what the hell are you drawing


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This was waaay too much fun, help how does anyone draw these two without just laying down on the floor and giving up from adorable overload, just this alone destroyed me


Yurio disapproves, he does not understand the appeal of this aesthetic (clearly the 90s are where it’s at), he’s ashamed and you should be ashamed, what the hell are you even wearing, god you’re so old

*picture falls from Max’s bag. Chloe sees it*
C: “ Wait, Max, a picture fell from–uh?! …Thanks, Max, nice shot!”
M: “ What…?”
C: “ I didn’t know you took a picture of me at the pool… I look hella sexy, here!”
M: “ …Shit! Chloe, give it back!”
C: “ Hahaha, no way! …Did you want to keep it for yourself?! You’re such a perv-nerd!”
C: “ I could, but I want something in return… ”
M: “ What the hell do you want?! ”
C: “ I’ll give it to you and forget about it… but you have to kiss me. ”
M: “ God, not again! ”

*apologizes for unnecessary scenario*



He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<


A Book of Natural Philosophy: Dunwall rare creatures pt. 1/?


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

A thing that I love about anime is that the animators often use themselves as references for certain expressions, poses, gestures, etc. (and especially often for drawing hands)

Now imagine one of the animators behind Yuri on Ice trying to draw this scene, and turning to their colleague in the desk beside them:

“I’m gonna need your help, mate. Mind sliding this ring on my/that person’s finger as I take pictures?”

“…Remind me, what anime are you drawing again?”

The idea that something similar probably went down in some animation studio in Japan during the production of this anime makes me laugh.

Or maybe they’re so used to drawing completely random stuff that they’re like yeah, what the hell, why not, but I like thinking about it this way.

Just tweaking a few things here and there on a report for uni, and erm…. 

…looks like someone’s decided to show their face after a month or so.

Yeah, I thought it was you. What do you want now Anti?

No, I’m not giving you cookies. The last thing a tiny version of a hyperactive psychopath needs is sugar. Plus I don’t have any cookies. 

..Don’t look at me like that. I don’t have any cookies! And even if I did I’m not giving you a crumb! 

..You don’t scare me. The most you could do is give me a paper cut with that tiny knife of yours. Where did you even get that, I don’t remember drawing you with any weapons?…

WOW! HEY! WHAT THE HELL, DUDE?! Why you be a dick to me?! 

(So, basically, my supply of cookies must now become a major priority in my life.) 

Terajima’s birthday drawings for Miyuki!!!


When he’s so happy that he can’t stop talking. -Terajima

Miyuki’s birthday when he was a 3rd year in elementary school.

Miyuki: What the hell were you thinking leaving the presents and the cake so obviously on the table! I found them just as soon as I came back home! Also, this chocolate cake, we both don’t really like it, do we? Have you forgotten that we couldn’t eat it up last year? And this isn’t the glove I wanted, so I’m gonna go return it and get another one! I wanted a catcher’s glove!!!

Miyuki’s dad: Can I drink my beer…


The day he got his first catcher’s glove. -Terajima

11/17 Miyuki’s birthday when he was a 1st year at junior high school.

Miyuki’s dad: Heey, what’s with the cake? Won’t you eat it?


And now. -Terajima

Koushuu: What? Birthday…? Does he have a birthday…?

Eijun: That’s a problematical statement, wolf boy!! What have you been thinking our captain is!??

Tosaki’s wedding

Haha okay so: 31.07. Day 7: rest?  | anything goes  | sun

I decided to take this day to draw Tosaki’s wedding (with his fiance, I think her name is Ai?) in a happy ending maybe…haha I don’t know it seemed like a funny idea in my mind XD and drawing all this crap was actually really fun. So this was clearly meant to be ridiculous so, what the hell? I just hope you enjoy and laugh with me at this shit I made. 

Since Ajin is such a dense manga, and I really love the characters, sometimes I just feel like I want to see them doing stupid things together… (unfortunately I didn’t think it’d be right to include Sato and the others here xd except for Tanaka, cuz he’s just a cinnamon roll). 

(Anyway I apologize for the bad quality of some drawings that are next ): when I’ve my computer fixed, I’ll make them well).


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It’s a ridiculous thing to complain about, but it always annoys me when modern witches forget that there are countless magical systems with very different beliefs and practices and entities and they’re not interchangeable.

“That’s not actually how you summon/exorcise a demon!” Cool, thanks. Didn’t ask. What definition of ‘demon’ are you using? Which belief system are you drawing from? Even 16th century English Christian demonology varies wildly because every author of magical texts seems to have wanted to make their Hell special and unique and better than the last. God help you if you’re trying to apply the same rules across cultures.

gettin-schwifty  asked:

Hi! If you are still doing fluffy doodles and have time, could you draw Dipper and Stan watching one of Stan's old lady movies please?

So MAYBE the Duke is actually an asshole, they’re willing to accept that. But the Duke’s soft spoken butler?! There’s no way a good guy like Mr Cumberbundibumpkis would be responsible for slipping the poison into Madame Elizilizabeth’s afternoon tea!

Did you ever notice in the Fallout games (at least Fallout 3 and up) if you attack a group of say five bandits; 1 has a flame thrower, 1 has a minigun, 2 have automatic rifles or shotguns and grenades, and then there’s that one motherfucker with a tire iron or pool cue… who did he piss off? I mean what the hell kind of short straw did he draw that his buddies wouldn’t even lend him a handgun.

kakashisempaii  asked:

I mean, how long have you been drawing? BECAUSE, GOD. YOUR DRAWINGS KEEP MAKING ME SPEECHLESS. I ADMIRE THEM LIKE HELL OMG. YOUR STYLE IS SO GREAT AND YOU'RE AWESOLE. And dude, you were drawing on photoshop- İ wanna see those old drawings of yours <3


AHHHH OMG?? OMG! AH WOW I haven’t been asked that before, that’s so cool of you!! ( /U\)!!!!! I WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO SHARE! 

• I will try my absolute best not to clog up your dashboards with my old artwork, but to be completely honest, I am SO excited to share what I’ve done outside of this blog! •

I drew on Photoshop ALL👏 the👏 time.👏 It was all I ever knew since high school and I had my own story and comic and characters in this chaotic tale inspired by everything I loved in games like Bioshock, Dishonored, Soul Reaver, Halo, Gears of War, etc–

It was centered around a homeless Chancellor who built himself a castle out of cardboard on the streets; But contrary to what the townspeople believed, he actually IS royalty! Once word gets out that the dying queen has a bachelor son somewhere, the world goes crazy searching for this flamboyant hobo- Which led him to obtaining an undead bodyguard, and a cracked-up bounty-hunting android!

I had concept art for the world, characters and creatures too!

I had so much passion in this story and I had been working on it for years, coming out with a few series revolving around him before Undertale came around XD So, the comic’s currently on hiatus. Eventually, I’ll juggle between that story and UT; but I’ll always be drawing whatever makes me happy!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING! Getting to talk about this feels so nostalgic ( Ú▿Ù)💕

A month ago I found on YouTube amazing animation called, “Welcome to Hell”. Since then, my life completely changed. Thank you Erica Wester! And thank you, accident!
Yes. That’s Maxwell, but I’m still not good at drawing like this. He’s in Jon’s hoodie, what also isn’t made very well. But I think…that’s cute? “Wait…that was terrible”…