what the f in jones is this shit

The American Revolution Be Like

Great Britain *looming threateningly over a fallen rebelling America*Fools who run their mouths oft wind up dead-

*Door slams open*


France and Prussia: SHOW TIME!


Great Britain: oh shit it’s these guys.

*Submission by my one true fan @kittyreaper

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I think it would be super cool to read a fanfic about Bughead meeting at like a support group for depression/self harm. Maybe they were friends when they were little and Jughead transferred schools and they haven't talked since and they catch up and then support each other through their issues :)

Ooohhh I love this idea! You’re so awesome anonymouse 🐭

“Are you sure you want to do this Elizabeth, you understand this is your choice correct?” Alice Cooper was gripping the steering wheel so tight Betty was sure she was going to rip into the leather.

“Yes mom. This is.. I have to.. if this works..I’m running out of options.” The beautiful blonde passenger whispered, voice closing with unrestrained anxiety.

Alice barely spared her a glance
“If you feel this is a positive thing then go on, why you can’t just stop that nasty habit of cutting yourself up I’ll never understand but since this is what the family counselor suggested I suppose I have no option. Go on and spread our dirty laundry to the world.” She hissed out bitterly.

Sighing silently, Betty reached over and pressed a kiss to her moms cheek.
“I’ll see you in an hour.” She stepped out of the car, her shoulders releasing pent up tension. She would definitely be driving herself here from now on.

“Had to hitch a ride with the slave driver too huh?”

Turning around at the unfamiliar voice, Betty came face to face with a beautiful African American girl, short brown hair and dark eyes, the gorgeous stranger stuck her hand out

“I’m maya, it’s nice to meet you.”

As soon as Betty reached for her hand Maya snapped it back, her whole body jerking forward causing Betty to stiffen instinctually.

“I’m so sorry! I have Tourette’s, I probably should have told you that first. Really I’m so sorry!” She shoved her hands in her pockets and made to scurry forward, but not before Betty’s hand reached out and gripped her forearm.

“I’m Betty Cooper. it’s nice to meet you too.” She gently smiled and began walking in sync with her new friend.

“You’re new here, first days can be a little intimidating but stick by me in group and I won’t let anyone mess with you.” The taller girl smiled proudly, yelping on a twitch before she draped an arm over Betty’s shoulders and pulled her into the building.

As soon as the two girls walked in Betty felt her panic rise, there were chairs set up in a circle around a desk, almost all were taken except a scattered few, teenagers her age were all talking to each other and all Betty wanted to do was run right back out the front door, maybe her mother was right, maybe this wasn’t a good idea, there were way too many people, too much judgment.

“Hi! Elizabeth right?” A middle aged woman with a short pixie cut and see through blue eyes approached her, gripping her hand and shaking it aggressively “we are so excited to have you at Helping Hearts Rehabilitation Therapy Class, my name is Rosa and I run the therapy sessions here! I think you’ll fit in just fine, Why don’t you take a seat with Maya right up front, were about to start group therapy.” The frantic older woman squeezed Betty in a jug before rushing off somewhere else.

Maya grabbed her hand, rolling her eyes
“Rosa can be a little much but she’s all heart, you’ll get to know her better in individual sessions.” She dropped down on a plastic, blue seat and patted the one beside her as Betty delicately sat down.

Betty took a moment to glance around the room, it was an eclectic mix, people covered in scars, people crying on their own, others texting on their phones angrily while some looked about as nervous as she felt, suddenly she felt an itch on the side of her head, it slowly turned into a burning and she glanced to her right, her eyes going wide at what she saw.

A beautiful boy, something right out of a 1950s greaser catalogue. He had thick, wavy black hair, slightly covered by a crooked beanie, he wore a worn in leather jacket and combat boots, his skin tanned and dirty, he had pouty lips with a natural red Betty would have killed for, the most surprising part about him though? His piercing stormy blue eyes, eyes that were currently burning into her as he stared openly.

“That’s Jughead Jones, he doesn’t talk much all we know is that he has to be here, mandatory from his therapist, rumor has it he tried to run his motorcycle off a cliff… on purpose.” Maya whispered close to her, making Betty shudder.

