what the hell i was half asleep

There are roses on Derek’s doorstep.

No note. No scent trail. After determining that there is nothing inherently magical or deadly about them, he spends the entire rest of the day researching symbolism and archaic demon customs, trying to figure out what kind of death threat he’s just been handed.

It doesn’t occur to him until nightfall, when the neighbors start discussing their romantic dinner plans at a decibel he has trouble tuning out, that he realizes the flowers might not have been delivered with malicious intent.

Because, apparently, today is Valentine’s Day. And apparently someone decided that Derek should receive flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Derek Hale has a secret admirer.

He honestly would have preferred the death threat.

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Context: We’re running Curse of Strahd 5e, and our group is staying at an inn for the night. We’re separated into two rooms. The Monk and Wizard are in one room, and the Paladin, a wolf I insisted is my buddy, and myself (druid). During out last big fight a session back, our Monk picked up a coin that’s cursed and she’s been acting weird. None of us picked up on it because we’re idiots. 

Middle of the night the monk wakes up, opens the window and in pops Strahd, coming to take his dairy back. Strahd orders the Monk to kill the wizard but luckily she’s rolling poorly so she’s striking the wall, instead of the Wizard, who is understandably panicking. We roll poorly to wake up, but the wolf rolls high, and wake me. I then turn to wake the paladin.

Me: Arkas! Wake up!

Paladin: What? What the hell?

Me: Strahd, the vampire, is in the other room! 

Paladin stands up, grabs his warhammer, and cannot get his armor on in time, so he stumbles out in only his briefs, half asleep, slams open the room to our room. 

Paladin: STRAAAAAAAAAAAHD! *charges toward Strahd who is easily capable of one-shooting him*

Me: Alright then… I’ll stay here and not die. *shuts door behind him*

Paladin’s yell actually did wake up everyone, and turns out there was a group of wereravens in the inn, so they chased Strahd out, but now every time we encounter Strahd in the world, we all go “STRAAAAAHD!”


all for the game series → conversations: Matt & Neil

Neil pushed coins into the slot and dialed Matt’s number from memory. Matt answered after a couple rings with an incoherent mumble. "Matt, it’s Neil. Did I wake you?“. "Nah, I’m up,” Matt said, but Neil heard the yawn in his words. “Where’ve you been? I didn’t hear you come back last night.” “I’m in Columbia with Andrew.” “You're— what?” Matt went from half-asleep to wide awake in a heartbeat. “Jesus, Neil, what the hell did you do that for? Did he—” Matt aborted that and asked again, “Are you all right?” “I’m fine,” Neil lied. He thought he sounded convincing, but maybe Matt wasn’t really listening, because Matt said, “I’m going to fucking kill him.” A girl’s voice said something in the background, too muffled for Neil to understand. Neil guessed Matt turned the phone away from his ear to answer, because Matt’s voice was quieter when he said, “He’s in Columbia.” “Jesus Christ.” That was definitely Dan, loud and furious. Matt was back on the line in a heartbeat. “Seriously, are you okay?” “I’m fine,” Neil said again, “but I need a favor. I think Andrew’s going to come looking for something of mine today. If I’m not there, can you keep him out of our room? I’ll owe you one.” “You won’t owe me anything,” Matt said. “Didn’t I tell you I’m good for it?” “Thank you,” Neil said. “We should be heading back soon, I think.” “You be careful, okay?” Matt said. “We’ll see you in a couple hours." Neil hung up and went inside the gas station.

Iwaoi fluff Headcanons.

I am an absolute hoe for Iwa [and Oikawa I guess] Ask anyone of my mutuals or my friends, they know. Be it his personality, character, quirks; no matter what people may thik of him, I love this boy with my life. Also, Iwaoi is my absolute favourite ship, and since I need something to do while I suffer from writer’s block for chapter 2 of Drowning in my Demons, have this post dedicated to my precious cinnamon buns. So, if you love Iwa [And his Tofu-nugget] as much as I do, sit back and enjoy these little headcanons I came up with.

