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edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>



“That’s Earth up there, Jeremy. Like, THAT’S Earth. I’m lookin’- No, not that one.” 
“That’s it! That’s it.” 
“Yeah, that’s Earth right there. You got it.” 

I never pick action-packed minecraft eps to draw from it’s always the slow ones.

(i found the second one on my computer sorry for bothering you my dude)


Hey excuse me for a sec I will be right back, I just need to sC R E A M MY HEAR. T OU T

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Any art tips?

I was going to say practice a lot, but then I remembered that that answer is given a lot so I’m going to expand on it a little bit.

While sheer volume can you make you improve, so does the quality of that practice.

What I mean by that is this. If I’m trying to draw the same thing over and over and over again, be it an object, or anatomy or what have you, I will improve. I will slowly find things that I did well, or things that I like, and it will get easier to recreate those things.

But that progress will come heck of a lot slower if I’m just relying on my head especially in the beginning when you’re trying to build your foundations. When we picture something in our head we picture an idea of what that thing is. A representation. So, for example, if I’m drawing an apple for the first time the things that might come to mind will be “Oh. It’s round. It’s red. There will be a stem and maybe a leaf.” and that will be what I draw. And if I keep drawing that idea over and over again I might improve, but that improvement might be kind of slow.

But if I actually draw from looking at an apple, and I mean really looking, I’ll pick up on so much more. That the apple will have lumps. I’ll see that there’s the reflection of light in the shadow. That there are little spots, that the stem is curved,  that there are more colors to it, that colors from objects around the apple reflect off the apple. So even if my first few renditions of this apple aren’t too great in the beginning, I’ll still improve so much quicker, and will pick up on more information that I can use. Not just in drawing apples.

SO use references. Draw from life. But really, really look at what you’re drawing from. Because you’ll pick up so much more information. And the stronger your foundations get, the easier it gets when you want to distort those things you learn. A strong foundation will improve your art even if you want to draw cartoony. Even if you want to draw colorful, and exaggerated things. The more you practice, the easier it is to recreate. The better you know the rules. The easier it is to break them in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing to you.

Hope that helps!

SOOOOO @thelostmoongazer did this picture of MobBoss!Bendy with all his scars - now, I am a sucker for scars so there was no way in heck that i cold NOT draw him, so my first official addition to one of my favorite AUs is a shirtless bleeding Bendy… I think I’m off to an excellent start!! Hope you enjoy!!

Mob Boss! Bendy  © @thelostmoongazer 

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, I needed to draw thIS

Sansta @crowfry


Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?

red ink

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vampire!jjk x reader. fluff. 3.3k words. i should start writing someone else other than jungkook tbh.

Sadly, Jungkook isn’t aware of how attractive he looks.

Jungkook first caught whiff of her through the steam of the hot chocolate that burns his tongue.

He remembers it tasting so much sweeter. He remembers her back to him. He remembers the graceful glide of her pen on blank paper. He remembers the ding of the bell every time a customer enters.

It’s his first time sitting down in the restaurant, a secret sanctuary for blood thirsty fellow like him which he found out through Taehyung. He feels much more rejuvenated knowing he can ask for drops of blood on his drink without anyone shooting him weird looks.

Jungkook takes another sip, blowing a sigh to the cup on his lips as he swallow. He looks around him, the tables covered in satin white which people occupy, the clinking of cups and plates as some moves them. He wonders just how many of these people here are like him.

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