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In six days when you go to vote, consider this: 33,000 people were killed by guns last year. No matter what your feelings about the 2nd Amendment, that’s a heartbreaking number—and one we ought to be able to bring down. MTV’s Elect This (@electthis) is hosting an Issue Time on gun violence with activists, firearm instructors, and veterans—real experts. 

See what they have to say.

The Annual Horsblr Drama Recap: 2016 edition

January: “Unbranded”: promoting the mustang? or just a group of stupid thrill seeking college kids knowingly putting their horses lives in danger? “Take your rich bitch money and fat mouth elsewhere”:  The “If you say everyone needs a trainer, you’re elitist” mantra.  The State of America: Judge Qualifications.  Horse Slaughter: livestock animal, best friend, or both? ALERT: Police on high alert after the word “piaffe” was mentioned by an unqualified individual. Those unintentional suicide jokes.  What brand is your bridle? Our experts weigh in on what your bridle says about your financial status.  LDR vs Rolkur, AGAIN… The Facts: Is there a correlation between liking a certain breed and preferring a certain style of horse management? 

February:  Conspiracy: Theveganmothership and Banallequinesports are the same person.  NEWSFLASH: putting stallions in the same area so they can sort out their hierarchy under the careful eyes of their owners is abusive and disgusting.  “jfc Janet BAIL is what you have when you are in jail and BALE is what hay is in.  Learn to fckn spell”  Halters: Nylon vs. Leather?  Safety vs. Aesthetics?  Helmet Girl strikes again!  Weighted tails, weighted bits, and other training nonsense.     

March:  Real Talk: is it Horseblr or Horsblr? Arthur’s absolutely appalling joke of a browband.  Some interesting A circuit hunters drama that had something to do with burn marks??  Do we or do we not want barrel racers to wear helmets with cowboy hat attachments: safety vs aesthetics part 2.  “My daddy bought me an import and I only see it once a month”.  The bald face debate. Salt against saddleseat. Dogblr vs Horsblr: Cesar Milan edition.  The Pénélope Leprevost incident. 

April:  Can horses be assholes on purpose?  Barrel Racing and Dressage:  Are the two disciplines on equal grounds?  Bits in the Hunter Ring: What the riders don’t want you to see.  BREAKING NEWS: Witnesses say a photo of an average quarter horse preforming  piaffe circulated created uproar among dressage enthusiasts convinced that only warmbloods are capable of such movements. Australia’s ridiculous National Security laws and what they have to do with not vaccinating your horse.  Animal welfare concerns: clipping horses for the winter.  NEW INFO: Lainey Ashker killed her horses!

May:  Famous self proclaimed horseman Clinton Anderson flips a horse over: Was it preventable?  TONIGHT ON 7 NEWS: Horsblr’s collective obsession with the piaffe.  Vague blogging at its finest.  You can’t take your horse out on hacks unless you have exposed them to every single possible flight response trigger, otherwise, you suck.  Double twisted wire bits on Hunter ponies: Hot or not?  If you use two saddle pads, you are the DEVIL.  The saga continues: Tear Lainey’s dressage skills apart but Edward Gal is untouchable.

June:  Mares vs. Geldings.  Proper ‘Eq’: What happened to shoulder hip heel? Dogblr weighs in: Adopting vs. Buying. 

July:  Exposing your young horse to show jumping: ABUSE.  Page 45, section 4, subsection 5, paragraph 2 of Hunter barn ‘eq’tiquette dictates that you can’t drink water during lessons… (its a sign of weakness)  Also, page 27, section 2 says that praising your horse before leaving the ring is frowned upon and points may be deducted. Falsterbo Horse Show footage.  Clinton Anderson’s “death to tree huggers” video controversy.  

August: CWD Female Saddle: Sexist? or does since and physiology back their products up?  Stronger bits for stronger horses: an indicator for lack or training.  RIO 2016 ~ super cresty lusitanos, Adeline Cornellisen scratches mid test (what a hero) Country of Origin Bias: Kittel vs Ward.  Vulture squad vs. Bench bitches??? 

