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Echoes .3

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Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: angst, soulmate au, fluff

Word Count: 6,103

Warnings: slight cursing

Author’s Note: part three of this soulmate series, thank you for being so patient, i’m already planning the next chapters, and a little heads up, but there might be two or three more chapters before the finale!! enjoy :)

Part one. two. three.

Soulmate. When your whole world comes to a stop when destiny draws the pair close.

By the time you get back to your dorm, it’s already dark. The stars are twinkling in contrast to the dark emptiness of space. The view of the sky during your car ride was a changing spectrum of oranges, pinks, purples, and blues. 

After leaving the cafe, you had driven around Seoul for hours, getting off every once in a while, and taking pictures. Although futile, since the pictures would disappear the next day when the time loop reset your world, you loved the act of capturing the scenery into a single square. 

Unlocking the dorm door was a familiar, yet depressing scene. It meant another day of failing to find your soulmate. With the room still dark, you walk over to the compact refrigerator sitting in your tiny kitchen and grab your bottle of water. The brightness of the refrigerator momentarily fills up the room with yellow-tinted light, but disappears along with the sound of the doors shutting.

You walk over and collapse on your couch. Streetlights outside let see the empty road, and the doors of the apartments outside.

1…2…3…you count silently; however, you already know that there are 12 lamps lining the streets outside. Counting streetlights is something you do pointlessly on certain nights. 

You take a sip from the water bottle in your hand and pull up the time from your cell phone. 

11:47 pm shines from the screen. You rest your eyes…another day is over

The lone car cruises down the street and you can hear the soft rumbling of its engine streaking down the pavement. You close you eyes for a moment, and let the events of today replay in your mind.

11:59 pm, you see now on your phone when you open your eyes. On top of the time, May 23, 2016 is written in smaller font.

You stare at the clock and wait to see the clock change, wishing that the date would change along with the time. However, before the time changes, fatigue washes over you, and an ungodly force forces your eyes to close and everything goes blank.

Pitch black darkness.

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Who Knew?

[Summary]: Tony finds out you listen to classic rock music like him.

[Pairing]: Tony x reader

A/N: These three songs were the inspiration for this. You can listen to them here [x] [x] [x] Some of the lyrics are used and are in bold.

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Tony needed to take a nap from all this tiresome lab work. The only place he felt comfortable was in his nice soft bed. As he slowly made his way to the room, he passed Steve’s room and saw you and him were listening to his old records of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw.

“What kind of music do you call that?” Tony asked. “It sounds so boring… so plain… so blah.”

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I’m Back! (And More Tired Then Ever)

Yes my friends I am finally back from my ‘vacation’ and let me tell say, I really missed you guys! I came back home a few hours ago but I kind of fell asleep three times what is wrong with me before writing this so I apologize for that! I want to thank you all for your patience with me when it comes to writing headcanons. Now that I’m back, I’ll continue to post one headcanon a day starting tomorrow because I’m exhausted. I feel like I don’t even remember how to type because I was gone for so long but I promise to keep delivering headcanons to you all! :D

And what the heck is Cheritz doing to me? I’m gone for nine days and I come back to see a totally new update plus a V and/or Saeran route coming out next month?!? I was shaking with excitement when I first saw the announcement but I’m glad I didn’t miss the release! Whether it’s a route for V or Saeran or even Vanderwood, I’m really excited and I hope that you all are too! :3

I also bought my ticket for Otakon 2017 today and I think it would be a lot of fun if any of you guys were going! I’m going all three days and if any of you are going to be there, let me know and you can see how much of an awkward weirdo I am in real life and we can fangirl over Mystic Messenger together! 

Lastly, I want to give myself a little alias type name because I want to make this blog more personable and so it won’t seem like I’m a random person online. So from now on, you can call me Pey if you’d like!! That’s about it my friends! I won’t post anything else tonight because I’m tired as heck but I promise to start posting frequently again starting tomorrow! I hope that you all have a wonderful day/night!! :D

- Pey (mystic-messenger-writing)

mysticminute  asked:

So ive been thinking about getting a vita to play otome games, and its a pretty penny so im on the fence. Would you say its worth it for one? Are the vita games really good or the ones on steam/cellphone are just as fine?

This is something I have had to sit on for the past few days because I was trying to figure out the best way to answer this.

And the conclusion I have come down on is it’s actually very hard to explain.

