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I was married. With a daughter. |Where are they now?| They died. |Oh, I’m so sorry.| Oh, you had no way of knowing. |What happened?| They were killed, murdered. |Murdered? Did they… did they catch who did it?| No. 


You put a fever inside me, and I’ve been cold since you left



suits keeps throwing timeline facts at me and i am incapable of leaving well enough alone. so! the revised, revised, revised histories of mike ross and harvey specter. (with one minor reference to rachel zane.)

ETA: a little bit of clarification for how to best interpret the timeline overall

Harvey is born
HARVEY (to MIKE): You found the one mistake I made while drafting those bylaws a dozen years ago, when I was two years younger than you.
(“Inside Track” s01e03)

Mike is born
MIKE (to NICK RINALDI): You don’t take cases like that? What about your case from 1992? Driver plows into a car after drinking about 1,000 Jack and Cokes, killing a happily married couple? James and Nina Ross?
(“Blind-Sided” s02e11)

1987 (Harvey is 16)
Harvey catches his mother cheating on his father
HARVEY (to MIKE re: LILY): I was 16 when I caught her cheating.
(”High Noon” s02e10)

1988 (Mike is 7, Harvey is 17)
Mike and Tess meet
TESS (to RACHEL re: MIKE): Short story is, we’ve known each other since we were seven.
(“High Noon” s02e10)

Harvey’s batting average is .385
Harvey (to GORDON): I think you’re maybe forgetting I hit .385.
(“The Other Time” s03e06)

Harvey injures his shoulder and can’t play in the state championships, but his team wins anyway
TRAVIS TANNER (to HARVEY): And I also know that during your senior year, you missed out on playing in the state championship because of your shoulder. … And what do you know? They won without you, Harvey.
(“Undefeated” s01e09)

1989 (Mike is 8, Harvey is 18)
Mike and Trevor meet, or have known each other for some time
MIKE (to TREVOR): You know, that is word for word your offer before I got caught cheating on your math test in the third grade.
(“Pilot" s01e01)

Harvey’s mother leaves his father
HARVEY (to MIKE re: LILY): The next two years went by, I didn’t say a thing, and she went right on just making him a fool.
(”High Noon” s02e10)

1992 (Mike is 11)
Mike’s parents are killed
MIKE (to HARVEY): When I was 11, my parents were involved in a really horrible accident.
(“Blind-Sided” s02e11)

1994-1998 (Mike is 13-18)
Mike attends St. Andrew’s High School and is a straight-A student

External image

MIKE (to EDITH): Yeah, and you’re not at school and all I do is get As.
(“Faith” s05e10 [flashback, nonspecific])

After receiving an F on a history paper for cutting class on parent-teacher conference day, Mike transfers to public school
MIKE: You gave that paper an F? It deserves an A.
FATHER WALKER: What about the fact that you cut the entire afternoon last Tuesday? … I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you chose to cut class on parent-teacher conference day.

FATHER WALKER: So you’re dropping out?
MIKE: No, I’m going to public school.
(“Faith” s05e10 [flashback, nonspecific])

1999 (Mike is 18-19, Harvey is 28)
Mike’s college GPA is 3.8
MIKE (to TREVOR): But I still have a three-eight. There’s no way Harvard rescinds my acceptance.
(“The Other Time” s03e06 [flashback, “TEN YEARS AGO”])

Mike applies to transfer to Harvard and is accepted, and subsequently expelled and his transfer revoked after he takes the fall for Trevor
TREVOR: You got into Harvard, dickhead.
MIKE: They accepted my transfer?
TREVOR: Yeah, they did.

