what the heck is ben ben

  • Anakin: This kid is NOT my grandson from this or any...when...heck, me and Padme don’t even have any kids!

  • Padme: Um...Ani? I’m pregnant!

  • Anakin: WHAT?!

  • Padme: I found out this morning. I was going to tell you tonight... *glares at Ben* IN PRIVATE.

  • Ben, waving casually at Padme’s stomach: Hey Mom! Hey, Uncle Luke!

  • Anakin: Wait, there are TWO in there?!

  • Padme: We’re having TWINS?!?!

  • Ben: Oops...spoilers!

Look I know the entire Internet has come to a general consensus that we need to see Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki singing “It’s Tough to Be A God” from Road to El Dorado but

I need to see Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen doing this too because reasons 

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Something's that's always had me and others reluctant on the B10 franchise is Ben himself, mainly how he's either the worst/weakest written character, do you see the point some have in regards to this opinion of Ben?

i’ll be real, at points ben can be absolutely unbearable. he’s selfish and very short-sighted, and he makes ego-fueled and careless mistakes a whole heck of a lot. but like, he’s not supposed to be superman? he’s not supposed to be the epitome of a hero.

he’s a 10-year-old boy. if he was just like superman, don’t you think that’d be kind of weird? of course it gets aggravating when he acts like an immature brat, but… that’s what he is? and like, he does grow from that. it takes time and it takes work, but he’s not stuck in the same place for the whole series

in episode one, the ben we see is this: impatient and carefree, and also kind of an ass. he throws a paper airplane at his teacher on the last day of school like, wow, balls much? but then again, based on how surprised he looked when his airplane hit his teacher, i don’t think he was aiming for her

that’s a nice parallel to how it works for him throughout the series, tbh. he won’t think about something, just kind of do it, and then it’ll have a worse outcome than he was prepared for. 

after school gets out for the summer, he runs into a classmate who’s being harassed by JT and Kash– the same two kids who, we learn later, also bully him. and yeah it doesn’t work out for ben or the kid he’s trying to protect, because they overpower him 2 vs 1, but like? it shows you that he’s a good kid at heart?

for an elementary school aged child, it’s impressive that he had the guts to stand up to his bullies at all. it’s even more interesting, though, when you consider why he did it; he did it for someone else. sound familiar? well, it should.

because that’s what heroes do.

i think people tend to push unrealistic expectations onto him, at least the him in the OS. they forget that he never asked for the responsibility of the omnitrix. he never asked to fight the good fight every single day. but even so, it’s so painfully obvious that he cares– he cares so, so much about max and gwen that he’s 100% willing to sacrifice himself for them on multiple occasions.

in the finale of season 1, it’s made explicitly clear that “you do not want to pick a fight with vilgax.” hell, MAX is afraid of him. because he knows him. and he knows he’s no pushover. that’s some serious shit, but what does ben do, even after being captured by him and then escaping, seeing what would happen to him firsthand if he ever got caught again?

he trades his life for his family’s

it really drives home the fact that like, yeah, ben is a snot-nosed jerkoff sometimes, but when it really comes down to it… he’s a good kid. he’s a hero. i can’t speak for UA or AF because it’s been for-fucking-ever since i’ve seen either of those series in full, and from what i do remember i don’t remember liking him especially much because he was kind of an ass, but like, in omniverse, he is shown to have grown from that childish behavior

like, let’s be real, he took max and gwen for granted a lot in the OS. there were moments when he let them know he appreciated them, but on the whole, he wasn’t the best to them, because one of the ways he dealt with suddenly being in control of the most powerful weapon in the universe…

…was being a cocky motherfucker about it

which gets beaten out of him eventually. literally.

the cocky him we see in omniverse is present for much of the same reason; gwen and kevin, the two people he’s closest to and relies on for support, are leaving. so what does he do? he pretends that he’ll be able to muscle through everything without them, that he’ll be fine and that it’s no big deal, even though it’s glaringly obvious that he is hurt by their sudden departure

when rook shows up, he holds that act for awhile. but after they become friends and ben accepts him as his new partner, he’s surprisingly… nice? to him? he thanks him, he apologizes, yeah he still pulls that same “i’ve saved the universe like, a BILLION times” thing, but it’s more of a running joke than anything at that point

when he and rook are fighting fistrick, and rook gets hurt, ben is devastated. we don’t see it for very long because the action quickly moves elsewhere, but it’s like


shit, it’s happening again

because how many times did gwen and max get fucked over by ben’s alien antics? more than they should have, that’s for sure. fistrick goes on to say something about how he’s “sorry about [ben’s] partner, but he got off easy, because [this] is going to hurt [for ben] a lot more than it hurt [rook]”

like… jesus, dude? he literally just implied that rook was dead?

