what the experts say

oh but they were experts on women. if she’s on her headphones just talk to her, she’ll like your confidence. if she’s walking, she likes the compliments you give her. she’s at a bar because she wants to sleep with you, she’s just playing hard to get, keep pushing. women don’t like nice men, women like leaders. women don’t like gentle, they like being beaten. what’s the deal with this women’s march! it’s not like they’ve got anything wrong with them - it’s worse elsewhere, after all, isn’t it, than inside this land of freedom. no women have been president just because they’re not right for the job, obviously. women aren’t good at science, is all, that’s why they won’t make money. it’s just that women are emotional, bad drivers, aren’t really aware of what they want for their bodies. what if they cut those tubes and later realize they want kids! don’t even talk to me about how sad it is when a woman doesn’t have a uterus - or else disgusting, and vile, and she should be ashamed of it - you know, it’s what makes them women. but seriously though why don’t they just hold in their periods. i’m not joking! why should birth control be free? if you don’t want pregnancy, don’t get pregnant! the body has ways of preventing that. women don’t have anything to be upset about, what was even the message of the march?

the voice of a woman: we are upset about a lot. the violence, the discrediting, the constant backlash of society. that a man’s life means so much more than a woman’s life that a legitimately convicted rapist was given a shorter sentence for fear it might ruin his life to have committed the crime, rather than destroy hers. who cares about hers.

the voice of a man, again, louder, and on repeat: but i don’t care! listen to my voice! i’m an expert! i’m on t.v.! who cares what she says! just listen to me!

wannabanauthor  asked:

Hi there! I love your blog! I've seen you mention a few TV shows and movies for research, and I was wondering what your opinion is on the show Leverage and it's accuracy for social engineering in potentially violent situations. I remember one character saying that "Thieves look for entrances, but grifters create them." They'll often use approaches like this to avoid violence.

If the question is: can you use social engineering in order to defuse or avoid violent situations? The answer is yes.

Grifters are conmen, and like spies, they don’t want to fight unless it is absolutely necessary. Whether they can fight or know how isn’t really the point: combat makes messes, big messes, and draws the kind of attention they don’t want/can’t afford.

As for the line, “thieves look for entrances, but grifters create them” the point of it is that grifters focus on people as the exploitative aspect to get what they want. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your security system is if your infiltrator is expected to be there. When someone opens the door for them, they didn’t have to break in.

It is worth pointing out though, being able to stop, defuse, avoid, or redirect violence via social engineering (especially when the character is the target) is very difficult and requires someone who excels at rapidly changing their story/manipulating under life or death pressure while also maintaining their consistency/re-establishing their innocence/regaining their target’s trust.

That’s masterclass social engineering. The average person, even the average grifter can’t do it. When we see Nate Ford, Sophie Devereaux, or Michael Westen on Burn Notice socially engineer their way out of potentially explosive and violent scenarios, we’re supposed to understand this level of manipulation is very difficult. You need a solid ability to read people, predict their behavior patterns, understand how to shift your role so you suddenly seem trustworthy, confuse them, and then redirect their anger somewhere away from you.

You can see another variant of this kind of social engineering on display in The Negotiator. Samuel L. Jackson’s character is a hostage negotiator. Deliberately maneuvering a man who’s taken a child captive around his apartment so he can be taken out. You can see him joking with the target, gaining his trust, distracting him, and guiding him off topic until he’s in a position to be neutralized.

The Grifter is not a fighter, they are a talker and their trick is getting people to move however they want. A skilled grifter can slip in, turn the best of friends against each other, and walk away without a care. Grifters don’t punch. They trick other people into doing the punching for them. When sitting down to write a Grifter, remember: their first instinct is getting others to act in their place, to create the openings they need, and be their fall guy.

On the whole, I’ve liked Leverage ever since the episode where Eliot pointed out that guns are ranged weapons, and the most common mistake people make is giving up the distance advantage by getting in too close. However, I’ve only watched the first season. I liked what I saw, it’s an enjoyable caper show in a similar vein to The Equalizer, Person of Interest, or Ocean’s Eleven. Not quite in there with the original Law & Order when it comes to accuracy (in this case for cops) but certainly better than White Collar, which uses similar techniques (though never, ever pay attention to White Collar’s usage of the FBI… ever). The X-Files, meanwhile, fudges a bit but it’s pretty good when you’re wanting to get a grasp of the FBI’s culture and what happens to someone who doesn’t come from a military/law enforcement background.

