what the hell charlotte

Ok but has anyone thought of how close these girls are!?

Spencer + Ali = first cousins, their mothers are sisters

Charlotte + Ali = first cousins, their mothers are sisters

Spencer + Charlotte = sisters

Ali + Emily = most likely wives, they’ll probably raise that baby together. Emily can then call Charlotte family because it’s her wife’s cousin. 

If Ted marries Ashley, Hanna and Charlotte become step-sisters. Does that make Hanna related to Spencer, since Spencer is already sisters with Charlotte? (i’m not good at this stuff)

We still don’t know who the father of Emison’s baby this - that’ll create another connection between people.

SPENCER, ALI, HANNA AND EMILY can somewhat call Charlotte family in some capacity. Aria??? No connection at all to anyone. Except for the awkward fact that her future husband, years ago, was hooking up with her best friend’s (Spencer’s) cousin (Ali). 

(Yes this post is a massive stretch but it’s just crazy to think about anyway!)

Final list of reasons why Bethany Young HAS to be important to the endgame in some way

Here are all my reasons why Bethany’s name just has to pop up in this final season. Not saying she’s AD (but she very well could be!) - but at absolute minimum, she is important to the story in some capacity.

1) Dr Cochran said that he delivered two of Mary’s babies - one went to Jessica (Charlotte), the other went to family county services (???) and Veronica confirmed that Spencer went to her. So, there is a third unknown child who grew up in Radley. Who do we know of that grew up in Radley? Bethany. 

“Embrace your darkness. I had to. That’s how you win the game. - A.D” This just sounds like someone was forced to live in Radley and ‘put up with it’. They can cry about their life everyday, or they can soak up their circumstances and use it to, oh I dunno, play the A game. Bethany?

2) Dr Cochran referred to the second unknown baby as “underweight but tenacious” which is exactly the words that the writers chose for Toby to call Spencer. They were foreshadowing the similarities between the second baby (Bethany) and Spencer because Bethany is Spencer’s twin.

3) The Aunt Jessie incident. Mary wanted to be close to her daughter (Bethany). She pretended to be Jessica because Jessica was on the board of Radley and was allowed to sign out patients. Bethany started calling Mary “mum” which will blow Mary’s cover - she’s not supposed to be out of Radley - she’s pretending to be Jessica, after all. So, Mary demanded she call her “Aunt Jessie”.

4) Jessica told Mary that the Charles grave is real. This was a huge lie. Could this be why Bethany drew Jessica like this? Bethany thought her sister was dead. (No wonder Mary pretended to be Jessica by sleeping with Peter. She wanted to punish her sister.)

5) The only boy this could possibly be is Charles. So the fact that Bethany was drawing Charles being taken away from her (adopted by Jessica), means that the loss of Charles was important. It’ll make sense for Bethany to be A.D and wanting to avenge Charlotte’s death. The signs of Bethany being angry at the loss of Charlotte is in this picture.

6) What the hell?

Has this got anything to do with the fact that Bethany (a talented artist) never draws her face? Well, it’s tricky to answer because we’ve already seen her face: Troian’s face! She’s Spencer’s twin. Mary had ‘two Spencers’. 

7) Charlotte called Wren to tell him that Melissa buried Bethany - what if that wasn’t Charlotte trying to break up Wren and Melissa, but instead, she was just trying to get justice for Bethany by ruining the life of the one who killed her (Melissa killed Bethany as she died from suffocation). This is again foreshadowing the strong connection between Charlotte and Bethany. (Assuming she is dead.)

8) If Bethany really is Spencer’s twin, that means the flashback on the roof with Marion wasn’t depicted properly. Since Charlotte is older than Spencer and therefore older than Spencer’s twin, Charlotte would’ve been older than Bethany. They weren’t the same age. Essentially, the error was NOT that Toby and Alison looked like teenagers when Marion was alive. The error was that Charlotte looked so young. She wasn’t that young.

9) Why would Sara Harvey care about sending letters to Bethany’s parents? This could be Bethany telling her parents that she is alive and well.

OR, maybe that was Sara Harvey, who, under orders from Charlotte, had to send Bethany’s parents flowers. That still highlights the important relationship Charlotte and Bethany had.