he didn’t die, obviously, but like? christ. christ! god. fuck.

after that point, and it’s kind of subtle, ben makes more of an effort to cover for rook like rook covers for him. i have some problems with omniverse in terms of ben’s characterization, but that’s mainly because of the harem they give him for like, no reason lmao

on the whole, i think that omniverse ben is the nicest ben out of all of them– which makes sense, because he’s older and all that

i don’t disagree with you, basically. but like… give him a chance, purrhaps? and try to keep in mind that he’s still just a kid, even in the later series. because, while the writing in ben 10 as a whole may be spotty, ben and his relationships with other characters are on the better half of that, continuity-wise. of course he still slips up and makes mistakes, some of them the same ones he’s made before, but he does learn.

and plus, he has a bad habit of growing on you like the Tick on earth


First kiss => epic fail

Tfw this is the first time you do the do so you got no idea how to do the do.

((I never draw kisses before what the hecky heck is that))


What I See

Request: i really like your Poe imagines and I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is feeling really insecure and Poe notices and tells her that she’s beautiful and he loves her and then you know the rest 😂 – Anon AND   If you’re comfortable with it could you maybe do daddy kink Poe where he calls the reader things like baby girl and baby and stuff??? and maybe there’s oral involved – Anon AND You are really good at what you do. I know you don’t prefer him but can you write a detailed smut of Poe x reader ? Preferably with lots of neck kisses and intense looks haha – Anon

Pairings: AU!Poe Dameron x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, tiny bit of angst

Word Count: 3194

I just combined these requests in one and I decided to make this an AU because it’s easier to write him in. Yey, detailed! Yey, it’s long! :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Poe’s POV

5 months ago, I met probably the most beautiful girl I’ve met. She’s the daughter of the owner of the company I work for, Solo Corporation. Mrs. Leia Solo is the CEO of the company, her husband Mr. Han Solo is the operations head who travels for corporate meetings, and Ben, (y/n)’s brother, who goes as Kylo Ren, is the company’s administration head. (Y/n) doesn’t really work for the company but she’s always in the office, she’s more like everywhere in the company.

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honestly, idrc who rey's parents are, but i do want her and ben to be related for reasons. BUT DAMEREY IS THE BEST THING EVAAAAA

I know that no matter what Rey’s origins’s turn out to be, I already love her too much. 💕

But heck yes look at what kind of space opera dramatics they can pull off when Rey and Kylo/Ben turn out to be related and one-up the Luke/Vader (and even Luke/Leia) story!!!!!

Also all the love for our baby pilots Poe and Rey!!! Even if I still don’t know who would win in a starfighter racing date – is it the new Captain of the Millennium Falcon or the Commander of Black Squadron? What does Finn, Rose, BB-8 and the rest of the Resistance think??? Where did they place their bets??? 💕💕💕💕💕

the star wars time travel AU that no one asked for
  • Obi Wan, getting hugged by Ben Solo: Umm, Anakin...is there...something you've been meaning to tell the Jedi Council about?
  • Anakin: What?! No! This kid is NOT my grandson from this or any...when...Heck, Me and Padme don't even have any kids!
  • Padme: Um...Ani? I'm...Pregnant!
  • Anakin: WHAT?!
  • Padme: I found out this morning. I was going to tell you tonight....*Glares at Ben* IN PRIVATE.
  • Ben, munching on chips or some shit, waving casually at Padme's stomach: Hey Mom! Hey, Uncle Luke!
  • Anakin: Wait, there are TWO in there?!
  • Padme: We're Having TWINS?!?!
  • Ben: Oops...Spoilers!

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idk if this is an unpopular opinion but I think it is among /that/ side of the fandom: Ben Solo was a normal dude

send unpopular opinions!

