what the f*** facts

Yes, I’ll explain this Catalan Christmas tradition every year

The Tió de Nadal is a pre-Christian tradition that basically consists on a log that   poops presents for children on Christmas. The log has a face drawn, wears a barretina (the traditional Catalan hat), and is covered by a blanket so that he doesn’t get cold.

We place him in a visible place, such as the living room (if it’s close to a fireplace better), at the beginning of December, and children leave food (usually fruit peels, nuts…) to feed him.

Then, on Christmas Day (or, for some families, Christmas Eve), children hit him with long sticks while singing a song that asks him to give them presents. At the end of the song, the blanket is removed, and it reveals all the presents that were hidden under it, representing that he “pooped” them.

And it doesn’t seem weird to us until we have to explain it to a foreigner.

Renamed Ghost Quartet Songs
  • I Don't Know: welcome to Dave Malloy's twisted mind
  • The Camera Shop: sit down it's story time this fiddle was made out of my great-aunt's bones
  • Subway: Oh crap this is about someone dying
  • Usher, Part 1: what the f***
  • Soldier & Rose: why can't rose just go to the supermarket
  • Any Kind of Dead Person: oh yeah this show is about ghosts
  • The Astronomer: how come this show has astronomy in it yet the great comet has none
  • Family Meeting: why isn't this scene on the cast album gosh
  • Four Friends: LET'S ALL GET DRUNK
  • Fathers & Sons: the jazzy rhythm makes me forget this is about parental neglect
  • Usher, Part 2: what the f*** part 2
  • The Telescope: star facts feat. betrayal
  • Monk: this isn't on the cast album either i am salty
  • Lights Out: i'm so confused by the continuity at this point who even cares
  • The Photograph: WHAT THE F*** part 3
  • Bad Men: Why don't you just go f*** all your f***ing books
  • Usher, Part 3: Oh, I see, it's a retelling of a Poe short story also what the f***
  • Prayer: is this the moral or...
  • Hero: I'm not entirely sure who Rose is singing to but damn she sure is emotional
  • Midnight: so... are they all dead?
  • The Wind & Rain: what has the weather got to do with anything

I’ve been asked by several guys why ‘chicks dig Alistair so much’. I never thought it was that big of a secret why, but in case you aren’t in ~the know~, here’s why:

He’s nothing but a gentleman to F!Warden. When he meets her, he’s kind and joking, while providing any information at her request. He doesn’t mansplain or talk down to her because she is a woman. If anything, he treats this woman, this recruit whom he knows may not last the night, as his equal and his friend. If romantic feelings bud, Alistair is a perpetual romantic. He does sweet things because he wants to. Not because someone told him he should or because he hopes for ‘compensation’ later. He does it because he wants her to be happy. But likewise, he isn’t overbearing. If F!Warden wants space, he’s happy to give it to her. He asks for consent to kiss her. And again to have sex with her. And, if she refuses, that’s cool. She doesn’t owe him that, and it’s her body to share, not his to take. He’s honest, if awkward with his feelings. He doesn’t make her play guessing games to decipher what he’s thinking. He’s also completely content just being friends if that’s what she wants.

With everyone, he approaches them with a lighthearted, friendly nature. Yes, he’s Maric’s illegitimate son, but being Prince of Ferelden doesn’t make him better than anyone. If anything, he’s humble. Doing menial chores and helping his friends is not beneath him. Making great sacrifices for the greater good is not beneath him. He takes great enjoyment in learning about other cultures and how people unlike him live. He’s accepting of all people (except Morrigan, though she’s an exception) regardless of race, religion, gender (including trans and non binary folk) age, sexual orientation, or anything else. He’s extremely patient, and while goofy and a bit of a ditz, a competent King with a big heart. He takes what others say to heart and uses that as opportunities to learn, and he shows a great deal of respect to his elders. He supports the mages, opposes slavery, and generally is a mouth piece for the little guys all across Thedas who don’t have many allies. He loves animals and seems to like children. And, while sterile the last we heard of him (fingers crossed the Warden finds a cure), he seems to romanticize the idea of having a family of his own.

Basically, Alistair is the dream boyfriend/the sweetest cinnamon roll there ever was.

[draws art for a dead fandom] mm :^)

okay but serously, i don’t know what my reputation is beyond by screaming about asari but that like really gets me heated? like what the actual f u c k ?

the fact that bioware themselves said that cop out bullshit about peebees eyebrows? that excuse? seriously? “”“”“”“ a recessive gene”“”“”“ honestly fuck off with that bunk. should have just been honest and said, ” we want the asari to look as human as possible without being ‘human’ because for some reason we think that will make you wanna bang them even more.“

i honestly HATE THAT SHIT, can kiss my shiny metal ass with all that poppycock they trying to feed me.


You put a fever inside me, and I’ve been cold since you left

My High School History Teacher Was Never There .....

Okay folks it’s time to get this off my mind since in November this country is going to hell…..

When I was a sophomore in high school , we had this history teacher who frequently didn’t show up or left in the beginning of class and never returned.