10) Was this Bethany in 420?

11) Did Spencer’s twin kill Yvonne? Did the twin provide poisonous those butterscotch biscuits that Yvonne was eating in 713? That could’ve been AD’s dangerous way of doing her sister a favour. “Oh c’mon sis, I know you love Toby. I was doing you a favour!”

12) Letters from A.D. Bethany and Alison DiLaurentis were sending each other letters - is this Bethany’s lair, and she kept Alison’s letters? Is this Bethany’s motive; that Alison lured her to Rosewood to kill her? It’s awfully suspicious that Uber A has a box titled “Letters from A.D.” in their own lair, since they ARE A.D! Well, maybe the letters are from Alison (to Bethany), rather than from Uber A.

The point of this post isn’t really to jump to conclusions; she may be dead, alive, A.D,, a helper, or just another one of Mary’s children. Point being that she is important in some way and I can’t wait to see how. I will be 100% disappointed in the endgame if her name is not even mentioned in some way. I’ll be sure to update this if I think of more reasons as to why she is important to the story!

I am so fucking annoyed because whenever the PLL stars are asked in interviews to describe the last 10 episodes, they say ‘romantic’. WTF?? I don’t give 2 shits about ships (yes I ship certain people but come on, this is bigger than that). Why is Marlene concentrating on romance?? I’d rather find out if Ian Thomas is still alive, if Maya will ever come back (I WANT HER TO) and what the hell really happened to Charlotte? It’s funny how Marlene always pulls up some shit because she THINKS it will satisfy the fans but it never does, example Yvonne’s death. The truth is WE. WANT. ANSWERS. That is all.

So I watched the Unsteady scene of the Lucifer winter finale again and I love the way they organized the scenes to perfectly fit each area of the song it kind of shows the character’s emotions during these scenes and what they were doing and why their character was doing it. I don’t think they could have chosen a more perfect song. I’ll probably do a more in depth post about this later with more explanation as to why I think they organized the scenes in this particular way and what the words were but for now here’s just a written out list of what words of the song landed on what scene.

“Mama come here” On Lucifer dragging Charlotte out of his hell.

“Daddy I’m alone cause this house don’t feel like home” Amenadiel right before fighting

“If you love me don’t let go” Maze and Linda trying to bring Lucifer back to life.

“Don’t let go” Dan holding the ZX3 that’s going to save Chloe’s life.

“Hold on to me.” Just as Amenadiel braces himself on the doors.

“I’m a little unsteady” Maze and Linda trying to revive Lucifer with Maze crying in the background.

The music rose as Lucifer was revived.

“Hold on.” As Maze ran towards Lucifer after he woke up.

“Hold on to me” Lucifer after being revived.

“I’m a little unsteady” Maze and Linda being relieved that Lucifer is awake.

“Little unsteady” As Amenadiel is shoving all the guards back.

Music swells as Amenadiel pushes the last guard on the floor and he stands above them.

“Mother I know you’re tired of being alone” As Charlotte is being revived.

“Dad I know you’re tryin to fight ” As Lucifer stumbles out of the room to go to Chloe’s room.

“When you feel like flying” Amenadiel turns to go back into the room.

“If you love me don’t let go” When Amenadiel turns around.

“Hold” As soon as Lucifer grabs onto Amenadiel’s shoulder.

“Hold on” Amenadiel puts his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder.

Spencerietta - Why would she not tell the girls (and the audience) about her talk with Wren?

Things that make me suspicious:

- It was filmed in Ezra’s perspective. It’s normally always in Spencer’s perspective, even when she’s with the girls, and ESPECIALLY when something important is happening.

- Her change in behaviour and clothing

- Asking Ezra not to tell anyone he saw her talking to Wren

- Spencer not telling the girls about her talk with Wren, even though the subject matter concerns them all and they always tell each other any information they managed to garner

- Even AD doesn’t bloody care about what happened to Charlotte anymore, why the hell would it be Spencer’s priority to find out especially when she’s about to be booted off to jail?

- After this episode, Ezra is oddly and significantly more interested in Aria. Gone is the guy missing in New York with Nicole. He suspects something.