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Yeah, from what I have read it sounds far more like Ben had a normal childhood than the tragic abandoned child narrative /they/ try to push. We know he had friends and that he spent time with Luke while Leia was away. Heck, he was even unaware of his relation to Vader.  

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my 11 year old brother somehow stumbled across The Day of All the Blood and told me about it and I mentioned that you wrote it and designed monsters so he asked me to show him some Mortasheen stuff. His reaction throughout was alternating exclamations of "what the heck? that's so weird and awesome!" and "he should work on Ben 10!" and now he wants to play Mortasheen when it gets an official release. also his favorites are Jabbersnatch and Barnaclops.

An 11 year old saying I should work on Ben 10 might very well be the highest praise an artist can ever hope for

Y'all are talking about how Ryan Potter basically channeled Tim Drake with his open letter to Ben to take him on as Robin. But can you imagine Ben, sitting at his house musing on how to best go about the Batman script, and he sees this video of this kid telling him that Batman needs a Robin. And you know Ben is a mix of ‘what the heck is this crazy kid doing’ and 'This is wrong, I don’t even have a script I can’t take on this kid’ but also super charmed by Ryan’s skills and adorable cheek and probably thinking of how to work Ryan in. And if that isn’t the most Batman thing to do then I just don’t know

Submit: The long wining rumblings of a mad woman

Hi all, I wanted to throw in my two cents worth, because I’ve been watching emotions towards Ben escalate for the past week (mostly negative emotions, but that’s to be expected I guess) and tensions rising.

First of all, I would like to thank you personally Ballsy because in my opinion you remain a beacon of logic and good sense through all this, and shout out to Carmen particularly as she always manages to put things into perspective with her posts.  Whenever I’ve been ready to bolt and label Ben a douchecanoe, you ladies keep pulling me back with one of your well-placed posts, so thank you for that.

Among us however, I notice that most of us have been bubbling with disdain towards Ursula, and some of us are projecting those negative feelings towards Ben.  If that remained within the walls of the skeptic community, I would have absolutely no problem with it.  However, some of us have taken to taunting the other side, and now that we have started feeding Gambles, I’m starting to feel dread that this whole fucked up situation would take a devastating turn for Ben.

With this post, I would like to examine things under a new light and maybe offer a few of my thoughts.

I have been gathering the courage to watch both the TIFF talk and the Jimmy Kimmel interview ever since Monday, mainly because I’ve been reading so many negative responses to what Ben had to say on both occasions, I was partly terrified that you guys were perhaps hiding the fact that he had stood in the middle of either studio and yelled bloody murder at the audience.

Thus, imagine my astonishment when just a couple of hours ago I watched them back to back with as much of an impartial eye as I could employ, and found myself not only unperturbed, but also smiling during the TIFF interview, when I could notice some (tiny, but still there) glimpses of old Ben while he was interacting with Keira.

With regards to Kimmel, the first thing I noticed was how sad he looked when he had to talk about his marriage, and how he practically averted any discussion of his nuptials, to get to what he wanted to actually talk about.

So, let me get this straight.  The man was married two days earlier, travelled halfway around the world that very day and on the night of the interview chose not to display any emotion for his future wife and unborn child?  But his whole demeanor changed when he talked about his parents and how they reacted to the news of his Oscar nomination?

Heck!  He displayed more emotion when mentioning Adam!  And did you all notice that again, Sophie did not have a name?  Of course it would have been impossible to put a name to a woman you have not talked about at all, but that’s another story…

As to Sherlock, the man couldn’t be clearer!  He (and everyone else) will keep doing Sherlock as long as the scripts are challenging.  So, that’s that!  Why should I pay attention to any rumours that a friends’ father who talked to a cousin heard, and that said cousin employees a dog walker who knows a street performer who heard it through the grapevine that Sherlock season 5 is not in the cards?  Thank you very much, but I’m going to stick to what Motfiss, Ben and Martin have to say about this; and for the time being, what they have to say is music to my ears.

Anyway, moving on to the TIFF talk, which for me held the most interest, we again saw him alluding to bank notes, and instantly I thought it was going to be one of THOSE interviews…  You know, the ones where you tune out what he’s saying and start staring into his eyes, his hair, his fingers………….sorry, let me get my train of thought back………….. sort of interviews.  Thank goodness though, it wasn’t!

