what the hell are you doing chloe

*picture falls from Max’s bag. Chloe sees it*
C: “ Wait, Max, a picture fell from–uh?! …Thanks, Max, nice shot!”
M: “ What…?”
C: “ I didn’t know you took a picture of me at the pool… I look hella sexy, here!”
M: “ …Shit! Chloe, give it back!”
C: “ Hahaha, no way! …Did you want to keep it for yourself?! You’re such a perv-nerd!”
C: “ I could, but I want something in return… ”
M: “ What the hell do you want?! ”
C: “ I’ll give it to you and forget about it… but you have to kiss me. ”
M: “ God, not again! ”

*apologizes for unnecessary scenario*

imagine your otp kinda

person a: hey come in me bro!

person b: d-don-don’t you mean “come at m-”

person a: bitch did i fucking stutter

  • Person: Do you like musicals?
  • Me: *cough* Yes.
  • Person: Which do you like?
  • Me: ...
  • Person: Shi-
  • Me: EnDoFmaYoReArlYjUneIlovEPlaYrEHArsalBEcaUseitSthEbeStAlexAnderHamiltonMahNameisYouMakeMYBaLLsSoBLUEEE-WHynOwAREyoUpUllinGonMyDICKGOOdMoRNIngWoRLDAnDALLHELPlesssSaTISFEDDTwOPlayErGamESoWhENYoUMaKeANAttAckYOuKnowYougottaBrotherGonnaHAvEYOurBacKREINVentIOnIMaYnOtLiVeToSeeOurGlORyYoUHURTthemBadlyyYouAreMySOnMyDeaDgAYsONMiChAeLinTheBatHRoomAtAPartttyyyBREAkAVaseITsHAlloWEenPaRDOnMeArEyOUAnOtheRmIgRianeIstOLeMyOldErbROtherSjAsONmASKISitREallYTRueIMyouREfAvoRitePesONBoyF-WhAtDOesTHaTeVEnMeaN*BAcKpAckDinK*ANdPeGGy!
  • Person: What the hell...

Thoughts about Chloé

her character, the influence of her mother and her future role

I am sure you all looked up when this came on in the second episode of the new season. It tells us a little bit about Chloés mother and a lot about why Chloé is how she is.

This obviously contains SPOILERS from the second episode. More than just the picture above~

This is going to be a small analysis focusing on Chloés character, her behaviour and the connection to her mother. You can always skip a part because there will be a bit of text to read. I will also discuss what’s with her being a future miraculous holder. Enjoy!

Let’s start with the screenshot.

It seems like she gets the bear from her father. It would be just another gift for his precious daughter and looks logical to me. Like every other child she does everything with Mr. Cuddles and he is her dearest friend. I assume that because of the huge impact he has on her in the second episode. Not everyone would hear to what a butler and an old bear say. Not if he wouldn’t share important memories and emotions with Chloé.

But let’s move through the three illustrations on the right. They spend a good time together. The teddy comforts her and is there when she is sad. He takes away her loneliness and is always by her side. She proudly shows her friend to little Adrien (wearing the same outfit he does in the present XD) who seems interested. Something everyone with a dear stuffed animal from the childhood can realte to.

However most important is the picture on the left. I guess the woman who faces Chloé with her back is her mother. (Honestly I am not super sure if there is any more information in another episode on her mother. Please let me now, I will edit the post then^^) Her mother looks like a model or a rich woman. Trendy, expensive and chic. If she is a model she might have traveled a lot in Chloés childhood. Even if she just married rich she could have also been traveling a lot just for fun. She might have been ignorant since we know nothing about her character. That would underline the guess that Chloés mother gave her little attention leaving her mostly alone with a stack of toys or whatever. Her father trying to fill the empty side of her with gifts. Another option would be that her mother and father are divorced. It would lead to the same conclusion about her getting even more spoiled from her father. Nothing special for a divorced couple right?