September:  Spanking your horse: acceptable or barbaric?  Negative Reinforcement: a  non-aversive, magical method of communication between you an your horse <3.  Our readers weigh in on how your sex life may correlate with how you handle horsblr discourse. 

October:  “People who can’t afford to take quality care of their pets have every right to continue to own their animals”.  Polo wraps are always a valid reason to start drama.

November:  Donald Trump is elected…  On barn dogs and which ones to shoot.  WHAT KIND OF SQUASH IS THAT?!  Poor horse folk outraged and left feeling bitter after Cylana sold to young rider for 3 million USD.  Attention: There is only one true way to lunge your horse, only one, thats it.  The chaff discourse. 

December: Barrel racing Instagram equestrians and futurity shit.  “Kicking Your Horse in the Chest for Refusing to Jump and other Tantrums”.  Personal opinion posts taken way too far.  Pro-anas infiltrate horseblr.  Hoof Crack Treatment Discourse.  Gettin Salty: Dutch Harness Horses.  Biting and Aggression: Best Plan of Action? “Wow I cant believe ur horse is on bute when u haven’t been given it by a vet even tho if i had checked your blog for literally 5 seconds i would have seen i was literally wrong!”

Some Observations From The Last of Us Part II Trailer

I’m someone who loves to look into things way too much and over analyze every little detail of stuff. I also love The Last of Us and am way too excited for part two. Anyways, here are my observations/thoughts/whatever!

1. Ellie is using her tattoo in order to cover up her scar!

Interestingly, the tattoo appears to be of a plant of some kind. I’m no plant expert, so I can’t say what plant it’s supposed to be. However, the choice of using a plant–a symbol of life–to cover up Ellie’s scar is an interesting one when you consider that Ellie carrying the cure for the infection is what could ultimately save lives. Or, looking at it from a different perspective, it gives off the image of hiding behind brush from those who might be looking for you (especially with The Last of Us being a game that relies so heavily on stealth and staying hidden). Could this imply that there are still people out there looking for Ellie as she remains in hiding?

2. The weapon that Ellie used to kill the man in the bedroom is a machete.

This is probably one of the most important details of the trailer for me. It is entirely possible that Ellie made use of a gun at some point during this ordeal (as evidenced by the blood splatters on the bathroom wall). But the only gun that we physically see within the trailer is Joel’s. The reason why the machete stands out to me so much is largely in part because it’s such a personal weapon. It’s a weapon that requires you to get in close and feel your enemy’s blood on your hands. It’s a violent and aggressively harsh weapon, but you still need to use a fair amount of strength to kill someone with it. This is unlike a gun, which can you can use to fight from a distance without making any kind of direct contact. It’s less personal.

So, showing that Ellie used a machete to kill this man shows just how personal this mission is to her. She’s fueled by hate and anger, and is more than willing to get blood on her hands to accomplish what it is that she wants to do (interestingly, the first shot we see of Ellie in the trailer in her blood covered hands). I think it’s also worth noting that a machete is also the weapon that she used to kill David in the first game. That kill being her most memorable, as well as her most emotionally-driven one. It was also the scene that appeared to take away whatever was left of Ellie’s innocence.

3. The first time we see Joel in the trailer, he is a shadowed figure entering into the house in a white light.

White lights in media and literature are often used as a tool to represent purity and salvation. Plus, a figure walking through a white light is almost seen as being Christ-like or Godly in some way. To go along with that, the lyrics Ellie sings at this moment are, “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life”. As such, the symbolism is pretty clear in that it makes Joel appear to be this merciful, Christ-like figure walking into the doors of Hell, darkness, and death who will follow Ellie through Hell. His relaxed disposition, clean clothes and soft tone add on to this as well.