- It was the 5th episode and we are now 4 episodes away from the season finale. Taking a main character out to seek answers and not show the main audience what they were talking about seems abnormal.

- Linking with the above point: the whole point of showing not telling is a prime example in this scene. Dude, time is of the essence, we need answers, we have a main character out to seek those answers: if the answers were given WHY were we not shown it? Are they going to spend more money and time and resources to shoot another scene in the finale revealing what was spoken? It’s obvious they were TRYING to paint Spencer in a suspicious light. Need I remind myself that Troian directed this episode herself, and her input into the way Spencer was portrayed would have been fundamental to the showing, not telling aspect.

- She was oddly irrational and aggressive this episode. I mean, really? Asking a police officer not to look into an homicide investigation because of a brief fling? Girl what the hell

- I immediately felt something was off when Hanna “hallucinated” Spencer without a fringe, singing her to sleep when she was kidnapped. Think: why would the directors and makeup artists do that? It was obviously intentional and is trying to tell us something by showing an inconsistency.

- My previous post: Spencer being madly, deeply and irrevocably in love with Caleb after mysteriously meeting him overseas and not even caring about Toby in the slightest: again, we were shown how Hanna was devastated that Caleb and Spencer were a thing. Did Spencer’s emotions about Toby evaporate into thin air? That along with Spencer basically being given minuscule tasks and Hanna near fatal tasks, and the game choosing her again when it was rightfully Spencer’s turn. AD has it in for Hanna. Now, is that because she killed Archer or because someone’s a tad jealous?

- It could just be that Spencer is no longer mentally healthy and stable, as she as shown a susceptibility to in the past. She found out that her torturer is her half-sister, her mother is not actually her mother but the twin of the mother of a girl they thought was dead for years, Caleb left her for Hanna, and now Marco is trying to pin the murder on her. Heck, I would go absolutely insane too. It’s a lot to deal with. I’d understand if she’s simply trying to find out about her family so she can make sense of it all.

Characters; Kevin Owens x Reader x Chris Jericho

Prompt; The men in the backstage area are pigs and are always talking about who they want to fuck. Reader finds out that the two men she likes are interested in her, two heel women play a cruel part in getting them all in a nice threesome.

Warnings; Language, Smut, Orgasm Denial, Threesome, Probably More??

A/N; Sorry for the lackluster ending, I didn’t know how to end it.

Being a woman who worked for a company that was often thought dominated by men had both it’s perks and downsides; one of those downsides and perks being that the men were constantly talking about who they’d like to fuck.

As (Y/N) sat in the catering arena of the Allstate Arena, she overheard a conversation between Kevin and Chris. Honestly it was a wonder no one else was paying attention to them with as loud as they were being.

“Be honest with me, who’d you rather fuck out of the chicks in here?” Chris’ voice was hushed, though still quite distinct over the other plethora of voices in the small, packed room. “So, basically out of Sasha, (Y/N), Charlotte, and Alicia?”

Kevin licked his lips and let out a dry laugh, adjusting the championship on his shoulder. “There’s only one real answer there; (Y/N). Don’t get me wrong, the others are all attractive, but there’s something about her, y'know?” His eyes were focused on the back of her head now, she could feel it. Her face was tinted with a deep red color, and she found it hard to not look over at the two of them. Since when did anyone like her better than the more popular girls?

Chris nodded at the question, adjusting his own championship as he joined in on watching (Y/N). “Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. She’s who I would’ve chosen too.” His voice was lustful and she knew that they knew she could hear them.

(Y/N) cleared her throat lightly and promptly stood, turning and walking out of catering without looking at the two best friends. Her face was still a deep crimson in color as she walked down the hallway to her locker room. She heard the sound of two sets of footsteps, but ignored it and slid into her locker room without incident; however only seconds later there was knocking on her door.

“I’m busy,” (Y/N) called out as a quick lie, “I’m about to go shower.” She added on after a moment, walking into the bathroom. Maybe a nice hot shower would calm her down after that encounter with Kevin and Chris?

