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GUYS. Everyone else is just #InDream while  Jin is the only one #Awake (☉_☉)

Italian secret children language

When I was a small child, other children would play this game where they would add extra syllables to words to make up an unintellegible fictious language that adults or other kids would not immediately understand.

This secret tongue children used to use was called Lingua Farfallina, which literally translates to “small butterfly language”. It consists in doubling all the vowels in a syllable and placing an -f- in between them, usually resulting in something fairly complex and hard to get.

  • Italian: questo è un esempio in lingua farfallina.
  • Lingua farfallina: quefestofo efe ufun efesefempifiofo ifin lifingufuafa fafarfafallifinafa.
  • English: this is an example in Lingua Farfallina.

“After watching the new Ninja Turtles movie today, I’ve come the conclusion that if they were actually real, I’d definitely date one of them. I mean, yeah, they’re large mutated turtles but they’re kind of like people, right? Or – do I just sound fucked up in the head? Cause there’s a high possibility that I am.”