what the babies


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It’s late, the nursery nearly pitch black but for the soft, faint purple-ish glimmer of the nightlight in the corner.

Emma can just barely tell where he is in the dark of the small room, but she knows he’s here with them —he always is.

He’s sat on the floor, she knows, uncomfortable as can be, but unmovable just the same. His back against the closet’s door, legs unfolded in front of him, his face in his hand.

It’s been a long day; a day of waiting, a day of worrying and pacing and sickness abounds.

They are home now though, have been for a few hours, and while the little bundle in Emma’s arms has been asleep and settled for almost as many hours as they’ve been home, there’s nothing humanly capable of separating them from their daughter right now.

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Little photo tribute of the life of a very much loved Guinea pig - Cookie - or Cookie-bum as I called her. 

I had to have her put down at the vets today due to illness, she was very old (nearly 7 years) but still I’m devastated. As you can probably tell by the number of photos, I loved her dearly and she had a very long, happy life. She was very tame and loving, as well as being very bossy and grumpy, a character who I will never forget. She sang, gave kisses, and let you know when you was taking to too long getting her diner!

Call me stupid if you like for getting upset over a guinea pigs death, but I loved her more than some people in my life (thanks to various mental health/trust issues) as I have always relied on my pets to get me through hard times.

Hence the lack of posting from me today, I just need a little time as she was my baby, my Cookie bum. I love you sweet heart. Rest in peace with your sisters, enjoy all the tasty grass and yummy veg up in heaven and just know I’ll see you again someday x

That last reblog about Kimi suggesting to Nishiki about having kids is filling my head with all the possibilities if that were to really happen! Nishiki being a dad…it makes my heart melt. I know he’d be such a great dad, even though I think it would scare him.

I want Nishiki to be happy! #LetNishikiBeHappyIshida