what the earth actually is

Legend says that Night and Day were once great rulers of men, a king and queen whose love for each other and majesty could not be compared, and who sacrificed themselves to save the Earth from a great threat, forever to guard the world in the form of the Sun and Moon.

Celestial Beings AU. Unfortunately, said sun and moon have no memories of their past mortal lives… not knowing each other except in fleeting passings at dusk and dawn, where they think, momentarily, they might have glimpsed someone special to them once.

Actual Space Pirate Matthew Holt

In Voltron season 3, I just really want to find out that Matt has become a badass space pirate made of pure salt. Preferably by him coming to find Pidge perhaps after being captured by galra and confused for the Green paladin. He figures out what it must mean and tracks her down.

“Who are you?”

*Mysterious figure dramatically pulls off mask/hood/etc…* And immediately starts chewing her out:

“What the actual fuck Katie you’re supposed to be on Earth, in SCHOOL. I mean, the green paladin of motherfucking VOLTRON?? How exactly did you manage this shit? I swear to god, we turn our backs for five minutes…!”

“Five minutes! You DIED, Matt! They told me you were dead, and…(cue semi-coherent Pidge rant)”

Bonus points for Shiro quietly freaking out in the background.

Extra bonus points for irony if he breaks Pidge and/or the other paladins out of a Galra dungeon somewhere when they meet.

it’s just so typical of tumblr that people look at the pewdiepie situation and assume he is the scum of the earth without looking into what he actually did…which was a mistake and a joke that went too far. If these people were confronted with Frankie Boyle they would fall over and die. Tbh I reckon its mostly americans.

Nobody’s going to deny that, as it’s conventionally depicted, Middle-Earth - the setting of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - is awfully monochrome. In art, basically everybody is drawn as white, and all major depictions in film have used white actors.

When this state of affairs is questioned, the defences typically revolve around “accuracy”, which can mean one of two things: fidelity to the source material, and the internal consistency of the setting. Being concerned primarily with languages and mythology, Tolkien left few clear descriptions of what the peoples of Middle-Earth actually look like, so in this case, arguments in favour of the status quo more often rest on setting consistency.

Of course, we need hold ourselves neither to fidelity nor to consistency - the author’s dead, and we can do what we want. However, what if I told you that there’s a reasonable argument to be made from that very standpoint of setting consistency that Aragorn - the one character you’d most expect to be depicted as a white dude - really ought to be portrayed as Middle Eastern and/or North African?

First, consider the framing device of Tolkien’s work. The central conceit of The Lord of the Rings - one retroactively extended to The Hobbit, and thereafter to later works - is that Tolkien himself is not the story’s author, but a mere translator of writings left behind by Bilbo, Frodo and other major characters. Similarly, Middle-Earth itself is positioned not as a fictional realm, but as the actual prehistory of our own world. As such, the languages and mythologies that Tolkien created were intended not merely to resemble their modern counterparts, but to stand as plausible ancestors for them.

Now, Aragorn is the king of a tribe or nation of people called the Dúnedain. Let’s take a closer look at them in the context of that prehistoric connection.

If the Dúnedain were meant to be the forebears of Western Europeans, we’d expect their language, Adûnaic, to exhibit signs of Germanic (or possibly Italic) derivation - but that’s not what we actually see. Instead, both the phonology and the general word-structure of Adûnaic seem to be of primarily Semitic derivation, i.e., the predominant language family throughout the Middle East and much of North Africa. Indeed, while relatively little Adûnaic vocabulary is present in Tolkien’s extant writings, some of the words we do know seem to be borrowed directly from classical Hebrew - a curious choice if the “men of the West” were intended to represent the ancestors of the Germanic peoples.

Additionally, the Dúnedain are descended from the survivors of the lost island of Númenor, which Tolkien had intended as an explicit analogue of Atlantis. Alone, this doesn’t give us much to go on - unless one happens to know that, in the legendarium from which Tolkien drew his inspirations, the Kingdoms of Egypt were alleged to be remnant colonies of Atlantis. This connection is explicitly reflected in the strong Egyptian influence upon Tolkien’s descriptions of Númenorean funereal customs. We thus have both linguistic and cultural/mythological ties linking the survivors of Númenor to North Africa.