  • Iwa is definitely the cuddly-type. He loves snuggling in bed, hugging his Godzilla plushie when he’s alone while having some popcorn watching movies. Occasionally, he falls asleep mid-way through the movie, but that’s a rare feat, when this happens, his mom tends to laugh it off and help tuck him snuggly into his bed. However, when Oikawa comes over and they share a bed, he is the small spoon while Tooru is the big spoon. He always ends up nuzzling into the bigger’s chest, and Tooru lovingly stroking his hair. He secretly takes photographs of the raven and sets it as his wallpaper.
  • When reversed and Iwa sleeps over at Oikawa’s house, he never brings his own clothes. I get that people usually see Oikawa to be the type to steal Iwa’s clothes, but for me, I imagine Iwa to mock Tooru’s dreadful fashion sense but steal his hoodies anyway. Tooru has no complaints and lets his boyfriend do what he wants; he secretly loves it because Haji just looks good in over-sized clothes.  
  • Also, bonus, Iwa smacking Tooru with the long-ass sleeves rather than headbutting him. Tooru retaliates by tickling Hajime till he gives in. They collapse onto the bed and Tooru apologises with forehead kisses.
  • When Iwa wakes up, he can barely open his eyes, he expects Tooru to be in bed with him, so when he isn’t, he will very softly call for him. Tooru finds it adorable and showers him with kisses. But when they do wake up in bed together, he will cuddle as close as he can to Oikawa who would probably be using his phone.
  • Tooru trying the face-swap filter on snapchat with Iwa, and casually saying, “These would be what our children would like.” Iwa is a fucking mess and Oikawa is laughing so hard. Also, Oikawa has at least 341 pictures of Iwa with the puppy filter, the fact that he’s eyes are closed most of the time makes it a hundred times funnier. He sends them to Mattsun and Makki, and even those two find Iwa adorable. 
  • Hajime trying to get out of bed but Tooru won’t let him. He’s using kisses and cuddles as a distraction.
  • My headcanon is that Tooru gets sick easily because of how much milkbread he eats. He most commonly gets a flu or a bad cold but they quickly go away after a few days. As for Hajime, he hardly falls ill, but when he does, it’s the most heartbreaking thing. Once he was running an abnormally high fever and had to stay overnight at the hospital? Oikawa spent an entire day trying to perfect a soup and his favourite Agedashi Tofu before bringing it to the raven. Iwa is extremely thankful and promises him kisses when he gets better.
  • Iwa has a dwarf bunny that he loves with all he has, instead of calling it Godzilla, he calls it Tofu because of how white and fragile she is. She was actually a present from his mom as a replacement for not getting him a puppy; he doesn’t mind and is just happy he has something to take care of. He spends hours grooming her fur in his bed and sometimes, she accompanies him as he watches a movie. Iwa has trained her to sit and lie down and even hop. She is also incredibly intelligent given the fact that she will squeak for attention. She is a good bunny and loves Tooru as well, Iwaizumi’s mom jokingly said it’s like Tofu is their shared child.
  • Oikawa’s and Iwaizumi’s mother sharing cute things their sons did for the other. How Hajime was learning to make milkbread to give it to Tooru on his birthday, and how Oikawa had suggested building a blanket fort before watching Godzilla together. They are close friends and the biggest shippers.
  • When they have the house to themselves, Iwa is the one preparing breakfast, Tooru tries distracting him with a lot of kissing and hugs from behind and now the pancakes are burning. They have a heated make-out session on the countertop before they actually realise the smell of smoke.
  • They take baths in the bathtub together. They end up having a splash war and wetting the entire bathroom. Sometimes Iwa sits in Oikawa’s lap while the brunette washes his hair and hugs him. He also takes this rare chance to leave a few hickies. 
  • Blanket forts being their childhood tradition. Oikawa decorating the blanket fort with fairy lights and throwing in as many pillows as he could possibly find. When Iwa comes over, he has his laptop all prepared with their favourite snacks. Oikawa likes watching Iwa quote lines from the movie, Hajime has no idea he’s paying more attention to him than the actual movie. And it’s best if it stays that way.
  • Hardcore Mario kart wars, there is no fluff, only profanities, cusses and death.
  • Oikawa will tease Hajime with his cereal by holding the box as high as he can, he has lanky limbs so Iwa can’t reach them. As payback, he sneaks out while Oikawa is sleeping before getting a cup of cold water and pouring it on his face, not forgetting to say, “WHO’S THE SHORT ONE NOW ASSHOLE??”
  • Hajime has freckles all over his body; and sometimes he’s really insecure about them. Tooru assures him it’s fine and makes sure to kiss all of them.
  • Look me in the goddamn eye and tell me these two don’t sit together on the bus to training camps and shit. Because I swear, they will sit together and even share ear pieces, sometimes they doze off and fall asleep, Iwa usually resting on Oikawa’s broader shoulders.
  • Iwa likes collecting succulents and small plants. He displays them on his desk or by his window-sill. He gives them names and Tooru thinks it’s both funny and cute.
  • Have some cute flustered Iwa when Tooru calls him babe in front of the team. And also, the entire team letting out whoops and cheers and Iwa just wants to hide in a hole. Sometimes they stare at each other like love-struck idiots and the Matsuhana duo use this amazing opportunity to tease them. Tooru coming up from behind to give Hajime a surprise kiss.
  • Tooru finding every excuse to hold Hajime’s hand, and Iwa giving in.
  • They once went to build-a-bear together and made a stuffed crocodile that Iwa for some odd reasons says is a Zoey. Iwa has it next to his Godzilla plushie.
  • Having so many cheesy dates. A picnic date, stargazing, to the aquarium, the zoo, a waterpark. These two have the cutest most romantic dates and everyone is jealous. Bonus if they get each other presents.
  • Iwa tackling the fuck out of Oikawa after not having seen him for months. Tooru laughs and tries his best to force out a “Did you miss me?” as Iwa lays on his chest. IWaizumi saying in a dead-serious tone, “Of course I did.”
  • During winter, they like cuddling by the fireplace, Iwa is mumbling on about how flippin cold it is, and Tooru just watching him go on endearingly. They have a huge blanket out and everything along with some hot cocoa. Half-way during their cuddling session, Tooru starts kissing Hajime’s neck. He heats up and ask what the hell is he doing and Tooru just smirking saying he’s helping him warm up. Hajime is upset cause it worked.
  • Hajime has cute soft sneezes.
  • Before they fall asleep, Tooru likes singing for Iwa. Some of his favourites are You are my Sunshine, Can’t help falling in love and All of the stars. He may not have the best voice but Iwa loves it either way.
  • When Iwa starts falling asleep, Tooru quietly whispers a sweet “I love you” before dozing off too.

I’m dedicating this to some of the few friends I’ve made here, [I’m so sorry if you don’t consider me to be one] and just overall really sweet people.

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“What the hell?!” Jughead jolted upright from his position on the blow up mattress, dangerously close to the ground. Archie followed quickly, falling out of his bed in a tangle of sheets and limbs.

“It’s my phone! It’s just my phone!” He shouted more to himself than to Jughead, they had both been woken up abruptly by the obnoxious ringtone coming from Archie’s speakers. “We connected my phone to my Bluetooth speakers last night, I must have forgotten to turn it off!”

Jughead put his hands to his ears as Archie fumbled with his phone, he was still half asleep and in his daze he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.
“It’s just Betty, we were supposed to meet up this morning to pick up Veronica’s birthday present from the jewelers, I totally forgot! Will you turn this damn thing off!” He chucked his phone at Jughead, who caught it with surprising ease.

Rubbing his eyes, Jughead looked down at the phone, instantly stopping dead in his tracks. There on Archie’s iPhone screen was the most beautiful picture of Betty he had ever seen. She was in a simple tank top, her long blonde hair down and straight looking like it was made of pure silk, and the lightest red lipstick, the most amazing thing about the photo was that it seemed to capture her eyes shifting from green to blue, a sign that she was content and relaxed. He couldn’t stop staring.

“Dude what the hell? Is it broken? Why won’t it turn off, just answer it!” Archie moaned, throwing himself back onto his bed and burying his face in his pillow. Jughead cleared his throat as he tore his eyes away from the screen and pressed accept.


“Good morning! Geez, it took you quite some time to answer the phone. Wait? Is this Jughead? I recognize that voice anywhere.” She giggled into the speaker and he instantly felt his shoulders relax and any tension leave his body.

“You caught me, it’s just your friendly homeless teen, Archie said he’ll be there soon, he overslept. After you and Archie finish up, wanna grab a burger with the gang? My treat.” Jughead could practically feel her nodding excitedly , she wrapped up the conversation with a quick
“See you later Juggie.”

Closing the call Jughead stared at the picture Archie had assigned to her contact. He couldn’t get over this picture.
“When did you take this?” He asked the red headed boy.

“What?” Archie asked looking up from his pillow.

“This picture. When did you take this picture of Betty?” Jughead asked handing Archie his phone.

Archie stared at the screen for a second and smiled with a shrug

“I don’t know, last year maybe, I’ve really gotta update it, don’t let Betty know I have that one of her, she’d kill me. You should see the one Veronica has of Betty” Archie whistled lowly “smoking” he grinned at the beanie wearing boy and nudged him, Archie was the only one Jughead had told about his fairly deep crush on the beautiful blonde next door, at first it had been awkward but slowly Archie realized he just wanted his two best friends to be happy.

“Veronica has one too?” Jughead asked incredulously, how did he not know about this?

“Sure thing.” Archie threw on his letterman jacket and waved at Jughead promising to be home for Burgers at Pops. Walking over to the window he looked down and saw Archie running over to Betty and scooping her up in a hug as she shoved him away and flipped her ponytail.