Of course, the patient zero for these types of shows is the original Mission: Impossible. The television show, not the Tom Cruise movies. Mission: Impossible is all about flipping people and manipulating them into positions to do what you want. The A-Team is its slightly more pulpy counterpart, but its a similar (though far less subtle) deal.

On the whole, Leverage tends to explain itself better, which is helpful when you’re trying to learn or take techniques from a television show rather than just absorb.

The reason why I often suggest Burn Notice and Spy Game is not necessarily just because they’re good, but also because they teach. The narrator on Burn Notice, especially in the first season will offer up a lot of helpful/beginner tradecraft for a variety of situations. This, ultimately, will help you more for taking pieces and creating your own characters than a show that’s trying for smoke and mirrors like White Collar. The same situation is there with Spy Game, where Robert Redford’s character is teaching Brad Pitt’s on how to be a spy. Ultimately, more helpful in the long run than just watching The Recruit. The Michael Mann films like Heat and Collateral are exceptionally good for learning tradecraft, but you have to know that’s what you’re watching/looking for. You’ll learn more by watching them together, rather than separately. The Borne Identity novels are also very good at showing the tradecraft, while the Le Carre ones tend to be a little more hit and miss.

When you’re new, you want sources that are free with their information. Who are good at getting you to think, to take what you’re seeing and apply it to new settings. You may not ever figure out how to build a car bomb, but learning about how the thought process of a spy, criminal, or conman works will serve you better for your writing than a hundred other movies that only show.

After you’ve drawn back the curtain then you can turn to those other shows, novels, and narratives with new eyes. Once you see what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and why when they don’t explain you’ll get more out of those other sources than you did before.

When you’re watching a well put together show like Leverage, start questioning character motivations. Not just whether the social engineering there works, but why the characters are choosing to go that route or which routes they prefer. Leverage gives you five characters with different specialties, four thieves and the guy who made a career catching them. They all think in different ways and have different approaches when it comes to problem solving. Leverage offers up a heist per episode, so you have lots of opportunities to see the characters in action. Evaluate their problem solving methods and you’ll come away with more than just questioning whether or not it works.

How and Why.

Then, go find a good video on YouTube where a professional magician explains pickpocketing. It’s the art of misdirection.

Once you understand basic theoretical underpinnings (whether or not you could ever actually pull the real thing off) then you can apply it to many different situations in a fictional context.

When it comes back to applying this to the combat arts, learning to see the big picture is the first major difference between trained and untrained. The untrained only copy surface level, singular techniques, while trained delves deeper to understand how these techniques work together.

My advice for when you’re wanting to pick and choose television shows for accuracy is to check who their consultants are/were, and what experts in the show’s chosen field say about it. That doesn’t always guarantee accuracy, but it will help you flip through the rave reviews.

If you want to watch more fun shows with Timothy Hutton or just like detective shows, I recommend Nero Wolfe.


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making dirkjake the lovers card in your homestuck tarot is an obvious bias

im no expert on tarot, but heres what my tarot app says about the card:

the obvious choices for the lovers based on that description are vrisrezi and rosemary

both rosemary and vrisrezi have themes of unity between them, a balance between two opposites who are really the same

sun and moon, good and evil, terezi’s scales and the ambiguity of vriska’s death being heroic or justified, rose’s destructive tendencies and kanaya’s themes around birth

they both trust their partners with their whole hearts and feel incomplete without them because of how much better they make each other

dirkjake lacks those themes. they care deeply for each other, but are out of step, they dont balance each other well at all. they break up because they are so discordant with eachother and can only reconcile when its implied they finally talk to eachother

to pick them for the lovers tells me you didnt even consider the women for whom those themes are essential to their stories

Title: Coach Negan

anonymous requested: Can you do a coach negan fan fiction where he looks out for one of his students because they’re getting bullied or somet thanks x

Character(s): Negan and Reader (pre-apocalypse)
Summary: Coach Negan takes a liking to you and after he witnesses the bullying that you endure, he shows you just exactly how special you are.
Word Count: 3,448
Warning: SMUT!!! 
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who sent this request in! I was so excited to write this story. I mean, a Coach Negan fic? Yes, please. So, I hope whoever sent this in, enjoys this one-shot! I figured I’d add some smut because I just couldn’t help myself lmao. Enjoy! :-)

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anonymous asked:

jimon + jace doting over his bf and panicking when simons sick with the smallest cold ever

asdfghjkl jace is so extra

Jace knows something’s up as soon as he walks into the Institute. Alec is leaning against a table, waiting for him, trying incredibly hard to look casual, which he could probably achieve if he didn’t look like he’d just swallowed a lemon. 

