle is a vision in a suit and without. Thank you, Arrow.

Thirst level: Fever of 103, seeing purple dragons in your room, and all you need is a glass of H2O so you can wash down the Tylenol.


Season 8, Spoilers thru DeadAlive. This is one of maybe a half dozen little scene between drabbles. Various POVs. Angst, lots of it.
When she hangs up the phone, she has to think hard about what to do next. The baby forces a limb against her diaphragm and she is reminded to take a breath.

She grieved him, she hated him and at last she forgives him and now…what? There’s no stage of grief where they come back from the grave.

The sight of him is almost too much. Touching him is impossible to avoid. Her skin wants his. She wants desperately to feel him tuck her hair behind her ear and smooth his thumb over her cheek. She wants his chin resting on top of her head as his fingers trace lazy circles at the base of her spine. She wants to feel safe and warm and loved.
This moment doesn’t feel real. It’s impossible on so many levels. She shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t be here. The news she has to tell him shouldn’t even exist.

And yet here they are.

She’d dreamed, in the early weeks, of his face cracking into a broad smile upon hearing the news. She imagined he would wrap himself around her and that she would thank God for his  safe return, for the miracle they’d been granted. She would show the Lord her gratitude every day.

So here they are, his hand in hers. She’s already explained how long he’s been gone and what’s happened to him. There’s just one thing left to tell him. She prays to the God that she is certain has forgotten her.

“Mulder, I’m pregnant.”

She holds her breath, wanting time to stop right there. She wants to preserve this moment in amber and wear it around her neck instead of the cross that betrays her. What comes next is bound to hurt like hell, even more than God’s utter failure.


Like a breath. Like a secret wound opening up. He pulls his hand away.

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You have some really nice gear and most of it looks good on you, however skinny jeans, skinny pant and skinny slacks really aren't made for everyone just because they have them in your size doesn't mean you should wear them.

Lmaoooooooo! Whatever I decide to put my fat ass in is “for me”!!!! See that’s what happens when you are a grown ass man and buy your own damn clothes and pay your own damn bills!!! You can decide what the hell you wanna wear and whoever has an issue with that can chews rocks and play in traffic! Or at minimum stay the hell away from my blog! I will not tolerate you coming here and making anybody feel bad about what they have on and if you don’t have the intelligence enough to understand that this is not the place for your negativity then you should drop your phone, computer, and anything else that grants you access to the Internet in the toilet! Meanwhile back at the ranch I’ve already invested far too much energy on your ignorance! Do the world a favor and be gone!