But what doesn’t fit the bill here is that, based on the evidence from the first game, we know that Joel is the furthest thing from merciful–even calling him “good” is a stretch. We know that he’s a character driven on selfish desires who does what he has to do in order to survive. He isn’t afraid to take out an entire camp of people if it means surviving, and he won’t show people mercy if the ones he loves are at risk. As such, could this suggest that something has changed within Joel during this four year gap? It at least seems to suggest that whatever is going on is something that is more personal to Ellie than it is to Joel. Could we be seeing a role-reversal of sorts where Ellie is the one acting on morally gray, selfish desires this time while Joel watches on and keeps her in line so she doesn’t lose herself completely? Just food for thought.

5. Going off of that, the lyrics, “I can’t walk on the path of the right, because I’m wrong” speak pretty clearly to the tone and theme of the game. Whoever wronged Ellie did so in a way that may have been “for the better” or morally righteous to some degree. However, it still had a personal effect on Ellie, and now Ellie knows that what she’s doing is wrong. If she decides to “go through with this”, as Joel says, then she’ll no longer be able to walk on the path of the right. Ellie is completely aware of the consequences of her potential actions and that it’s definitely wrong, but she doesn’t care.

6. Ellie stating, “I’m gonna find, and I’m gonna kill, every last one of them” seems like a shout-out to the title of the series! (Last of Us vs. Last of Them)

I could write about all of this in more detail, but I just wanted to give a brief run down of my thoughts because it’s been on my mind so much lately! I’m so excited for this game!

I’m a closet witch with a roommate and rough to metaphysical communication and companions, but I offer a suggestion.

Get some earphones, plug the one with the mic in your ear and connect it to your phone so you don’t look silly, and then chat to your companions and friends as if they were a human calling.

This might be helpful for those who want to chat or strengthening your bond, since sometimes it’s easier to not forget them if you’re actively talking to them more (I forget thoughts a little more easily than conversations).

And even those who feel like they might be losing their ability or hearing their friends, this might be just helpful. For instance, sometimes, even maybe you can’t hear them fully, but for my friends, sometimes it’s just nice for us to nod and enjoy company while the other one handles the conversation. So there’s nothing wrong with talking with them even if their voice and connection is a bit muddled.

Go on a walk together with them and don’t worry about someone who might call you out for talking to air, you’re on a call with someone important!!

Prompt: Translator

Percival spends a lot of time with the scamander brothers. So much time that he is able to understand all the British lingo. So when Newt takes the job of being MACUSA’s resident creature expert, Percival has to explain what Newt is saying.

*Newt: hurry up and bitch the pot.
Aurors: ???
Percival: pour the tea.

*Newt: Oh the criminal is locked in the boot.
Aurors: you put him in a boot.
Percival: the trunk.

*Newt: Yes I’ll be there on time, I want to try out the tube here.
Aurors: What?
Percival: Subway.

Best part is when Newt get really frustrated and starts ranting and Percival just talks everyone through what he’s saying like it’s completely normal.

What I say: I’m a Kingdom Hearts expert

What I mean: When I first got into this series I spent all my free time for a month looking up everything I could about the series and almost religiously followed the series for 5 years after including reading the interviews and ulitmania guides. I can explain just about everything lore-related that can be explained in this series (the main exceptions being Coded and Dream Drop). I have so much knowledge on this series I sometimes look at myself and wonder “what the hell am I doing with my life”. And I still don’t know everything there is to know about Kingdom Hearts (gameplay is my blind spot). So please don’t debate lore with me unless you’re ready to provide specific examples to back up your claim. Because yes I can be wrong but if it’s common knowledge lore chances are I’m not. Do not underestimate how much of my life I have wasted on this convoluted series. I may be pathetic but I’m pathetic and well-informed.

My autistic!Groot fics.

My fics exist to tell other autistic people that it is okay to be your beautiful autistic self. I’ve found that feeling and I want to share it. My fics in no way reflect the experiences of every autistic person out there, however they all involve portrayals of autism that aren’t treated like a tragedy even when the bad sides of it are shown.

You won’t see Groot overcoming autism. Nope, you’ll see him overcoming neurotypical/allistic ideals that he has to fit in to be accepted.