The boy didn’t look away not even when Betty caught his eyes, he must think she was the absolute definition of lame.

Betty had on a soft long sleeved cardigan covering up the scars littering her arms, the cotton baby blue dress she wore underneath had a peter pan collar and it matched her tiny blue ballet flats, her hair was pulled back into an exceptionally tight ponytail and her light pink lips were painted the familiar shade of “perfectly pink.”

“Okay everyone! I want to introduce you all to our newest member, Elizabeth Cooper.”
Rosa spoke from the front of the room, drawing Betty’s eyes away from the staring contest she and this Jughead Jones seemed to be having. She snapped forward, Maya nudged her with a grin as a particularly vicious twitch shook her body.

Betty smiled softly
“Hello, I actually go by Betty.” She offered gently, her honey sweet voice was soothing and like always everyone was instantly taken by the blonde haired angel.

“Well Betty, we usually start by asking, now I know this may seem a little invasive but it’s good to break it down immediately, do you mind telling us what brought you here today?”

Betty’s eyes widened as her fingers dug into her palms, searching frantically for a way out.

“NO.” She shouted, louder than she had planned
“No, no I can’t.. I can’t talk about it. I don’t.. I don’t talk about that!” She begged, moving to stand as Maya placed a comforting hand to her shoulder. Betty’s eyes were still looking around, their had to be a way out!

Suddenly her sea green eyes landed on Jugheads rainy blue ones, he gazed deeply into her face a meaningful look playing on his features, and just like that her heart stopped racing, she was able to find air and she slowly settled into the seat

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, I’m just.. I’m not quite ready to talk about that yet, maybe next week.” She plastered on her award winning smile as she patted Maya’s hand in gratitude, Rosa fell for the picture perfect smile and she nodded reassuringly

“Of course, our past does tend to get most of us riled up. Perhaps next time.” With that the older woman went on with the session, an hour later Betty had learned about the multiple different struggles some of her peers had gone through, while she was sure that by having them share she was supposed to feel better but now she felt even more weighed down by the burden. These people had been through so much, she carried their pain on her back as if it was her own, that’s who Betty Cooper was, unapologetically selfless.

Maya was putting her number in Betty’s phone and swinging her backpack over her shoulder
“I’ll text you tonight, set up plans, catch ya after doll.” She blew a dramatic kiss towards Betty before skipping out the room.

Betty smiled with a shake of her head as she continued packing up her backpack, it had taken her longer than she expected and by the time she was done the entire room was empty even Rosa had left.

“You okay?”

The low timber of an unfamiliar voice had Betty nearly jumping out of her skin, she whipped around to see Jughead standing behind her, a smirk on his face, leaning against a chair with crossed arms, he looked like the sexiest Rebel Without A Cause Betty had ever seen.

“Me? Oh yeah, of course! I’m fine.” The blonde shifted uncomfortably in her shoes as he continued to stare at her “a little stressful sure, I lost my cool in here today, it won’t happen again.” She wasn’t sure who she was assuring, the boy in front of her or herself.

“Why not? You didn’t wanna talk about. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too.” He shrugged lazily, his eyes drifting to her arms.

Betty smiled a soft tilt of her lips
“Sometimes though, you have to talk about it.. or it never goes away.”

Taking a step towards her Jughead lifted her hands in his her palms flat up as he stared at the moon shaped scars littering her soft skin.

Betty gasped and ripped her hands free, laying them flat on her sides

Jughead smiled again, this time a sad, understanding smile

“It never goes away. No matter what we do.” He whispered, his face dangerously close to hers.

“But we try anyway” betty responded “so we beat on, boats against the current.” She quoted.

Jughead smirked
“I didn’t take you for a F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, although you look the part.. daisy.”

Betty rolled her eyes taking a step away from him and turning her back to him, heading for the door, a mysterious smile on her lips.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Jughead Jones.” The door closed shut, leaving Jughead alone in the dark warehouse. Running a hand over his face he couldn’t shake the smile from his lips

“Shit” he mumbled

He was in deep trouble.

