what the hell does a vegan eat anyway

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Curious for your opinion on this- why does it matter what someone labels themselves as? I think the general consensus is that eggs, dairy, meat and honey are not vegan, but the only time I see this being relevant is when you're ordering food- it's important that the cook knows what vegan entails so that they don't put something non vegan in your food. However, beyond that, why does it matter? What's the issue with someone who eats a little honey or even sprinkles a little cheese once in a (cont)

(cont) blue moon calling themselves vegan? Isn’t the important thing that they’re reducing the harm to animals and encouraging others to do the same? Why do only perfect vegans get to call themselves vegan? Why does it matter?

Obviously any amount of reducing harm to animals is amazing and I am grateful for anyone who consciously exploits animals less than the average person. I never said that only “perfect” vegans can call themselves vegan, because there is no such thing… there are many products and services out there that still exploit animals that we literally have no control over and will have to use, even as vegans, because there is no alternative e.g. medications tested on animals. My point with the honey point though, is that there IS an alternative. And that’s what drives me insane. People who label themselves as vegans while continuing to contribute to the supply and demand of products that result in the harm and/or death of animals, purely for their own tastebuds. WHY choose the honey when you can grab the maple syrup, the coconut nectar, the cane sugar, the agave syrup, that is likely sitting RIGHT NEXT to the honey on the shelf? WHY would you bother to eat some real cheese every once in a while when you’re fully aware of the consequences that it has on the cow and the calf, when you could just use a vegan alternative or just simply go without so as to not be selfish? That’s what frustrates me. You are not a vegan if you choose to continue using non-vegan products when there is a huge amount of alternatives. If we can call people who still eat small amounts of cheese, honey, or whatever “vegans”, then what the hell is a vegan anyway? I can’t believe this is even being debated and that people have their panties in such a twist cause they can’t eat animal products as a vegan. THAT IS WHAT A VEGAN IS - SOMEONE WHO CONSCIOUSLY DOES NOT EAT ANIMAL PRODUCTS, EVER.