(Y/N) slowly undressed herself, her thoughts lingering on the two champions. She had found Chris attractive since back in the ‘Attitude Era’, however, she had never been vocal about her attraction to him. Kevin was a different story entirely as it was known by the majority of the women’s locker room that she found him extremely attractive; what if one of those little snitches told him? She wouldn’t put it past any of them. With an annoyed eye roll she turned on the warm water and stepped into the shower, groaning.

About ten minutes into the shower (Y/N) swore she heard someone in the main area of her locker room, so she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her before going to investigate. The sight she was met with was Charlotte and Dana rummaging through her bags.

“What the hell are you two doing?” (Y/N) practically yelled, startling the two blondes. Without a reply they grabbed her bag and ran, snickering. “Goddammit,” she growled angrily, running after the two of them despite being in only a towel.

Many of (Y/N)’s coworkers were staring her down as she ran through the corridors half naked and chasing the two other women. Had nobody thought to stop the two troublemakers?! An arm jutted out in front of (Y/N) as she ran in an almost blind with rage, coming close to clotheslining her. She promptly stopped herself, turning to glare at the owner of the arm.

“Cmon, is that any way to look at the man that got your bag back?” Kevin’s voice held a smug amusement as she looked to his side, noticing Chris.

“I helped,” Chris added on with a glare of his own, though his gaze quickly focused back on (Y/N).

“Well, thank you. I’ll just be going now,” (Y/N) reached out for her bag, though Kevin pulled it back with a ‘tsk’.

“You can’t walk all the way back like that,” He gestured to the towel, his eyes lingering, “you can use my locker room.” The (h/c) woman snatched her bag from the brute and went into his locker room, just ready to get dressed and get out of there.

Without a second thought (Y/N) pulled out an outfit and began changing in the middle of the locker room, only to hear whistling as soon as the towel around her dropped. A deep, bright crimson covered her cheeks as she turned to see both Kevin and Chris.

What the fuck, I’m changing!” (Y/N) blushed and attempted to cover herself, only to have her hands forced to her sides by Kevin. He backed her into the door, locking it as he pinned her against it.

“You didn’t let us finish,” his voice was barely above a whisper and extremely lustful, “we want a reward for getting your stuff back for you. I think this is a good start, especially considering everyone knows you’ve got the hots for the both of us.” His breath was hot against her ear, his lips brushing it. The wetness pooling between her legs was undeniable, but how did they find out?

“Charlotte didn’t mind telling us when she went through your phone and saw all those texts you’ve sent to Alexa about us,” Chris mused at the other ear, nibbling it as he finished his sentence. Goddamn Charlotte.

A pair of hands traveled down the slightly wet body of (Y/N), groping her in all kinds of different places before promptly releasing her. Kevin yanked his gym shorts and boxers down simultaneously, his hardened dick springing free. Chris pulled (Y/N) off the wall and shoved her onto her hands and knees in front of Kevin before stripping himself down.

Kevin pushed his dick into (Y/N)’s mouth and, with a fistful of hair, began mouthfucking her. Her hands were placed on his hips to steady herself, nails digging in hard enough to leave marks. She couldn’t deny that she was thoroughly enjoying herself, especially when she felt Chris smack her ass. A soft moan was muffled by Kevin’s dick, which sent a sensation of pleasure throughout him.

“Holy fuck,” he grunted and pulled her mouth off his dick, placing a sloppy kiss on her lips before moving behind her.

Chris assumed the position in front of (Y/N), smacking her with his dick before pushing it into her mouth. She began bobbing her head, one of her hands stroking what she couldn’t take while the other dug into his hip. Kevin grabbed her hips quite roughly and positioned his head under her, licking a slow stroke up her lips while he jerked himself off.

“Oh fuck,” (Y/N) moaned out, licking several strips up Chris’ dick before taking him wholely. Chris let out a groan, tugging the (h/c) locks on her head roughly. Kevin let out a bit of a chuckle and began sucking on (Y/N)’s clit, his beard tickling her thighs. “Kevin, fuck,” she cried out, bucking her hips into his face. Kevin promptly grabbed her waist to keep her still, sitting her gently on his face as he continued to jerk himself off.

