what the heck did i just saying omg


Happy 22nd Birthday Lee Junghwan <3 my 2nd bias in B1A4. you are such a great person inside and outside. you are the most cheerful person and bright all mood to other members. you are the dorkiest and funniest among all and it makes me really happy also because of your voice I never get tired to listening all B1A4 songs. your voice is such amazing like every time I listen to it made me shivering. I just want to say I really thankful because person like you are exist. without you b1a4 will be never be a stand out until now. I love u duckie <33 be forever dorkiest duck forever. I forever ship u with baro… no.. gongchan.. omg what did I just said ahaha~ love u sandeul <3 

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: Percival Graves was an actual person before Grindelwald came and did whatever the heck he did to him so where is he now HOW is he now is he okay is he getting enough sleep? What if he's stuck in some weird tiny jail cell room will they find him how can they possibly find him obviously Grindelwald isn't going to just tELL THEM WHERE HE PUT THE REAL GRAVES and omg what if he's dead?? This is why I wanted it all to be a ruse some persona that Grindelwald had created and had been drama queen-ing at for years why could it not have been that simple why does he have to destroy so many lives like just make out with Dumbledore already but what if Graves is okay and he goes back to MACUSA but they're like, "Sorry, no, we don't trust you any more you were evil" and he's out of a job just like that the heAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MACUSA'S MAGICAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AND DIRECTOR OF MAGICAL SECURITY FIRED but they wouldn't do that would they MACUSA has no chill but alsO