what the hell her sister is wearing though

I watched the Maximum Ride movie.

I finally got up the courage to watch the Maximum Ride movie. I have been in love with those books since day one and I was so worried they were going to destroy it.

I’d like to say those worries were unwarranted, however that would be a lie.

Max is the only female character I’ve ever been able to read without getting frustrated, because she was only one who didn’t act like such a GIRL. I’ve always been a tomboy and tough, and I’ve never been emotional, and that’s how Max is. I connected to her. I felt like my gender was finally being represented properly, and not as a giant stereotype. Max was obnoxious and did not represent a powerful, capable, young girl. Max always inspired me to try my best and be tough as nails. She was a natural leader, who DID NOT lead by disrespecting the rest of the Flock. She was a big sister/mother figure, and she would do anything to make her Flock happy.

This Max seemed whiny, bitchy even, and WHAT THE HELL was she wearing? Since when did max wear a freaking bikini top under a shredded wife-beater? And why did she not look Mexican AT ALL?? She’s supposed to be half, though she looked more white. But this girl looked as white as you can get! No way in hell she had Mexican in her. Ella didn’t look Mexican either, even though Dr. Martinez was so very obviously Mexican.

Moving to Fang:
Just WHAT?! Why the hell did he have so many lines? He was supposed to be dark and mysterious; he moved without a sound and rarely spoke. Why was his hair so short and light? Why weren’t his eyes brown? Why was he a fucking Hollister Model?
And I get that Fang was in love with Max way before everything, but Max considers him her BEST FRIEND, her RIGHT WING MAN, and they tried to force a romantic connection from the get-go. To make it worse, he had ZERO chemistry with Max, so no matter how the relationship was swung it just did not work.

Angel had like no lines??? She was the mysterious one instead of Fang, and I’m annoyed.

AND WHAT THE FUCK WAS IGGY EVEN DOING?! They made him USELESS. He couldn’t fight, he didn’t cook ONCE, he had no connection with Gazzy (his best friend, his shadow) and he didn’t build one bomb. Iggy was just as much a pyromaniac as Gazzy, and this guy did freaking nothing through the whole film. Plus: Where was his sense of humor?! That’s my favorite thing about him!

Nudge was not that much of a drama queen until later. She certainly never tried to escape the house to go shopping. She wasn’t so stupid that she would put everyone in danger so easily.
Not to mention she was TWELVE.
She also went with Max and Fang to rescue Angel, and was with Fang when Max was shot and with Dr. Martinez.

FANG WAS NOT THERE. That whole situation from beginning to end was WRONG.

I think the only one in the Flock I can’t complain about is Gazzy. He was adorable.

Why was everyone wearing sleeveless tops??

Ari was a mess of bad acting and horrendous makeup choices. He couldn’t hardly talk through those teeth. He was a joke.

Actually I realize that NONE OF THEM were very useful. Their fighting skills weren’t worth CRAP, when they’re supposed to be incredible fighters and super tough.

Their wings?!?!?!?!?!

Max’s visions caused her EXTREME pain, she didn’t just pass out.

All in all, it’s a fairly entertaining film if you can look passed the many, MANY flaws. And I suppose if you’ve never read the books then it’s great. Most of the acting was decent, Max and Ari were the only ones painful to watch. I’m definitely disappointed, but I think I’d watch a sequel, and I might watch this one again…. Like I said, it was an entertaining film all in all…just not as much so as I would have liked.

It’s written on my skin

Title: It’s written on my skin

Pairing: Dean x Reader:

Word Count: 1700

Request: Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.

A/N: I love this AU prompt and it was much fun to write it :) I hope you like it too

For some reasons People never really talked about it. About the marks that suddenly appeared on your body without any logical explanation. Sometimes even without a real reason. Maybe they were scared about it. Maybe they didn’t wanted it to be real. Maybe they thought there would be a greater good behind it and maybe they also thought, that they weren’t important enough to deserve a soulmate.

But nevertheless, these marks were there and everyone had them. One had more than others and some people had them on spots they never got to see like a scar behind their ears or inside of their mouth because of a surgery. 

They were there and it meant that there was someone out in this world who had them too. Marks that appeared on the body of your soulmate as soon as they appeared on your own body. Marks that could be anything, from scars to tattoos. Whatever mark you got on your skin, your soulmate got it too.