Girls, I have to take a stand on this and now that Ben told me that it’s OK to be different and that I got the message of the movie right, I feel confident in stating the following:

First of all, I’m wholeheartedly on his side for refusing to make any imitations during that interview.  It would have been totally out of context and we would again be moaning that he’s a performing monkey (like that photobomb he did at the Golden Globes).  So, though he was a bit rude to that nice interviewer, it was a request that never should have been made of him.  Good for him that he had the spine to refuse her. (Ballsy, where you missing a quarter of a testicle on Monday?)  At least he made a laugh out of it at the end to take the sting back… (and did you notice him apologizing to the interviewer as soon as they started playing the clip?)

Also, surprisingly, I was in no way, shape or form miffed by the ebbing comment he made regarding the fans.  Let me explain my thought process.

The interviewer has made an introduction to her question alluding to fame and the paparazzi chasing Keira, and then asks Ben if Keira was able to help him with any of that now that he’s becoming so popular and sought after in his own right.

Keira then starts talking about dealing with the paparazzi, and how horrifying of an experience it was for her .

Ben then goes to say that just because being an actor means that one does have to have an audience and interact with them, that doesn’t mean that the audience has to know everything that’s going on in an actor’s private life.

And then we get to the juicy part.

The interviewer mentions his marriage, Ben accepts the congratulations which have not been offered by the way, and has one of the saddest looks on his face during the interview.  And then, the following dialogue ensues:

Interviewer:  “A lot has been said about your fans.  There are various names given to them. Do you feel like it’s ebbing, or do they have the same sort of voracity?  This (punk) following?”

Ben: “I’m going to stick around for a bit I have to tell you.  I’ve always thought of my career as something that I want to be doing carrying on into my dotage, until I can’t remember the lines anymore, or can’t move.  And you know, I’ve been surrounded by people that have done that in my life of all ages.  One of the great things about our profession is that you work with people of all ages, the very young and the very old.  And that’s inspiring to me.  I’m not interested in being a man of the moment, I’m interested in longevity.  I’m interested in striving to shed light on stories through the whole age of men and women (so, Ben wants to play a woman now?) and I, I, yeah, so… (he lost his train of thought for a bit)… so, ebbing, who cares?  I don’t know.  I’m not keeping track of it.  Somebody does, somewhere.  But, I’ve been very, very fortunate with the opportunities I’ve had, and I’ve tried to capitalize on that as an actor and that’s what my job is.  And so, I’m going to carry on doing that as long as I can.”

So, the ebbing answer to me was not anger inducing in the least.  He clearly sees the value his fans have for him, as they allow him to explore all types of possibilities with his craft, and he is intent on utilizing that advantage.  On a completely different tangent though, if we take his answer literally, he is not talking about fans in general.  He is answering a question about “voracious” fans.  So, he in answering a question about nannies.

Does he care if the focus of nannies ebbs?  Let me reverse the question.  If you guys were Ben, would you care if some of your craziest fans stepped out of the game?  Factor in the gifts they’ve presented him with, the stalking and the fact that he’s not fond of the name “cumberbitches”, and then give your answers.

Personally, if I were Ben, I would be thrilled to ditch some of the nannies from my fanbase.  What I’m worried about though, is that when he talks like that on interviews, he’s bound to alienate some of members of his fanbase that tend to use their brains and might be offended (heck, before I saw the interview for myself I was starting to take glances at the exit off of the Ben-train), the nannies though?  I think it’s going to take much much more on his part to get rid of them.  Perhaps bludgeon to death the more annoying interviewers?  Can you get fan mail delivered in prison?  How about knit scarves for those cold cold nights in your cell?

But, I digress.  Overall, the TIFF talk was an eye-opening interview for me.  For the first time in a long time, I saw Ben’s smile reach his eyes again.  I think it was because of having Keira by his side, or perhaps he can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and that gives him hope.  And although I know he had done the unthinkable two days prior by tying himself to Ursula, I have to say his demeanor gave me hope for the reemergence of Dorkybatch in the future.

For the time being, I would like to remind you all that Benedict Cumberbatch is no saint.  He’s a 38 year old man who I’m sure has been around the block more than a few times.  Stop idolizing him and imagining he’s Prince Charming who bears no blame for anything that befalls him.  That doesn’t mean that we can blame him for anything from global warming, to the deforestation of the Amazon, to world hunger, to why Ursula chose to wear a potato burlap the day after the wedding.

