what the hell david

i found it -- my favorite screenshot from newsies live

i mean look at them . everyones face is gold



Raúl Esparza characters + name meanings {Part 2} insp

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Daniel actually never even closed his eyes like when he gets spritzed with breath freshener in the song if you slow it down he just squints

ok i just spent about 20 minutes of my free time staring intensively into the eyes of this creep with the whitest color palette imaginable and other than me seeing stars.
holy fuck he never ONCE blinks??? he doesn’t?? blink??? at all?? you are right??? he doesn’t???? blink??? and it’s not even an animation thing, during speech the other characters blink PLENTY. max does, david does, gwen does. cult mcfuck does not, he never once for a second closed his eyes, not even when all the campers blinked in unison for dramatic effect. what in the name of fuck.

What I’m Writing Meme

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

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Tagging (only if you want to of course) : @holy-cherik, @pinkoptics, @cherikyassss, @l-p-r-o-c-k, @fassandavoy, @lehnsharks, @chuckxavier, @kingkaneda

1. David/Walter fic

I really want – NEED – to write something for these two, and I actually started writing something last night, but nothing has happened yet, and it’s very strange. I’m confused by my own writing because I don’t recognize my style. Does it make any sense? Anyway I won’t stop. 

2. Shame gifset

I made a gifset about the gay club scene, but I don’t know if I should release it or not. Should I add more light, less light? Faster, slower? 

3. Michael Fassbender gifset

I’m really tempted to make a gifset about his damn neck. So, a neck porn gifset. Should I? I’m so very shallow. 

Nicknames I've Given The Agents

- Founding Father (Rossi)
- Foxy Grandpa (Rossi)
- Soccer Mom (Hotch)
- Adorable Little Bunny That Must Be Protected At All Costs (Reid)
- Princess Peach (Reid)
- Awkward Asexual Dork (Reid)
- Big Buff Chocolate Creme Puff (Morgan)
- Mother Grizzly (J.J.)
- FBIsexual (J.J.)
- RAGING ((literally raging)) LESBIAN (Prentiss)
- Goddess of Technology (Garcia)
- My Wife (Garcia)
- Ray of Beautiful, Brilliant Sunshine (Garcia)
- WHOVIAN TRASH (Garcia + Reid)
- “Gal Pals” (J.J. + Prentiss)
- “Just Really Good Friends” (J.J. + Prentiss)
- Eye Sex Addicts (Morgan + Reid)
- Old Man Husbands/Old Married Couple (Hotch + Rossi)
- The Dead Lovers Club (Hotch + Rossi + Reid)