“What’s wrong.” Jace demands as soon as he draws close. 

“Hey, Jace.” Alec responds neutrally. “How was your mission?” 

“Fine.” Jace says shortly. “Now tell me what’s wrong.” 

“Nothing’s wrong, why would anything be wrong, things are going fine?” Alec says rapidly, his tone getting higher towards the end. Jace blinks. 

“It’s like you think if you speak fast enough, I just won’t hear any of it.” 

“That’s not true.” Alec protests. “Look, it’s no big deal, you wanna spar? Go a few rounds with staffs, and then switch to blades?” Jace squints at him; the request seems natural enough, and he’s not averse to hanging out with Alec a little. Maybe Alec was talking to Magnus before Jace walked in; the man usually leaves Alec out of it. It’s adorable.

“Sure.” Jace says, finally relaxing. “Let me go drop my stuff off in my room and change into something more comfortable. Simon’s still asleep in my room, I think; I’ll wake him up and then join you, so - “


Jace pauses from where he’s halfway turned towards a corridor, pivoting back slowly to stare at Alec, who’s looking panicked now. 

“I mean, come on Jace, I haven’t seen you in so long - “

“You mean in two hours - “

“ - why don’t we hang out right now, in another room - “

“Mm-hm.” Jace says, frowning, turning his back on Alec and making his way to his room. “You’re hiding something from me.” He yells over his shoulder, and he hears Alec’s exasperated sigh fade away. So there’s something in his room they don’t want him to see, and he’s pretty sure the only thing in his room is Simon. Did Simon break something? It wouldn’t be the first time, Jace thinks, amused. Supernatural speed translates into supernatural clumsiness as well, which is cute and all but sort of deadly for all of Jace’s breakable possessions. 

“Jace!” Izzy says, appearing in front of him. Jace startles back, blinking, before he straightens up and looks at her. “Hey, why don’t you come to my room for a bit? I need some advice.” 

“Advice” He repeats flatly. “With what?” 

“…fashion.” Izzy says confidently. “You are the resident expert in leather jackets, aren’t you?”

“Sure.” Jace responds pleasantly. “I’ll just go to my room and change first - “

“No, why don’t we go straight to my room - “

“Yeah, not happening.” Jace shakes his head, smiling despite himself. “Alec already pulled this song and dance. Come on, whatever it is, I’m sure it isn’t that bad. Let me go to my room.” 

Izzy sighs, stepping aside and shaking her head. “Just try not to overreact, okay? It’s really not a big deal. It’s under control.” 

“I don’t overreact that much.” Jace says, indignant, as he reaches his room. “I’m sure you’re all misreading the situation. And me.” 

He pushes the door open and walks through, freezing at the sight that greets him. Simon is curled into a ball in his sheets, his face blotchy and red. His boyfriend looks feverishly sick, sweat mingling with the bloody tears leaking out of his eyes. Clary is sitting in a chair besides him, pressing a damp washcloth to his forehead, and Simon is making these pitiful little groans that stop as soon as he sees Jace. 

“I told you to keep him away!” Simon moans, at the same time that Jace bellows “MY BOYFRIEND IS DYING?”

Oh yeah,” Izzy mutters quietly, “we sure did misread this situation. You’re not overreacting at all.” 

Jace ignores her and stalks over to the bed, falling to his knees and pressing his hands against Simon’s cheeks. Simon sighs. 

“I’ll be fine in like twenty minutes.” He mutters. 

“He really will be.” Clary chimes in. “It was just a batch of tainted blood, his body’s already healing itself.” 

“You look miserable. You can’t keep something like this from me, you - fuck, you’re burning up. What can I get you? Magnus, we should call Magnus. He’ll know what to do. Maybe Catarina? She can help, right? And Raphael and the rest of the clan. They probably have a few ideas too. And - “

“Stop.” Simon wails. “I don’t need a goddamn army for a tiny cold that will be gone in eighteen minutes now.”

“Twenty minutes.” Clary says, exasperated. “That’s all they needed to delay you for.” Jace ignores her, his gaze roaming over the rest of Simon’s body. He’s under a huge pile of blankets, his hair in disarray and the faint imprint of pillow marks across half of his forehead. The feverish sweat is reducing, but Jace thumbs over a bloody tear leaking out of Simon’s eye and bites his lip. What if he doesn’t get better, what if it gets worse, what if something unimaginable and horrifying happens to Simon and he never gets to see that pretty smile again, what if he doesn’t get to grow old with this man - 

“Breathe, Jace.” Simon says calmly, his hand reaching up to cover Jace’s, and Jace startles out of his thought, taking a deep breath. Simon looks carefully at him, and then struggles into an upright position. 