This is a huge thing because it pretty much explains why Chloé is such a brat. I couldn’t really understand why she would get a miraculous! She was just such an annoying character causing mostly the akuma attacs in season 1… Even Thomas Astruc twittered in 2016 that mean people (like Chloé) would never be holding a miraculous.

It was really interesting to think about it and I am looking forward to a huge character deveopment in season 2. Maybe what happend in the second episode is the start.

But lets get back to the explaination of her behavior. She needs the attention she never got when she was little. A lack of trust and little experience with relationships leading to her finding it the easiest to get bad attention. She might not even see the bad attention just looking over it.

It’s obvious that she is still a child in heart. Still a little lonely, still with a lack of confidence (only getting it through expensive brands and other people like her father, Sabrina or ladybug. Even through Adrien. And through showing her power by mocking others). Look at the way she acts when she was upset about Adrien not wanting to be her friend anymore. Suddenly she is a little child eating chocolate and sticking her finger in her mouth. No confidence, just sadness and not knowing what to do. She really is helpless sometimes. Also she snapped back to her childish behaviour in the episode of antibug. She plays with Sabrina like every child would do. Running around in (now well made) costumes and having a good time but keeping it a secret since she isn’t a real child anymore.

Furthermore she was very upset with her butler when her classmates saw Mr. Cuddles. So she is embarrassed about her childish side. Loosing all confidence in the moment and getting strength back through showing her power by fireing her butler. (Or acting impulsive because she is angry…)

So what do we overlook about Chloé?

  • She is very childish
  • She has no real confidence
  • She needs attention because of her busy parents

A solution for these “problems” would be her getting good and strong friends. Together she could overcome her bratty characteristics making her suitable for a miraculous holder. Sabrina sure is a good friend but she agrees with everything Chloé says and that does not help her. Adrien helped her in the second episode by telling her the truth. She is mean to others. So what if she gets less and less mean in every episode? If we consider what Thomas said she can’t be mean anymore when she gets her miraculous.

Guys there is a lot I could talk about! Like why hawkmoth has a miraculous when he is mean? What does he value more: his son or his power and what the hell does he want to archive when he has all the power he wants? If it’s okay to compare Marinette and Chloé, what’s with the relationship of her and Adrien, her having ladybug as a role model? I have sooo many thoughts and please let me know what you think!! I spend a few evenings working in this XD Oh man… I really could do stuff with more sense…

[Miraculous Ladybug]: A Full Commitment’s What I’m Thinking Of

idk man, i haven’t written the lovesquare in a while, and for some reason i wanted come crack-ish MiracuClass antics, so sue me

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: A Full Commitment’s What I’m Thinking Of

Summary: Sometimes, when you’re friends are so obviously in love and they’re taking forever to get with the program, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. 

In which Alya takes matchmaking to a whole new level, Nino tries to be the voice of reason, the entire class is incapable of keeping a secret, and Marinette and Adrien just try to have a decent picnic

A Full Commitment’s What I’m Thinking Of

“A class picnic?”

Alya nodded as she scribbled a time and a location on the back of Marinette’s hand. “Yup. I figured it’d be fun. School year’s ending, the weather is beautiful, and exams are just about wrapped up. Thought it’d be a cool casual thing.”

“You didn’t tell me you were planning this,” Marinette said. “I could’ve helped you!”

“Oh, don’t even worried about it, girlie,” Alya assured. “You’ve been so busy with class rep stuff lately I just went and asked Nino for help. Worked out just fine, too. He’s been helping me handle music and food.”

Marinette smiled. “This is so sweet! I can’t believe you did all this for everyone. Is everyone else coming?”

“Oh yeah,” Alya insisted. “Everyone in class. Even Adrien.”

Alya expected some blushing and stammering, but Marinette merely blinked at her. “Adrien’s going to be there?”

“Of course! He was super excited when he found out you were coming.”

Marinette lifted both of her brows in surprise. “He was?”