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How would the 2p or 1p F.A.C.E react to walking in on their s/o squealing/laughing at their child, who is dressed up as them (the 2p/1p). The child then notices them and shouts proudly, "Daddy! Look! I look like you now!"

Eeh, mind if I shake it up a bit and use 2p!France, 1p!America, 1p!Canada and 2p!England?

2p!France (François Bonnefoy): He’ll hear the squealing and laughter and feel a bit of pride rise in him. He has terrible self esteem and to hear his S/O and child laughing and squealing like this makes him so happy you don’t even know it. When he walks in, his child will really capture his heart. They love him so much they’re dressing like him! He’s not the best with his words, really, so he’ll go up to the child and hug them, “And you look so good, maybe even better than papa.”

1p!America (Alfred F. Jones): He looooves the squealing and laughter that comes from the two people he loves the most in the whole world. He always loves to see what they’re up to. He’ll just barge in, making a dramatic entrance. When he sees the scene unfolding before him, he’ll feel his heart skip a beat. They’re wearing his bomber jacket, which is waaay too big for them, but he falls in love. He’ll pick up his child and twirl them around, “Now you’re a true hero!”

1p!Canada (Matthew Williams): The laughter, like with François, it fills him with pride. He’s a sassy shit, but he gets a bit insecure about whether or not he’s doing well. He’ll check in on them only to see them wearing his bright red hoodie, which gives them the cutest sweater paws he’s ever, EVER seen. He’ll definitely snap a photo before laughing himself, kneeling down to ruffle their lil head of hair, “And papa loves it so much!”

2p!England (Oliver Kirkland): Squealing and laughter are like music to his ears. He loves it so much. It just makes him so happy! He usually likes to check in to see what it’s about. Normally he peers into the room before giggling softly and leaving his lover and child to play, but when he sees this his heart will melt. They’re wearing his favourite apron, and it just looks so cute on them! Even better than it does on him. Sooooo many pictures will be taken. “Ah, cuppycake you’re so cute! That apron really suits you!” This boy is just GUSHING the whole time.

America: Hey, buddy, quick question, why is your national anthem so freakin’ terrifying?!

France: Oh, did Canada finally translate it for you? 

America: Yes!! Wtf, dude, everyone else has nice songs about how pretty they are and shit but– 

France: Was it the line about the blood–

America: So much blood… 

France: It’s invigorating.  

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What would the Allies ideal date be?

America/Alfred F. Jones: Very untraditional and laidback. He’s not into fancy restaurants, suits and polite small talk. He’d prefer to either be inside, eating a pizza and watching a movie or go outside and have a picnic. If you live on the coast and it’s nice enough outside, he’ll die to go to the beach with you. Carnivals are his shit and he thinks they are super romantic; he’ll definitely want to win you something. Expect cheesy pick-up lines, even if you’ve been together for years. Lines like, “Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see!” are very common.

England/Arthur Kirkland: America’s antithesis; he’s very traditional and tries super hard. If it’s a first date, he’ll be nervous but that stops after a few dates. He loves morning dates, going out for tea or breakfast on a rainy day is a dream to him. He also loves dancing surprisingly, but only slow dancing. He adores dancing with you, even with no music playing. But first and foremost, he wants to be a gentleman and not let his tsundere attitude get in the way of showing a lovely lady/man like yourself a nice time.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Spontaneous, outrageous but very romantic. He wrote the book on romantic dates, he’ll take you across the world for a date. He personally enjoys dinners and very fancy meals; he is a bit old fashioned, since he loves balls and masquerades. He’ll take you for an entire trip around France if you’ll let him. Museums have a special place in his heart as well and he’ll act as your personal tour guide. For some reason, he also likes hot air balloon rides but he won’t make you go if you’re afraid of heights. No price is too much and no city is too far for him.

Canada/Matthew Williams: Similar to America, but more chill. Staying inside on a snowy day with hot chocolate and a movie is great to him. He’d also like to go for hikes with you, when the weather permits it. Cafes are also a romantic place to him, especially jazz cafes. Any indie music festival, where you can sit and stare up into the sky while listening to music, sounds lovely to him. Don’t forget his adoration for the Quebec Old Quarter. He likes solitude, quiet and especially cuddles.