“Can you guys give Jace and me a moment?” Simon asks, and Jace is distantly aware of Clary and Izzy filing out. 

“I’m not good at this.” Jace mutters once the girls have left, finally letting his hands drop to Simon’s waist. Simon laughs. 

“Yeah, no shit.” He grins. “I think you forget that I’m basically immortal.” 

“That doesn’t make you immune to getting hurt.” Jace argues mulishly. Simon shakes his head, another snicker escaping him, and tugs at Jace’s shoulders. 

“C’mere.” He murmurs, something softer in his voice, and Jace goes willingly, rising up and letting Simon rearrange them until Jace is sitting in between Simon’s legs, Simon’s back against the headrest. They’re pressed close together, and it soothes something in Jace to have his knees pressed against either side of Simon and broad hands wrapped around his back, anchoring him. 

“I’m okay. I’m not going anywhere.” Simon says, and Jace closes his eyes and clutches Simon closer, his fingers digging hard into Simon’s hips. 

“You sure?” he asks, his voice low and worried. “I can bring you extra blood, or take you to someone if you don’t heal fast enough - “

Jace.” Simon says firmly. “I’ve stopped sweating and my head is clearing up. I’m a vampire, and you have to let me be one.” 

“Alright.” Jace exhales slowly, nodding, and Simon beams at him. “I might - a little - I mean, I know that maybe I…can come on a little too strongly about this.” His boyfriend snorts at that. 

“A little.” Simon snickers. “The first time I got sick you were about to go out with a hunting party to track down the poor blood bank that I got my blood from. A hunting party. For a blood bank.”

“I stand by it.” Jace says proudly, ignoring Simon’s laughter. 

“Of course you do.” Simon shakes his head, fond. He presses a slow, gentle kiss to Jace’s lips. The soft push-pull of their mouths eases some of the tension in Jace’s shoulders, and he feels it begin to be replaced with the radiating warmth that being around Simon always brings, and with it a slow, lazy tendril of lust. “You’re a little neurotic about my health. It’s cute, in a I can’t believe my boyfriend is weirder than me way.”

“I’m not.” Jace grumbles. “I’m sensible.” 

“Sure babe.” Simon placates. “Sure.”

Prompt: Translator

Percival spends a lot of time with the scamander brothers. So much time that he is able to understand all the British lingo. So when Newt takes the job of being MACUSA’s resident creature expert, Percival has to explain what Newt is saying.

*Newt: hurry up and bitch the pot.
Aurors: ???
Percival: pour the tea.

*Newt: Oh the criminal is locked in the boot.
Aurors: you put him in a boot.
Percival: the trunk.

*Newt: Yes I’ll be there on time, I want to try out the tube here.
Aurors: What?
Percival: Subway.

Best part is when Newt get really frustrated and starts ranting and Percival just talks everyone through what he’s saying like it’s completely normal.

About Last Night

They shouldn’t have slept together. But they did. Now for the aftermath.

Also on AO3/FF.NET 

unbeta’d. All mistakes my own…


A prompt from @distant-rose: best friends secretly pining plus locked in a closet by other frustrated, impatient and exasperated friends. A baby ficlet dedicated to @nickillian

Emma Swan: expert at running away from shit. That’s what her obituary would say.

And by shit it would mean anything remotely resembling a situation where her emotions would be exposed and she would get hurt. Which was why she was currently hiding in Mary Margaret Nolan’s den.

“I’m failing to see the problem,” the brunette mused over a steaming cup of tea.

“Ms - I slept with Killian.”

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anonymous asked:

do you think events would have turned out differently if elizabeth i and mary queen of scots actually met?

Maybe. It’s possible, maybe even probable.

Elizabeth was always conflicted and reluctant to execute MQoS, whether for personal reasons or because she didn’t want to set an “example” (although her predecessors had already done that). Well before her imprisonment, they did a dance for years that was one of mutual monarchs, as well as familial, even parent-child. Sarah Gristwood in Game of Queens seems to implicate their relationship even had a romantic flavor, or at least a charade of courtship. Elizabeth was always cautious (and jealous/competitive/fearful) of Marie, given her undoubted legitimacy, but arguably she seems to have perhaps harbored a bit of fondness toward her. Some sentimentality? Or perhaps just respect for the fact she, too, was royal and a (former) monarch.

Had they gotten to meet face to face, I imagine it would have been more difficult for Elizabeth because it’d be even more personal. Marie knew this. She wanted to exploit it and begged for a meeting with Elizabeth – if I’m right, almost to the end.