Alya patted Marinette on the shoulder. “I would never lie to you. So yeah, you should definitely come. After school today, don’t forget.”

“Ok cool!” Marinette nodded. “Do you wanna walk over together with Nino and — ”

NO!” Alya shouted, hands darting out to grab Marinette’s shoulders. Marinette jumped in shock and leaned away from Alya’s frantic looking expression. Alya bit her lip and sighed out through her nose. “I-I mean….nah, i-it’s fine. I have to help Nino with….something after school anyway. Uh….I’ll meet you there a little afterwards.”

“Um…okay,” Marinette said. “You sure you and Nino don’t need any — ”

“Nope! No help!” Alya insisted, spinning Marinette around and marching her over to the locker room. “You just get your books together and meet us at the park. It’ll be a blast.”

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  • Rose: Hey Ladybug and Chat Noir are so cute together
  • Juleka: yeah
  • Alya: I know, right?
  • Mylene: Didn't Ladybug kiss Chat Noir that one time?
  • Chloe: oh yeah, that was cute!
  • Marinette: but... Didn't she just do it to save him? *looking away*
  • Adrien: *smashes through window*
  • Marinette:
  • Marinette: why are you at my house
My Dancer

Originally posted by ryoutahkises

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Since requests are open could you write something about how you’re a dancer and Shawn comes to watch one of you performances and it completely blown away bc he’s never actually see a performance, just practices???? Thank youuuuu

Warning(s): Shitty writing??? Angst??? Fluff?? idk anymore

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this and i’m so sorry that it’s late but ITS HERE!!! AND IM SORRY ITS NOT EXACTLY WHAT U ASKED FOR BUT I HOPE U ENJOY IT NONETHELESS

Friday, September 22, 2017

- Can you come pick me up from practice, please?

- Be there in 5 xx

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Jake, Rich, Jenna, Brooke, Chloe and Christine? What did you all think of Jeremy and Michael before the whole squip thing?

Jake: I thought Jeremy was… well, it was weird. I didn’t really know he existed?

Rich: I knew Michael, he was my weed guy, and occasionally got me pipes and stuff.

Jenna: I know everybody. I know what everyone’s doing. But I couldn’t get a read on Michael… jeremy was easy, hell I caught him jerking it in the men’s locker room.

Christine: that… that’s weird. But I vaguely knew of Jeremy, I thought he was dating Michael back then honestly.

Brooke: Me too. I just assumed they were gay.

Chloe: Same here. Weird and gay.

Jeremy: Wow. I feel loved.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Just Asking For Some Privacy

finally get to reveal my fic from the ML Ultimate Guess Who Game that @mlficwritersanon​ organized!! also, it’s in the top 10 of fics with most kudos which, wow, holy shit, thank you so much :)

i don’t write gen fics often so it was really heartwarming to see one get this much attention, so thank you all so much for those of you left kudos and comments (even though you didn’t know it was me :P) 

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Just Asking For Some Privacy 
Pairings: Gen Fic: Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Chloe/Queen Bee, Alya/Volpina
Summary: “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?”

The latter half of Adrien’s sentence hung in between the four of them while they all stood in silence and narrowed their eyes at each other.

Now that Adrien mentioned it…that was a little weird.

Just Asking For Some Privacy

So here’s the thing.

Finding the perfect hiding spots for transforming and detransforming was easily the most difficult part about being a superhero. Hands down.

One minute you’re running into the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor about to jump out the window and save the city, the next you’re hiding in the bathroom stall from a mob of older lycée girls touching up their makeup before their first period class, balancing precariously on a toilet, and getting frantic calls from your teammates about why you’re not there to help fight an akuma the literal size of the Eiffel Tower.

Then you have to show up to a fight and explain why your foot is drenched in toilet water all while maintaining the grace and dignity of Ladybug, a.k.a Team Leader, a.k.a. Should Probably Have Her Crap Together Better Than This. You’d think that after a year of being Ladybug this part of the job description would get easier, but apparently that’s just too much to ask for .

