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*always need those 10YL Bazooka switcharoo situations because it’s awesome and iconic. (If you don’t know what it is; it swaps the place of the person 10 years later.) 

12yo!Akashi is easily frightened off, but then he goes and clings onto Niji once he realizes it’s his senpai hufu. ^q^

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I've been dying to ask this, but how do you do those really pretty gradient triangle/heart shaped hair gloss?

!! Thank you so much for sending me an ask~! I’d love to try explain my process aha! Please forgive me since I’ve never made a tutorial in my life;;; More underneath the cut! (Warning: Long post)

Note: This is for Paint Tool Sai. You can probably emulate the same method in photoshop or possibly gimp as well if you’re resourceful enough.

The short version of how I do just the gradient triangles: *sorry if the pics are funky

Step 1: So to start off, I usually just fill in whatever color hair I’d like to be working with. Avoid using full black since I think the effect comes out better on a slightly more saturated dark shade. 

Step 2: I actually use a custom flat brush that I made myself. It’s terribly simple, literally just a straight edged brush to get really sharp edges when drawing at 100% min size. On a new Luminosity layer (clipped to your hair color layer) I brushed on some light pinks and blues using a marker tool with the flat edge shape *you can set your brush shape to “fine flat” and it should still do the job alright.

Step 3: Since the marker is so faint, I like to use a soft airbrush on lower density (around 25%) and brush on some color to make the gradient more visible.

Step 4: Using the flat marker I check the “exchange normal/transparent color” box (it’s located near your primary and secondary color switcher in SAI). This turns the current brush you are using into an eraser, but it retains the same settings as your brush! I then erase the gradient and form triangles.

Step 5: Then I re-arrange the fractals using the lasso tool. It looks a bit more interesting this way. Feel free to resize/stretch/skew the crystals as you see fit!

Step 6: This part is a bit optional, but I like to use an airbrush and erase certain triangles to make other ones stand out more. It creates a tiny bit of diversity.

Step 7: Make a new luminosity layer (clip this one as well) I use the space brush (100% min size, ~20% density) to loosely brush on some sparkles. I also manually draw a couple + styled sparkles here and there.

Step 8: Just more decorative sparkles lol. Using a regular marker tool (100% min size) I will vary the density and just click once using a mouse to add circles in different colors. The really bright bubble like shines are made with a small sized airbrush at ~80% density *Note that all this is still on the space sparkle luminosity layer

Step 9: Lastly make a new overlay layer over everything and brush on color as you see fit. For the Matsu hair I tend to sample their skin color and brush it onto the bottom center (orangey glow). 

I hope this helps! I’ll be making a longer post about how I actually shaded the Osomatsu-san keychain type hair haha. It’s all been very experimental and mostly just me fooling around, so I’m really happy that people seem to like it! Thank you so much again for asking me~ I love asks q u q

EDIT: I’ve made an even longer in-depth post for jelly hair here.