I personally believe that this is a sham romance that inexplicably evolved into a sham wedding.  I also believe there is no oops pregnancy (although for the life of me, that would go a long way in explaining why he got married to the wench), and that if something doesn’t change soon, Ursula will have to resort to carrying a fake baby around, giving Bradley Cooper a run for his money.  I also believe that Carmen has hit the nail on the head and that we will soon see Ben fighting back without the burden of the Oscar campaign on his shoulders.

Do I for a moment believe that we will hear any sort of truth regarding the situation from the media?  No.  I believe it’s all going to be very civil, very stiff upper lip, very polite and Ben will have a heartbreaking story to tell that he will only mention once in print media because he’s too much of a gentleman (figuratively and literally).

Do I think that ultimately this will all be behind him and we will have Dorkybatch back for good?  Yes.  Marvel is not kidding, and they do not care if he’s got problems.  They will help him get out of them and encourage him to be as upbeat as ever.  After all, he’s going to be wearing tights and a cape (or whatever the heck he will have to don to become Dr. Strange).

What I’m trying to say and I suspect I’m failing miserably is:  chin up girls!  The dork is only dormant, he’s not dead!  And any man who’s done this in front of screaming fans and cameras:

External image

can’t possibly remain dormant for long  :o) 


We DO see “old Ben” when he’s with Keira.  FTR, if we had seen the same interaction with Sanka – well, none of us would be here.  We expected him to end up with someone as fun as he, and she – mostly definitely is not.

And well – everything else here is just perfect (including a wittle bit of added dork).  Wuvs, hugs, kisses – the whole shebang!

Mega Post (4th July) # 1

Ballsy:   Waves to VW!  :D  Thanks Hun.  I get it, feel the same way.  Enjoy your holiday.  ;)


(1/1)  I don’t follow this mess any more out of concern for him. I’m much more interested now in observing how badly and how quickly an actor can eff up his career, how much more douchey he’s actually going to get, how much more of his own hype he’s going to believe and buy into, how much they are going to try to sell SoSo before giving up, and exactly what he’ll say or do next to offend and alienate his fandom further. Can’t wait.

Ballsy:   The more he digs in and acts like a douche - the less sympathy he’s getting.  So, just watching the slow-mo trainwreck now?   Watching that head of his get bigger? (Physically, is that possible?)  That CV of hers get fluffier?  The fandom shrink further to die-hard Nannies and those few of us with teeny fucks left cringing and watching through our slightly parted fingers? 

Goes to make more popcorn.   Tho I bought two punnets of Strawberries and some tubs of cream for Wimbledon.  Figured I might as well.   And I might pour some chocolate Baileys over them.  As required.


(½)  “I’m sorry, but he behaves like a selfish gay with big ambitions. He thinks he is a big star, and let him empty. I was even a little pity Sophie. And even more a pity the child, if he is real.” UHM, NOPE. NICE TRY. I SEE IT’S STARTING: Her PR will eventually try to paint him as gay/bi who trapped her into his “selfish” Oscar campaign when in fact she trapped him with fake preg for extra 15min. This is what those LGBT plants on skeptic blogs was about. Too late! Benny already made you look HAPPY!

Ballsy:   Dang!  Totes gay nonny snuck one past me.  I read that as “guy”.  I went back and “edited” that.  Ner!  :P  That nonny is very persistent.   Not sure if just one person with an agenda, or as you suggest So-So’s PR trying to push that.   Let’s not forget.  PissyBatch.  Her smugness at the PSIFF and his surprised look.  He went AWOL.   Was pushing back the wedding, until after the GG’s and he got the Oscar Nom and then a sudden turn-around.  She got the second ring with her little stunt.  But he’s played up (badly, but he tried) the loved up Hubby since.  Right now the Fail has him as “Gazing at her adoringly”.   And she’s “back to her slim pre-preg figure totes fast” with “no sign of sleepless nights”.  And that’s been picked up by the other Tabs too.   That plays very much into his hands.  The “he wuvs her, but she faked preg/not his baby” narrative.  Awaits next move.

