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kitty thing idk

it was early in the morning, too early for anyone else in the institute to be awake- except for kit and ty of course.
during the night like they always do, one of them snuck into the other’s bed. last night, kit went to ty’s room.
the slightest bit of sunlight leaked from the window. ty woke up before kit, and propped himself on one elbow, watching kit’s chest rise and fall steadily, eyes shut. he was amazed about how kit was put together, his elegant features and herondale eyes. ty brushed his fingers so gently on kit’s cheek he wasn’t sure kit even felt it.
apparently he did, because his eyes fluttered open and it was like the world brightened from his blue eyes. kit was too dazed and sleepy to reply or react, so ty took advantage of kit’s confusion to pretend to sleep, so kit wouldn’t think anything of the slight brushing of his cheek.
“i saw that, tiberius,” muttered kit, shifting his whole body on its side to face ty, whose face was stuffed within his pillows.
“saw what?” ty replied as innocently as possible, though it came out muffled.
kit smiled and ty moved his head so that he was face to face with kit, noses almost touching. it sent shivers down kit’s spine. it was the affection, the love, the overwhelming thought that ty was before him and he was his. ty smiled back, grey and blue eyes interlocking. kit knew ty didn’t like eye to eye contact, and it made kit happy that ty would look into his own eyes.
kit wanted to kiss ty, to brush his hands all over ty’s chest, feeling his heartbeat, to lie on ty’s chest and hear his heartbeat, but instead, kit took his hand and slid it under the back of ty’s shirt, kit’s warm hand on ty’s even warmer back.
kit gently rubbed and scratched ty’s back, and ty closed his eyes, sighing deeply.
“did you sleep well?” whispered ty.
“i did,” replied kit. “until you woke me up.”
ty’s eyes opened and kit felt ty stiffen underneath his fingers.
“ty, i was kidding.”
ty relaxed and smiled. kit removed his hand from ty’s back.
he leaned ever so slightly toward ty, and they met in the middle.
it was the kind of kiss where it was passionate, the kind of passion where they shifted around just to get more of each other, ty grabbing kit’s face in his hands, kit’s hand’s snaking up ty’s shirt without anything being sexual. the touching was to feel that they were alive, warm skin and hot lips, soft fingertips. they would stop to stare at each other, or they would giggle between kisses. every part of their body was desperate for the other’s, legs intertwining and pajama pant legs rolling up, so their skin was touching.
when the kissing was over, they lay again facing each other, kit stroking ty’s cheek with his hand until he shifted onto ty, listening to his heartbeat. ty closed his eyes and went to sleep again, with kit on his chest.
and of course, julian, livvy, emma, and dru peeked into ty’s room. emma saw jules grow teary eyed because his baby brother is growing up, falling in love. dru almost squealed aloud until livvy put her hand on dru’s mouth but smiled at her just as excitedly before taking a million pictures, ty’s sleeping face and kit’s face hidden on ty’s chest, ty’s arms around kit

In Time

“As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.” Instead of returning to the barn with Hook, Emma gets sent even further into the future.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to @phiralovesloki as an early birthday present. She digs the time travel trope, so here it is! Special thanks to @starlessness for the beta.

Rating: PG

Read on AO3.

The portal swirls behind her, Hook and the other woman already gone to the other side. Emma isn’t sure how long it will last or if her magic will hold long enough for her to follow. Rumplestiltskin’s grip is an iron vice on her wrist. How she had never noticed his strength before now, she does not know.

“I loved him too! I wanted to save him!” she shouts, pleading with him to let her go home and not let Neal’s death be in vain.

Does it make her a terrible person to be pleading for Neal’s father to allow his son to die? She feels like she’s betraying Neal by begging for his death. But if she doesn’t convince Rumplestiltskin to release her, she believes she could be failing everyone. Neal wouldn’t want his own life saved at the expense of the timeline and everyone else.

She wants nothing more than to get back to everyone else, to home, to finally begin to build her life in Storybrooke with Henry and her family. She wants the chance to know what that will mean, to discover just what her future holds there, not trapped here in the past.

Somehow, the Dark One listens to her, wrenching her free. As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.