“You like my dick in your mouth, don’t you? You’re our little - shit - slut,” Chris practically growled, beginning to gag (Y/N) with his dick. She was gaging loudly, choking slightly, but it was getting her off even more.

“Of fucking course she likes it, you should just feel how wet she is,” Kevin muttered cockily, “taste how fucking sweet she is; how good she is.” His mouth was back on her clit as soon as he was finished speaking.

“I’m close,” (Y/N) announced loudly after pulling her mouth off of Chris’ dick, both men immediately stopping what they were doing. A whine came from the back of her throat, her hand shooting down to pleasure herself and finish the deed.

Ah, ah,” Chris grabbed her hand and pulled her up, “not til we say so.” He grinned, putting his hand on her dripping pussy. He teased her relentlessly with his fingers, barely dipping one in before taking it out and sticking it in her mouth. “Suck,” he ordered, to which (Y/N) gratefully did. Kevin stood behind her and bit roughly on the soft flesh of her neck, marking her. Her whining was muffled by Chris’ finger, though it was evident she was feeling less than pleased.

“Shh, we’ve got you baby girl,” Kevin muttered, turning her to face him, his dick teasing the woman’s dripping pussy. In response (Y/N) bucked her hips backwards, begging silently for him. Smug as ever the champion let out a chuckle and lifted one of her legs, throwing it over his shoulder. He held her hip tight with one hand and his other was on her leg as he entered her.

Fuck, oh fuck yes,” (Y/N) cried desperately, clawing aggressively at Kevin’s back. He growled in response and began thrusting; he went from slow to extremely fast in a matter of seconds, seemingly also desperate. Chris, somewhat jealous and annoyed that he had to wait his turn, began fondling the breasts of (Y/N) without mercy. His hands were roughly squeezing her breasts, his mouth marking the opposing side of her neck.

“Ugh - fuck, baby - I’m close,” Kevin warned hoarsely, his thrusts never losing speed as (Y/N) clung helplessly to him. Her legs were jelly and she too was close, indicated by her incoherent moaning. Kevin began grunting and panting heavily, quickly he pulled out of (Y/N) and pushed her to the ground. She opened her mouth eagerly, her hand working on helping her achieve her own orgasm. Kevin pumped himself in his hand, a loud ‘shit’ coming from his mouth as he came onto the face of (Y/N).

“Mm, now come here,” Chris muttered gruffly, grabbing her by the hips and shoving his dick into her. She cried out as he began thrusting at an unusually slow pace, come dripping down her face. Kevin gathered it with a finger and put it to her mouth, allowing her to suck his finger clean. “That’s right you fucking slut, let me pound that pussy,” he growled possessively, his thrusting increasing to a speed similar to Kevin’s.

The sound of skin on skin and moaning that was filling the room had drawn a small crowd outside the locker room door, all of them wondering who was inside. The New Day members had speculated as had Sheamus, though none of their predictions were fully right.

Chris and (Y/N) were both moaning and yelling incoherent words as Kevin dressed himself, trying to not get all hot and bothered by their sounds. (Y/N) screamed out a bunch of ‘fuck yes’ as she hit her orgasm, her body shaking with pleasure. With one final grunt Chris pulled out and shoved his dick in (Y/N)’s mouth, his come shooting down her throat. She swallowed without hesitation before kissing his top and standing, both parties panting heavily.

“You’re ours now, that pussy is ours now, you got that?” Kevin asked arrogantly, pulling her in for a kiss. She kissed him back passionately, mumbling against his lips as a ‘yes’. She pulled away from him and gathered her clothing, quick to put it on. Chris also clothed himself before pulling the locker room door open, an annoyed growl coming from him when he saw the small group.

“That’s right; she’s ours. Now get the hell out of here before you all go on the list!”

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Believe - A Roman Reigns Valentine’s Day One-Shot

Still hurting from a nasty breakup, Livia is convinced that love does not exist. But Roman decides to prove her wrong…in the most romantic way possible. A VERY FLUFFY Valentine’s Day one-shot. Roman/OC

Inspired by yet another fic I read ages ago.