(1/3)  Hey hey, is the fickle fudge fanfic reader here. Okay, having seen the latest pictures, in officially out! I gave birth 10 months ago, and no one looks like that a few weeks after giving birth. Boob? (Let’s hope the kids on formula, or he’ll be going hungry), no swollen ankles, no water retention… Also, fun fact! For up to 4 weeks after giving birth, your body continues to… Ahh… Shed the contents of your uterus as everything shrinks back to pre- most physically traumatic experience it’s likely to go through size (its called lochia). Normal sanitary towels won’t cut it, you need massive pressed cotton fibre house bricks, and they are obvious when you wear them. That is not a woman who gave birth a few weeks ago. The kid was born earlier, or its all lies. So this is my last straw. I’m going back to Tolkien, that at least has giant talking trees and still manages to be less bullshit

Ballsy:   Giant talking trees win hands down.  ;)
Dr Anon has weighed in with similar information.  Born earlier?  There are pics of her still with the BoBo sized belly two weeks before the announcement, and a sighting a few days after that saying still preg.   If there was a real kid, he can’t have been born that much earlier.  Unless we invoke prosthetics post BoBo -  might as well invoke them for the whole time.   So, I doubt she was too worried about dealing with pressed house bricks while she was out at swanky parties ALL DAY and into the night.  Or that SomePillow is going hungry.

(¼)  “Anyone else noticed that when he takes her out publicly in a social setting he becomes like a leper.” >> Maybe she stinks? Or nobody would ever like to be near a prostitute in public. Award show season whore (the term BC used) could be meant for her.

Ballsy:   I actually wondered about that.  Seeing Keira sitting twisted and as far away from her as she could get at the Oscars.  Ben sitting as far from her as he could get at the French Open, right in the corner of the box.  And even at the BAFTAs he was twisted away from her.   Maybe she does smell bad.  And I don’t mean that to be mean, some people have conditions that cause that.  I had a friend in primary school that no one else would talk too because she would occasionally give off a strange odour.   Maybe when Sophie said Odious.  She meant Odorous?

Or the other.  That too.


(1/5)  Paps can be pretty nasty, sometimes just to get a reaction. Even more so I would think if he’s being an asswipe. I’m curious what they were saying to him. I’m leaning more into ‘he’s going off the deep end’ territory now. Sneaky paps mentioned from the BI are probably after him & its making him loopier, ever watchful so when he’s face to face w/them at a legit affair he just loses it. He’s looking off in the pics with her but could be that he’s drunk. He wasn’t usually at events til she arrived

Ballsy:   Paps trying for a reaction?  Maybe.  I think it was more that these ones were just in the way.  There are pics of other celebs leaving.   Kate Hudson put her hand up once, but otherwise was fine.  One other was quite nice, smiled a bit.  A handler put his hand up slightly, but that’s all.   Ben was likely getting them to back away from the car so they could get in - but there was a security dude there, that’s his job, let him do it.   The sunglasses say that he was hiding that he was drunk, and he did another “BinGate” on Sophie, just dragged her along.  We’ve already seen him paranoid about unwanted paps, he’s definitely on the defensive about them - into “they’re out to get me” territory.  Probably because they are.  But there’s a reason for that.  Little thing called a “badly acted Showmance” that went too far and was too obvious and so the vultures are circling, waiting for their chance.

(1/6)  The sheer volume of photos from this latest outing is kinda trippy. As usual, eye candy for nans💞, fodder for skeptics😏 Now, when I see pics of them my first and sometimes only question is: Whose narrative does this serve?🎯 This latest bit of fuckery🃏 was a tipping point for me, tho. Bcs it doesn’t look like BC is actively seeking an out 🔎🔐🔓 does it? Sad. He looks so lost, but keeps digging the hole deeper 🔩 I really think this could go on for ages  Heck, the Afflecks lasted for 10yrs…🙈

Ballsy:   Actually, seeing the pics, reading the tabs accounts.  This does kinda play along with when Ben was all smug from the BAFTAs to when they returned to London.  It plays with the “loved up Hubby” narrative.  See ask ½.  Not sure what that means tho …


(1/7)  “if you are decent people with or without kids, would you still call this person your friend?” – This reminded me of friend anon who said their connections were irritable & changed the subject when Ben was brought up. They hadn’t been aware there would be a wedding & were caught flatfooted, very upset too. Can you imagine the strained relationships even his parents have with their friends because they have to be so secretive about things concerning their famous son? The circle widens.