THE DEAN (to MIKE): The young woman you sold the test to was my daughter. They’re demanding my resignation. And as my last official act, I’m expelling you from this school. And then, I’m going to call Harvard. Believe me when I tell you, you’re never going there.
(“The Other Time” s03e06 [flashback, “TEN YEARS AGO”])

Harvey drafts the McKernon Motors bylaws
HARVEY (to MIKE): You found the one mistake I made while drafting those bylaws a dozen years ago, when I was two years younger than you.
(“Inside Track” s01e03)

2000-2002 (Harvey is 29-31)
Harvey starts working for Cameron Dennis at the District Attorney’s office
(HARVEY [to ALEXANDRA LEEDS]): I worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the County of New York for two years. … An attorney by the name of Jessica Pearson helped me get through law school. And she felt that I could use trial experience.
(“Rules of the Game” s01e11)

Harvey meets and hires Donna
DONNA: You know, usually when someone wins their first trial, they at least pretend to finish the drink their fellow ADAs bought them.
HARVEY: I’m sorry, do we—
DONNA: Know each other? Not yet. But today’s your lucky day.
HARVEY: And why is that?
DONNA: Because it’s the day you get to meet Donna.
(“Not Just a Pretty Face” s04e16 [flashback, nonspecific])

Harvey borrows $150,000 from Charles Forstman and loans it to Marcus
HARVEY: My brother needs $150,000 for a new restaurant.

CHARLES FORSTMAN: We’re not a good fit. Because restaurants fail. And when this one does, you’ll leave. So, you might as well leave right now.
HARVEY: Then how about we bet on it?
(“Not Just a Pretty Face” s04e16 [flashback, nonspecific])

Harvey meets Alex Williams
HARVEY: Well, I’ve known him for 15 years, and I’m vouching for him.
(“The Statue” s07e02)

2003 (Harvey is 32)
Harvey quits the District Attorney’s office and returns to Pearson Hardman
HARVEY: I decided what kind of attorney I want to be.
DONNA: I heard. You quit.

HARVEY (to JESSICA): Instead of thinking about what I want to be doing in ten years, I started thinking about who I want to be doing it with.

JESSICA (to HARVEY): So, let me get this straight. You turned me down before, and now you’re saying you want to come back? … Welcome back, Harvey. You start Monday.
(“The Other Time” s03e06 [flashback, nonspecific])

2007 (Mike is 26, Harvey is 36)
Mike and Trevor meet Nikki and Jenny
MIKE (to TREVOR): Oh, yeah, that girl, Nikki, called me. … I don’t know, it’s I just felt like I kind of hit it off more with that Jenny girl, that’s all.
(“Rewind” s02e08 [flashback, “FIVE YEARS AGO”])

Mike agrees to take the LSATs for Nikki
NIKKI (to MIKE): I want to pay you $1000 to take the LSATs for me.
(“Rewind” s02e08 [flashback, “FIVE YEARS AGO”])

Gordon Specter dies

External image

DONNA (to HARVEY): Your dad. He had a heart attack.
(“Rewind” s02e08 [flashback, “FIVE YEARS AGO”])

Harvey is a Senior Associate

External image

(“Rewind” s02e08 [flashback, “FIVE YEARS AGO”])

Harvey is promoted to Junior Partner
HARVEY (to LOUIS): You know, I just figured I’d treat myself for making Junior Partner.
(“Rewind” s02e08 [flashback, “FIVE YEARS AGO”])

2008 (Mike is 27)
Mike courts Claire Bowden and lies about being a law student at Columbia; she finds out and breaks up with him
CLAIRE: Where do you go?
MIKE: Mmm-mmm. You first. Where do you go?
MIKE: Columbia.

CLAIRE: Please get away from me. Nathan told me everything.
MIKE: Wait, please. Let me explain, okay?
(“Fork in the Road” s04e13 [flashback, “SIX YEARS AGO”])

Against Edith’s wishes, Mike moves in with Trevor
MIKE: His name is Trevor, and he’s my best friend. I’m going to do this thing with or without your blessing. But it sure would be nice to have it.
EDITH: Okay, Michael. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend I approve. But you’re a grown man and I respect your decision.
(“Fork in the Road” s04e13 [flashback, “SIX YEARS AGO”])

Rachel is hired at Pearson Hardman
JESSICA: I’m hiring you because I like what I see.
RACHEL: Hiring me?
JESSICA: You start Monday, if that’s not too much trouble.
RACHEL: I will be the first one in.
(“Fork in the Road” s04e13 [flashback, “SIX YEARS AGO”])

2009 (Mike is 28)
Mike is broke and banned from a casino in Atlantic City for card counting
MIKE: I’m sort of banned from here.
HARVEY: For smoking weed?
MIKE: Counting cards, I mean, I was smoking weed, but they banned me for counting cards. … It was three years ago.
(“All In” s02e06)