China/Yao Wang: This old man needs a rest, he likes quiet and nature. He really likes springs and drinking green tea with you. Anywhere he can get away from his huge family is stellar to him. Showing you different aspects of his culture is a great time to him, he could go on for hours.Teaching you calligraphy is fun and he is patient with you, guiding you hand when necessary. If you ask nicely, he’ll even take you to festivals. He focuses less on materialistic things with you and would rather just talk, for once.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: He loves a comedic, light-hearted atmosphere. Making snowmen and having snowball fights are fun, but he also likes cooking hot Russian food with you. If you indulge him, he’d take you gardening and he’ll spend a lot of time around flowers with you. Similar to Canada, he also likes staying inside during blizzards and reading to you. It sounds silly but he likes reading Russian fairy tales to you; It gives him a much need break from the seriousness that comes with being a country of his stature. Sometimes he just wants some alone time with his lover, and he views any date as a precious treasure. 

  • America: For the last time. I'm the united states. I'm not a colony anymore, I'm grown up!
  • England: Just last year you couldn't elect a government official.
  • America: Yeah so?
  • Canada: Hey Dad can I have my independence?
  • England: Yes, go make your old man proud.
  • England: Because he's not a little shit, that's why.

but you have here the myth of the essential white america. all the other stuff, the love, the democracy, the floundering into lust, is a sort of by-play. the essential american soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. it has never yet melted.

been reading cormac mccarthy again – my god i love westerns. put it this way: “the antimythologists of the american age of reason believed in the imminence of a rational republic of yeomen farmers and enlightened leaders, living amicably in the light of natural law and the constitution. they were thereby left unprepared when the jeffersonian republic was overcome by the jacksonian democracy of the western man-on-the-make, the speculator, and the wildcat banker; when racist irrationalism and a falsely conceived economics prolonged and intensified slavery in the teeth of american democratic idealism; and when men like davy crockett became national heroes by defining national aspiration in terms of so many bears destroyed, so much land preempted, so many trees hacked down, so many indians and mexicans dead in the dust”

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I love your writing! Please keep doing your best for the fandom! Also, can you a matchup of the 1p! Allies with their Black Butler counterparts? Like which character would you think fits this character best?

Aww, thank you!  And of course we can, because you asked so nicely <3
(Also, it is like 2 am and the admins are currently on their third cup of coffee..)
Enjoy!~Admin Sarah and Jay

America: Ronald Knox (Rides a lawn mower into battle, kick ass, and looks like Alfred)

England: Ciel Phantomhive (Queens Bulldog..also is a bit of a twat.)

France: Grell Sutcliff (come on, look at how flamboyant they are)

Canada: Mey-Rin (acts all ditsy but is actually the shit)

Russia: The Undertaker (everyone is scared of him but he’s actually kinda funny and makes horrible jokes)

China: Tanaka (calm old guy who drinks his tea and minds his own damn business)

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Will you ever draw pictures of the real Killian with his real daughter? Seeing pictures of fake Killian just feels hurtful and cruel, because we should be seeing our Killian with his child, not this fake version. I feel like Adam and Eddy gave us this phony version with a phony kid out of spite. It feels like a slap in the face to fans who loved the real Killian for 5 seasons. :(

Nonnie, this is not the way to encourage me. Look, I see things differently than you do. I love ALL the versions of Killian and think the Knight Rook story has lovely potential. I adore Wish!Hook and Detective Rogers, Killian Jones, Captain Hook, Deckhand Hook, Dark!Hook, Prince Charles and so on. I’ve done CS art since the start of S7, CS with their child and yes I have other things planned but I wanted to do this series because it’s meaningful TO ME. I create the things I want to see, translate the scenes I love into art. If it’s disappointing to you, I’m sorry, but it’s not all about you and what you want.

Creating work around this show makes me happy. I had a f*cking shit week last week, I’ve barely slept so I spent the last 36 hours making things and finishing the unfinished. 

Honestly, why I’m explaining myself is beyond me. Please keep your salty opinions to yourself or at least out of my ask box.