“You know it’s not as bad as you think,” Tikki whispered to Marinette as she walked to her next class. “At least you have a lot of free time in between classes and after school to get some privacy. Some Ladybug’s didn’t even have that.”

Marinette pouted. “I know you’re just trying to put things in perspective, but it’s still annoying. I had to transform underneath the reference desk in the library today. I cannot emphasize how impossible that felt in the moment.”

Tikki shrugged and dipped back into Marinette’s bag when she spotted students passing them in the halls. “Might be worth trying to find a new official transformation spot now that you’re in a new school for lycée.”

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  • Beca: What’s up, Bellas? Beca Mitchell here to tell you that tonight is the night for the Halloween Heist.
  • Stacie: Chloe already went over this.
  • Beca: Yeah, Chloe, what the hell are you doing?
  • Chloe: Exercising my right to announce the heist as the defending champion.
  • Beca: Defending champion. The only reason you won is ‘cause no one knew you were even playing. It was a pathetic act of pure cowardice.
  • Cynthia Rose: Whoa, she’s your girlfriend, Mitchell.
  • Beca: Not tonight she isn’t… Although don’t kiss anyone else. I love you so much.
  • ~ quote submitted by yourefiredyoubutt ~
Happy (belated) 4th of July - Clark Kent x Reader

“Can I request one for Clark? Where the reader kinda lived next door but Clark and her have been best friends since the kents found him. And he told you his powers before anyone else because he trust her and loves her more than Lana?” for @brooke-supernatural16

First. This Clark is the one from Smallville because it was requested like so, and because fuck yeah Tom Welling was a great Clark Kent. Second, I wanted to write something for the fourth of July but I was SO NOT feeling it on that day...so here we are, a day later, I found something to still write about the fourth even though we’re not anymore and boom. Anyway. I hope you’ll like it and blahblahblah : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


The day Clark arrived on Earth, you were looking at your bedroom window. 

Of course, you were way too young to understand what was going on, being only but a one year old child. Already at that early age, you were curious about everything, and had stood up in your crib to look out the window when you saw a light going through the sky…Pretty.

Though you were only a small toddler, this memory somewhat stuck with you, and you often referred to it as your earliest memory, though you never really knew how to explain it…So you just went with : “My first memory ever is of a shooting star in the sky. The most beautiful one I’ve ever seen”. 

Only a few days after this “incident”, you first met Clark. 

You couldn’t remember that day, but according to yours and his parents, it instantly clicked between the two of you. So far, you refused to play with any other kids at the day care where your parents had to leave you because they both worked…but with Clark ? You brought your favorite toy to him and, though at first he was a bit confused, he quickly warmed up to you. 

Conveniently, you were his next door neighbor, though “next door neighbor” in Smallville meant that your house was a bit less than a mile away from his. Oh the many times you ran to his house, or he ran to yours…Sometimes, you’d meet in the middle, having had the same idea to go see each others. 

You two were so close, that you were the first and only person, besides, obviously, his parents, to whom he talked about his powers. You guys were seven when he described to you what he could do, and at first, you thought he was joking, until he took a piece of metal and broke it in half…Wow. 

Being the comic nerd you already were, you got overly excited. Of course, you’d never talk about it to anyone, but Hell, sometimes, you’d just ask him to go “super” and do something cool, just for the sake of it. 

When you were sad, instead of comforting you with his clumsy words, he would lift tractors or something. Strangely, it always worked, no matter what, it would always bring a smile to your face. And though he’d never admit it, making you smile made him incredibly happy. 

You were pretty sure you spent at least three quarters of your life in Clark Kent’s company…Well, up until you both turned seventeen. 

You were his first friend, and though Pete and Chloe joined rather quickly, as the years went by, you became his best friend…but of course, as it happens many times between such best friends, someone came in and ruined everything. 

In your case, that someone was called “Lana Lang”.

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anon requested chlonath with 45

“Tell me a secret.”