You’d noticed it for the first time in the winter of the 3rd grade when a large scar appeared on the inside of your right thigh. It had scared you at first but you decided to keep it to yourself. You hadn’t hurt yourself and the scar didn’t caused any other harm besides the fact that it was there. It didn’t mattered to you and by the next summer where you walked around in shorts and dresses, it was almost completely faded away. 

More scars appeared and your parents began to notice them. While your Dad freaked out completely about it, your Mom remained calm and explained to you, what most of the population of the world never dared to say out loud. Soulmates were real and this was the evidence for it. It was about that time when your Mom started to show you the marks on her body too and then you finally understood why your Mom and her younger sister were wearing the same Elvis tattoo, even though your Mom wasn’t a big fan.

For a long time the marks continued to be just scars and you’d asked yourself more than a hundred times what the hell your soulmate was doing. It wasn’t that the scars bothered you, in fact they were much lighter and less visible than real scars. What bothered you was that every time a new scar appeared on your skin, the fear for the life of this stranger grew. If this stranger had so many scars and got them so often, how long would it take until they didn’t recovered from whatever happened to them? What if this stranger died? What would happen to you and the marks on your skin?

The tattoo appeared a few days before you turned seventeen and this time you couldn’t stay calm about it, even though you tried. It was huge and covered most part of your chest right above your left breast. At first you didn’t even knew what it was and what it meant but then you found out that it was apparently some sort of protection and you were glad that your soulmate had it. Maybe this meant that the scars would come less often. 

They didn’t.

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Costume rant: BBC War & Peace (2016), ep. 1

Sigh.  You all know I love War and Peace.  Let me start by saying that none of the promo material I had seen going into this version had much impressed me.  It was okay, but other than being sexier, maybe, it wasn’t all that different from the European miniseries made for this a mere 8-9 years ago.  

Speaking of “sexier,” that leads me to the one thing I did find remarkable (aka, annoying) in the lead-up to the airing of this series: its writer/adapter, Andrew Davies, comes off as the most arrogant, annoying prick imaginable.  Pretty much all his interviews involve some variation of him saying, “Oh yeah, well, Tolstoy’s fucking dull, so I had to sex it up a bit,” and then him excusing himself further by saying, “Well, I was just doing what he wanted to do but couldn’t.”  Like, he literally said just that in the latest press interviews for this series: in a recent newspaper article he was quoted as saying about Tolstoy’s writing/not writing sex scenes: “It’s all there but he just didn’t actually write the scenes and I couldn’t see why so I thought I’d better.”  Um, what?  Okay.  You know better than Tolstoy about his own story, got it.   =_______=

That said, and my disdain for this jerk aside, I didn’t hate the first episode.  Well, that is, I didn’t hate it in the way most people would mean when they use that term.  I’ve heard some viewers say that they didn’t much care for the plot/characters in the first episode, but that “the costumes were sublime,” or some such suchness.  Allow me a grave difference of opinion.  The plot/characters were okay, and the costumes were appalling.

I mean, appalling.

I mean, they were at their best when I didn’t notice them, and they were at their worst when I looked at them and seriously wondered if we had suddenly gotten in our time machine and skipped a century.  (To the BBC’s credit, they did manage the remarkable feat of getting pretty much every one of the worst-offending frocks into the promo photos/trailer, so I was fully prepared for a disaster on this scale.)

Being that it’s only one episode in, I don’t have much to say about the adaptation itself yet–it’s basically like War and Peace, but more like Peace, with a Little Side Serving of War, and that done at light-speed.  It’s the costumes that I want to talk about, because really, the BBC should know better by now.

Let’s briefly review the fashion period we’re talking about here.  The beginning of the story is set in 1805.  This is 1805:

So is this:

And all these:

These are from between 1805 and 1810:

So these are all evening dresses, and we’re seeing some pretty obvious patterns here.  Mostly cotton muslin, mostly white or off-white, mostly gathered sleeves and square necklines, mostly long trains.  Okay.  Now let’s see what this War and Peace has brought to the table.


Okay, huh?  Run that by me again?

Yup, it’s as bad as I thought it was the first time.