Ballsy:   Indeed.  And that was Family Anon BTW.  It seems he’s shutting out a lot of folk, and those who are in the know by default have to shut others out. 

(1/8)  Is it me or do those shots of them walking to the car remind anyone of the ones when walked her into the trashcan h looks like he’s got that same mad expression on his face. He’s walking just like he was at the airport like he couldn’t get away fast enough. There’s a strange undercurrent if you really look at them it’s like the award night we all thought he had gotten some control the night of the Mark Strong side eye. It just seems to be off even more now than before.

Ballsy:   I get that same vibe too.   Does he have a standard “get past the paps” face?   He didn’t do that at LAX when SmugBatch came out to play.   So BinGate and here?   Hmmmm.

(1/9)  Why is he yelling and acting all upset at the paps? The whole reason they went to this event was for a photo op. She was there to be seen with that dress with Erdem. At least it is a decent dress this time, but who do they think they are trying to kid?

Ballsy:   Well, there’s posing for hired photogs and paps shoving themselves in their faces.  Different.  But, it’s an event - they’ll be there.  Just get thru them without looking too much like a dick and be done with it.  Others managed it.

(1/10)  Ugh I had to get away from the nans cooing about how cute The Drips look and they wonder if they’re lucky enough to have a newborn that sleeps. Bitch please, of Breville Toaster the 1st does exist, he’s probably got a wet nurse and a day nanny and a night nanny, so Soapy can see him once a week and Bubbles can pop to the house they’re living in for a quick cuddle (with the baby) before heading back to the flat he’s always lived in.

Ballsy:   Seeing one of the angry at paps pics with a caption pushing the lovey couple thing?  With all kinds of emoticons added?  Ugh.  There’s another pic out showing her tummy proper, flat as and she IS drinking wine.  They don’t need a Nanny or Nannies.

(1/11)  if anyone was wondering, guess she is not breast feeding. aside from her tits being too small, unless she has a breast pump in the car, she physically couldn’t go all day like that w/o pumping more than once. every mothers choice, and i hate it when women who choose not to bf get shamed, but i certainly thought BC and his love would want the most natural for their baby, not formula. oh well.

Ballsy:   Or there’s no baby, she’s not lactating, she isn’t dealing with all the post-birth crap.  And it’s perfectly fine for them to spend the entire day/night at swanky dos!

(1/12)  Midwest Anon Phone

Why do we see Ben with his phone so much?  I don’t see him getting that many calls that he can’t go a place without for a night.  Most people I know that are on the phone are on social media either reading or responding to a post.  Maybe I am in the few that I do check but when with others, out for the night don’t pull my phone out and with friends or family.  No not buying checking on the baby.  I just find it interesting for how little he knows electronics and has a phone is glued to his hands?

Ballsy:   Apple product placement?   He did that at the F.O.  Totes obvious.  Anyhoo, a lot of people do have them glued to their hands (look at Gambles latest “art piece”).  At work, my Boss has three on the go (reasons).  It’s not unusual these days.  He didn’t seem to have it here until the leaving pics tho.  And there are pics of him texting/taking calls previously floating around - his phone even rang in an interview once.

(1/13)  mad-maenad submitted:

If BC really wanted us to believe he was put upon by the presence of paps he a.) should’ve tried that maneuver at anywhere else (he’s attended the same event for years, even posed for the cameras outside and in, and knew full well paps and legit photographers are in attendance inside and out) and b.) checked to make sure other celebs leaving weren’t doing so without a problem. Any other pics from the evening, not a single celeb is having a walleyed fit about the presence of photographers.  

I do wonder, though, once she’s done promoting her dusk walks, what will she jump on so she can tag along with BC’s promoting Strange, ShSp, and S4? More dusk walks? Maybe a lifestyle brand? Perhaps a new avant garde children’s theatre production involve dead animals as marionettes, sponsored by Eloise Fornieles?

Ballsy:   He’s the only celeb there who had a go at the paps.  All I can think is that he WAS drunk and acting up, AND still pushing the “paps are out to get me” idea deliberately.   So-So moving forward?   Well, whatever it is - it’ll have to be so Avant, much Garde or else she’ll have to find some actual talent from somewhere instead.  