What he’d give to be able to just hug her whenever he felt like it, he wanted to have pictures of her on his phone. He wanted to be the one she called up at eight in the morning. He knew Archie and Betty were just friends, both of them having clarified this to the group multiple times, but it didn’t ease the ache he felt when he saw her name pop up on Archie’s phone. Damnit, now he had no choice but to see Veronica’s picture of Betty .

The day passed slowly as Jughead worked on his novel and raided Fred Andrews snack cabinet, before he knew it Archie was calling for him from down the stairs.

“Come on Bro, burgers await. Betty’s already there with Veronica!”

Jughead nearly tripped down the stairs,
burgers and Betty?
Total package.

Walking through the clear glass doors of Pops, he instantly spotted the honey blonde ponytail, it was almost like a halo calling him over. He slid into the booth right beside Betty as Archie plopped down beside Veronica.

“Hey.” She smiled softly at Jughead, he smiled back before asking

“Can I borrow your phone?”

Betty seemed taken aback for a minute but quickly recovered with a giggle

“I’m doing great, thanks for asking” she pulled out her phone and placed it in his open palm.

“Thanks” he smiled goofily turning to Veronica.

“Can I borrow your phone?” He asked, the same smile gracing his face

“Hey!” Betty started as Veronica hesitantly handed him her phone

“You are so weird” Veronica rolled her eyes with a smirk.

He quickly used Betty’s phone to dial Veronica, staring at the screen as a glowing image of Betty popped up.

“Oh god, that picture.” He heard her mumble from his right.

The picture was absolute sin, Betty’s tan skin glowing and her blonde hair left loose and wavy.
He had never seen “bed eyes” before but he knew now he would never be able to look into Betty’s bright green ones the same again, they were so sensual and seductive staring into the camera as she pouted, don’t even get him started on that Shirt. He wanted this picture and he wanted it now.

“Veronica took that at a sleepover, I was just being silly. I’ve asked her to change it over and over again.” Betty rolled her eyes, snatching her phone away.

Jughead had to stop himself from physically moaning as the picture disappeared from the screen.

“What’s up with your infatuation with phone pictures?” Betty asked questioningly.

Jughead looked up at her and shrugged
“I don’t have one of you, I’ve never even seen a picture of you, other than your school pictures.”

Betty smiled scrolling through her phone before handing it to him

“That’s you.” She giggled pointing to Jugheads name and the picture beside it. It was one she had taken a few months ago when they went to visit the national history museum, Jughead was beanieless and staring right into the camera, his hair messy and his eyes relaxed, if you looked close enough you could see the hint of a smile popping through
“It’s my favorite picture.” She whispered, close to his ear.

Jughead turned away from the phone and swallowed hard
“I still don’t have one of you.” He mumbled out, reaching to take her hand underneath the table.

Betty smiled softly, her eyes sparkling
“Well that just won’t do.”

And so two weeks later after Jughead had finally gained enough courage to ask the love of his life out on an actual date, Betty’s picture appeared on the screen of his phone on a Saturday morning at 8 o clock. It was a picture of the two of them actually, faces smooshed together in a goofy looking kiss. And when Betty got angry at him for never answering his phone his answer was always the same

“Sorry, I just get distracted.”

Three Days & No Nights

This is based on a scene in Decendants of the Sun Episode 13 which was really adorable omg 

Thank you for the 300 followers!!! Can’t blieve I just started this blog like 3 weeks ago omg Ari xxx

“What the fuck happened and what the hell is this mess?” 

Piper and Annabeth stood over their husbands and Nico, all three looked drunk off their asses. Nico’s boyfri-finace, Will was the only one who looked sober. 

“Thank the gods you guys are here! Why did you guys come so late!?”, Will absolutely done, “I’ve been here for three hours making sure they don’t do anything stupid! They said in celebration of Neek s and I’s engaement that they would be drunk for three days! Three days!! Holy Hades. You know, here take care of your husbands and Nico please. I need to clean up the kitchen.”

Will stood up to take a much needed break. 

“What the hell, Percy. Sometimes I ask myself why I put up with you for so long.”, Annabeth said, brushing some hair out of Percy’s half asleep face. 

He still drools. 

“i leave you alone for 12 hours, Jason, and this is what i come back to. What am i going to do with you?”, Piper looked like she either wanted to punch Jason  or kiss him. 

“I feel you, two!”, Will shouted from the kitchen.

They watched as Jason and Nico poked at Percy’s cheeks. Percy lazily opened his eyes and swatted them away.


“Jason! Psst, Look at the blonde who just came in! She’s so pretty.” , Percy put his face in his hand and admired Annabeth with wide eyes. 

“Shut up. Her friend is way prettier.”, Jason said, poining at Piper. 

“No way! The boy who left. He’s beautiful.”, Nico said, shoving his cousins faces. 

“Nope! She’s prettier. Look. Look at those eyes. Holy shit.”

“Jason! She’s staring at me! What do I do? Do you think she thinks I’m pretty, too?”, Percy shook his cousin. 

“Guys. Shut up! The boy came back! He’s right there! How’s my hair?”, Nico said, fiddling with his black locks self conciously. 

Will stood by the women and smiled at his fiancé. 

“Oh my gods! He smiled! I think I’m in love.”, Nico ‘whispered’ to the other two. Jason and Percy started cheering. 

Piper, Annabeth, and Will made eye contact. 

No matter what they did, they were stuck with these three idiots. 

They were idiots, but at least they were their idiots.  

Ducks in a Row (WinterIron)

For @kaci1ynn and @ajanamyth
This turned out a little different from both of your prompts, but I hope you guys like it!

Nobody thought anything about it when Tony returned to the tower holding a basket full of eggs.

The guy did random things all the time and they had all learned to keep their side eyeing to a minimum and just let him be. For all his quirks, Tony was still the best person most of them had ever known, so things like carrying a basket full of eggs around? Not even worth blinking about.

It got a little weirder when Clint announced he was hungry and thank God Tony had brought eggs– because Tony exploded into a yelling fit about how if Clint even so much as looked at his eggs and felt the slightest bit hungry Tony was going to rig his arrows with stink bombs and make sure Clint couldn’t go anywhere without someone commenting on how badly he smelled.

“Tony.” Natasha, who was trying hard not to laugh at the shock on her boyfriends face, motioned towards the basket. “Why can’t Clint eat those eggs?”

“Because they are duck eggs!” Tony nearly shrieked. “I saved them and they are mine!”

“Steve.” Sam elbowed the Captain. “So… are we going to have pet ducks now?”

“You know I don’t know.” Steve said tiredly, rubbing his face. “You know I only tell Tony what to do on the field. I have no control over his shenanigans in the Tower. If he wants to raise ducks…that’s fine.”

“You’re damn right that’s fine.” Tony sniffed before sweeping out the door dramatically.