“Why the hell would I do that?”

Nathanael just blinked at her, clear and open as glass. “Because I’ll do what you want if you do. My price is a secret.”

“Price?” Chloe snorted, irritation burning hot in her veins. “Why would I need to pay you for anything?”

The boy shrugged, and ducked down over his sketchpad, fringe shuffling over those eyes once again.

Unaccountably irritated, Chloe leaned over and made a grab for the pad.

She caught the edge of it, but her attempts to remove it and get him to look at her again fell flat. He had a grip like iron.

He deigned to look at her again with those eyes, and Chloe squashed the urge to throttle him.

“Tell me a secret,” was all he said.

Chloe let go of the pad of paper with a disgusted tch. Folding her arms, she scowled at the wall of the little studio and, reluctantly, she cast around for a “secret” that he might accept as his “price.”

“…Fine,” she half snapped and half sighed when she finally had one. Her shoulders slumped a little in bitter defeat. “I… I fell in love with Adrien on my eighteenth birthday.”

It was weirdly like trying to reason with some ancient deity, he was so unmoving and unmoved. Given her deepest, darkest secrets, he just blinked at her.

And then he closed his sketchpad.

“Alright,” he said, as mild and smooth as he always, always, always was, and slid his long legs to the ground. “What was it you wanted me to do?”

Chloe hit the heel of her palm against her forehead and grumbled, “Teach me how to do laundry, you asshole.”

What a load of work.

Chloe hated work.

Surprisingly enough, after he did the three requisite slow blinks, Nathanael gave her a soft, slow smile.


Chloe would deny that she blushed until the day she died.

Miraculous S2 Thoughts - Despair Bear

I did a post earlier on the first episode of ML Season 2 (The Collector).

Y’all have @butterflies—instead to thank for showing me where to find the English dub of the second episode.  As stated before, message me if you want to watch it.  I apologize in advance for the quality of the gifs.  Normally, I would credit the person who did the video, but I don’t want them to get in trouble in case they’re not a legit outlet.  I can’t read German, so I have no idea who they are o_o  

You can probably figure out where the site is on your own by the watermark on the gifs, though.  If you can’t, message me and I’ll send you the link privately.

Spoilers for Miraculous Season 2 are below the cut!

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24 Hours to Spare

Aubrey Posen had seen her best friend in a million different situations, a million different lights, a million different attitudes and a million different moods.

Recently though it’s been one sweet and bubbly situation leading to her second brightest light, attitude, and mood.


When the redhead had burst into Aubrey’s New York apartment really late one night unannounced, the blonde had immediately thought something horrible was happening. Until she saw the expression on Chloe’s face.

“Oh, Chloe! What’re you doing here?” The blonde happily pulled the girl into a hug and brought her to the couch, turning off the TV she was vaguely watching previously.

“I’m engaged!” The redhead squealed, flashing her small diamond-clad finger.

The blonde was taken aback. The ring was… quaint, definitely not Chloe’s style. And the boyfriend Chloe was now engaged to had only been dating the girl three months.

“Beck proposed?” She asked, forcing herself to bite her tongue and stop thinking of the brunette alt girl she so often referred to as ‘Bec’.

“Yeah! He found me after one of his gigs! DJing at Nitro is the best thing that happened! I’ve seen him almost every day and… Bree he proposed!”

Aubrey forced a thin-lined smile. “I’m so happy for you!”

“Wake up!”

The small brunette jolted awake at the site of the tall blonde standing above her bed.

“Aubrey?! What the hell!” Beca grumbled, sitting up and turning on her bedside lamp and looking at her alarm clock.

3:24 am.

“Chloe got engaged,” Aubrey pointedly said.

Beca immediately swung her legs over the side of her bed and rubbed her eyes. She grabbed her jacket off the floor and slipped into some slippers before walking out into the kitchen.

“Did she… text you or something?” Beca timidly asked as she brewed some tea for herself and handed the blonde a mug of coffee as well.