Only you can decide if you think a Vita is worth it. I will say this, do not buy a Vita for just otome games. Look and see what else is out there that you are interested in.

For me, I bought my Vita for Persona 4 Golden and The Walking Dead Telltale games. So, when I started getting into otome and see that there were otome games on Vita, it was like; heck yes, more reasons that buying this was good!

The biggest upside to Vita otome is, you get the whole game at a set price, they are usually longer (20+ hours), they may have an additional element to the game (such as RPG or puzzle) and they are voiced (partially or fully).

Also, just like with cellphone games, the quality of the games on Vita are a shot in the dark. I have played some games that I have made me very very happy about my purchase and some games that I was less than impressed with. And, at the same time, one can’t really judge the quality of a game from a review, you just have to buy it and try it for yourself and be okay with the fact that you might not be happy with the game.

This is why I now go into games blind. I don’t want to know about any hype surrounding the game because it sets expectations for the story. :/

So, I can’t really say one way or another if you should buy a Vita for just otome, other than don’t buy it for just otome.

But supporting otome is still something you can do without a Vita, but I want more Hakuoki so…. buy a Vita.


Haunted Houses And Ghost Girls - Dylan Sprayberry Halloween Imagine

A/N: This has been in my drafts since October and I never posted it because I though it was terrible. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it

Request: Hi!!! Welcome back!! Can I please have an imagine where you’re apart of the teen wolf cast (or characters if you don’t wanna write real people) and you all go to a set up haunted house where people pop out and the reader is really jumpy and so is another person (maybe one of the boys? Don’t mind who) but everyone finds that hilarious and tease the pair of you and push you toward the front so you can’t hide and make it a whole cast friendship fluff thing? Thank u babes x

There were 3 days left until it was halloween. We had just finished filming the last episode of season 5A of Teen Wolf, so the cast and I were thinking of some things to do before Halloween.

“We could carve jack-o-lanterns?” Shelley suggested

“That seems a little lame. It’s not like we’re toddlers” Dylan Sprayberry commented

“Dylan, you and Y/N are both 17. That makes you guys the youngest out of the whole cast, so you practically still are toddlers” Hoechlin chuckled.

Everyone laughed at the point that Tyler had made while Dylan was glaring at everyone. I’ve gotten used to all of the age jokes. The cast is always making fun of Dylan and I. They call us babies, toddlers, kindergarteners, etc. It’s nothing new, so I don’t know why Dylan always gets upset about it. We quickly moved on from the topic.

“We could go to that Hollywood horror nights thing” Holland said.

“Oh yeah! I heard that it was supposed to be really cool!” Cody added

“Soooo….We’re going to the Hollywood horror nights?” Arden asked.

Everyone nodded. I guess that means that we’re going to the haunted house.

I was totally alright with it, except for the fact that I am absolutely terrified of haunted houses. My fear started when I was 4. My family and I went to the local haunted house and bad things had happened, but I’m not gonna go into detail. After awhile, everyone exchanged their goodbyes and started heading home.


Today was halloween, that meant that we were going to the haunted house.

This is going to be interesting.

We all arrived to the location of the haunted house and bought our tickets. 

This is it. There is no turning back now. 

We arrived to the door and that was when things started getting real.

As we were walking in, this really creepy clown popped out and screamed at us. I shrieked so loud that I was surprised no one had called the cops to report a murder. After I shrieked bloody murder, everyone turned around and stared at me. My face turned red and I started blushing.

“Y/N, what the heck was that?” Posey asked

“I think my ears are gonna be ringing for hours” Shelley laughed

“Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t think that it was that loud. Clowns are kind of my weakness.” I blushed.

We kept walking and everything started to seem…less scary. That was until a man dressed up as Jason popped out of the corner holding a chainsaw. But this time, I wasn’t the one that screamed the loudest. It was Dylan Sprayberry.

“Oh my god, was that your scream, Dylan!” Arden asked while she laughed like a mad man.

“What are you talking about. That wasn’t me. I-It was…. that little girl over there” Dylan pointed to a little girl that was dressed as the wicked witch of the west. She turned towards us and glared before rolling her eyes and walking away.

“Alright buddy, whatever makes you sleep at night” Cody laughed while patting Dylan on the back.