But I also think it needs to be remembered that while Elizabeth began her reign quite liberal insofar as religion went – we know she didn’t want to meddle in people’s individual faiths (so long as they believed in Jesus) – she became, like so many, harsher as time went on. According to scholars, Elizabeth’s list of prisoners in the Tower far exceeds her father’s. While she might have gone years initially without executing for heresy, she became quite prolific with torture. In fact, she had a priest tortured for four months by none other than her boyfriend – I mean her favorite, Robert Dudley. Basically, I think Elizabeth was more ruthless than she’s been painted, but also more reluctant to head straight for the death sentence (with people of note anyway).

So, it might have changed things. However, ultimately what seems to have condemned Marie was the perceived threat, which Elizabeth’s advisers immediately responded to and made sure to have her executed before Bess could turn around and change her mind.

I do think a meeting would have had some kind of effect on Elizabeth. She may have stayed her hand longer, or forever. Then again, she may have signed the death sentence even quicker, if she feared the power and charisma Marie (who had a great deal of charisma, even if she was a not-so-efficient actual monarch imo) might be able to carry over her subjects.

Had she had her executed, even after meeting her, I’d say it’d have a greater effect over Elizabeth. But to be fair, I think Elizabeth treated Marie’s execution a lot like a band-aid she didn’t want to rip off; once it was done, sure she was remorseful, but she wasn’t exactly torn up over it. I think she was much more worried about the political ramifications (since Marie was undoubtedly a royal) than actually executing Marie as a person, per se?

I personally incline toward it would have happened regardless, but that’s just me.

(AU where Elizabeth and Marie become lesbian queens tho y/y??? Sry Dudley you can brood in the corner with your therapy dogs)

I’m actually more interested in her relationship with Philip II of Spain; I would say he was arguably more her equal and nemesis. They actually did know each other and had been good friends once – indeed, he had been her supporter; an ally; even a prospective husband… and then her bitter enemy, wishing for her death. Of course, this is an often overlooked relationship (with the exception of the Armada) as it does not have the cat fight and girl on girl hate people enjoy – which is a damn shame imo bc Philip seemed to admire Elizabeth a lot, even love her (platonically!) for a time.

Three Books About North Korea

I don’t know why, but I’ve recently gone through a phase of fascination with North Korea, possible the world’s most mysterious country. This fascination led me to download and devour, in the space of 5 days, three full books written by North Korean defectors who work to expose, through their stories, the reality of life under the Kim dynasty. 

I thought I’d do a brief write-up/review of these three books here, for anyone who might also be interested in learning more about life in the Hermit Kingdom. 

I began with Escape From Camp 14, a book that my best friend’s husband recommended to me years ago but which I’d never gotten around to reading. Of the three books I read, this was, by far, the most horrifying and the most interesting. I’m going to spend a little more time discussing it than I normally do in these reviews. 

Unlike any other North Korean defector, Shin was born into a political prison as an irredeemable, a person who is guilty from birth for the crimes of his or her blood relatives. He and his peers are the product of engineered, loveless marriages between two prisoners; the sole reason for his existence is to provide backbreaking labor in the gulag for the duration of a short, miserable life. There is no real school. There is no healthcare. There is barely any food. Families do not love each other. Torture and executions feature predominantly in the background of life. It is, in short, so horrendous as to be unbelievable. 

And, as it turns out, there is a reason for that. Shin’s story has been revealed to be, in part, false, created by a mind that was so deranged that it could not separate fact from fiction. In the latest editions, the author recognizes and explains this in as full a manner as he can. There is no doubt that Shin was tortured and lived much of his life in the manner described, but his narrative is unreliable. (I read the introduction before the book, but even if I hadn’t, the circumstances surrounding Shin’s inspiration to escape and the escape itself would have rung somewhat false.) While some parts have been explicitly clarified, chances are, there are other elements of Shin’s story that are untrue. It is wise to read the book with this knowledge in mind. 

It’s because of the element of unreliability that I found this book so fascinating. I cannot even wrap my head around how the brain of someone who was raised in the conditions in which he was raised would operate. No amount of empathy on my part would allow me to truly see the world as he sees it, to process events and relationships in the way he processes them. His is a brain warped by unimaginable isolation and torture. Even if many of the details of his story are technically false, experts have concluded that enough is true that Shin’s story provides a fascinating window into the suffering of North Korea’s lowliest class, a wretched group of human beings subjected to a short and brutish life. 