“Do you really think he would mess with my arrows?” Clint asked nervously and Natasha sent him a pointed glare.

“Don’t test him, because if you think I’m letting you into my bed smelling like a stink bomb, you are mistaken my love.”

“Rude.” Clint muttered. “Sam, you wanna go for a run? Or maybe go get some where that I can actually eat the eggs without fearing for my life?”

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Who Cares You’re A Serpent?

Word Count:2780

A/N: This one was requested multiple times, a serpent!Jughead x reader with a touch of upset betty,  and i hope i did you guys justice, and this is what you wanted! enjoy! much love!

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Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm

    Y/N slowly opened her eyes, the vibrating noise from the table waking her up. She looked around and found herself on her couch, the TV blasting Family Guy throughout the small apartment. She must have fallen asleep after the jubilee, it was a tiring night and she didn’t exactly have all that great of a time. Too much seeing Jughead, the boy she had been helplessly in love with for months, being all couple-y and cute with Betty.

Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm Vvvrrrmmm

    She looked over to the coffee table in front of her and her phones screen was lit up, showing that she had an oncoming call from Betty. She picked up the phone and swiped to answer it. “Hey B, what’s up?”

    “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for about a half hour now!” she yelled, and Y/N started to feel worry set it, Betty sounded panicked.

    “I fell asleep on my couch, I’m sorry.” Y/N stuttered.

    “I thought you got shot too!” Betty yelled, and panic shot through Y/N. She stood from her couch and started running for her shoes.

    “Who got shot? What the hell is going on?” she yelled, anxiety coursing through her voice and body.

    “A lots going on, Fred got shot in Pops just about a half hour ago, he was in critical condition when the ambulance picked him up, and Archie is a mess. Not only that, but Cheryls house caught on fire, and Jughead joined the Southside Serpents.” Bettys voice rang through Y/Ns ears.

   “Oh my god. What the hell is happening to this fucking town!” Y/N yelled, running out of her house, her dress flying around in the windy night. She started to walk towards Jugheads trailer, thankfully it wasn’t too far from her shitty apartment.

    “Can you talk to Jughead, tell him that this whole Serpent thing isn’t a good idea, he won’t listen to me for whatever reason, but maybe he’ll listen to you.” Betty pleaded, and Y/N rolled her eyes although no one was there to see it.

    “You’re his girlfriend and he didn’t listen to you, what makes you think he’ll listen to me?” Y/N argued, and Betty sighed on the other end of the phone.

    “You’re his best friend. He always listens to you, doesn’t matter what it’s about, you’re the only person whose advice he takes to heart. I wish he’d listen to me, but I guess I’m just not as important.” Betty said sadly, and Y/N felt her heart drop a little. Betty was her best girl-friend, she hated that she felt that way.

    “Betty, you’re far more important to him than me, that’s why he chose you. But, I’ll give it a shot. Why does it matter that he became a serpent anyways, it’s expected. His dad was one, so it’s not that big of a surprise he is.” Y/N said, turning a corner and looking both ways before she crossed the street.

    “Because Jughead is better than that, anyways, there is no way I could be with a serpent, no matter who it was. Look, I love Jughead, but if he stays, I’m gone. I can’t deal with that.”Betty said, and Y/N could tell it hurt her to say.

    “I don’t know Betty, maybe you’re over-reacting. It’s probably just a phase, or something he’s doing to get deeper into the case. I don’t think we’ve uncovered all the facts about Jasons murder, why else would all this shit still being going down?” Y/N said, trying to talk Betty out of breaking up with Jughead. It would crush him, and ultimately it would crush Y/N to see him so upset. Although, it would give her a chance to swoop in and help him, but did she really want to be that girl? The one who breaks up couples to get the guy she wants? No she couldn’t do it, she cared for the two of them too much.

    “I don’t think we have all the facts either, but it doesn’t matter. Jughead and I cannot be together if he’s a serpent, that’s final.” Betty said, and Y/N sighed.

    “I’ll do my best to talk to him then. I don’t want to see you guys hurt.” Y/N said, a tinge of pain ringing through her. She walked into the trailer park and spotted Jugheads place. “I’m going to let you go though, I’m here.” She said, and she heard Betty sniffle on the other side.

    “Okay, good luck.” Betty said, hanging up the phone.

    “Yeah,” Y/N mumbled to herself, walking up the steps and knocking on the door. She backed up slightly so she didn’t get hit with the door, but she was surprised when she heard a dog bark from inside. The door swung open and a dog ran out, jumping up on her and barking.

   “Hotdog, get off her!” a voice she didn’t recognize called, and she looked up to see a long-haired man staring down at her.

    “It’s okay, he’s not hurting me. He’s very cute, is he yours?” Y/N asked, trying to be as polite as she could to the stranger.

    “Actually, I think he’s Jugheads now.” The man said, and Y/N nodded, leaning down to pet the dog. “Speaking of Jughead, I’m assuming you’re here to see him?”

    “Yeah, I am, is he inside?” Y/N asked, and the man nodded. She looked at the man and noticed the jacket he was wearing. ‘serpent.’ She thought to herself. “I’m Y/N by the way, I like your jacket.” She commented, and the man smiled.

   “Oh yeah, you’re not scared?” he teasingly asked, and Y/N laughed.

    “Y/N wouldn’t be scared of serpents, she actually admires you guys. Always has, that’s why she got along with my dad so well.” Jugheads voice rang behind the man, and Y/N smiled.

   “Is that so?” the man asked, looking down at the (Y/H/C) girl. She stood taller and smirked, trying to look as confident as possible.

    “I’m not scared of anything.” Y/N said, sliding by the man and into the trailer and making her way to Jughead.

    “Well except for clowns and spiders.” Jughead said, and she nodded, causing laughter from a few men who were also in the trailer.

    “So if we got attacked by a spider dressed as a clown-“ one man started.

    “Or a clown dressed as a spider-“ another added.

    “You’d be terrified?” the long-haired man finished their sentence. Y/N and Jughead laughed.

   “I’d be dead, I would have an actual heart-attack.” She teased, and the men laughed again. “Don’t tell anyone I said that though, I don’t need people knowing my weaknesses.”

    “Your secret is safe with us.” The long-haired man said, and Y/N plopped herself down on a couch, nodding her head in approval.

    “Good.” She said, looking around the room.

    “What brings you here, tonight?” Jughead asked, sitting beside her. Hotdog walked over, laying in front of Jugheads feet, and he leaned over to pet him.

    “Betty is worried and our town is still as hellish as ever. The police really suck ass at their jobs, I’m just about to go in and take over.” Y/N sighed, and the men laughed again. “What, you don’t think I can fix Riverdale?” she asked, and the long-haired man held his hands up.

    “I didn’t say that.” He replied defensively, and she smiled.