2011 (Mike is 30, Harvey is 40)
Harvey is promoted to Senior Partner and required to hire an associate
JESSICA (to HARVEY): Well, I would, Harvey, except all senior partners get an associate. It’s just a rule.
(“Pilot” s01e01)

My top 25 NaLu moments! (Part 2)

Okay, let’s continue this! Here’s part two for my favorite NaLu moments. Part 1 can be found here, if you’re interested in seeing the numbers 25 through 16. Now let’s move on to 15 through 6 (yes, I decided to extend it, it’d just get too big). Thanks a lot to everyone who read this, I love y’all. Also, once again, there are spoilers here for the current arc. If you haven’t caught up to it yet, it’s best if you don’t read this. Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Part 3 is here.

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Yes, I’ll explain this Catalan Christmas tradition every year

The Tió de Nadal is a pre-Christian tradition that basically consists on a log that   poops presents for children on Christmas. The log has a face drawn, wears a barretina (the traditional Catalan hat), and is covered by a blanket so that he doesn’t get cold.

We place him in a visible place, such as the living room (if it’s close to a fireplace better), at the beginning of December, and children leave food (usually fruit peels, nuts…) to feed him.

Then, on Christmas Day (or, for some families, Christmas Eve), children hit him with long sticks while singing a song that asks him to give them presents. At the end of the song, the blanket is removed, and it reveals all the presents that were hidden under it, representing that he “pooped” them.

And it doesn’t seem weird to us until we have to explain it to a foreigner.

[draws art for a dead fandom] mm :^)

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What 'fans' write to her is vile, insensitive, immature and inexcusable. However, those exact words also apply to her responses. "Lay off the doughnuts. You, might get laid one day if you do. Bye disrespect(ful) cunt". She replied to one fan she felt sorry for their parents and they said they could have been dead or adopted for all she knew and her response was "If you were adopted it would make sense because you're a piece of shit. Suck on that". She changed this comment pretty quickly (1/2)

2/2  Maybe she realised she had just implied being adopted meant you were a terrible person. However, the fact she wrote it in the first place tells you a lot. Here are a few of her other insults were, “idiots, grow a brain, pathetic, cunts and scum”. Yes, she was provoked but as a decent human being you NEVER use those words about another human. If someone screams those things in your face, you don’t say them back. It’s just human decency that’s it.

I’m sorry, but that is bullshit, dude. Complete and total bullshit. Look, Taylor doesn’t need me to defend her; in fact I’ve stated here several times that this has moved beyond her. This is about the bullshit that has become this fandom.

Don’t talk to me about ‘human decency’ when you’ve got assholes purposely going to her page with the intent of posting vile things simply to instigate, annoy and provoke her. Don’t give me no bullshit about “you don’t say them back” when it’s HER page and she shouldn’t have to employ bullying deflection tactics like putting her page on private, disabling comments, or blocking people. It’s interesting how y’all have got all these screenshots of her clapping back at fools, but the posts that INSTIGATED those responses in the first place –  people telling her they prefer Arielle or Alexa (which cracks me up for a number of reasons), slut shaming her and accusing her of being a Nazi, straight up stupid posts like “Alex loves Miles” or “Milex is real” are no were to be found. I can tell you seeing those replies pissed off and annoyed the f*ck out of ME and others, I can’t imagine what she actually sees, deletes and blocks on a daily basis. And as someone who isn’t here for the bullshit either, I can related and empathize with her point of view when it comes to this. Don’t come on MY page and harass ME and then tell me I’m no longer a decent human being when I f*cking drag your ass ‘cause who gives a f*ck what you think?

These same idiots that are constantly telling her that she needs to “rise above it” or “ignore” or “not respond” are the same f*cking crybabies that fall apart when you tell them to f*ck off. Because that’s what you tell a person who doesn’t stop after you’ve told them to repeatedly – you tell them to f*ck off and if you’re serious and fed up, you’re not always nice about it. And honestly, there was a time when I would have conceded, “hey maybe she didn’t necessarily have to respond like that” but I’ve been given insight that makes me look at this whole thing completely differently. I’d really like know in what world do you guys think her anger is in any way unjustified? What delusional plane of existence do you reside in where people can harass an individual on THEIR PAGE and when that person reacts in a way that isn’t cute and laced with candy and rainbows, THEY’RE the asshole? Speaking for myself, when people come into my inbox here or anywhere else talking bullshit, I’m sorry, but you’re getting it right back. In the words of a friend I was speaking with about this last night “you don’t know what people have on board.” And it’s not like this dense ass, stupid ass fandom hasn’t been issued several warnings where this is concerned. 