I highly recommend this book, but it’s not for the faint of heart. I also recommend reading the book as follows: skip the introduction in which the author clarifies the inaccuracies Shin has admitted to him, and read the book with the understanding that some parts are false. Then read the introduction to learn what has been uncovered about his story since the book’s initial publication, and what psychologists and North Korea experts have to say on the topic. Whatever you judge the level of fact or fiction to be in the narrative, Escape From Camp 14 is a sobering read that will stay with you for awhile. 

The Aquariums of Pyongyang is one of the first books based around the true story of a North Korean defector, Kang Chol-Hwan. Hwan lived a relatively easy life (by North Korean standards) in Pyongyang with his parents and grandparents, until he was 9 years old. His family was put into a gulag called Yodok because his grandfather was outspoken about his objections to the government. 

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this story isn’t the description of the gulag, which is, of course, horrifying, but the story of Hwan’s grandmother and her fervent dedication to socialism. Her beliefs led her to bring her whole family from a wealthy and comfortable life in Japan to Pyongyang at the behest of the budding Kim dynasty. For years the cognitive dissonance tore her apart; how could the ideology in which she invested so much of her energy and herself yield such an oppressive state? In the end, she spent ten long years in a gulag, a victim of the very system around which she’d built her identity. I cannot think of anything sadder than this. 

While not as stomach-churning as Shin’s story, this story provides some insight into life in North Korean before the fall of the Soviet Union led to an economic collapse and a terrible famine in the 1990s, and of course, shows yet again the cruelty of the North Korean gulag. 

Yeonmi Park is a well-known activist working to expose the cruelty of the Kim regime to a world that seems to have forgotten the suffering they inflict on their people. She had previously shared her story many times before In Order to Live was released as a final, complete version of her escape from North Korea through China. 

Park’s account differs from the previous two in that the lion’s share of her story centers around her and her mother’s harrowing escape through China where they are trafficked and abused. Her age and childhood as the daughter of a fairly successful North Korean black market businessman provides illustration of another facet of North Korean daily life, one that is profoundly different from Shin’s or Hwan’s, but that centers around the same themes: the misery of surveillance, constant food shortages, and lack of agency. 

I have heard that parts of Park’s story, like Shin’s, are inconsistent and perhaps not wholly factual. Indeed, parts of the book stuck out to me as sanitized, particularly the circumstances that facilitated her escape to South Korea from China. But, you know… I don’t care. Trauma victim’s don’t always have stories that stay consistent or make sense, and Park is still incredibly brave for offering her story to the public to be consumed and criticized. 

More than the two previous reads, Park offers insightful commentary on the struggles that North Koreans face even when the make it to South Korea, the promised land where they gain citizenship and a free life. The scars of life in North Korea will never truly fade for those who escape, and the lack of obvious solutions is saddening, but requires acknowledgement. 

There are many other books about life in North Korea, and I’ve added a few to my TBR list. If you have been thinking about reading any defector’s story or other books about North Korea, I highly recommend it. They aren’t easy reads, but important ones for understanding the horrible situation under the Kims even today. 

Arryn Zech & Bob Morley: A Timeline Post No One Asked For

right before we begin let me just say that a) I have been on this train the longest and I have bragging rights b) no there has been no confirmation that they’re dating from either of them I just wanted to put together a timeline so people could make their own assumptions.

Let’s begin, shall we?

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AU asks

Send an emoji and I’ll answer some AU-themed questions

☕️ Coffee shop AU: What’s your favorite coffee order? Describe your ideal coffee shop? If a complete stranger wanted to ask you out at a coffeeshop, what would work on you? What pick up line would you use to ask a barista out?

📓 High school AU: What clique where you in in high school? What was your favorite subject? Who were you in love with in high school? What’s your most romantic memory from then?

💐 Flower shop AU: What kind of flowers do you like? Would you rather give flowers or have someone buy flowers for you? If you were mad at someone, would flowers make you forgive them? If you could send flowers to someone for free and in secret, who would you send them to?

📚 College AU: What did you (or do you plan to) study in college? What’s your favorite cheap college student meal? If someone asked your friends what you’re an expert at, what would they say? If you could choose one fictional character to be your college roommate, who would you choose?

💞 Soulmates AU: Do you believe in soulmates? What two fictional characters do you believe are soulmates? What’s one quality you absolutely know your soulmate has to have?

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Can I please please please request some Eremin with sick Armin? Fever, puking, headache, conjestion, the works. Make that sweet boy miserable.

I’m really out of order on my requests, but I couldn’t get this one out of my head! It’s great! This is set right before Trost, while they’re still in training. Enjoy!