    “Good, because I totally could. We just need people to rally up the citizens of Riverdale, something that could motivate them to do more for this town, make it better than it was before all of this Jason bullshit went down. I just need to cause enough trouble to get the police off their ass, or enough trouble to fix the problems of the town. I haven’t decided which yet, but I know I could do it.” Y/N said, smiling to all the men in the room. Jughead laughed, and she looked at him. “Of course, I would have to do it with my partner in crime, Mr. Jones here.” Jughead smiled and the men chuckled.

   “Do you two get into a lot of trouble together?” one of the men asked, and Jughead nodded.

    “Enough to cause Betty to worry about me.” He said, and the men all raised their eyebrows at the two teenagers.

    “I see.” The long-haired man said, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “Not that kind of trouble, oh my god. I swear you guys are 16-year-old-boys.” She teased, and the men in the room laughed again.

    “I’m going to take that as a compliment.” The long-haired man said, and Jughead teasingly elbowed her.

    “And I’m going to take offense, seeing that I am a 16-year-old-boy.” He said, and Y/N gave him an evil smile.

    “Good, take offense.” She said, and he rolled his eyes and slumped back into the couch. “Anyways, Betty was always mad because we found ourselves in compromising and dangerous situations when it came to the whole Jason Blossom murder case. We went all in, emerging ourselves in whatever danger Jason might have put himself in that way we could get to the bottom of the case.” The men all nodded.

    “Of course she was suspicious that we were sleeping together, or that I was cheating on her with all the time we spent together, it took awhile for her to accept the fact that we are just best friends.” Jughead said.

    “Which doesn’t make any sense to me because she knew we were before you guys even got together. We became friends immediately after I moved here last year.” Y/N added, and Jughead nodded. “She actually sent me over here to talk you out of being a serpent, but I could care less. I was just planning on telling her you wouldn’t listen to me and to just let you live your life, but then she started talking about breaking up with you because of it and then I didn’t know what I was going to do.” Y/N admitted, and the men in the room all fell very silent.

    “She was going to break up with me because of it?” Jughead asked, hints of anger present in his voice. Y/N nodded, and he huffed out in frustration. “Why can’t she be accepting like you? And I thought dating Betty was going to be less complicated than dating you, but obviously I made the wrong decision.” Jughead said, and Y/N froze in her seat.

    “Oh shit.” The long-haired man said, and the men all nodded in agreement. This was definitely an ‘oh shit’ moment.

     “What?” Y/N asked, looking at the raven-haired boy who hadn’t caught his slip up. Jughead looked around the room and noticed all the eager faces looking at him, and it was then he caught his mistake after thinking over what just came out of his mouth.

    “Yeah, dating Betty has been super complicated lately, she and I are complete opposites, not that you and I are any better, but at least we have a lot more in common than her and I.” he said, trying to explain it in a way that wouldn’t give away his feelings, but it only made it worse.

    “So what you’re saying is that you’d rather date Y/N here…?” the long-haired man said, and Jughead stuttered, wracking his brain for the right words to say. Maybe he should just come out and say what was really on his mind, but he was worried.

    “You know what, Y/N. Just let her break up with me, the fact that she can’t over look this one decision I made in my life and love me enough to accept me shows that maybe we just aren’t meant to be together.” Jughead said, standing up and walking towards the front door. He picked up his jacket off the side of a chair on the way and put it on, the snake on the back fully visible to everyone behind him.

    ‘damn, he looks good in that jacket, I have to admit it.’ She thought to herself, but then the door slammed and it broke her out of her thoughts. She looked around at the group of men around her, and they all stared at her.

    “Well, go after him then. Get that boy and never let him go.” The long-haired man said, and she chuckled.

    “Why do I get the feeling you guys are fans of chick-flicks?” she teased, and they all laughed as well.

    “What, just because we’re in a gang doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. This is young love, its cute.” One of the men said, and Y/N rolled her eyes and smiled. It was nice to see such strong and scary guys have actual loving feelings you wouldn’t expect them to have.

    “Well, you’re wasting time. Go on.” The long-haired one said, and Y/N nodded, making her way out of the trailer. She wandered around and found Jughead by the entrance sign, and she slowly approached him.

    “You alright?” she asked, and Jughead turned around, giving her a tight smile.

    “Not really, but whatever.” He said, and Y/N sighed. “I thought she would accept me, she told me tonight she loved me, and i-I told her the same thing. I’m starting to realize now that maybe neither of us meant it, we were just caught in the moment.” Jughead ran his hand through his hair, and it was then she noticed he was beanie free. She smiled apologetically at him and walked the rest of the way to him, embracing him. Jughead held onto her tight, and she enjoyed the moment, closing her eyes, trying to remember every detail of that second so she could cherish it forever. Little did she know, Jughead was doing the same thing. She pulled away from him, and looked up at the blue-eyed boy, and she shivered slightly at the loss of his body heat. It was cold out and she was in a dress, she was freezing.

    “You must be so cold.” Jughead said worriedly, taking off his jacket and handing it to the girl.

    “I’m fine-“ she tried to refuse, but he rolled his eyes.

    “Take it.” He said, and she took it from him, slipping the leather jacket on herself. It was big on her because Jughead was much taller than she was, and he laughed at the sight of her in it.

    “What?” she said, trying to hide her blush.

    “You would just look cute as a serpent.” He said, and she couldn’t hide her blush now.

    “Whatever.” She said, pulling the jacket tighter around herself. The cold was bitter, the winter was settling in hard.

    “I’m sorry for calling you cute, damn.” Jughead said, pretending to be offended, and she rolled her eyes and laughed.

    “Don’t be so sensitive, I-“ she cut herself off, she didn’t know if she should do what she was about to, although she really wanted to.

    “You what?” he said quietly, and she thought to herself that he probably already knew what she was thinking. She stayed silent though, thinking about what she was going to do. “I like you, you know. I have for a long time.” Jughead said, and Y/N stared up at him.

    “But Betty-“

    “Betty is nice, I like her, but not as much as I like you. I just figured that if I went for you, our friendship would be ruined and it would just complicate everything. I see now that I was wrong. I think we are meant to be together, and I really mean that.” Y/N smiled softly, and so did Jughead. They stood there for awhile, just looking at eachother and not really saying anything, and Y/N figured that must have been kind of weird.

    “We should probably go inside.” She said awkwardly, breaking their silence. Jughead looked towards the trailer and nodded.

    “Probably.” He said. “But first-“ Jughead grabbed onto Y/Ns wrist and crashed his lips with hers, and she smiled and melted into it.

    “Okay, that was unexpected.” Y/N said, and Jughead laughed. “It wasn’t bad!” she quickly exclaimed, trying to fix her mistake in words. “I just- I- I liked it. I like you.” She said, and jughead nodded, taking her hand and they walked to the trailer in silence. He opened the door and the two of them entered, and all the men looked at Y/N and cheered. She looked down and realized she still had his jacket on and she blushed, looking down and burying her head into his chest. Betty and Jughead were both going to be hurt, but she could help them both, and she knew in the end she could help them heal.