Don’t give me this bullshit about what a ‘decent human being’ would do. Those words sound so fucking fake and empty coming from a fandom that seemingly prides itself when she goes off like this; “oh, I hope she blocks me!” “she’s such a piece of shit” “doesn’t she understand that we’re Alex’s fans?” No, don’t YOU understand that this is girlfriend? This is someone that he loves? Even more to the point, this is HER page that isn’t related to him or anyone in TLSP OR Arctic Monkeys? As I’ve said before, in what world, to WHAT kind of f*cked up individual, when presented with the facts can objectively say that ya’ll aren’t the bullies? To make this easier to understand, I’ll put it this way: that’s like constantly cussing out and bullying someone and then when they call you a ‘cunt’, presenting that as evidence as to why they’re such a bad person. The concept of ‘human decency’ means nothing to many people in this fandom and it grosses me out that a lot of you have the nerve to even spout that bullshit.

Seriously, fuck ya’ll.  I don’t want anything to do wit it. As someone who used to have a lot of fun with the Milex ship, I wanna distance myself because you’ve turned it into something gross and weird and creepy.

Oh the fat lady has most certainly sung--and she is telling lies

I’ve been dealing today with being bashed by numerous extreme shippers (ES) because of a certain ES blogger’s public post about how upset she was with an “anti” who dared to contact her privately about some concerns. And surprise, surprise, many ES assumed I was the “anti” and bashed me accordingly. (They didn’t mention my name but it was clear to whom some were referring.) It is interesting that it didn’t seem to dawn on the ES blogger to contact the “anti” directly with her concerns instead of using her blog to bash the “anti’s” attempt to communicate privately. 🤔

Someone screencapped this comment to the ES blogger’s post and sent it to me. It was so outrageous I had to respond. 

  • Yes, my mission in life is to “brainwash” newbies and fence sitters. 🙄
  • Yes, I read “EVERY SINGLE” one of the HUNDREDS of ES posts generated weekly and work hard to be “so damn negative” about each one.😈
  • I confess! I say “this is my opinion” a lot. Perhaps in the future I should state everything like it is a fact the way many of your leaders do. 👍
  • As for being “disappointed” in the “Show” or in “almost everything OUTLANDER,” my question is: WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I have in fact often DEFENDED the show from some of the fans (usually shippers) who are constantly complaining about “not enough Jamie and Claire sex,” “too much Frank,” or “not enough BTS pictures!” Oy! Go read my other blog @contemplatingenjoyingoutlander. You will see reasoned discussions of the books and show there. 
  • In terms of being disappointed with Sam & Cait–the people who are REPEATEDLY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED WITH SAM AND CAIT ARE CERTAIN EXTREME SHIPPERS. Any time Sam or Cait don’t behave the way the ES want many of them trash them on their blogs, tag them in nasty tweets, and/ or complain to Starz, Sony, the press, women’s organizations, you name it (usually about Sam–poor Sam).
  • In contrast, I have defended Sam and Cait against ES attacks. Yes, once in a blue moon I have expressed a slight disappointment when there is too much shippery fanservice. But such a statement is almost always followed by sympathy for the difficult position S & C are in. So please don’t distort what I have said.
  • The people who act like they know “C/S/MM/T personally & know how they think, act, feel, etc.” are extreme shippers. You folks INTERPRET EVERYTHING that Sam and Cait say or do in order to find “breadcrumbs.” So I debunk your shippery assumptions by using common sense and basing what I say on the assumption that Sam and Cait told the truth in the KDS/ IFH denial video.

Kindly don’t say anything if you are going to make things up about me or exaggerate things. I know it is what you ES do all the time to anyone who gets in the way of your ship but I’m really tired of it. Thank you.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, you are probably an extreme shipper. Good luck with that!