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Aye yo fam just your typical trash over here *finger guns* but like How would the america's (1p 2p and nyo) deal with a soldier s/o who was in war for a while and came back changed like they're kinda distant and are slowly pushing america away because after what they saw they think they're going to be alone because war is a hell of a thing and fucks with people? I'm sorry if this is a bit out there. Thank.

*finger guns back* please for the love of God make those real guns and shoot me to death please I’ll pay you however much you want

1p!America (Alfred F. Jones): Despite being shit at sensing the atmosphere (it’s stated he doesn’t make an effort to even try), he knows how shit war is. So he’s naturally more gentle around his S/O than anybody. He understands why they’re pushing him away; he’s pushed his loved ones away himself. However this doesn’t stop him from at least trying to help his S/O feel better. He’s definitely more touchy feely so he’ll try and be a tad bit more physical with them. Hugs, handholding, kisses. Unless they ask for him to not.

Nyo!America (Amelia E. Jones): See Alfred. Only thing is, she’s waaaay more touchy feely than Alfred. Chances are she’ll /never/ leave her S/O be. Like Alfred she understands how terrible war can get, and she just doesn’t want her S/O to suffer the PTSD she had gone through; and if her S/O does have any terrors she wants to be there for her love.

2p!America (Allen Jones): Very touchy feely like Alfred. Only thing is when his S/O starts to push him away, he’ll misinterpret their feelings and start to distance himself from them. He’s a lonely guy who wants to feel loved. He understands how war can fuck with people, and it’ll only come to him later that THAT’S why his S/O has been pushing them away, then he’ll try and make up for it.

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What would the 2p's do if they ran into a teenage girl (maybe about 16) with bruised and bloodied knuckles as if she had been in a fight and she looked at them to apologize then burst out in tears?

Allen: He stumbled back a little, “Hey, bitch, watch–” Large eyes stared up at him, tears welling up. “Shit - uh - sorry…” Allen glanced at the bruised hands they cradled into their chest.

“Listen, uh, take care of yourself. Get some bandages, it’ll help with your knuckles,” Al muttered before leaving.

Oliver: “Oh, sorry poppet!” he smiled brightly at the teary-eyed teenager. Oliver frowned when he heard the choked sobs. “H-Hey, we can go the convenience store and I’ll buy you some ice-cream? Are you lost?”

“Thank y-you…” they nodded, wiping tears. Oliver’s frown grew when he realized the bloody gauze around their hands.

“We’ll get you something for your hands as well.”

Viktor: The Russian stared analytically at the younger person’s hands. They were bloody, bruised, especially on the knuckles. Viktor glanced up at their face, which held tears. “Did you win?”

They looked confused for a second, before sobbing, “N-No…”

“Next time, you distract and go for crotch.” And with that, he left.

Anastasia: “Prabačcie! Are you okay?” Anastasia asked the teenager worriedly. They nodded, sniffling and holding back tears. Despite the minor’s reassurance, Anastasia looked them over. “Ah! What happened to your hands?”

“Nothing, miss!” they shoved their hands in their pockets. The Belorussian frowned at the obvious lie.

Anastasia quickly smiled, “Let’s get you some - ah - band-aids.”

New Bio???

So I’ve been working on this for a few weeks and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve got so far, but I also really want to improve it! 

So if you read this, rip it apart. Tell me whats good, bad, and pure shit! Make me cry if you think it’s necessary! I just really want to make it as good as I can before I start working on the comic but don’t tell anyone i told you


Given Name: Lagos
Gender: Cis Male
Age: 1,157
Alias: E-3 Steve Rogers, E-5 William “Pop Eye” Costello, O-6 John Smith, Special O-11 Alfred F. Jones
Species: Officially Social Faction of United States of America
Title: American Federal Government Employees, Elected Officials, and Military Active Duty and Veterans
Nationality: Born Scandinavian; Officially United States Citizen
Born: Around 861, born to a Thrall, assumedly the then collective tribes in what is now the UK, though this isn’t proven, and sired by who is now Sweden.