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Come Find Me VII

It’s here! Also heads up, the advice in this chapter is real, so if ever do go without food for a while, you should follow it. I’ll probably need it soon ironically enough, because it is officially too hot to keep anything down, so I’m living off liquids and the occasional fruit. Also @fallingineternity@parsnipit

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI

Anxiety buried his head in his hands. And here he’d though this week couldn’t get any worse. But no.

The thing was, finding out that the others didn’t care had hurt, but had not been entirely unexpected. He’d just never wanted to admit it to himself before. So despite the pain this little experiment had caused, Anxiety would have been able to deal with it and let things go back to normal. And chances were, the others would have never noticed a thing.

But now, just when he had managed to accept that he was on his own, that he wasn’t the kind of person people wanted to be around, Prince had to come in. And now he was going to have to deal with all his bullshit guilt and pity, because while the other side may have hated him, but Anxiety knew that his hero complex wouldn’t let him leave Anxiety alone either, not when he thought Anxiety was in distress. It was the exact same attitude Prince got when he saw anyone he thought needed help.

Although, Anxiety really, really wished that for once Prince could leave off with all his heroic crap, because having him try and “help” Anxiety out of uncomfortable obligation was actually worse than the others not noticing him disappear for a week.

Still, at least it wouldn’t last long. A few days, heck maybe even just one, and Prince would remember just how much he hated being around Anxiety, and he’d give up. Till then, Anxiety might as well accept some of his help, like the soup.

Anxiety hated to admit it, but he had really screwed up on the whole not eating thing. Sure, this was hardly the first time he’d skipped meals, but he’d never skipped so many before. And if Prince knew how to help him recover from his mistake, then fine, Anxiety would let him help. Then Prince would feel appropriately heroic and leave, and Anxiety would go back to being forgotten.

Anxiety reached for the glass of water by his bedside, taking small sips until he’d drank the entire thing. He set it back on the bedside table. While he still felt like crap, his headache had eased up slightly.

He stifled a yawn. Despite having spent most of the last week sleeping, he still felt exhausted. Actually he felt more exhausted than when he’d last fallen asleep. Anxiety let his eyes close. What the hell, he was tired and it wasn’t like there was any point in getting up. He might as well sleep

When Anxiety woke up, it was to a cool sensation on his forehead. He squinted up as he reluctantly forced his eyelids to open. Prince was sitting next to him wiping down his forehead with a damp cloth.

“…the hell?” he muttered, only half awake.

“Your skin’s rather warm,” Prince explained briskly, “Likely from the dehydration. I brought an entire pitcher of water this time. I thought it would be easier, since until you recover more, walking will be rather difficult. Oh, and I have that soup I mentioned. I told Morality I’d had a craving and simply had to have minestrone soup. You should eat it while it’s still warm.”

Anxiety blinked trying to process the wave of words. Right, okay.

He forced himself upright, shoving away Prince’s hand as he did so. Prince let him without a fight, although he kept staring at Anxiety with a weird kind of intensity. Anxiety tried not to squirm under it.

“So you got minestrone?” he said, pressing his hands to his eyes trying to wake himself up more. God, he still felt tired, like his very bones were exhausted.

“Well, I realized once I reached Morality’s room that I don’t actually know what kinds of soup you like, and while chicken noodle may be an old standby, I also didn’t want Morality to start thinking I was coming down with something. And well, minestrone was the first kind of soup to pop into my head after that. I figured you’d probably be fine with it, correct?”

“Yeah, no, minestrone’s fine,” Anxiety mumbled. It was actually his favorite kind of soup, but he wasn’t going to give Princey the satisfaction of knowing that. He took the bowl and began to sip it carefully.

After a few minutes, he glanced up. Prince was still sitting on his bed.

“Did you want something?” he drawled.

“What do you like to eat?” Prince asked in reply.

Anxiety paused, setting down his spoon. What? His confusion must have shown on his face, because Prince clarified.

“Eating is going to be hard for a short while as your stomach readjusts to having food again, so there’s no point in making it an even worse struggle by making you eat food that you hate. So I’m asking you what you like to give me a better plan for your recovery.”

“I thought this was my recovery?” Anxiety said confused. “I mean, this will get me upright again, and then I can make my own food. Or at the very least go grab the leftovers Morality always leaves me in the fridge.”

“Of course this isn’t enough to fully recover!” Roman spluttered. “You haven’t eaten in a week! Wait, those leftovers were specifically for you?”

“Yeah,” Anxiety dragged out. “Why do you care- you’re the one that’s been eating them.”

“I will endeavor not to do so in the future,” Roman said, actually looking a little contrite. Then he flung his hands out dramatically. “But this is not the point! You can’t just eat one meal then be better, it takes time for you to recover your appetite.  I doubt you’ll even be able to finish the soup. In fact, I imagine you must be feeling rather full right now, don’t you?”

Anxiety scowled down at his soup. There was still half of it left, but he couldn’t bring himself to eat much more. He hated that Roman was right.

Despite Anxiety’s lack of response, Roman was happy to continue on.

“What’s important is not for you to try and gorge yourself the minute you can walk again. Rather, I recommend having smaller meals every few hours or so. Bread would be a good thing to try and eat next. It’s solid food, unlike the soup, but not overly heavy, and the carbs will be good for you. Oh, and while it may still be too heavy for you right now, perhaps tomorrow we could add some peanut butter for protein. Do you like peanut butter?”

“You’ve seen me eat peanut butter” Anxiety said dryly. Dammit, so much for everything being over quickly. Still, he doubted Prince would feel this invested tomorrow. He’d just listen to the stupid diet plan, and work it all out on his own.

“You know,” Prince said thoughtfully, ignoring Anxiety’s last comment. “It’s probably faster just to ask which foods you don’t like.”

Anxiety rolled his eyes, but since he could see Prince staring at him with expectation, he reluctantly replied.

“I don’t like fish, and I’m not really huge vegetable person,” he muttered and then because he could see Prince gearing up for a lecture, he hastened to add. “I mean, they’re fine in things, I just don’t like them on their own. Um, aside from that, I’m not a huge mayonnaise person, but that’s about it.”

Prince nodded briskly.

“I’ll be sure to remember that,” he said. “For now, try and eat a little more if you can. If you can’t, just rest, and be sure to keep drinking the water I brought.”

“So I’m supposed to just stay in bed? All day” Anxiety asked, not at all happy about taking orders from Prince.

“And here I thought you enjoyed spending your days lazing away,” Prince said with some amusement in his voice. “But yes, pushing yourself and expending energy when your body’s running on nothing would be foolish.

“Well then can you at least grab my laptop,” Anxiety said, gesturing towards his desk, irritated that once again Prince had a point.