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Livia Myles snorted with disdain at the red circle surrounding the date before tearing her eyes away from the calendar hanging on the wall. Tomorrow was February the fourteenth. Who cared? Everyone on the WWE roster except her, apparently. She used to care, once upon a time. She used to get all giddy with excitement too whenever that date came around. But that was when everything was going right for her.

What a difference one year made.

It felt like it was just yesterday when she was celebrating Valentine’s Day with her fiancé and making plans for their summer wedding. He would soon dump her and run off with another woman a month before they were to marry. Apparently he just couldn’t “keep up with her busy work schedule”. Then, as if she hadn’t been humiliated enough, he proceeded to publicly and unapologetically flaunt his new trophy on every social media platform there was to offer. Her eyes welled up with tears at the thought of that asshole and everything she had sacrificed for his ungrateful ass.

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To Find A Home - Part Four

Summary: Y/N and Bellamy fight to protect Charlotte from Murphy, while also dealing with the consequences of Wells’ death.

Warning: character death, suicide, swearing, violence

Word count: 4261

Main masterlist / To Find A Home masterlist

Previous part - Next part

Wells was dead.

I hadn’t known him very well, but something about the way he’d died shook me to the core. Tim had found him in the early hours of the day, lying face down in a pool of his own blood at the bottom of the grave he’d been digging for Atom. Bellamy had tried to hide the body before Clarke could see it but he was too late. Her scream had echoed throughout the camp and I could only watch as she threw herself at Wells, trying to revive him. But he was long gone.

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Just really the few noticeable differences would really show, but nothing more. No skimpy outfits, no giant breasts, none of the “no organ waist”, and definitely no copy-paste same face as most women of this world tend to have.

Doubt I’d be considered one of your bland looking “pretty girls” nor do I care either. I’m already beautiful as I am, thanks~ 

Also, what? Hell no!

The Silver Bullet

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+ Scott McCall and his pack (specifically Issac)- Teen Wolf

author’s note: so obviously “Harry, Barry, and the Cold Assistant” was not a popular imagine, i want to apologize for how shitty that imagine was. ANYWAYS i’m trying out a little “theme” with my imagines– doing the bold upper case in every imagine, idk. i’m working on some requests right now but here’s just a little teen wolf imagine. 

Prompt: the pack thought you were dead but in which you evolved like derek, but the pack overlooks you as a friend and thinks nothing of it. you come up wth a fake name and start over because you’re “dead”. 

THE PACK THOUGHT YOU DIED when the you pushed Allison out of the way and the Oni stabbed you. 

What they didn’t know is that, like Derek, you evolved into something greater. 

It wasn’t completely unexpected of the pack, they were going through an overwhelming amount of issues at the time. They didn’t notice how your eyes shifted from blue to a cool, steel silver– like a bullet. 

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Charlotte & Cadros: C - S Supports

(Cadros belongs to @lightningbug-lane ! Go check her out!)

C Support

  • Charlotte: (Oooooh, there’s King Cadros… He’s so handsome. And a king! That’s my kind of man.)
  • Cadros:  ♪ Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm…  ♪
  • Charlotte: (He’s coming this way! Here goes nothing…)
  • Charlotte: Eeeek!
  • Cadros: Oh! Are you alright?
  • Charlotte: Clumsy me… I must have tripped over my own feet!
  • Charlotte: Good thing there was such a strong, charming man to catch me…
  • Cadros: Ah… I would appreciate it if you stopped touching my face.
  • Charlotte: Oh, I’m sorry…
  • Charlotte: (He didn’t even flinch! What the hell?)
  • Cadros: Now, if you’re sure you’re fine, I’ll be taking my leave.
  • Charlotte: O-Okay. Thank you again for catching me, King Cadros!
  • Charlotte: (Ugh! That ALWAYS works! Hm… Wait, I know! No man can resist my cooking!)
  • Charlotte: King Cadros, wait!
  • Cadros: Hm? Is there something else you need?
  • Charlotte: Well, I should really thank you properly for saving my life…
  • Cadros: Saved your life? That’s overstating it a little, don’t you think?
  • Charlotte: SOOOOOO, let me cook you a scrumptious meal! I’m a fantastic chef, you know! ♪
  • Cadros: Ah… I’m sure you are but, unfortunately, I just ate.
  • Charlotte: Oh, of course… I suppose I’ll just eat alone, again… *sniffle* *sob*
  • Cadros: Urk… I suppose there’s always room for more food…
  • Charlotte: (HA! Hook, line, and sinker.)
  • Cadros: Pardon me?
  • Charlotte: Hm? I didn’t say anything. It must have been the wind!
  • Cadros: Indeed…

