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victuuri psychics au

You’ve heard of gay pining. Now get ready for… psychic gay pining.

Or: Yuuri and Victor are both psychics who can see the ~subjective future.

Yuuri’s going to do it. He’s going to finally, finally ask out Poodle Guy.

“Poodle Guy?” Phichit echoes, settling into the couch next to him.

“You know,” Yuuri mumbles. He hands Phichit the remote, gathers Vicchan closer to his chest. The dog makes a contented noise. “The Hot Guy Who Walks His Poodle at the Park.”

Phichit frowns. “Oh. We’re calling him Poodle Guy now?”

“The Hot Guy Who Walks His Poodle at the Park is way too long,” Yuuri clarifies.

“You were calling him The Hot Guy Who Walks His Poodle at the Park for weeks thou—you know what? Nevermind. Not the point.” Phichit shakes his head quickly and lightly taps Yuuri’s arm. “Good for you! So you saw he’ll say yes, then.”

Yuuri hesitates. Screws his eyes shut and lets his mind shift through the possibilities. The thing is, the man says yes to him every time. Every goddamn time. Yuuri’s shuffled through the different scenarios—the different futures—on a constant loop for some time now.

But later when he steps out of their apartment and decides to walk the longer route to the park in an effort to prolong the time he has to prepare for The Moment, a new future suddenly presents itself and, god. Yuuri doesn’t quite know what to do about it.

Victor’s going to do it. He’s going to finally, finally ask out the handsome man who walks his cute toy poodle at the park. Cute Toy Poodle Man. That’s his name, Victor’s decided.

“Why not?” he muses, looking out at the park’s lake. “It’s a beautiful day.”

He checks his watch idly and moves to settle into a park bench, Makkachin barking at a flock of geese a small distance away.

“Just a few more minutes here, Makka,” Victor says. Seven minutes and twenty-three seconds, to be exact, but Chris isn’t here to sigh exasperatedly when Victor, your psychic is showing, and that’s the only reason why Victor ever does that anyway. It’s way too fun being the only psychic he knows.

One would think that having the ability to see the future would put to rest any anxieties one could have. One would be wrong, Yuuri would argue.

The not-knowing, sure. That can be harrowing. Stressful. But the knowing. The Knowing, that’s equally stressful, if not more. That’s knowing what to expect but still being surprised when it happens. It’s knowing what’s coming but being incapable to face the thing when it comes. It’s words he hears before they’re spoken but still not having a response ready.

It’s Poodle Guy asking him out before he gets a chance to do it himself.

“Shit.” Yuuri drops Vicchan’s leash in his surprise. He quickly ducks down to pick it up before Vicchan can run off. Although, fortunately, he seems to be happily acquainting himself with Poodle Guy’s Poodle. “I—sorry?” he says. As if he hadn’t heard. Yuuri snorts inwardly.

“Would you like to grab a coffee with me?” Poodle Guy repeats, smiling brightly. He looks very amused about something, and the observation tugs irritably at Yuuri, a bit. He’s the psychic here, dammit. He should have some semblance of control of the situation, shouldn’t he?

Before he can make a decision, though, he sees it in a flash. Poodle Guy’s face, even, it falls a few milliseconds before it happens, if Yuuri had been watching closely. If Yuuri hadn’t already been gasping, “Oh, Vicchan, no!”

His dog woofs cheerfully. Stares up at them, tongue out and panting, as if he hadn’t just laid a shit almost half his size on Poodle Guy’s squeaky clean Adidas shoes.

I’m blaming @hopeymchope for this one. I can’t and WILL NEVER get over the one shot you wrote me based about my headcanon. I cannot thank you enough ahhhhh!!

So here, have this!


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Well shoot! Thank you for the compliment! I just saw a post about how tumblr was glitching & not telling people when they had asks, so I thought what the heck, maybe I have one, and this gem hahaha haah was sitting in my inbox. I hope this isn’t too late, it can’t have been hanging out too long since my @gemanimate post isn’t that old. Either way it’s probably worth posting?

