what the countess wears

miss-oktober  asked:

Vesuvia and The Countess <3

Thank you so much for your ask!! <3

Vesuvia - whats your favorite enviorement and why? what’s your least?

My favorite is Lucio’s room. I absolutely love the dark feeling of that scenery.
My least favorite?? uhhh i love all the environments in the game but I guess it’s the “dream” place where you talk to Asra sometimes ?? 

The Countess - what is you MC’s outfit description?   

Morpheus usually wear baggy/loose clothes, his shirts always have sleeves covering his upper arms and he’s always wearing long pants. 
In a day-to-day he’ll wear either a gypsy shirt or a tunic, with harem pants.
Purple is his favorite color so thats the color of most of his clothes.