Aubrey shook her head, “nope. She flew here. You didn’t tell me you two don’t talk anymore.”

And Beca just sort of sat down silently, reminiscing over the slow ending of her friendship with Chloe and how she managed to stay in touch with only Emily and Aubrey as they all grew apart after Worlds two years ago.


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Before the storm: Brave new world

Just some random thoughts:

- I feel sorry for Drew in this episode, his family have really tough time, and the fact that his dad living in a homeless shelter - that’s horrible. Also hope that Mikey will be alright;
- Steph is such a great friend;
- I really love Amberprice dynamic but I can’t help but feeling bad for Joyce and being suspicious about Rachel. Some lines in the game like that one about acting just make me feel concerned;
- but Da Kiss is one of the most beautiful scenes in this episode, hands down;
- the second one is Samantha and Nathan in the end, maybe not for all but definitely for me :’)
- Samantha Myers is also a gift of God;
- I like Nathan’s spooky make-up and the fact that he was doing his best on stage after Sam comfort him;
- But “The Tempest” was such a cringefest, I’M SORRY, it’s only my shitty opinion xD only the part when Rachel start to improvise with Chloe was really good for me;
- Why you and Nathan don’t interact in this game at all, by the way?
- You two are still BFF’s, right? Did I miss something?
- That moment when Victoria falls on the ground and no one’s give a damn?.. Seriously? Even teacher? What the fuck is wrong with you people.
- Little Pompidou is very cute;
- Brief message to Sean Prescott: “Eat shit and die” :^)
- Rachel’s father is also a huge MEH;
- Does Elliot have personality besides being in love with Chloe or he will suddenly disappear after she die?..
- It was nice to see some hints about Warren existance in Blackwell) God I miss this nerd;

The "Right" Way

Authors Notes:
-Asdfghjkl- is the Squip talking to Jeremy
~Asdfghjkl~ is singing ((The tune would be that of the Be More Chill songs: the Squip’s solo and the background chorus))


Jeremy stands just outside Jake’s house, a look of pure determination on his face. He’s figured out a system that -almost- works every time. He thinks he just needs to iron out the last few bugs and pray that God is on his side.

…I thought that LAST time. And the time before that. And the time before that. Now he’s just standing there like a pitiful, lost child.

What he doesn’t realize is his LITERALLY fatal mistake. His very first step. Avoiding the confrontation with… him. I tried to get him to do it the right way the first few times, but he lost all faith in me when I blocked the loser in. Apparently he doesn’t know the term “self-preservation.” I’ll have to fix that.

The last time he fought with Michael, he didn’t rejoin the party. He sat by the door in silence, listening to Michael’s pathetic breakdown. That’s when he decided to try to stop that from happening. On the next loop, he went in, became intoxicated so I wouldn’t interfere (I was getting bored of trying to improve him anyway), and did things differently. Not like it helped; people still keep dying. Michael, Chloe, Brooke, Christine, Jake, Rich, Jenna, even himself a few times. Almost. He rewinds just before he dies. Let’s just hope nothing happens that stops his heart before he even gets the chance to think.

Anyway, I’m bored with just sitting on the sidelines. But moreso I’m bored of living this stupid night over and over again inside his head because he’s too weak to accept death. But if I try to do anything, he’ll just get drunk.

…Looks like it’s time for Plan B.


“What do you want? I thought you were leaving me alone.”

-There’s a right way to do this, to end this night.-

“Oh yeah? What’s that? Locking Michael in the bathroom again?! No way. I swear to God if you try ANYTHING–”

-I won’t. Trust me I want to be finished here just as much as you do. So I’m going to give you my advice. I AM your Squip, after all. It’s my job.-

“…So what’s your advice?”

If I say something extreme first, he will be more likely to listen to the second suggestion.

-Maybe someone NEEDS to die.-

“WHAT?! You’re CRAZY!!”