Hair: Dirty blond that is regularly bleached. Due to how fast he heals, his hair grows rather fast being as how the body sees it as healing. He has to shave every day, and if he shaves in the morning, by 11:00 pm he would have stubble. Give him a weekend of fishing and he will be able to braid his beard. He can speed the process up if he focuses, just as how he can control his healing if he focuses. He can also generate an excess of iron in the cells of the hair, giving the hair a red appearance, though this takes a lot of concentration. And he would have to cut the old blonde off.

Eyes: Blue almost always. Depending on the depth of his emotions, his eyes change color the same way the ocean does depending on depth. That being said, they loose all saturation and turn white shuts off his emotions, as he’s learned to. And if his eyes are gold? God fucking damn it monty.

Skin: Naturally fair but very tan thanks to how often he is outside, plus horrible tan lines from different uniforms and gloves.

Build: He’s almost always had a swimmer’s build, at least since the start of the civil war, but when the frogmen turned into SEALs, thanks to the new workout routine, he became more top heavy. Now he has more of a running back’s build. From his childhood to the revolutionary war though, he was build like a red wood. A mix between a linebacker and a water polo athlete.

Height: From his maturity in Sweden to the gilded age, he was 6”1’. After the gilded age, when his spine was damaged in the civil war and replaced with a steel rod, he slowly lost height until modern times where he is 5’7”, though he grew an inch during the space race only to lose it again. Space travel expanded his joints, but all the metal bones contracted them again, along with the inces he lost to the spine surgeries.

Weight: Natural body weight; 170, though a lot heavier thanks to metal bones.

Blood type: N/A each red blood cell correlates to that of one individual human or dolphin. The DNA thus blood type is that of the given human. Where the amount of Americans and dolphins is dwarfed by the count of red blood cells in an average body, the lack of the former is thereby filled with a hybridized stem cell that creates his super healing. Thanks to his body’s dimensional hyperlinks to locations throughout the united states, his organs can draw on power from such places, making his body’s need for oxygen much lower. Not only can he survive on a tiny amount of red blood cells, but he can also hold his breath for about 30 minutes.

DNA: A hybrid of human and dolphin thanks to Tony. By “healing” parts of his body he wounds intentionally, he can control the dolphin based stem cells 

Alterations: Iron forearm on his left arm, created by the invention of the Ironclad during the civil war. Steel spine to mirror the steel monopoly building the backbone to the American Military. Gold and silicon bones in his right hand to mirror silicon valley; the inventions at which changed warfare forever.

Tattoos: All tattos were removed after 9/11 to prevent easy identification by the enemy. A spine over his own with red wings sprouting from it, ripped open skin to show an american flag under his left forearm, tally marks up and down his right thigh that stop at 1200, the lagos symbol on either ankle, a snake ringed over his left knee with “Don’t tread on me” inscribed. An Ahuizotl on the knee below the snake, the hand on his tail seeming to be holding the outline of a woman as two temples burn in the background. (… To be continued as the story progresses)

Scars: Triangle brand behind his left ear, slice on his hairline, burn through his left shoulder, bayonet slice through his right side, surgical slices on his left hand, speckled acid burns across his right temple, surgical I scar over whole torso, coat of arms brand over his chest (… To be continued as the story progresses)


Strengths: Physical strength, super healing, built in connection to AGES (a system that connects all US Navy ships together and provides live intelligence on their geographic coordinates), perfect navigation, strong memory, can cause electrical surges using his spine and hand, can record magnetic signatures with right hand, combat training, blood diffused poisons take longer to take effect. He can also form a sword from the iron in his blood with a norse rune.

Weaknesses: Electrical surges from outside forces can shutdown the system in his spine. Once in his veins, poisons lasts much longer and has a stronger effect, even if it takes a while. While he can regrow most anything, he can’t magically fix damaged cyborg parts. He has to be conscious and concentrating to control his healing, and if not the body might heal things wrong. Especially if he can’t focus, the healing could give him away. Alcohol takes a long time to kick in which may seem good until he accidentally gives himself alcohol poisoning which is like every friday for him. He lowers his guard for sexy women. Summoning the sword will take at least an arm (not a leg though because fuck you edward).