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you've probably gotten this one 584959684 times but bubbline!!

Actually you’re just my second ask!

• when or if I started shipping it: when It was confirmed they were exes

• my thoughts: it’s a good fucking SHIP OKAY. Top five f/f ships.

• What makes me happy about them: the fact that their relationship seems very natural and real to me. and how they began to get along with each other over time. Like we go from Marcy spitting on Bonnie because she was sick of her to apologizing a bunch after she assumed she made Bonnie cry.

• What makes me sad about them: that it seems like the AT crew is a little too scared to confirm it in show.

• things done in art/fic that annoys me: people who still act like it’s a hateship. It’s not a hateship, Bubblegum literally said she’ll grow old with Marcy and bury her.

• things I look for in art/fic: nothing hateful or angsty like they like each other.

• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

I don’t know actually. I like them both together.

• My happily ever after for them: they get married

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?: going to the movies


*Day 11 ~ Carry On Countdown*


((I’ve literally never written crack before so,,,,, yikes))

-baz and simon are setting to go to sleep for the first time in their room as roommates

-lil 11 year old baz has all his things set up completely neat and orderly and v aesthetic like the smol rich gay boy he is

-while on the other hand simon’s things are fucking. all over his bed, and like. he doesn’t even have that many things so what the fuck is all this mess?

-wee baz is already a little irritated by this walking disaster (not to mention the fact that he is, ofc, the mage’s heir) and are those cRUMBS ALL OVER THE RUG CROWLEY THEY HAVEN’T EVEN LIVED HERE 20 MINUTES

-but like as simon comes out of the bathroom after showering, and is already in his lil pj’s and is all softe with his curly lil head and all and baz is like

- O.O

-look at that softe boy wow he shine orange glow curly hair neck mole wow

-wait just one fcuking second that’s the mage’s heir that scone eating fukicng hurricane child we don’t like him, in fact, you know f what we hate him im sure he’s just a terrible person so yeah he’s our nemisis now or whatever

-and simon just crawls under the covers and baz is trying not to side eye him from his bed and then the light flicks off and simon just says

-”goodnight” quietly from his lil bundle

-and baz is like

-im luv u



-”i fucking hate you snow don’t ever talk to me again were enemies k” 

My High School History Teacher Was Never There .....

Okay folks it’s time to get this off my mind since in November this country is going to hell…..

When I was a sophomore in high school , we had this history teacher who frequently didn’t show up or left in the beginning of class and never returned.

Well for a whole two weeks he was never there for class and so my class jokingly elected me teacher

I spent the best two weeks of my life teaching thirty other teens all about comic book characters on Monday , weird history facts on Tuesday , “What The F*ck ” Wednesday where we talked about nonsensical terms and English spelling , “Teach Me The Thing ” Thursday in which we delved into fictional history of various fandoms, and “Fantasy Friday ” where we just spewed wild theories about time travel , ghosts, conspiracies and myths.

Highlights of these weeks :

“ Do you think Hogwarts has hard of hearing paintings?”

“ Okay but cosmic rays are a thing , yeah? So I can literally become Johnny Storm . I’m stealing a rocket , who’s with me? ”

- goth kid in back row- “ Keaton yes”

“ What do you MEAN by ’ there were gay pirate ladies’? WHY ISN’T THAT IN THE CLASS BOOK? ”

“ So we all agree the ’ not a moral doucheface ’ answer to ’ would you kill baby Hitler’ is - Let him go to art school and instead stop the fucking eugenics movement , right?”