B Support

  • Charlotte: (It’s been DAYS since Cadros ate my food and he still doesn’t even bat an eye at me! What’s wrong with him?!)
  • Cadros: Charlotte.
  • Charlotte: ACK!
  • Charlotte: O-Oh! King Cadros! (Wait, what? Maybe it DID work!)
  • Cadros: Do you have time to talk?
  • Charlotte: I always have time for you, King Cadros! ♪
  • Cadros: Errr, yes, that’s what I wish to speak to you about.
  • Cadros: I sense that you are not being forthright in your conversations with me.
  • Charlotte: W-Whatever do you mean?
  • Cadros: You are creating a facade of innocence to mask your true personality.
  • Charlotte: …You’re mistaken.
  • Cadros: Am I? I’ve learned a bit about you from around the camp.
  • Cadros: You are from a poor family, but managed to work your way through the ranks to become a member of royal guard for Nohr.
  • Cadros: Then, shortly thereafter, you were demoted for being too “fragile” during the visit of a nobleman.
  • Cadros: Now, how would a “fragile” woman such as yourself even join the royal guard in the first place?
  • Charlotte: …
  • Cadros: You mask your strength in order to keep from intimidating men, that you may marry for money. Correct?
  • Charlotte: …Fine. You caught me. Now you’re gonna spill my secret to the entire army, right?
  • Cadros: Nonsense. The image you create for yourself is your business. I merely wish to give you some unsolicited advice.
  • Charlotte: …Alright.
  • Cadros: Do you know the story of how I met Azura’s mother?
  • Charlotte: No.
  • Cadros: I used to be just another poor village child like yourself. One day, I wandered into the castle and was caught by the guards.
  • Cadros: I don’t even remember why I was there… But I caused such a fuss that I caught the princess’s attention.
  • Cadros: When she saw what was happening, she insisted that the guards leave me alone. We began to converse and soon fell in love.
  • Charlotte: What’s your point?
  • Cadros: If I had tried to act like a different, more sophisticated man then, I would never have met the love of my life.
  • Charlotte: Oh.
  • Cadros: The men who are afraid of who you really are, Charlotte, are not the ones for you.
  • Cadros: Somewhere out there is a prince who will love you for you. I’m certain of it.
  • Charlotte: …If you say so.

A Support

  • Charlotte: Hey, Cadros!
  • Cadros: Hello, Charlotte. You’re looking chipper.
  • Charlotte: Remember the advice you gave me the other day? Well, I’ve been trying to be myself more.
  • Charlotte: Not in front of everyone, of course – just the occasional villager or passing nobleman.
  • Charlotte: And it’s working! Turns out, guys around here LOVE the idea of a powerful woman. Who knew?
  • Cadros: Haha. I suspected as much. You know, I heard some of the army members are planning a dance to raise morale.
  • Charlotte: Oh, yeah, I heard that, too. I’m sure the great king Cadros must have lots of suitors wanting to take him to an event like that.
  • Cadros: Perhaps. However, I haven’t found anyone I desire to go with.
  • Cadros: And what about you? I’m sure you have quite the list of prospective dates with your new lease on life.
  • Charlotte: Oh… sure, but I don’t think I’m gonna go.
  • Cadros: Hm? Why not?
  • Charlotte: Well… I can’t dance.
  • Cadros: Is that all? Well… Perhaps I could teach you.
  • Charlotte: You’d do that?
  • Cadros: Certainly. As king, I’ve had quite a bit of experience. I have a few things I need to get done, but perhaps we can meet later tonight?
  • Charlotte: Sure, what do I have to lose?