“Are you feeling any better?” Eren asks as he comes back into the barracks, a glass of fresh water in his hand. Upon seeing Armin curled over the bucket in his lap, he has his answer. “I guess not,” he says, plopping down next to the sick boy and rubbing his shoulder in an attempt at comfort.

Armin just groans in response, his hands clutching at the edges of the bucket so hard that his knuckles are white. Each heave intensifies his headache, sending a shock of pain through his skull. He spits out one last mouthful of bile, which joins the other contents with a loud splash, and sinks back into the pillows.

Upon hearing how congested Armin sounded, Eren had stolen every pillow he could and given them to Armin. “It’ll help you breathe,” he explained.

Taking a moment to try to catch his breath and settle his angry stomach, Armin finally regains his voice. “You should be out training with the others,” he whispers. His throat is too sore to talk any louder than that.

“What?” Eren sounds genuinely shocked. “Don’t be silly, you’re too sick to be left alone right now. Plus, I’m the doctor’s son, so I know what I’m doing.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works,” Armin points out. He’s so stuffed up that it’s difficult to make out what he’s saying.

Fortunately, Eren is an expert at speaking Armin. “Whatever. Go ahead and drink the water that I bought you. You need to stay hydrated.”

At the mention of drinking anything, Armin’s stomach gives an angry gurgle. “It’s not going to stay down,” he protests feebly, swallowing hard against the rising nausea.

“C'mon, just a couple sips and I’ll leave you alone,” Eren wheedles. Armin grumbles but gives in; he’s never been good at saying no to Eren.

By some miracle, he’s able to drink some of the water without it immediately coming back up. He sighs in relief. Even the small effort of drinking is enough to wear him out, and his eyes slip shut against his will. They shoot open again when he feels a hand on his forehead.

“You’re really warm,” Eren says, frowning as he withdraws his hand. “Maybe I should go get a medic.”

Armin rolls his head from side to side. “I’ll be okay,” he murmurs. “I just need to sleep.” Sleeping sounds absolutely heavenly right now.

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” Eren agrees. “Get some rest. I’ll be right here.” He runs a hand through Armin’s bangs soothingly, and Armin finds himself drifting off to the sound of Eren’s voice. “On the other side of the wall, there are mountains, and oceans, and huge stretches of sand that go on so far that you can’t see where they end.”

Armin dreams of reaching the ocean, and him and Eren playing in the water. Someday they’ll get there.

A/N: This is what I wrote when that horrible episode about hypnosis came out. Blame @poipoi1912 for getting me so hyped up that I needed to write. Please note that the author of this imagine does not blame @poipoi1912 in the slightest, and was going to crack under the stupidity of season 18 eventually.


“The judge let that in?” I asked looking up from the tomatoes I was chopping.

“Yeah why not?”

Without looking up I said. “Because it’s stupid.” I could feel his anger rising, so I added. “No seriously there is no precedent. Except if you want to take that 20-year-old piece of shit, which doesn’t even relate. Plus it’s unconstitutional

What about Tanner v. United States?“

“There hypnosis is only for defendants. It assumes that the hypnosis was performed by a licensed practitioner.”

“What does it matter it worked. The guy is going away for a long time. Justice won.”

“I am not so sure.” Feeling the urge to triple check my criminal procedures book.

“He raped her.” As if it was ever that simple. I looked up from my tomatoes.

“I don’t doubt that. But there is such a thing as procedure. Are you telling me Miranda v. Arizona was wrong?”

“Of course not.” He had sat down and pulled the celery towards him and started chopping.

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The entirety of Nate & Jeremiah by Design so far is just actual husbands Nate & Jeremiah telling straight people who’ve fucked up their own homes to shut the fuck up and do what they say because they’re the experts here

please do yourself a favor and watch this show, I am so alive

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"Ginny, will you join me for a dance?" Trevor asked her at a club. (Mike is standing next to her and acts all protective and it Ginny is turned out by Mike's jealously.)

Ginny eyes grow wide at his question, a sincere look staring back at her.  She had no intention of dancing with this man, the past needing to stay in the past.  They can share pleasantries, but anything past “good game” was unnecessary.

As he stood in front of her, eyes eager, prepared to lay on the charm if she said no, the same way he’d gotten her the first time.  But she knew better this time.  She was no longer the naive minor league player living in Texas and in desperate need of human contact.  

Trevor had been fun, but their relationship had been built on a lie, and that wasn’t something she was interested in…boyfriends that blatantly disregarded her wishes.

