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Going off of random people grabbing kids; are the kids, like, super freaked out at being known by total strangers? Cuz I'd personally be like 'who da heck are you and how do you know who I am?' XD Just saying!

Assuming, you mean just ‘being known’ by anons and not ‘grabbed’… With what I understand of the MCQ kiddos…

Error — unless more concerned about other people, like Ink or Geno — is definitely the type to freak out. He doesn’t do well with strangers in general, right?)

Geno and Deccy seem more like the type to be suspicious and wary, but not outright ‘panic mode on’.

Ink… uh… is actually the kind of kid to come up to strangers and comment on their looks or ask random questions, so, unless there’ll be something obviously off — like that grabbing thing — he might not even notice that there’s anything wrong.

And Fresh is… special :D

All of those are based on my understanding of characters though, and I may be off the mark. *shrug*

Geno, Error and Fresh belong to CQ

Ink belongs to Mye

Decans belongs to Noko

MommaCQ belongs to Alaina

Well you see. I don’t come across alot of nsfw that I want to reblog. (though stealthnerd’s nerds posts are extremely tempting lol XD) So the blog would just be taking up space. (heck, my undertale genesis blog drives me nuts)

Which brings me to the issue of whether or not I have the guts to actually draw nsfw. I’ve drawn suggestive stuff in the past but nothing too lewd.

As a matter of fact, it would be funny if my nsfw blog was just a bunch of images of armored gaster in suggestive posses and close up photos of car engines. XD

That sounds pretty lit actually

Painted Rey for Amazing Comic Con 2017…!  First time really attempting a background, I really loved those cold greens of that island where Luke likes to play hermit.  I wonder if Rey was enamored with all the green she saw.  I bet it got old really quickly though xD  Its also readily apparent that I don’t know how the heck to paint water.  ITS SO BLOODY HARD WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING ALL I WANTED WAS A LIGHTSABER GLOW REFLECTED IN THE WATER THATS LITERALLY IT 




@yurarat Many much wingdingssssss and magical flying flowerss pfftT–

(Ok that pencil shape on the first speech bubble in the second drawing is supposed to be beside the sad faces but *wHEEZE* i ran out of room)


Kiramume Company R #03 (Guest: Kimura Ryohei) - Summary

Undercut because it’s super long and I’ll add in more links and pictures in the future too…

Don’t ask me for the full video. However, if you want me to elaborate on anything in this episode (or any episodes tbh…I’m more focused on Trignal, but I can tell you stuff in other people’s ones as well) you can ask me those. Thanks.

PS. And no, I probably won’t write summary like this for any other episodes unless you want me to do one for Wing’s and Egu’s though. Not enough motivation to do others’…

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Credits by me. (LIAH)♥
Please do not steal♥

Mookoto and GirRin♡ pyjama kareshis lolol xD thanks to the official art, I am able to draw my babies again♡♡♡♡♡

On another note, 기린-girin(not with a ‘j’ sound) actually means Girrafe in Korean xD lol! Mookoto♡GirRin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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for the emoji meme how would you feel about a2 and b2 with ladynoir, ladybug and chat respectively? :D thank you for taking the time to do this especially when you have so much on your plate. it really is appreciated!

Decided to procrastinate and do this xD I honestly am NOT sure what the heck is going on here buuuttt, I leave it to you to come up with that story you said ;)

Though Ladybug’s being quite flirty if I must say ¬ v ¬

ANN 2014.08.14
  • After they announced about DiVA last single, album, concert and disband, they called Sayaka live on the phone.
  • -----------------------------
  • Sayaka gave a message to listeners about DiVA
  • Sae: Thanks to DiVA I came to realize a lot of things. Because of DiVA, I and Sayaka had fight a lot XDD
  • Sayaka: That's true XDDDD
  • Umechan: Really? Really?
  • Sae: Yeah, I realized Akimoto Sayaka can be too selfish!
  • Umechan: When? When?
  • Sae: Around Tsuki no Uragawa release
  • Umechan: Seriously? I didn't know anything about that! (´・ω・`)
  • Sae: For a moment I seriously hated Sayaka XD
  • Sayaka: It happened XDD
  • Sae: But it helped us understand each other more ♥ Thanks to DiVA that Sae came to understand all of Sayaka's good and bad sides ♥ 川^O^)
  • And they talked more about the disbandment a bit more.
  • Sae: Sayaka, are you awake? Did you listen to our radio? What are you doing now?
  • Sayaka: Yes, I'm listening.
  • Sae: Sayaka! What are you wearing?
  • Sayaka: I was listening to all the messages.
  • Sae: Oh, the comments from our listeners? They're all so positive. Sayaka, what are you wearing now?
  • Sayaka: Eh?!
  • Sae: I'm asking, what are you wearing!? 川#^O^)
  • Sayaka: Why do you ask such thing?
  • Sae: Why not? Are you wearing something you cannot tell? 8D
  • Umechan: Cannot tell? What does it mean? (´・ω・`)
  • Sayaka: No, it's just normal. Camisole, ... and underwear... 川・`ω´・)
  • Sae + Umechan: Hahahahahahah
  • Sae: You are, really! XDDD You just said some really heart-warming message to our listener while wearing only underwear!
  • Sayaka: Yeah, I just said something great with only underwear on XD
  • Sae: Ari no mama* (True to who you are)
  • -----------------------------
  • Sae called Yuko and asked her to write lyric for them
  • Sae: Yuko, what are you wearing now?
  • Yuko: Of course, alien! (´-∀-)
  • Umechan: You still haven't took it off since yesterday?
  • Yuko: It's not about taking off! I AM an alien!
  • Sae: By the way, we were talking to Sayaka earlier. What do you think she's wearing?
  • Yuko: Of course Vegeta, right? (*Yuko was referring to their cosplay on Sae's bd)
  • Sae: Incorrect! She's wearing camisole and panties.
  • Yuko: Why the heck she wearing such girly stuffs?
  • Sae: She's wearing that while giving a really touching speech.
  • Sae concerned a bit too much about what Sayaka was wearing XDD
Happy New Year

2016 started like 2015 ended. Like crap. Many bad things happened in the world and personally and I was about to give up on 2016 when all out of a sudden - BAM - Zootopia arrived. And with it, an amazing fandom which I am more than happy to be a part of.

I saw great artworks, read incredible storys, met many really impressive and great people and made some amazing and awesome friends.

You all give me a reason to look forward to the next days and participate in this community. Heck, I even started to write again after about 15 years. Who would have thought that? xD

Thanks to you all, this year wasnt as bad as it aparently wanted to be. (We beat you, 2016, buzz off now!)

The first time in a long while I’m actually looking forward to the next year because I am excited to see what you people will do over the next days, weeks, months. I really hope you all will never stop to be as amazing as you are right now!


I want to thank all people in this fandom and all my followers personally but I wouldnt be able to finish the list before 2018 arrives xD

The image was done by my awesome sister @kaolla :D
Danke Schwesterherz ^^