This is Gillian Anderson as Anna Pavlovna.  Apparently the actress is some kind of big deal, but I don’t know her from Adam, so let’s put that aside and examine this fairly.  Also, the character is pretty much a nobody in the wider scale of this book, so again, let’s put Pavlovna aside too and just look at whatever the hell that is on her body.  What is this?  This looks like a nightgown.  An ill-fitting, easter-egg-colored, cheap polyester satin, one-sleeved (!) nightgown.  I mean, there’s Grecian-inspired, and then there’s…this.  Which is not 1805.  Not even close.  This may come as news to the BBC costume department, but putting an empire waistline on a dress does not, repeat, does not automatically make it an Empire-period dress.

She also whips out this gem later in the episode:

I mean, perfect if we’re in the 1910s, but um…wrong century.  They have no conception of the general look of these dresses, much less the construction of them.  I mean, boob darts?  Yeah, um…That never happened.  It’s 1805–why do all her dresses look like terrible satiny empire-waisted ugly prom dresses?  I also dig the little curly Art Deco touches around the wrists and bodice…soooo fashion forward (like waaaaay forward).

Fashion-forward proves to be the main problem here.  All the characters who, in the book, are said to be fashionable are here portrayed as being so clever that not only are they wearing the latest French fashions, but they’ve somehow managed to snag fashions from a hundred years in the future.  Besides Anna Pavlovna, Helene Kuragin is by far the worst offender.  Or rather, her hair is:

Let’s put aside Cumberbatch-wannabe Anatole there and focus on his sister.  What the hell am I looking at?  I feel like I’m in a Great Gatsby movie or something.  That hair!  Those earrings, that dress…!  Seriously, that wig was stolen straight out of the Downton Abbey costuming department.  The dress isn’t much better, though it is at least attempting the white, Grecian-inspired 1805 look:

(Can we also talk about how important it is to Helene’s character that she be incredibly beautiful and charming, most importantly with giant, exposed tits.  I mean, it’s actually a plot point–Pierre totally marries her for her tits.  The older BBC version got this spot on:  

This new Helene, sadly, is the furthest thing from giant tits.)  

Speaking of crap hair design, can someone please explain this to me:

No, I mean, I know they’re trying (desperately) to make Natasha look young in the first episode (in the book she was about 13 here), but really?  Really?  Heavy, long, Korean-pop-star bangs are not the way to accomplish this in 1805 Russia, yo.

Most of Natasha’s costumes aren’t too bad in this first episode, but I foresee trouble on the horizon…

Seriously, are we actually in Downton Abbey and I just missed it…?  I mean, I know Edwardian clothing can occasionally bear a passing resemblance to Empire clothing, but this is ridiculous…

Other costumes were pretty inaccurate, both to the period and to Russian traditional clothing, but I still somehow kinda liked them, just from a personal taste perspective.  Like Marya Bolkonskaya’s sarafan/dress thingy here:

Also, the men were mostly okay, though I’m not qualified to judge the uniforms.

We’ll see what kind of nonsense they come up with in next week’s episode.

So yeah.  The War & Peace versions are proliferating…Soon I’ll have to be doing point-by-point comparisons like I do with the Les Mis adaptations…!  “Every Pierre Ever,” lol.

Watch the trailer for the BBC War and Peace (2016) here:

Is this really the time?

Characters: Avengers x Reader, Loki x Reader

Prompt: trielleamnessis :Funny one? Set during Avengers while Steve, Thor and Tony kick each others asses and Loki’s watching. Reader shows up “Do you want some popcorn?"with actual popcorn in hand. Loki eventually agrees, they become friends(or more), making Loki a good guy

Author’s Notes: I changed it just a teensy bit bc I don’t want anyone getting tired of me writing a LokixReader where they’re romantic. it was tempting though, not gonna lie. enjoy!

“There’s only one God, ma'am, and I don’t think he wears a cape,” Cap said before jumping out of the jet. “What the hell,” you muttered, “Romanov I’m getting this idiots. Loki is just watching, he could escape at any moment.” “Do we really need another god in the mix?” she asked, eyeing you cautiously. You glared at her, “Yep.”

By the time you reached the ground, you realized you had over calculated your landing, which worked out for the better. You landed beside Loki. “Ah, Sister, glad you could make it to tonight’s event,” he said smoothly. You rolled your eyes and looked over to find Thor and Ironman about to fight it out. “Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” Tony asked dramatically. “Wanna make a bet who’s gonna win?” You muttered to your brother. “Midgard has affected how you speak, Y/N, you sound like an idiot. Twenty shillings on the man of iron,” he said.