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All for me/Peter Pan Smut

Originally posted by pan-imagines-ig

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Okay so what if Emma swan and rumple and everyone want leverage? So they take the reader, pans lost girl, and kidnap her. They bring her to storybrooke. Pan is in love with her and all of the lost boys are protective of her because she’s one of them. She is like the left side of Pan while Felix is his right hand you get what I mean? So anyways Pan and the lost boys decide they’re going to go to storybrooke. Since they’re creepy as fuck haha they’re going to do everything they can to get her back. Meaning they put dream shade all over their weapons and are going to massacre everyone in order to get their lost girl back. So they get to storybrooke in a creepy large group with their creepy cloaks and their weapons covered with dreamshade (arrows axes etc). Also can Pan have a crossbow like the one he had henry use on Felix?

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home is wherever I’m with you

[read on ao3]

She isn’t one to back down from a fight, but Emma knows the feeling of the tide turning against her well enough to recognize the choice to drown or get out of the undertow.

Facing down the Black Fairy after getting hit so hard by a giant spider that she’s still seeing double – when her only ally here is someone who tried to murder her and banished her True Love to another realm- seems like something of a poor decision. And continuing on when said ally collapses into little more than a pile of robes beside her, while the Black Fairy monologues unceasingly about her overcomplicated plan to take over Storybrooke, is something Emma Swan simply does not have time for at the moment. A strategic retreat is definitely in order.

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  • Emma: *starts dancing aggressivly, blasting music and shaking her head as a rock star*
  • Julian: What the hell??
  • Emma: *shouting through the music while still dancing* BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN!
  • Cristina: Oh boy.
  • Mark: *starts dancing violently*
  • Julian: You gotta be kidding!
  • Kit: *joins in* SHE GOT THAT ONE RIGHT!
  • Diana: Thank God we don't have any more blondes ...
  • Dru: *starts dancing* I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG.
  • Diana: Never mind. *walkes out*
  • Cristina: I'm out.
  • Julian: No way in hell I am staying here.

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For @outside-the-government ‘s “write away the winter blues” challenge

Prompt: “It was touch and go for a while there, but you’re going to be just fine.”

2,604 word(s) of angst and a little fluff.

Warnings: blood, drunk driving and its consequences

“Hello?” Came a gruff voice answered, echoing through the speakers of the car.

“Hey Len, it’s me.” You replied as you turned on your blinker and looked both ways before pulling out onto a deserted street. “What did you boys want from the store again?”

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  • Regina *about to sign adoption papers*: Yes. Everything seems correct.
  • Emma *bursts through the door*: The hell it ISN'T. I’m her baby’s daddy, you're not leaving me out!
  • Henry: There she is.
  • Regina: What the hell are you doing here?
  • Emma: Adding Swan to her last name, what else?
  • Officer: Okay... "Isabella Swan-Mills" it is?
  • Regina *looks into Emma's eyes*: So we do this together?
  • Emma *beams at her*: Always.
  • Zelena *rolling her eyes*: Looking at you is giving me diabetes. Just sign the damned papers, and also- [summons another stack] -while you're at it; GET MARRIED ALREADY!
  • Regina: What?!
  • Emma: Whoa whoa!
  • Henry: Seriously, Moms, stop pretending. It's time we're all living under the same roof.
  • Snow *shakes head*: This is Ruby all over again.
  • David: You're not fooling anyone, ladies.
  • Regina: That obvious?
  • Emma: Damn... If even "Snow White" can tell, what does that say about us?
  • Snow *raises eyebrow*: That you're two idiots... in love.
  • Emma and Regina smile at each other: That we are.


Emma jumps at the blood-curdling scream before running up the stairs. She bursts into the bedroom to find Regina standing on the bed, a shoe in one hand and horrified expression on her face. 

“What’s wrong?” Emma asks. 

“Spider,” Regina whispers, terror filling her voice as she gestures to the creature on the carpet. 

“Oh hell no,” Emma says backing away from it. 

“What? Why?” 

“I was almost eaten by a spider Regina. I can’t…no…nope…I’m not going near any spiders ever again…can’t you get it?” 

“Emma until that thing leaves I am not getting off this bed. They terrify me.” 

“So what do we do?” Emma asks as she steps further and further away. 

They both frown and think for a few moments before their eyes meet. With a nod and a slightly fearful smile, their twin shouts fill the air. 


loud and clear...

Working through my creative block by writing some fix-it fics for things that bugged me in 6B. This is set right after Killian’s conversation with Nemo on the docks after the first proposal. I also pulled two of my kiss prompts into this “surprise kiss” and “I’m sorry kiss”. 