Prince deposited the device in his lap.

“I’ll be back later,” he said, and then with a hesitant smile. “Perhaps we could watch some Disney movies together?”

“Whatever,” Anxiety snapped, shoving his headphones over his head. Like he cared.

There was short pause, during which Anxiety kept his eyes firmly fixed on his screen. Then there was sigh and the sound of footsteps.

“Remember to drink water,” Prince called out one last time, as he shut the door.

Anxiety rolled his eyes. God this whole heroic act was annoying. He seriously wished that Prince would just go back to normal, instead of acting like he cared. This wasn’t a fairy tale, and Anxiety was no damsel in distress. Prince could go be the hero somewhere else.

Under the Weather #1

It had been a day since Voltron saved a planet by the name of Rast 723, the team was tired, emotionally and mentally as well as physically. There were few complaints made when they decided that the next day was to regroup and calm their systems. Shiro got up early (as per usual) and spent time talking with hunk in the kitchen while he was preparing breakfast, not daring to touch the food (shiro was pretty much the worst cook you could imagine) but hunk gladly did it all by himself. Keith got up early and went to the training deck,he sat there by himself, pondering whether or not to train, yes he was tired, but where was the discipline if he let today slide because he was a little bit exhausted. Pidge slept in, Pidge always slept in on every chance she got, she was 14, what more could you expect? Allura and Coran were repairing the few damaged parts of the ship there was. And Lance? Well Lance was sure to be in the bathroom, preparing himself for the day.

Except he wasn’t.

Lance was still sound asleep in his quarters, tucked under about 4.5 blankets because one was falling off of his bed. A subtle knock at the door wrung him into consciousness.

“H-Hello?” His groggy voice bounced off the walls, painfully loud in his head and ringing through his ears “ah! What the hell!?” Lance quietly cursed the aching through his upper body and put his hand up to his temples and started massaging the headache away.

“Shiro.” Shiros voice barely made its way through the thick metal door.

“Come in.”

“W-What? Are you sure Lance?” Lance looked up at the door, as if shiro had already walked through.

“Wha- yes of course I’m sure? Why wouldn’t I be?” He might’ve been half asleep but that’s no reason a talk with shiro was declined. Lance and Shiro always had pleasant conversations.

“It’s just, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable? You haven’t even been to the bathroom yet this morning to get ready for the day, you usually hiss at anyone who sees your bedhead.” The voice of reason suddenly struck Lance and he reached up to his head, only to be greeted by a large ball of poof, ah yes, the infamous McClain family bed head.

“Ah, well this time I’ll make an exception just for you, please! Please! No pictures!” He smiled and as the door slid open he could see Shiro smiling too but his smile suddenly faded as his eyes drifted noticeable upward and his Galra hand was placed over his mouth in shock.

“Oh my god it’s beautiful.” His voice trailed as he looked at Lances hair and walked over to the Cuban boy, who was now sitting upright in his bed, a naked torso apparent.

“Shut up.” Lance pushed Shiro away. “Never again, I’m never letting you see me like this again.” Shiro smiled again and sat down next to Lance. “What’s up?”

“Just coming to see how you’re doing after yesterday… that was a heavy hit you took.” Shiro was referring to a point in the battle where Lance went down for the count and suddenly Lance was brought into the moment.

It hadn’t been long since the beginning of the fight and Lance was shooting every Galra he saw, not missing a beat. Keith swung next to him and they were perfectly in sync, barely mumbling a word to each other. Keith had slain the last enemy not a second before Lance put his hand on the shoulder of the red paladin. Keith whipped around and almost instantly Lance was on the ground and shaking. He looked up at Keith in confusion, Keith’s face was filled with aggression but it slowly faded to panic. “Shit!” He mumbled, dropping to his knees by Lance, “Shit Lance I’m so sorry oh my god. I- I need- i need to find Shiro or hunk, someone who can carry you back to the castle!”
Lance had hardly registered anything Keith had said. Instead he looked down and found his hand resting on his abdomen . He moved it away slowly and took note of his palm covered in blood and a long deep gash on his side, a clean, deadly cut, it, it couldn’t be caused by anything else other than,

Keith’s Bayard.

He closed his eyes at the thought and let himself drift when suddenly he heard footsteps, he hadn’t even noticed Keith leaving to go find help.

To be continued…

Caramel Macchiato

Thank you so much for your love of The Project!

Sorry for the wait! The first draft of this ended up not being the greatest so I rewrote it which took a while. Anywho! I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 3959

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Strong language. If this makes you uncomfortable do not read.

Description: Your best friend, Yoongi, tells you one day that he is interested in a girl who started working at BigHit recently. Being the selfless friend you are, you set aside your feelings and help Yoongi out with his newfound feelings. 

Originally posted by notjustaphase

(We do not own this gif. Credit to notjustaphase.)

“Yoongi! Hurry up!” you called from your blanket huddle on the couch. You had been watching a movie together, but Yoongi had left to make more popcorn. You had won rock paper scissors, leaving you with the luxury of staying in your warm pile while you waited for snacks to appear before you.

“Do you expect the popcorn to be done in under a minute? Practice some patience, woman,” Yoongi called back. You groaned, feeling your stomach begin growling. Movie marathons with Yoongi were so long that oftentimes the lazy pair of you would forget to eat.

You zoned out as you stared at the paused TV, your stomach occasionally growling. Suddenly the buttery scent of popcorn filled the room, prompting you to turn your head towards the dark haired boy carrying the popcorn bowl.

“Took you long enough!” you said while shoving your hand greedily into the bowl before your best friend had even sat back down. He gently smacked your hand away, making some yellow, buttery pieces of goodness fall to the floor.

“You are cleaning my floor mister,” you demanded as Yoongi settled down next to you. He groaned, setting the bowl next to him with an amused smirk. You chuckled and reached for the remote to resume the movie you were watching.

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First of all, this is heavily inspired by Not strong enough, which is obvious, but also Nico’s work Half Asleep / Wide Awake, just so you know!;) Nico was also the person who reminded me about this song and my huuugest love for it, so I just couldn’t resist drawing this.

Also, I’ve tried to keep a sort of open ending, so you can imagine what happens next. 

Kuroo’s crush is mutual! Or maybe it’s unrequited? Who knows, who knows;)


Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: “Could You Write Something Where The Reader Pretty Much Grows Up With The Winchesters And Her Mom Dies And So They Basically Adopt Her And The Reader Develops Feelings For Dean But Doesn’t Think He Feels The Same Way About Her? Thank You!”

Warnings: Mild swearing, death, mentions of sex. 

Word Count: 2009

Notes: Since you didn’t really specify any ending I just winged it, hope you enjoy anon! -Dani (You’re welcome for proofreading this, Dani! -Lottie) (Also Y/M/N means “your mom’s name”)

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things you said when you were drunk

requested by anon


”I’m gonna go out on a limb here,” Will says patiently, holding Nico’s hand whilst he’s slumped in a corner, hair flopping over his face, “and assume that you’ve never been drunk before.”