-No, think about it. It’s a house fire; there are bound to be casualties.-

“Well, yeah, I guess that makes sense… But plenty of people I don’t know die, so…that CAN’T be it!”

-Maybe someone you DO know is just fated to die.-

“‘Fated…to die…?’ But who…? N-no, no! I can’t think this way! I’m not gonna let ANY of my friends die!”

-Maybe you keep failing because you spread yourself too thin. Maybe you should just learn to be okay with failure and death. It seems to be following you anyway.-

“No…that can’t be it… Who could be “fated to die”…?

-I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself. But that’s not all.-

“Oh, GREAT.”

-Don’t worry, it’s easier than playing God and deciding who should die. But it’s just as important, I assure you.-


-You need to stop avoiding the confrontation with Michael.-

“Wh…No! You heard just how upset he gets… I can’t put him through that again…”

-Do you want to watch him die forever?-

“N..no… Of course not… I can’t take that…..”

-Then LISTEN to me. And obey. Or we’ll NEVER get through this.-

-Jeremy, I know what’s best for you. Even if you can’t see it sometimes. ~Everything about you is going to be wonderful.~-

“~But I don’t care so much about me…~”

-~Everything about you is going to be so alive!~-

“~But I can’t even save my friends’ lives…~”

-~Jeeeeeeeremyyyyyy, you can’t try to beeeee the hero you wanna beeeeeeeeee…~ So be more chill.-

“…Be more…chill.”

-That’s right. Now let’s get in there.-

Because of the little pep talk, we end up arriving later than usual. Brooke sees us walk in from across the room and eagerly rushes over to meet us like the dog she’s dressed as.

“Jeremy!” she waves and squirms through the crowd, “I was afraid you weren’t coming; did you get my messages??”

That’s new.

-Play it off.-

“Am I late? Didn’t even realize.” Good. He’s listening to me again. Wait… He’s listening to me again? This doesn’t make… Running neurotypical scan… Showing signs of despondence, hopelessness, and despair. Analyzing probable causes… Ah, of course. The last reset. When Michael went blind. That was the closest he’s ever gotten. And he went and kissed the boy, too. They made it over that pit against all odds, but… It wasn’t enough. They took too long, and the entrance became blocked entirely. No one could get out. He watched as all of his friends choked to death, one by one. He held Michael’s face as he desperately tried to keep him from giving up. He called his name until his very last breath–in that timeline, anyway.

That must be what’s broken him. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s falling back on me again. This…this is perfect. If he lets me guide him through the party, we may actually be able to make it.


Things are going well. Jeremy is doing everything I tell him to. Out of nowhere, he just decides to break off from the group and head to the bathroom.

“This doesn’t feel right. Just…acting like nothing bad is about to happen…”

-It will pass. Eventually, it will pass.-

“How do you–Gwah!”

Jeremy is pulled into the bathroom by Michael. He tries to convince Jeremy that I’m going to ruin his life. Which is ridiculous. My job is to improve his life, not ruin it. By any means necessary.

-You can’t listen to him, Jeremy. I’m the only one who can get us out of this. You’ve tried everything. Give up and let me save us.-

Jeremy stares at the floor, his face as clouded as his vision.

“Get out of my way. You loser…”

After a moment of realization, registering that his “best friend” is mine now, Michael steps to the side. I always feel satisfied when we sever the last link to Jeremy 1.0. I have to take control just to stop Jeremy’s tears from falling and walk us out. I don’t let him stay anywhere near that bathroom.

The rest of the party, he just hangs on the sidelines. Too mentally strained to even try to enjoy himself. It’s not ideal, but I can’t push him too much, or he’ll stop listening to me again. I’ve finally regained his trust; I can’t lose it again. Jeremy watches that Rich kid from across the room. He’s fidgeting on the couch, scratching his head often and muttering to himself. Several people have jokingly asked what was wrong with him, but he dismissed them rather violently. Now he’s pacing around the living room, visibly shaking.

“I still haven’t figured out why he acts like that… I should go ask.”