“Seek forgiveness. Because whatever happened, it will always stay with you.”

Nemo’s words churn wildly in his gut long after he’s gone, the man’s friendly advice, while what he knows he needed to hear, putting voice to the only choice he has left. He’s been through too much with Emma to hide from her. She deserves to hear the truth, her entire family does.

Lifting his flask to his lips he takes another long drag of the strong rum, remembering when it had once given him solace, or at least an escape. Now, it just tastes like his past. A past he’s worked hard to forgive himself for.

“There you are.”

Startled by Emma’s voice, fingers numb from the cold lose grip on the flask and it clatters to the wood of the dock at his feet. His reflexes are a bit dulled by the alcohol and she’s moved to pick it up before he’s even thought about bending to retrieve it. Her eyebrows narrow as she obviously notes how empty it is, but she still smiles before taking a sip of her own. Cold muscles beneath his skin tighten slightly at the sight of her as thoughts of Neverland and tasting the same rum on her lips for the first time come rushing back.

When she steps forward to place her free hand on his chest and press her lips softly against his, he’s all at once reminded of how far they’ve come. He feels like a thief in the night when he leans in for more, his hand at her back stealing her warmth and grasping for her love before it’s potentially ripped away.

“Sorry, didn’t meant to startle you,” she whispers, her breath warm against his numb lips.

“Happy surprise, love.” He nuzzles her nose with his in hopes of selling the half truth, despite knowing he won’t be leaving these docks without relieving himself from this guilt that’s threatening to devour everything he holds dear.

Her hands are warm as she burrows them around his back beneath his jacket, but the green of her eyes look a bit icey as she pulls back from his lips to lock him in her gaze.

“So, wanna tell me why you’re hiding out here all by yourself? I knew something was wrong when you didn’t want to come to the loft and now I find you half drunk and freezing your ass off.”

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love love peace peace (and a little revenge)

… in which Killian does Eurovision. Because the Eurovision was on, and @ofshipsandswans and @killiancygnus and @captainswanandclintasha and @swanandapirate are a terrible influence.

It’s all Ruby’s fault.

That’s Emma’s tale, and she’s sticking to it. She still isn’t entirely sure how writing a song turned into, well, this. She was going to just watch it on the TV. She wanted to stay in the background. But here she is, sitting backstage with Ruby and the rest of the Norway team, blinking in the flashing lights and trying not to look overwhelmed by the ridiculousness all around her.

Because Eurovision is ridiculous. There’s a guy on stage right now singing a high-pitched song about bread or something, while five other men dressed as rain drops dance around him. Or maybe they’re tear drops; Emma isn’t sure.

The point is, all Emma ever wanted to do was write a song, and yet here she is at the weirdest music event she’s ever attended and wondering about Europe’s collective sanity.

Elsa’s performance goes amazingly well, though, so there’s that. The ice theme was the right choice, as Ruby remarks with satisfaction, complementing the song while being weird enough to leave an impression. Emma was unsure about the robotic snow man whizzing around the stage, before, but she understands the reasoning now. It’s probably the next meme already.

The crowd loves it, anyway.

Emma suffers through another ballad, this one sung by a German lady who could really do with a bucket or something to help her carry the tune. She’s only half-paying attention, most of her mind on Elsa and Ruby and trying to look calm and relaxed for the cameras, in case any show up.

“Next up is the UK—let’s meet their candidate!” one of the hosts (Emma keeps mixing them up) calls.

There are screens everywhere, showing the little clip that plays before each country takes the stage. Emma pays no attention, because Anna has started talking again, her nerves running away with her.

“… because really everyone says neighbours vote for each other, but we don’t have that many neighbours and I’m not sure Sweden would vote for us anyway, but I think that a lot of people also vote for the song they like best and really Elsa has been the best so far, hasn’t she? And—”

“Anna,” Emma says, reaching over to put a calming hand on the girl’s shoulder before she can drive them all to the brink of nervous collapse again. “Anna. Relax. Elsa did her best, and now we just have to wait and see.”

“I know, but—oh, he’s handsome, isn’t he?” Anna’s eyes have snagged on the stage, where the UK’s candidate is about to begin his song.

Emma follows her gaze, thankful to the UK for distracting Anna—and does a startled double-take.

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