Well for a whole two weeks he was never there for class and so my class jokingly elected me teacher

I spent the best two weeks of my life teaching thirty other teens all about comic book characters on Monday , weird history facts on Tuesday , “What The F*ck ” Wednesday where we talked about nonsensical terms and English spelling , “Teach Me The Thing ” Thursday in which we delved into fictional history of various fandoms, and “Fantasy Friday ” where we just spewed wild theories about time travel , ghosts, conspiracies and myths.

Highlights of these weeks :

“ Do you think Hogwarts has hard of hearing paintings?”

“ Okay but cosmic rays are a thing , yeah? So I can literally become Johnny Storm . I’m stealing a rocket , who’s with me? ”

- goth kid in back row- “ Keaton yes”

“ What do you MEAN by ’ there were gay pirate ladies’? WHY ISN’T THAT IN THE CLASS BOOK? ”

“ So we all agree the ’ not a moral doucheface ’ answer to ’ would you kill baby Hitler’ is - Let him go to art school and instead stop the fucking eugenics movement , right?”

“ No, I don’t agree-”
“ NO ONE CARES IF YOU AGREE, ASHLEY, TAKE YOUR FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR MINI PURSE AND GET OUT" “ Calm the hell down Austin ” -literally a whole hour of arguing over who the best Bleach captain was and one kid threatened to bankai the guy saying “ Gin Ichimaru ” “ YOU SHITSTAIN DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID???? THAT EVIL LITTLE WORM MADE TOSHIRO AND MOMO SUFFER, I WILL BANKAI YOUR ASS RIGHT TO HELL” “ Scott I agree but chill the fuck out bro ” Toshiro won :) ( there were tears ) “ Okay but like, what if all of us are Sims?” “ MICHEAL DON’T DO THIS, I HAVEN’T SLEPT IN EIGHT DAYS MAN. ” “ WE HAVE NO WAY OF PROVING REALITY DUDE” “ If this is true than my gamer needs to straighten out my life , what the hell are you doing to me , gamer? Rude. ” “ Yo gamer overlord. I’m trans. Make me a beautiful girl. ” - gasp- “ Bro. BRO.” - sarcastically- “ GIRL. GIRLLLLL. ” “ Bro you’re a girl ?” “ yeah bro. ” “You’re still cool with me , Mike. Uh…Michelle. ” “ Leonardo da Vinci was GAY. Why isn’t THAT ever talked about? I want cute historical films about him and his boyfriend. ” “ Are we gonna talk about the fact that some animal’s butt juice is in cigarettes because it tastes good? WHO THE FUCK IS LICKING ANIMAL BUTT JUICES? WHO? Why are they putting butt juice in things that go in your mouth? That’s messed up. ” “ Five points to the one who can tell me Gaara’s last name ” “ YOU ASS, HE DOESN’T FUCKING HAVE ONE ” “ Five points to Indi ” “ I’ll give five bucks to you if you teach us about the Soul Society structure ” “ Deal ” - after thirty minute rant on the Soul Society- “ And Scott , I’d have done it for free. But you offered . ” “ I respect you for that trick. ” Passwords for those who showed up late to class “ Sorry Jennifer , password. ” “ I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR PASSWORD” “ Correct, the category today was : Ichigo Kurosaki Is Presented With A Locked Door Requiring A Password. ” “ Let me in, James. ” “ Password?” “ Uh…. Is it FIGHT ME?” “ Yeah , we chose ’ incorrect Steve Rogers Quotes ’ today. ” Michael missing half the class because he refused to say “ My Fave Is Problematic ” Basically our ever- absent teacher was the best thing ever. Ask for more because BOY DO I HAVE STORIES

U KNOW WHAT F*CKS ME UP THE MOST????? the fact that wonwoo luvs to sing but it’s harder for him to reach higher notes cause his voice is low ;; WHICH IS WHY THAT LITTLE SNIPPET OF LOVE LETTER MADE ME LEGITIMATELY CRY…..U SING TO UR HEART’S CONTENT LIL BUB…… SING!!!!! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

       so a year ago today, i made this blog. unironically, it was the day  ‘  tricksters  ’   aired  ——————  basically the episode that they explained who eobard was.  &  clearly i had absolutely no restraint anymore  &  finally made the blog i’d been wanting to make for a few months at that point. i was incredibly scared  &  worried about writing a canon character again. more so than that, i was horrified of entering a fandom i’d been in my entire life, but never had the chance to write in.  &  my god… exactly two weeks later, i already had 100+ followers.

       &  now 52 weeks later, i have
1.2k+ followers.

       i have to say that hands down, this fandom  ———-  the flash, arrow, lot, supergirl, dc as a whole  ———-  has been the BEST fandom i’ve ever been in. i chose to write as a character that no one really knew, or had even heard of. i chose to write as a character that i seriously hold so dear to my heart.  &  all of you accepted me…
in a flash. i could never be more grateful for that. i got to meet so many amazing people. people who i consider my squad. people who i consider close friends  &  my family now. i hate to be super sentimental   (   eobard is cringing. believe me   ),  but just i need you all to know  :  thank you so much for this amazing experience. thank you.

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I just think that people keep talking about how bad the United States was in this whole Hiroshima/Nagasaki incident. They say this without realizing that these actions stopped WW2 and without them thousands of more people would have died
—  Unknown Year/Major said in a Women and Gender Studies class where the reading for the day disproved what he had said and gave facts that contradicted it. F A C T S