This series is marked incomplete because I never know when I might throw in a new fic.

I truly hope reading my fics helps people realize four things: Functioning labels are useless, it’s important to presume competence, autistic people aren’t tragic burdens and our voices matter. Don’t listen to what Autism Speaks “experts” say about autistic people. The only true autism experts are autistic people themselves and they are the ones who need to be heard. 

Series name: Autism isn’t a tragedy!

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/series/275382

Some of the fics have NSFW and / or triggering content, but they’re noted in the author’s notes and tags.


What happened to Emma Fillipoff?

Emma Fillipoff is an artistic, free spirit who arrived in Victoria, Canada,in 2011 looking for independence and opportunities and some distance from her divorced parents. At first she enjoyed her new life, but as time passed she started having trouble. By November 2012, she’d been living for a few months in a women’s shelter, and one late night, on the 26th of that month, she called her mother asking her if she could go back home to Ontario. Two days later she vanished.

It’s hard to say what happened to Emma. Experts believe she could have committed suicide, because she left behind some cryptic writings in her laptop that pointed in that direction. Her last known steps seem to show a growing mental condition. Others think she just wanted to start a new life. There’s also the possibility that she met with foul play.

So what do we know? On November 28th, 2012, Emma was seen twice in the same convenience store. Early in the morning she went in to buy a prepaid credit card, putting 200 dollars in it. Later, at almost 6 PM, she went there again to buy a pre-paid cell phone. She can be seen in surveillance footage hesitant to leave the store, and looking outside through the glass door as if she’s avoiding someone. She had written in her journal about feeling watched, and a few days earlier she’d been caught by the cameras inside a YMCA leaving and entering several times, apparently also trying to hide from someone.

After she left the convenience store on the 28th, Emma got into a taxi and asked the driver to take her to the airport, but then she said she couldn’t pay the requested fare so the driver left her where he had picked her up. No one knows where she was heading, and unknown to her, her mother had arrived that same day looking for her, but their paths never crossed.

Emma was seen later that day by an acquaintance that noticed she seemed disoriented and in distress, and called 911. Cops found her outside the Empress Hotel, walking barefoot, but after talking to her for 45 minutes they let her go, since she didn’t seem to be a threat to herself or others and had nothing to hold her for. That was the last reported sight of Emma Fillipoff.

The only clue that has surfaced since then is from Vancouver, and it happened in 2014. A man was seen in a store throwing away one of Emma’s missing posters and when questioned by the business’ owners about it he claimed that Emma wasn’t missing, that she was his girlfriend and didn’t want to be found because she hated her parents. Although this man was caught on camera, nothing more has come out of that tip.

Shelley Fillipoff, Emma’s mother who’s lead the search for her daughters, was recently charged with money laundering and the possession of drugs and illegal weapons in her home. Police found them during an ongoing investigation of her son Matthew, accused of supplying cocaine to street level traffickers.

Meanwhile, Emma’s whereabouts remain unknown.

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did t. rex's have feathers? i've been getting conflicting answers

I hate to have to tell you this, but the reason you are getting conflicting answers is because the answer itself is unresolved. But never fear, my friend, you came to the right place! I will gladly muddy the situation further by explaining why. No, no, don’t thank me. I am here to serve.

The main problem is that so far no large, fossilized skin impressions attributed to T. rex have been discovered, which is why we can’t say for certain if they were or were not covered in scales, feathers, or some ungodly mix of both.

Without direct evidence, reconstructions of T. rex are forced to rely on skin impressions and fossils from other dinosaurs, with the likelihood of similarities being based on how closely they’re related; whether or not the species is an ancestor or descendant of the tyrannosauroids; whether they are the same size, same environment, same niche… you get the idea. It’s complicated.

And we do have many skin impressions of dinosaurs that were definitively scaly. Stegosaurs, allosaurs, ankylosaurs and many other species have had soft tissue impressions found, all with scales. It is not completely unreasonable to say that T. rex could also have been entirely scaled.