(1/14)  Took a peek at the DM article, only for the pictures & comments. I have to say that I’m no fan of Soapy but I like her dress and she wears it well. And no pocketsess precious. I hope I never see her in a stupid dress like some of the other attendees in that article, well at least as long as she’s married to Himself. She’s embarrasses him enough as it is. If/when they split, she can wear as many see-through crack-baring dresses to a formal events.

Ballsy:   Her RC/Event style is definitely an improvement to her former style, but then - that’s when others are dressing her.  They’ve been going very “demure” with her mostly.  PSIFF was a mess, but there was a reason for that dress.  GG was excellent.  The Leather thing?  Ugh!  The backless BAFTA one was to make a point (until she waddled oddly, removed his hand, and we noticed those odd lines that is).   And the Oscars wasn’t as daring as it seemed.  This one isn’t bad - but the heavy fabric in a Heatwave?  I would have wanted something cooler.  Not what Suki wore tho, but gosh didn’t that get her some attention?

(1/15)  I saw the video clips of Ben avoiding the random reporters at the courthouse, I hadn’t seen them before though you mentioned them here. He is definitely behaving like a man with something to hide. It was like looking at his potential future, but with even more reporters, if this thing blows up in his face. On one hand I wish a reporter or two would start digging but then I feel bad for him, then remember he’s been such an arrogant ahole of late, then sorry again, back & forth.

Ballsy:   The loved up couple avoided the Red Carpet at yesterday’s event and snuck in.  He’s done the RC at the Serpentine before tho.  So, still avoiding interviews.  They can’t hide forever tho.

(1/16)  Apologies to the artist in the Dr Strange pic TFOE posted, but he is really unattractive even serial killerish. I hope he gains weight by then, I’d hate to see him looking like that instead of the healthy looking Khan picture manips I’ve seen. He’s had plenty of time to get to normal weight, I’m beginning to think he just can’t until his life is back on track.

Ballsy:   You’re probably right.  He can’t put on the weight until he’s sorted things out and has his mojo back.  He IS putting on muscle, we’ve seen those nice biceps of his.  But he needs to bulk up too.  Looking at yesterday’s pics - no arse still and his suit is baggy in all the wrong places. 

(1/17)  i’ve never been so unattracted to ben as in those photos going to the cab. and there are pics of him from the past looking like a braying donkey, and i would still hit that guy over this version. his hair looks awful, his frame emaciated, he has dead eyes, yet that air of megalomania remains. how dreamy. NOT! i would have LOVED to see what clooney says about him behind the scenes. clooney can spot a fraud a mile away.

Ballsy:   That’s the thing with Ben being seen as attractive.   He’s an odd looking dude - and at times can look very unattractive.  But his personality used to make up for it.  It would shine thru.  So when you have a combination of “horse face” plus “acting like a dick”.   Double whammy on the unattractive scale.  Tho nothing beats Tietjens Face. 

(1/18)  They skipped the Serpentine Red carpet, nannies are saying they want privacy and the paps caught them on their way out.

Ballsy:   See ask 1/15.   It’s not “privacy” it’s “avoiding questions that might expose this shitfest”.

(1/19)  Hi Ballsy! It’s Entertainment Anon. Haven’t been on a while because I didn’t have anything to contribute too but it seems things are about to change. The show I worked for was at the Embassy party to do a segment for our 4th of July celebration. Word is that Ben barely spoke to our servicemen but had no problem schmoozing with “freelance” financial producers. The show is supposed to do an interview with him regarding Hamlet next few weeks. We will see if he will actually does the interview.

Ballsy:   Thanks EntAnon!  :D   So he was at the Embassy party to smooze with financiers?  Pushing for that autonomy and career of longevity?   Hamlet interview?  I was wondering if he’d do any.  What’s the bets that the questions will have to be very strictly controlled and only about Hamlet?  Or, if not, or if he shoehorns - he brain farts and fucks it up again?

(1/20)  Looking at the new pictures, how can BC still be up for Doctor Strange? Is the character sickly looking and old? Oh, how I wish Joaquim had said yes, he would’ve been great!

Ballsy:   See ask 1/16 - not seeing any “bulking up” happening yet.