Now, I’m not going to claim that Tolkien actually envisioned the Dúnedain as North African; he was almost certainly picturing white folks. However, when modern fans argue that Aragorn and his kin must be depicted as white as a matter of setting consistency, rather than one of mere authorial preference, strong arguments can be made that this need not be the case; i.e., that depicting the Dúnedain in a manner that would be racialised as Middle Eastern and/or North African by modern standards is, in fact, entirely consistent with the source material, ethnolinguistically speaking. Furthermore, whether they agreed with these arguments or not, any serious Tolkien scholar would at least be aware of them.

In other words, if some dude claims that obviously everyone in Tolkien is white and acts like the very notion of depicting them otherwise is some outlandish novelty, you’ve got yourself a fake geek boy.

(As an aside, if we turn our consideration to the Easterlings, the human allies of Sauron who have traditionally been depicted in art as Middle Eastern on no stronger evidence than the fact that they’re baddies from the East, a similar process of analysis suggests that they’d more reasonably be racialised as Slavic in modern terms. Taken together with the preceding discussion, an argument can be made that not only is the conventional racialisation of Tolkien’s human nations in contemporary art unsupported by the source material, we may well have it precisely backwards!)

Imagine there being an apocalypse or something, and the only people who survive is a lesbian woman and an asexual guy. The woman says something like “maybe we should try to repopulate the Earth”. They stare at each other for a few seconds, and then they both burst out laughing. They live happily ever after, having occupied some formerly famous building and scavenging food from wherever they can find it. They die of old age, after redecorating their “house” and painting every wall an outrageous colour, finding every packet of coffee left in the nearest city and storing it, and recording the story of the end of the human race just in case. Slowly, nature takes over even this last refuge, and the only thing left to show they were even there is a lesbian and an asexual pride flag slowly billowing in the breeze on the tallest part of their home. Earth is probably better off without humans anyway.

every once in a while i still get randos on my reboot kim gifset yelling at me trying to explain that the original kimberly hart was white and honestly, the fact that they can’t take two seconds to go to my blog and see that i’m obviously a power rangers blog and obviously know exactly who the fuck played kimberly hart in the original series is almost more offensive than the fact that they completely missed the point of the gifset and don’t understand the term whitewashing as it’s being used there


Queen, the making of We Are the Champions 

“I was kind of quite shocked, cause I thought, ‘now come on, Fred.’ I thought, ‘we know you’re very, uh, egotistical and everything you know and, uh, we’re known for our arrogance but are we really gonna stand up and say we are the champions as opposed to every other group and every other person on the face of this earth?’ And he says, ‘actually. That’s not what it is.’ […] He could already see how it would be if we played it in a concert and everyone had their hands in the air and were saying, ‘we are the champions.’ And I could see that’s what it was about and years later we talked about it and he said to me, ‘rock ‘n’ roll is the only place where everyone has a feeling like being on a team but you’re not fighting anybody.’  You know it’s like, if you’re at, uh, at a game you have two sides who are singing their songs and feeling very much part of a team but they wanna kill the other side. The difference, at a rock concert, is everybody’s in the same team.” - Brian May  


“It’ll be okay, Jeff. I promise.”

*is suddenly hit by a tsunami wave of Shoker feels* ha ha what?? no I’m fine!!!

Post Doomworld Theory

What if Legion!Snart is from an alternate Earth?

They never actually said where he was from. Rip is the one who suggested that he was from the past, but it was never confirmed or denied. The Legion has never said where/when this Snart is from.

It would certainly explain why this Snart is so much more evil than the one we’re used to. Even pre-Legends Snart wasn’t this cruel. He had a code and he didn’t treat Mick with so little respect.

If Barry can travel to other Earths, you can bet that Thawne can too.

I know that I’m probably grasping at straws after that episode, but his behavior goes against everything we know about the character.

i patiently waited for 35 mins for this scene when i rewatched this ep with judgeisonvinyl and it may have taken me an hour to find this gif but it was honestly the best 3 seconds in reality show television of all time. 


Sometimes, I think about Raditz coming back and more or less living with his brother and his family and even though Gohan isn’t one to hold grudges, he wouldn’t be too happy about it.