Of course, this is all without taking into account Dilong and Yutyrannus. Dilong was a small, basal tyrannosaur - an ancestor to T. rex - and in 2004 a fossil was discovered with preserved filamentous protofeathers.

Then, in 2012, Yutyrannus huali was discovered, a tyrannosaur from the Early Cretaceous with definitive impressions of feathers. Also, much closer T. rex in both size and time.

At this point, even without significant soft tissue impressions from T. rex itself, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that T. rex was entirely scaled. It is surrounded on all sides, evolutionarily speaking, with feathery species of theropods. It is still possible, of course, since the feathers of its ancestors could have secondarily lost for any number of very valid reasons, but it is just as possible, if not more so, that it would have been covered in some kind of feathery integument.

Anyway, I hope this cleared absolutely nothing up for you, as it has for me. You’re welcome.

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You seems to be an expert in sneezing, so I have a curiosity. What do you say in English when someone sneezes?? Like in my language we say "Salute" that means "Be healthy"... but Idk in english what to say 😨😨😨

So, this is gonna be my life from now on, is it?

lol no worries friend. You’ve come to the right place.
I’m gonna keep it simple. Mostly everyone would say ‘Bless you’ (short and sweet and shows you care ~<3) 
or you might opt for a comedic ‘Gesundheit’ which is always a fun time for everyone. (fun fact: this is not even english)

The following is an ancient prosthetic eye, on a female skeleton who is about 4800 years old. The skeleton was 1.82 m tall (6 feet), much taller than ordinary women of the time. This young woman lived in what would now be Iran. Experts say that at first glance it looks like tar mixed with animal fat, but further investigation is needed to conclude the real materials that make up the eye. 

Here’s some basic last-term-revelation level advice on writing a literature essay when you’re required to give a comprehensive view. Ask yourself three things:

• what do you think of it - this is the body
• what would your grandmother think of it - this is the introduction
• what have experts and critics been saying about it - this is literal gold that should be used whenever you concur or differ from it in what you think of it

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Experts: Things don't change unless u start witholding ur money & spending it else where them: omg let ppl enjoy what they enjoy. Everyone has a choice Experts: uhm ok we just saying nothing will change if u don't change who u give ur money to them: stop saying queer ppl r responsible for their own shit rep Experts: no we are saying they can change their shit rep if they give up certain things them: this is guilt tripping. why cant we just ask nicely.




Saying what I’m about to say, I am no means an expert. This is to the best of my knowledge and I may be wrong. But nonetheless, here’s whats happening:

I had a adult bearded dragon dropped off at my door today, no idea what kind of care he had before me and this is the state he was in: 

LOOK AT THAT SHED. There is so much that his toes are curling from what i’m assuming is constriction.  I did what any reptile owner would do, give him a good long soak in warm water and shed ease, and gently rubbed his back. It was flaky and hard.

There were some dark spots underneath the shed that I was unsure about, I thought it might be natural coloration, a burn or possibly necrosis. 



My first thought is a burn. Skin infection(?) I’m not sure, still the results are the same. I agree with everyone that says he needs a vet and i’m looking for one nearby, but because of the time of year this probably won’t be addressed for a little while longer. 

I stopped what i was doing and went to take him out of the bath and apply Polysporin when he went to (for better lack of the word) poop, as many beardies do in the bath. This is what I saw:


Its pink?

I have no idea what that means or if it was his diet, i do not know what else he was being fed but he was dropped off with super worms. This concerns me and I really don’t know what to do about this abnormality nor his physical condition. 

PLEASE, I need some guidance in how to care for this bearded dragon. Any opinion or input would extremely appreciated.


I need this to reach someone that can help me!

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My ass is prepped for what may come after this, I've been in hell hole since 2012, I'm an expert now and I know you get what I'm saying lol. I don't care if they make him stunt after this (I care but there's nothing I can do to stop it), at least he's with Harry and he's just showed us he's in the uk, where Harry just landed.

I think we’ve ascended to a higher dimension. Enlightenment.