S Support

  • Charlotte: (Ack, I’m so nervous. I’ve been practicing with Cadros for days, but dancing at a public event is still a terrifying thought!)
  • Cadros: Hello, Charlotte. You look wonderful this evening.
  • Charlotte: Cadros! You made it!
  • Cadros: Indeed. And who is your lucky date?
  • Charlotte: Oh, uh… I didn’t come with anyone.
  • Cadros: What? Why not?
  • Charlotte: N-No reason. And what about you? Did you come with anyone?
  • Cadros: No, I did not.
  • Charlotte: Well… Since we’re both here alone anyway… Ugh, what the hell. Wanna dance?
  • Cadros: …Heh. That sounds delightful.
  • Charlotte: …
  • Cadros: …
  • Cadros: You’ve improved quite a bit since our first lesson together.
  • Charlotte: Thanks. I feel like everyone’s staring at me, though.
  • Cadros: Relax. Focus on me.
  • Charlotte: (That shouldn’t be hard…)
  • Cadros: Pardon me?
  • Charlotte: Oh, uh, nothing.
  • Cadros: …
  • Charlotte: …
  • Cadros: Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?
  • Charlotte: Oh! Well, uh, yes. But thank you anyway. Your eyes are nice, too.
  • Cadros: Thank you.
  • Charlotte: …
  • Cadros: …
  • Charlotte: Looks like everyone’s leaving the dance floor to get food.
  • Cadros: I suppose we should, too.
  • Charlotte: Probably.
  • Cadros: …
  • Charlotte: …
  • Cadros: Charlotte, I must confess something.
  • Charlotte: Yes, Cadros?
  • Cadros: Dancing with you makes me feel a kind of excitement I haven’t felt in many years.
  • Charlotte: Oh?
  • Cadros: Yes… I believe I last felt it when I began courting Arete.
  • Charlotte: O-Oh! Wait, are you saying…?
  • Cadros: I suppose I am. Charlotte, I believe I have fallen in love with you.
  • Charlotte: Cadros… I’m speechless…
  • Cadros: You needn’t say anything. I am happy to continue dancing with you even if you do not feel the same way.
  • Charlotte: Oh, Cadros. I DO feel the same way.
  • Cadros: You do?
  • Charlotte: Yes. You taught me that I can be myself… and you still stuck by me even when you learned who I really am.
  • Charlotte: I want to be with you forever.
  • Cadros: My love… that would make me very happy, indeed.
To Find A Home - Part Ten

Originally posted by bobmorleyisking

Summary: When Murphy comes back to camp with a mysterious illness, Y/N must put aside her grief to keep her friends alive.

Warning: cursing, violence, sickness, character death

Word count: 3678

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A/N: So I know I said I would put this part tomorrow, but then I realized I’m going to be travelling all day and I’ll probably be home really late. So here you go! I hope you like this part, remember to tell me what you thought about it!

I stared at the wreckage of the Exodus ship, trying to find my father’s remains among the debris and the flames. Charred skeletons littered the area and I knelt near each one of them, searching for a sign of Marcus Kane. I didn’t know what would be worse: discovering my father’s corpse and knowing for sure he had died in pain or never finding any answer and live in doubt for the rest of my life.

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Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 2

The idea of Charlotte and Flora being friends GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE AHHHH. And WOW F!Kamui’s voice in here is super cute. 

This track was considerably easier since Odin and Niles weren’t here. Both of them have a bit of a slur when they talk, like most ‘rougher’ anime men and some women do. Xander and Leo are fairly articulate because of their royal upbringing, and Laslow… isn’t rough. 


Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE.

the ending of this one killed me XD

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Jess dragging Sam to a karaoke bar and serenading him with “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” He’s totally embarrassed at first, because what do you even do when people are singing at you this is so weird — but her voice gets all husky when she sings and it’s really really sexy and everyone else at the bar is wolf-whistling and cheering him on. So he decides fuck it, climbs up onto the stage, grabs the mic out of her hand mid-chorus, and kisses that cute little smirk right off her face.

(The bartender decides they’re a disgustingly cute couple and snaps a photo of them for the bar’s “wall of fame”-type bulletin board. Ten years later, the photo’s still there.)

please get out of my face with this how dare you