She moves to open her mouth, smartly declining his offer when Mike, who had been standing beside her, moves himself almost directly in front of her, shielding Ginny from Trevor’s gaze, that seemed to be obviously traveling over her at this point.

“This your new guard dog?” Trevor jokes, the gruff look that Mike was sending at him not so much terrifying the younger man but amusing him.

“Mike,” she warns, grabbing onto his arm, her short nails still finding purchase in his skin and squeezing.

He doesn’t even hiss at the gesture, instead steeling himself even further in front of her.

“I think we’re good here,” he grunts out, but Ginny is seething at this point, practically pushing him away from in front of her.  Eventually dropping her hand from his arm, before slinking between the men vying for her attention.

“Maybe you should let her speak,” Trevor offers, his confidence rubbing Ginny the wrong way.

The men both step in, almost squishing her in between them, their faces dangerously close to her and each other.

She can feel the angry heat coming off of Mike, and she turns her back to Trevor, instead focusing her eyes on Mike, her hand coming out to grab his chin, focusing his glare at her.

His eyes flicker with recognition at the seriousness of the situation, the annoyed way her brows furrow when she’s particularly frustrated with him.

“Back off,” she angrily whispers at him, and even though the music is loud, she knows he can make out what she’s saying, having become an expert at reading her ticks, every movement a telling piece of the puzzle.

He gives one more glance at Trevor, before turning and stalking off to find a chair at the bar.

Her head lowers, a deep sigh, thankful that at the very least that had been handled.

When she turns back around to Trevor, he’s wearing a satisfied grin as if he’d won.

“Wipe that grin off your face, I’m not dancing with you,” she bites at him.

His grows to confusion, and she just shakes her head.

“You wanted me to speak, right?  Well the answer is no,” she fires at him, throwing her hair out of her face as she leaves him in search of a sulking Mike.

She sidles up to him at the bar, having already started nursing a beer, which she quickly makes her own.

“I see caveman Mike has graced us tonight,” she says with a swig of his, now her, drink.

He doesn’t acknowledge her comment, instead glancing over her shoulder, as if searching for something.

“Where is he?” He asks.

“Trevor?  I sent him packing,” she says with a grin into the bottle.

“Ahh, so I was right,” he says with a satisfied grin of his own.

“No,” she says, her brows furrowing, and a hand coming out to smack his chest.  “I can handle myself, old man.  I don’t need the head of the geriatric department as a bodyguard, thanks.”

“Got it,” he says, his eyes never leaving her’s.

“Do you?” She asks with a gesture of her hand, flinging up in a way that has he him fighting back a smile.

He just nods at her, before signaling the bartender for another beer.

“Plus, I don’t want to dance, my back hurts, long day,” she explains with a dimpled smile, her excuse falling flat to Mike, knowing full well that was not the case.

He grabs his beer, bringing it up to knock the neck of her own drink.

“Welcome to the geriatric department, Rookie.”

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May I ask what happened to cause you to write that post "Listen up, Allistics." which now has over 5000 notes?

(That would be this post, for those just tuning in.)

I can’t remember the exact argument that inspired it, but it was one of an extremely common pattern in discussions with allistic “autism experts.” “You don’t understand what it’s like,” they say. “He’s violent! He lashes out! We live in fear! You don’t know how terrifying Real Autism is to the people around it! We just don’t know what we can do to make it stop!”

Invariably, every single time I have ever seen that pattern, the answer is “Stop abusing your kids.”




And here’s the thing: It doesn’t look like ab use to the perpetraters. A lot of the time, they genuinely don’t understand why their kids are suffering regular meltdowns. They genuinely think that’s just what autism is. They think that because of a whole bunch of shady industries - from parenting advisors to therapists to charity profiteers  fucking bleach salespeople - who ignore or actively silence our voices and then claim that we’re unable to communicate, that these abusive practices are the only thing we’ll understand, and tht maybe, if they do it just right, they can make their kid “normal again.” (The unspoken but strongly implied other side of the coin, of course, is that if your kid fails to look allistic, you are a terrible parent and it’s your fault. But they’ll help you, for a modest fee.)

I’ve dealt with this sort of abuse for a lifetime. I don’t want the next generation of kids to do so. And every so often, when I speak up, I see a parent in the notes saying “Thank goodness, I almost fell for this.”

So I tried to flip the script - to show people that autistic people are not just inherently violent, we are responding to pervasive, inescapable violence. You don’t blame a cornered animal for biting when you poke it with a stick, after all; why don’t we get treatment at least that good?

That’s why I wrote that post.