“ No, I don’t agree-”
“ NO ONE CARES IF YOU AGREE, ASHLEY, TAKE YOUR FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR MINI PURSE AND GET OUT" “ Calm the hell down Austin ” -literally a whole hour of arguing over who the best Bleach captain was and one kid threatened to bankai the guy saying “ Gin Ichimaru ” “ YOU SHITSTAIN DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID???? THAT EVIL LITTLE WORM MADE TOSHIRO AND MOMO SUFFER, I WILL BANKAI YOUR ASS RIGHT TO HELL” “ Scott I agree but chill the fuck out bro ” Toshiro won :) ( there were tears ) “ Okay but like, what if all of us are Sims?” “ MICHEAL DON’T DO THIS, I HAVEN’T SLEPT IN EIGHT DAYS MAN. ” “ WE HAVE NO WAY OF PROVING REALITY DUDE” “ If this is true than my gamer needs to straighten out my life , what the hell are you doing to me , gamer? Rude. ” “ Yo gamer overlord. I’m trans. Make me a beautiful girl. ” - gasp- “ Bro. BRO.” - sarcastically- “ GIRL. GIRLLLLL. ” “ Bro you’re a girl ?” “ yeah bro. ” “You’re still cool with me , Mike. Uh…Michelle. ” “ Leonardo da Vinci was GAY. Why isn’t THAT ever talked about? I want cute historical films about him and his boyfriend. ” “ Are we gonna talk about the fact that some animal’s butt juice is in cigarettes because it tastes good? WHO THE FUCK IS LICKING ANIMAL BUTT JUICES? WHO? Why are they putting butt juice in things that go in your mouth? That’s messed up. ” “ Five points to the one who can tell me Gaara’s last name ” “ YOU ASS, HE DOESN’T FUCKING HAVE ONE ” “ Five points to Indi ” “ I’ll give five bucks to you if you teach us about the Soul Society structure ” “ Deal ” - after thirty minute rant on the Soul Society- “ And Scott , I’d have done it for free. But you offered . ” “ I respect you for that trick. ” Passwords for those who showed up late to class “ Sorry Jennifer , password. ” “ I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR PASSWORD” “ Correct, the category today was : Ichigo Kurosaki Is Presented With A Locked Door Requiring A Password. ” “ Let me in, James. ” “ Password?” “ Uh…. Is it FIGHT ME?” “ Yeah , we chose ’ incorrect Steve Rogers Quotes ’ today. ” Michael missing half the class because he refused to say “ My Fave Is Problematic ” Basically our ever- absent teacher was the best thing ever. Ask for more because BOY DO I HAVE STORIES

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Erm... What I'm trying to say is: Don't worry too much about that! Your feelings towards him comes back just in time! Teru loves you, whatever happens and he understands how you feels! He knows that you focus on other things and he understands it!

I see what you’re saying but… I wouldn’t have an issue with it if I were just focusing on other things like school and what not but the fact that my focus is on another potential F/O worries me because I’m scared that I’ve already fallen out of love with him in favor of a new F/O which is… pretty much irreversible for me.

@angelofawhitenight Thank you for the tag!

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers, put in yours, and when you are done tag up to ten people and also tag the person who tagged you… And most importantly, have fun!

A - Age: 24

B - Biggest fear: If my hard disk dies and all my work and saved files are gone… *shudders* I really should back them up but the file size is horrendous.

C - Current time: 6pm

D - Drink you last had: Plain water

E - Every day starts with: When does the day start. WHAT IS SLEEP EVEN

F - Favorite song: A most difficult question indeed. In fact, I have no idea.

G - Ghosts, are they real?: Possibly. I haven’t seen one myself but people around me have had very real experiences.

H- Hometown: Singapore

J - Jealous of: Nothing. Everything has its own form of suffering ;;

K - Killed someone: I killed my pet fish on accident. It haunts me till this day ;;

L - Last time you cried: A few hours back when I watched Inuyashiki. I cry easily hahaha

M - Middle name: None

N - Number of siblings: 2

O - One wish: To make fully immersive VR worlds a reality!!

P - Person you last called: Uh my memory fails me ;;

Q - Questions you’re always asked: Have you eaten? *in Chinese* (a very standard convo starter)

R - Reasons to smile: EVERYTHING I LOVE!!! More often than not: Zestiria, Ososan, Saiki Kusuo, my two dumb floofy balls of meows that constantly pester me. Seeing others happy make me smile too.

S - Song last sang: I am not allowed to sing for fear of fatalities.

T - Time you woke up: ???? WHAT IS SLEEP EVEN

U - Underwear color: ???????

V - Vacation destination: Tokyo please. I will bring along empty suit cases :>

W - Worst habit: Going for hell-level spicy food even though I’d regret and die after.

X - X-rays you’ve had: Too many to keep track.

Y - Your favorite food: Froyo!

Z - Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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