“Hey! I’ve got an idea” Holland said in an excited voice

“What is it?” Hoechlin asked

“Why don’t we put Y/N and Dylan at the front. Not only would it be incredibly hilarious, but it would also help them get over their fears” Holland suggested

“Great idea. Let’s do it!” O’Brien agreed. He shoved us all the way to the front of the group, despite our protests.

“And now…we walk!” Posey yelled in his failed attempt at a Hercules battle cry voice.

I tried my best to stay cautious of the things around me but it was kind of hard considering the fact that things were constantly popping out of every corner. 

It went on like this for about 20 minutes. Something popped up, Dylan and I screamed, everyone laughed, and we moved on. It was an ongoing cycle. 

I let out a sigh of relief when we finally reached the exit. But then, out of nowhere, a creepy ghost girl crawled towards me and yanked my leg. I fell to the floor and screamed as loud as I could. While I was still screaming, I got my leg out of her grasp and I crawled down the steps of the house. The girl retreated and I had finally calmed down. I got up and froze in shock. Everyone was laughing. I soon pulled myself out of my trance and laughed along with them. Dylan walked towards me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Are you okay? You seemed a little scared” He laughed

“Yeah, maybe a little. Are you okay? Because when that guy in the Jason costumed popped out, it sounded like you were trying to hit Mariah Carey’s whistle tones” I joked.

“I’m fine” Dylan replied

“I hated that so much. If I were to go back in there, I would have fought everyone that tried to scare me” I muttered

“If it makes you feel better, the next time we go into a haunted house, I’ll protect you” Dylan smiled

“I would absolutely love that Sprayberry. Thank you” I blushed

“The pleasure is all yours” He joked

“You’re the greatest best friend that I have ever had in my entire life” I smiled

“I’ve been told” Dylan joked while pulling me into a huge bear-hug.

Everyone ‘awed’ and we laughed.

I guess you could say that that was the best and worst halloween ever.

A/N: I just realized how short that was. What the heck?



#105 SHINee admiring their favorite body part of yours openly. Requested by @deerestpetrichor


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You will be sitting on the couch reading a book, when Onew silently makes his entrance to the room. Sitting down next to you to lie down with his head on your belly. He will start to smile softly when he rubs his face on your belly to make himself more comfortable. He will close his eyes peacefully only enjoying the soft sensation, not noticing how strange your think his behavior is. After a while he will feel for your arm, to guide it around himself to cuddle even closer. ‘Onew…’, you will wisper after a while unsure if he fell asleep due to his even breathing pattern. ‘mhm’, he will mumble. 'What are you doing?’ His lips will curl up again, making you feel the movement on your belly because his face is still pressed against it. 'Cuddling. Your belly is so soft and it feels so nice and protected to cuddle like this’, he will continue to only mumble already half way to being asleep. 'I love your belly so much~’, he will grin a bit wider before finally drifting off to sleep, safe and sound in your arms on the most comfortable pillow he could ever ask for.


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'Jagi’, Jonghyun will call out to you to warn you that he is approaching. 'mh?’, when you turn around you will be greeted by an intense kiss. His hands will pull you closer, firmly gripping your hips before moving his hands gently to your back and down to rest them on your hips again. When you try to ask him what he is doing, he will continue to kiss you, not giving you much room to speak. After a while he will smirk into the kiss, gently starting to nibble on your lower lip he will giggle shortly, 'You moved that hip of yours so cutely that I just couldn’t keep this kiss in anymore. I just had to kiss you’. When he mentions your hips his hands will gently start to caress it a bit, his head now lowering to look at what his hands are doing, before looking up again to see your blush. 'I like that blush, I should do this more often. Your hips are my favorite by the way’, he will kiss you again, this time soft and gently before stepping back a bit, 'What should we do now?’ He will grin evilly knowing exactly that you already am missing his kiss and touch. 'You’re mean…’ 'Yes, but I am your meanie’, he will grin enjoying this way to much.