Nico looks up at him and smiles dopily. “What gave it a way?”

Will shrugs, and then smiles. “I’m not sure. Guess I just know you too well.”

Nico nods, and lets out a yawn at that. “Guess you do,” he mumbles. “You know me better than anyone.”

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Pilot episode (Spn)+mute reader

Dean was walking back to his car burdened with supplies. He puts the groceries in the trunk of the impala and pauses- he just heard something that sounded like a baby. Concerned as well as cautious the eldest Winchester follows the noise. In the tall grass Dean finds a baby that is less then a year old. The 19 year old Winchester spends over an hour trying to find the child’s parents with no prevail.

He checks if the young child is human and is slightly relieved that they are. “I don’t know what to do other then take you with me to the motel.” Dean says. John Winchester is very hesitant to allow an infant in the family. “Dad please… I looked for her parents for over an hour with no luck- she needs someone to look after her. Would it make you feel better if I told you that she’s human?” John reluctantly gives in.

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Word Count: 1.1k

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader

Summary: How easily does true love disappear?

First Day 

“…. which would then make the initial velocity 40 meters per second, at theta equals 30 degrees…” Your physics professor rambles on and on, scribbling diagrams here and there on the smart-board. You sit all the way back in the lecture hall, avoiding the cluster of future Issac Newtons up ahead. Your empty notebook is withering away on the desk. 

The doors behind you open, and a boy sneaks in, slowly shutting the door as it creaks. You check the time on your phone and try not to give him a judgmental look when he settles down next to you. How is he 45 minutes late? He might as well have stayed home… You try to mind your own business and stare at your blank notebook. 

Well into the lessons, you feel a tap on your lower arm. 

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Monsta X Reaction #18 - They wake up to you wearing booty shorts/their shirt ~the morning after~

@virtualt asked: Reactions to Monsta X when they find you wearing only booty shorts/short boxers and one of their shirt the morning after

a/n: (I’m going to assume that this means the morning after your first time sleeping together~)

Hyunwoo: He would find this the cutest thing ever. He would smile widely and pull you closer to him, snuggling into you and never wanting to let you go.

He’d ask if you felt okay too and if you needed anything from him. He’d want to make sure you were still comfortable and that you didn’t regret making love to him. Because that’s how he sees it. You two were in love beyond words and that’s what he showed you last night and what he will do anything to continue showing you for the rest of your lives together in every moment he spend with you regardless of what you’re doing.

He’s a cheesy mf I’ll tell you that but he’s also cute and sentimental AF so cherish this lil cheese ball okay???

*I couldn’t find a gif to match so enjoy this gif of sexy Hyunwoo isntead*

Originally posted by garisanee

Hoseok: He would find this really sexy. A smirk would tug at his lips as he’d stare unabashedly into your eyes. In his raspy, deep morning voice (fuckk) he’d say:

“Damn Jagi after last night I didn’t think you could get any sexier but you proved me wrong. How did you even find that shirt of mine? I haven’t seen that thing for months” *laughing* “Did you take my shirt when we started dating??”

You: “No… Okay yes, but it’s so comfortable. It’s my favorite thing to sleep in. Is that okay?”

He’d wink at you mischievously and say, “Hell yes it’s okay. You look hotter in that shirt that anyone else ever could.” time for round 2? ;) that’s up to you

Originally posted by cosmicmari

Minhyuk: -thinking- Okay Minhyuk… Y/n is asleep right now you can wait for them to wake up… What is wrong with me? Ugh I’m sweating…

-whispers- “Jagi… are you awake…? I can’t stop thinking about those sounds you made last night and you look so sexy with my shirt and that morning hair…”

You: -laughing/half asleep- “Do you need me to help you with the little problem you have there Minhyuk?”

Him: “No jagi, I need you to help me with this big problem you’ve given me…”

Originally posted by shownhyuk

Hyungwon: He’s in a state of pure bliss tbh.

“How are you so much cuter in my shirt than I am?” He’d kiss your temples, then the tip of your nose and continue. You’re so perfect, even with no makeup on. I just love you so much jagi. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’ve truly made me the happiest man alive just by existing.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Kihyun: -lovey dovey and silly- “Jagi~” He’d mumble, bopping his nose against yours. “It’s too early in the morning for you to give me a heart attack like this. When did you put my shirt on?”

You: “I was cold so I picked it off the floor…”

“You could have just snuggled closer to me love. I wouldn’t have minded it at all”

He’d wink at you then, making you both laugh. He’d make sure you were laughing/in a good mood all morning, also making sure you felt okay after the night you spent together.

Originally posted by kpop-heaven-247

Changkyun: He’d try to sound cool and a bit cocky when you two first spoke to try to hide how worried he was that you were okay since this was your first time together, However he’d be thrown off by your adorable/sexy morning voice/hair combined with you wearing his shirt.

“D-damn…You’re so cute but so hot at the same time? Like, how?”

You: -chuckling at the effect you had on him- “Like what you see?”

*gif* “Do you want me to show you how much I do?”

You: -hitting him playfully- “I just woke up and you’re already being greasy.” you’d sigh dramatically and continue, “what have I done?”

He’d frown a bit, catching you off guard. “Did I make you feel uncomfortable…? I didn’t mean to…”

You: “What? No I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. This is actually the most comfortable I’ve ever felt around another person. I love you dummy.”

The smirk would be back instantly. “I love you too Y/n. So much.”

Originally posted by bts-bap-trash

Jooheon: He would be that mix of sexy and infuriatingly cute.

He’d wake up to you looking at him and look you up and down like *first gif*. He’d smirk at you and you’d roll your eyes at him, flicking his nose in response.

“Hey! That hurt~”

You: “Oh it didn’t hurt that much. You’re okay.” You’d kiss his nose then, “Here, I made it all better!”

That’s when he’d switch to his cute side *second gif*. “Hmmm okay it didn’t hurt that bad. But you feel okay too right?” For a moment you’d see a serious look flash across his face, but it would be gone faster than you could blink and he’d cover it with a joking/cute tone “You still love me right~?”

You’d respond with a light and sarcastic tone, “No. I don’t. Just kidding~ If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be wearing your shirt??”

He’d laugh then and call you a jerk, playfully hitting your arm.

You two would end up joking and laughing the rest of the morning and into the day. Neither of you would leave the house until the next morning, cuddling and watching movies under the blankets the majority of the day.

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Right Here

Sami Zayn/OC (smut): You and Sami are best friends and get into an argument over him not liking the guy you’re seeing. But when you get dumped, he’s there to comfort you and later on, your true feelings for each other come out. (Slightly fluffy as well, because come on, Sami Zayn is sweet lil’ ball of sunshine.)

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