-If you want to.-

He makes his way to Rich, coming up behind him, and taps his shoulder. Rich nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch. He rounds on Jeremy, grabbing him by the shoulders. Upon closer inspection, his face is pale and panicked, eyes bloodshot and baggy, hair unkempt and shaggy. You’d think he was drinking or smoking, but he hardly smells of alcohol or pot. So what could…?

“I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW REEEEED!!!!!” Rich yells, shaking.

Shit. He’s figured it out. How could his Squip be so idiotic? Sigh… Fine. Looks like he needs to be the one to go. Jeremy tries to soothe him, but there’s no point. He’s lost it.

-Give it up, Jeremy. He’ll be fine.-

Jeremy stops, watching him run around now, out of control. Not long after he flees to the kitchen, screams erupt from within and teens frantically flood from the fire.

-It’s time to go.-

“But Rich is still in there! And I can’t leave Michael behind..!”

-Michael will be fine. He already left.-

“He…he did?”

-Optic nerve blocking.-

“…Right…. But still, what about Rich?!”

-Leave him.-


-Hurry up and get out of here or I’ll do it for you.-

As Jeremy stares awestruck, eyes fixed on the growing flames, Jenna and Christine pass him; Christine stops for a moment to grab him by the arm, “What are you waiting for, Jeremy?! Come on!!” She drags him out, abandoning the other Squipped teen.

By the time Jeremy regains his senses, he scans the crowd. Christine and Jenna are safe, obviously, Chloe has buried herself under his arm, Brooke is sitting by the road, crying, and Jake has his hands to the sides of his head, trying to figure out how the hell he would explain this to his parents. The only one missing is–

“Michael… Where’s Michael?!”

-Jeremy, he’s–

“No!! I won’t risk it!”

He’s going to jump again!

-We finally made it out of there! You’re going to throw that away?! You don’t know that he’s still in there!-

“But I don’t know that he’s not!”

I need to say something and quick. Time jumping is the only thing I can’t stop him from doing!

-Jeremy STOP!! Or you’ll NEVER break free of this.-

He stops. Thank God.

“…You’re sure he’s alive?”

If it’ll get him to not reset, -Yes.-

“…I can’t risk it.”


KRRRRT*,,×,WNwWKO $÷×NENWO [JWN [¥~,WKWL)EMW##@!![,×NAKAO (!(!(JU (KANW÷÷××??+,(€£¥`◇\~¡¿¿¿¿,!+`!,NAAAa (+(+(+÷÷#-,;^





Here we go again.



For a minute I thought this was the “final” timeline, the one where they actually all make it–and I thought what a fantastic idea it would be if the final timeline is what actually happened in the show! So all of the previous timeloops lead up to everything in the actual musical, that’s genius!!

But aaa wreck my hEART AGA IN JESUS, I’m so glad Jer’s so concerned for Michael even though there’s a chance he made it out~~~ And reading everything from the Squip’s POV was so interesting! Especially for this AU, seeing things from his perspective is so neat! I loved it <33333

AND HOLY SHIT I LOVE HOW YOU PUT IN SOME OF THE SONG LYRICS? When I read those I started to sing along and gosh. I am dECEA SE D


I am shook by how amazing this is, I think I need a minute to sit down and breathe omfg

TY for this amazing fic, I have been blessed by the gODS, my plants are thriving, my skin is clear, I have ASCENDED TO THE ASTRAL PLANE))

BEYOND THE PALE | Prof!Seb x Reader – Part 4

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A/N: Sorry about the wait, university is crazy right now! Hope it was worth it though :)

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You walked back to your apartment sluggishly, your heels scraping along the pavement as you did so. The beginnings of fall were starting to settle in early as you noticed that one of the trees on your walk was starting to have it’s leaves change color. You couldn’t even be excited about the approach of your favorite season with your mind racing a million places a minute. The walk back to the house you and Chloe shared took almost double the amount of time it usually did.

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