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Key will have been strangely attached to you for the whole evening and when you ask him what’s wrong, he is playing with your hands again. His legs are resting over your lap relaxed and Key will be only looking at your fingers. He will look at you a bit confused at first, because he got pulled out of his thoughts, but when he got what you said he will start to grin, 'Your fingers. They are so cute and chubby just like Onews. I love it’. It will make you blush and try to pull your hand away from him, but he will be quick at catching it again. 'Why are you pulling away?’, he really hopes that you didn’t get this the wrong way. 'My hands are not cute .. chubby isn’t cute’, you will say looking down starring at his socks. 'Then are you saying Onews hands aren’t cute?’, he will raise an eyebrow, because he is sure that he remembers you saying exactly that. 'Of course his hands are cute…’ 'Yeah, and so are yours. I love them. Cute, chubby …’, he will sit up pulling your face up to face him, 'Skillful in many ways’. Seeing the blush spreading even wider on your face will make his smile even brighter, 'So cute~’


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Normally Minho isn’t around in the morning when you make breakfast due to morning practice, but today he got the morning off. He will walk into the kitchen grinning like an idiot, 'Woaah! Y/N! Since when have you got so nice legs?’. He will squat down next to you, grabbing your thigh firmly giving you a good scare by his strange behavior. 'YAH! Minho… I’m cutting stuff here!’, you will try to brush his hands away, feeling uncomfortable with him looking at your legs so closely. He will look up to you shortly grinning, 'Sorry’, before continuing to squish your thighs happily. After a while he will tilt his head to the right thinking, 'How come you never wear short shorts normally … I feel like you are making me miss out on this sweet view to much …’ 'I don’t like my legs ok?’, by now you are really embarrassed. It was bright daylight and he kept on touching your leg affectionately. 'Eh?’, he will look up surprised, 'Really? Your legs are my favorite body part of yours! I mean everything is gorgeous. But your legs are awesome!’ Now knowing that you don’t like them he will love them even more, caressing them gently before giving you a rest by standing up to give you your morning kiss.


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Taemin and you are dancing together to have some quality bonding time without him having to miss a workout. When you entered some kind of zone, with you only concentrating on dancing, he will step back for a second to admire your butt intensely. He will keep his eyes fixed on it grinning like a school boy who just saw his mum bought home some chocolate from shopping. When you finally catch him starring he will not deny it, but rather smirk even wider. 'What the heck do you think your doing right now Taemin?’, you will cover your butt with your hands protectively. He will enjoy how you react the most and while he giggles happily he will try to answer you, 'I love how it bounces so sexily. I am lucky that no one else is here, they would have all drooled by now’ He will step next to you to place a kiss on your sweaty forehead, 'Don’t worry. I promise to behave, but let me look at whats mine ok? But you should only dance like this when we are alone. Now that I think about it I don’t want the others to drool’ He will smirk again grinning before continuing to dance, purposely letting you cope with your feelings on your own.

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Thoughts on Dragon Age 2

Haven’t done this for a while, is this part 5?

Don’t make me kill Mabari please!!

I loved Aveline’s quest in Act 2, hooking her up with Donnic in “The Long Road”. First, when you meet him in The Hanged Man, Hawke is so goddamn awkward. I mean, look at her: 

And then, when you spy on them at the Wounded Coast during “The Long Road”, Hawke’s comment “Maker she’s bad at this!” just made me laugh so much.

HOW am I supposed to defeat the Arishok at the end of Act 2?? Either I didn’t have the right weapons or I just suck at this game cause it was nearly impossible to beat him.

Whoops I accidently bought Legacy and Mark of the Assassin?

What the heck happened to the Darkspawn? Why do they look so different? I think they were creepier in DAO.

Lol I just barked at my Mabari 10/10 would bark again.

After I’ve now finished 2 acts of the game, I understand why people criticise it so much. Yes, there’s no real development of the characters. There aren’t enough cutscenes. The story seems unconnected. Give me more romance content please! But you know what? It’s still so much fun! And that’s what counts in the end, right?

[F] Menstrual Muddle

Title: Menstrual Muddle
Pairing: parent!Cheolsoo (Seungcheol x Jisoo) + fem!Hansol
Length: 1,759 words
Summary: Explaining the menstrual cycle to their teenage daughter, Hansol, is more difficult than Seungcheol and Jisoo ever imagined, especially since neither of them have ever experienced it.
A/N: Based on this post!

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Continuing to talk about my favorite character-dynamics in AVALANCHE when it comes to Cloud, I’m going to address (or maybe shamelessly gush) about the one he has with Barret.

So from the start, Barret and Cloud didn’t have the greatest start. Cloud didn’t care about Barret’s cause and was only in it for the money, and Barret was frustrated by that and still in suspicion because of Cloud’s past as a SOLDIER. Still, they managed to work together. 

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