I used toon boom harmony. And I hope this is helpful, and not just a mess of things I think are coherent. It’s a lot of answer for a simple question, and I hope it doesn’t come off as condescending, but the glow wasn’t just one glow, it was a bunch of slightly different things and trickery that made the efx what they are. Efx are so cool and I like animating them so much in case that wasn’t clear. Each image has a caption clarifying what process it explains if it’s not super clear. 

Please feel free to ask for more clarification of anything if you’re more of a ‘words’ learner. I felt like it’d make more sense with visuals, especially since the network is a confusing concept if you’re not familiar with it. At least, I think it is.
On to the second part of your ask: how long this mess took me to throw together? Time for another absurdly long answer to a simple question! And if I’m real, I’m writing this all out because I need to admit it to myself more than anything haha. 

My shot is only ~3 seconds long, and I started the animation portion of my shot
two-ish weeks (maybe more) before the due date of august 29th. I should have been able to finish with tons of stress free room for technical error/other unforeseen issues, but I actually took another week and a half past the 29th to finish (thank you @gemanimate team for being understanding).

So here is a friendly, caring, and cautionary reminder–to anyone reading–to plan for both the practical aspects/requirements of a shot as well as your personal mental/emotional capacity to work. The hours needed to finish a shot aren’t necessarily the hours you need to finish a shot, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you plan accordingly. Bolded for the cheap seats (it’s for myself, I am in the cheap seats in my own life). For example, the first few nights I was working on it, I set up a file. Next night, laid out the characters, etc. Eventually, I got into a groove where I was actually animating, but I hadn’t planned for that slow start, or any of the snags I hit in life that tripped up my work flow along the way. Plan cushions for that mind game stuff that I can’t seem to acknowledge if that’s something you deal with, in addition to the technical needs of a project. 

Moving off the soapbox, the hours I put into it that were actual work hours were maybe 15 - 20 hours? Maybe more? I unfortunately did not keep time, and I’m not great at recalling stuff like that. It’s like it wasn’t finished one day, and now it is, and heck if I know what happened between then and now.  

But I guess if you were asking about time because of the complexity of the compositing/glow stuff, that was the last 1 - 2 hrs of work. Once the animation is done, the comp is just throwing in some modules and messing with them until they look the way you want. Messing with their settings is how you learn about them & how they operate. There are tons of different means to achieve the same end in toon boom, a lot like photoshop. None of what I’ve said here is a set in stone ‘correct’ way to composite for a glowy effect, but it is one way. 

Happy animating! And again, please let me know (anyone) if there’s anything that you’d like further clarification on!

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From me to you all! Have a sexy halloween party!

Ha! amidst all the commission storm I still manage to make this  *tired*

Tomorrow I will upload their separate pics so you can get a better look at their costume~!

FYI, Raeyr is werewolf; Rao is an imp; Yva is a mummy; Lessh is a vampira; Yurie is a witch… Guess what the heck Keo is hahaha

ISFP: Ah, painting keeps me sane.

INFJ: I feel it.

ISFP: I sound so emo.

INFJ: Well, all artist are emo in some way, so welcome to the club.

ISFP: ….YOU’RE emo?

INFJ: Of course. Didn’t you see me quietly lying on the floor a minute ago? I was contemplating my entire existence while listening to sad instrumental music.

ISFP: Hahaha what the heck, is that what you really do in your free time, INFJ?

INFJ: …my life sounds very boring, huh?

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In other words:




“Pffft Tomco? Hahaha, what the heck are you talking about I ship Starco! I have never heard about Tomco in my li-”

*stack of notecards with Tomco prompt ideas spill out of pocket*

“T-that’s nothing!!”

*pictures of Tom and Marco together spill out of backpack*

“I swear to Jesus almighty that those are not mine!”

*legit poster of Tomco rolls out flat*