Knowledge: He’s got multiple doctorates in engineering, a few doctorates in sciences such as physics and marine sciences. He also has sporadic degrees in classes such as leadership psychology, national security, warfare theory, and other useful places. Most of these are from military academies, though he will take a class or two (especially recently) online. In the last few years he has been working on degrees in cyber security, programming, and computer science, and he ends up re-taking the same classes every few years thanks to new languages being released or updated. 

Magic Powers: he can instantly navigate to any bar no matter where he is. No one knows how…

Logical Fears: Meat hooks, the ocean herself, loud sounds in certain situations, being physically helpless, becoming invested in people outside his men

Illogical Fears: Small children, superstitions, vore art (though maybe this is logical), commitment, blowjobs, Also, losing someone he’s in love with. Now i know this seems like a logical thing that everyone fears, but hear me out! He’s traumatically lost a girl before and it hurt him so much so that he can act illogically while trying to protect either them or his own feelings.

Please help me out if you can! Just the littlest comments on things you notice would help so much. I want to make him the best I can!

Veggie Burgers Valentine
  • Al: hey there doesn't seem to be a d in Alfred maybe I should help you out there, porkchop ;)
  • Alfred: ....uh, actually there--
  • Al: FUCK
  • Al: WHY
  • Al: WHY
  • Alfred: Uh--
  • Al: *leaves*
  • Alfred: ........what

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Oh god the one with the alpha trying to impress the omega but they can't because the omega keeps getting better grades pretty much sums up USUK if you ask me so if you don't mind can you write it for me pretty please?

Oh hell yes I can enjoy bby ;D

What the hell was his problem? Arthur just wanted to be left alone, was that too much to ask? He knew he wasn’t really the most appealing omega in school but there was no need for Alfred F. Jones, who just happened to be his crush, to annoy him every single class just because he got higher grades than him. Don’t get him wrong he understood that Alphas had their “alpha supremacy” bullshit going on but that didn’t give Alfred any right to make his high school life more terrible than what it already was. 

Today it seemed that Arthur wasn’t going to be left alone again. He knew that if he just answered a couple of questions wrong the whole issue would be dropped but he was far too prideful for that so Alfred be damned. 

They were in he middle of their math class, the teacher was handing out their tests and as usual Arthur scored a 100 while Alfred scored a 98. It seemed that the Alpha has had enough of always being the second best in their class since upon seeing their results, he slammed his down hard on his table, stood up and glared at Arthur. In the back of his mind Arthur thought if he could survive a fight with an Alpha, and not just any Alpha but the ridiculously strong Alfred Jones. 

“Mr. Jones please sit back down—”

“No! No I will not sit back down! In every single class for the past 2 years I’ve been trying to get a higher score than Arthur but every time he manages to get a perfect score!  How is that even possible?!” By this point Alfred was now in front of Arthur’s desk, looking down on him with clear despair in his blue eyes. He leaned in closer, invading Arthur’s personal bubble. Arthur was getting ready to be yelled at by Alfred but imagine his surprise when instead of yelling Alfred whispered just for him to hear, “ How the hell am I ever supposed to try and court you if I can’t even get a higher math score than you..”



Suddenly everything clicked in Arthur’s mind, from Alfred’s strange behavior towards him to his fixation in trying to surpass Arthur. 

It seemed that Alfred didn’t mean to say that and got caught in the moment, since he suddenly started to panic, Arthur could smell it.

He didn’t mean to, really. But Arthur found all of it, the years of competition and how he thought his love was unrequited, extremely hilarious. So he laughed. That stopped Alfred from having a panic attack but instead it made the Alpha very confused. 

After sobering up, Arthur looked directly into Alfred’s eyes, that were still far too close for his comfort and smiled. 

“Alfred, do you maybe after school want to go and study together and maybe after we can grab diner together?”

An Omega asking an Alpha out wasn’t something that happened everyday but Arthur could smell on Alfred that he didn’t mind.

“I-I would love to.” Alfred was elated, he was sure the whole class, despite not hearing their conversation, knew what just happened between them and just why Alfred was happy. “But just so we’re clear, next time I’m definitely getting a higher grade!” 

“In your dreams!” 

Ahh shit this is my first omegaverse fic umm I tried and therefore no one should criticize me? Lmao bye.