“You’re on,” you said, shaking his hand. You saw Steve finally land, disconnecting the parachute. “I can’t believe you work with him. He looks ridiculous,” Loki smirked. You nudged him with his elbow, “Shut up, he’s nice.” Thor hit Tony with a bolt of lightning, making you nervous. Why couldn’t Thor trust your teammates? When you saw that Tony was unharmed, you calmed down a bit, actually amused.

“Are you smiling?” Loki asked. “I mean, it’s a little funny. My brother fighting my boss and my best friend? Kinda hilarious,” you said casually. “You’ve always had a sick sense of humor,” he commented, sounding proud. You smiled, getting an idea. You turned your back and used your magic to conjure something. “Since this is turning into more of a comedy for us, want some popcorn?” “Y/N, is this really the time?” he asked, surprised that you had used magic outside of Asgard.

“Why not?” you asked, sitting down on the edge of the rock. “When you put it that way,” he said, joining you before taking a handful of popcorn. Steve and Thor’s weapons collided, knocking you back and making you drop your popcorn. “Hey, watch it!” you yelled to the men who had temporarily stopped fighting. “What the hell, Y/N? You couldn’t bother to help?” Steve yelled. “If she were to help, she would help me. Family comes first,” Thor said, raising his hammer. “Boys, boys, that’s enough. You’ve had your ‘roid rage, now let’s get back to base,” you said putting your hands up.

Tony flew over, prepared to grab Loki. “Uh uh, he’s mine,” you said, taking your brother’s hand. “Trust me,” you said when you saw the skepticism in Tony’s face. “Fine,” Tony said, grabbing Steve by the arm before flying off. You were left with your brothers, an awkward silence settling over you. “So, could we hitch a ride?” you asked finally. “Only if you consider coming back to Asgard,” Thor said, bringing up old problems. You agreed, never having the intention of considering it.

Once back on base, you refused to leave Loki’s side, ensuring that he wasn’t hurt. “Y/N,” Fury said, pulling you aside to where you could still watch Loki from the interrogation room. “He’s killed eighty people in two days. Don’t you think he deserves to be contained?” You rubbed your eyes, “You say contained like he’s a plague. Besides, I can see it in his eyes that it’s not really him doing this.” Fury shot you a weird look, “Care to explain that?”

“I mean, when he left Asgard, he fell into the abyss. He obviously didn’t die but the only way he didn’t was if he made a deal with someone. He’s not doing this of his own accord. This isn’t some giant temper tantrum, despite what the others say. Fury, I know him. Please, trust me,” you said, silently pleading that Loki wouldn’t say anything to the agent currently in the interrogation room with him.

“Y/N, do you really think we can trust him?” Steve asked, walking up to you. “No, not yet. I think we get off the grid, send a separate team to look for Barton, and do a cognitive re-calibration on Loki. Then we can start to trust him – as much as we could before. Remember, he is the god of mischief,” you said, smiling when you saw Loki perform a bit of magic to make the agent on the other side of the table laugh.

“You heard the woman. Cap, get a team to find Barton. We need a team of meds to help with the re-calibration,” Fury said, ordering multiple agents around.

anonymous asked:

please please please could you write everlark who hit it off when really drunk and got hitched in vegas even though they were total strangers?

This is it. This is her punishment for drinking so damn much. This pounding headache. The dry feeling in her mouth. She cracks an eye open and regrets it instantly. Why is it so bright in here? Did she throw up last night? Because that’s the only reason she thinks she’s able to manage to lie here.

Wait … this isn’t her hotel room. And her sister certainly isn’t in the bed beside hers, because there’s only one bed in this room. And it’s about twice as big as the one in her room. And … oh, God. There’s a man in there beside her. Not too close, but certainly there and … is he not wearing a shirt? She lifts up the covers and sighs when she realizes she’s still in the skinny jeans she wore last night. She wouldn’t have been able to shimmy back into those as drunk as she must have been last night. Though the button is digging into her stomach.

She needs pajama pants. As quickly as possible. The man in the bed beside her groans when the bed shifts.

“Where’re you going?” he asks, voice closer to a whine than anything. Oh, God. This is not happening. “Do you feel as shitty as I do?”

He had as much to drink as she did, then. Damn it. She had wanted to try and get some answers. Well, he should probably know this one, at least. “Who are you?”

His eyes fly open. He blinks at her a couple of times. “… weird question from the girl sleeping in my bed. Um, Peeta Mellark.”

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