what the dm saw

What is the 4th wall anymore?

Context: Our friend just joined in our homebrew session where he plays a character than can basically break the 4th wall due to insanity stacks and change things in the story as he pleases. Most DMs will say no, ours doesn’t. So here are some excerpts on the craziness that ensued. 

DM: Stratos (main baddie of the campaign) pops up in a portal between all of you people and says “I heard everything you guys said. Now I’m gonna kill all of you”

P: I want to break the 4th wall with my stacks of insanity! 

DM: Okay, what to you want to do? 

P: I want to changed what stratos says to “I saw nothing”

DM: Roll for it

P: *Gets a nat 20*

Dm: *shocked and confused* Okay, now he says that

P: Wait, since it was a nat 20, I can add more. I would also like him to say “I also like to give slime beasts the good succ!*

DM: What the F*** man! Stratos now says “I see nothing and I also like to give slime beasts the good succ!” then proceeds to give the good succ to our lich, who is a slug, the good succ. 

Then after that, everyone just started laughing hysterically and the DM basically needed a moment to recollect his thoughts. 


Okay so Christi is fucking gross ! First of she tweeted saying Chloe hasn’t had anyone ‘pave’ the way for her and that’s why she’s voting for her (not because she’s her daughter or anything). Which is obviously her trying to throw some shade at Maddie who apparently didn’t ‘dance’ her way to her success. Which is all absolute bullshit ! Both Maddie and Chloe had the same exact platform ‘paved’ for them when they joined dance moms then life happened after that. Everything Maddie has gotten it’s because she works hard and is talented and that allows her certain privileges. Secondly I saw this screen shot of what Christi said in a dm and thought it was fake I FOUND OUT THE DM IS A FAKE PICTURE. However I saw that she had liked this shady tweet insinuating that Maddie didn’t deserve her win. ibtimes reported that Chloe also liked that tweet (http://www.ibtimes.com/chloe-lukasiak-responds-losing-2016-teen-choice-award-dance-moms-star-maddie-ziegler-2396515) but it’s not under her likes so maybe she deleted or maybe it’s not true but if it’s true I’m so disappointed and confused to why she’d like that then include Maddie in a nice post ?. Bottom line is I can 100% say that Christi Lukasiak is scum ! She’s not changed from her days from dance moms she’s still the same bitter jealous and nasty person she’s always been. What kind of adult fully engages in fandom drama like this ? It’s pathetic ? Furthermore Maddie trended for choice dance A LOT of times it was like a tug of war between them. She was trending right before the time when voting stopped as well. Furthermore trending only tells you who is mentioned the most it doesn’t tell you about how many of those votes actually count. (There could be repeated and invalid votes). Either way Maddie won this time and Christi is just gonna have to get over it 🙄. Honest I worry about Christi’s hateful obsession with Maddie.

Ps: got some anons saying the dm is fake but everything else is real.

i just checked my DMs and saw this and i was like what??? this must be a joke but no i remember i literally blocked someone for not liking cake boss