what the actual heck are you two doing


Chapter 9: Visitors; but way more dramatic XD

Please tell me that Green actually sees through her pain, and it hurts to see her smile because he knows, but despite all that she’s still selfless, putting others before herself; showing concern to those around her, even when they don’t

The words “It’s just been so long since I’ve actually been treated like a person.” echoes in his head; how long has it been since she was last shown respect? He had to, he just had to. 

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more small(-ish) stan twins headcanons b/c i’m in a mood tonight:

  • you know the kid that always brings home assorted bugs/animals they thought were cool in like their pockets and everyone just goes “why”? they were both that kid
  • if ford ever got sick/hurt stan was really, really good at being that person that is very honestly well-meaning, but mostly just annoys the heck out of you by constantly going “are you any better? do you need something? can i get it? can i get you anything at all? are you feeling better i hope you feel better soon”
    this was partially out of actual concern, and partially out of succumbing to just plain boredom without his brother up and about
  • let me reiterate that star trek first aired in 1966. they were literally dipper and mabel’s age. 3 guesses what uniform ford made for a halloween costume at LEAST once in his lifetime and the first two don’t count
  • (he was, however, very upset about not ever being able to do a proper vulcan salute)
  • on a similar note: the MOON LANDING. happened during the summer probably between their freshman and sophomore year of high school. ford was restless the entire week of the mission and sat glued to the tv for multiple hours beforehand b/c he refused to even risk missing it.
    stanley joined him at a more reasonable time, having made popcorn.
  • most. complex. secret. handshakes. ever.
  • COMIC BOOKS they were both huge fans of comic books. slightly different tastes but you know. there’s something for everybody. and when you can build a blanket fort and stay up later than you’re allowed to reading them by flashlight night to someone else doing the exact same thing, they’re even more exciting

haha okay yyaaay I finished iiit!!!
There are 344 frames in this sucker
It’s the longest animation I have made so far!
Ehh, I just hope you like it?
It’s okay, I wanted ‘you’ to have more movement but what do you expect, I’m an amateur animator hh
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Oh heyyy alsoo
This pretty much was @crowfry ’s idea, I thought it was adorable sooo here’s thiissss haha

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my bf actually dresses more mod atm but he was full on pnk when i met him. he had spiked his hair up huge and studs n all the Sht. he's incredibly smart and so good hearted even if he is a big ol' grump. he's also an Old Man in that he doesnt own a smart phone and cant work a computer properly to save his life even tho hes only 23



Finally defeating the Nogitsune and freeing Stiles the two brothers wonder if they actually saved Stiles or made everything worse.

Dean: It collapsed into a pile of dust. I mean, what THE HECK?! It was like something out of Buffy.

Stiles: Seriously, pop-culture references? 

Dean: I had an opportunity.

Sam: Can you two do me a favor and shut up? We need to call Bobby on this, or Cas. They might have an idea on what happened. 

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Honestly if they censor Heathers I'm gonna be pissed...

Don’t they realize Heathers is loved because of how dark it is, because it doesn’t shy away from actual stuff that people actually do in High School!!??

Teenagers actually do what the kids in Heathers do (minus the killing for most people)!! I mean damn. Teenagers drink, they have sex, they do drugs!!

Do you know how many shows on TV show this stuff regularly??

At my High School two kids once got caught doing it in the elevator. My high school was known as a drug school, we even had a nickname because of it. You would run into kids who where smoking weed in class!! (Heck they found out a Teacher and Student at my school where doing it. And I know the teachers kids).

And we weren’t even a bad school. We are literally the best school in our area and one of the best in our part of the country!!!

Shit happens. Teenagers are not innocent. And they shouldn’t censor Blue because it doesn’t need to be censored. Worse topics have been depicted in musicals before!!

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let's say, kuroo and oikawa go to the same college and share a dorm room... what could go wrong? :^)

oh my
ok i did 8 total, since i usually do about 4 per character~ (spaced them out for easier reading)

  • Kuroo always wins in sass

  • Their first argument was over their favorite foods.
    • “How can you like milk bread, that stuff’s so bland what the heck”
    • “Ha? How can you eat grilled mackerel salted, that can’t be good for your health you know”
    • (so on and so forth :’D)

  • Now when Oikawa tries to stay up late watching match replays, Kuroo:
    • either watches with him and even takes notes
    • or makes him go to sleep at a semi-reasonable time, at least

  • When fangirls see Oikawa’s knee supporter (see Trivia in link) and he doesn’t correct them when they think it’s for an injury because he likes the attention, Kuroo lets them know the truth whenever he’s around 8D

  • They end up taking quite a few classes together, at least their general ed requirement classes, and often compete to get a higher grade than the other. Professors are always impressed, and probably very willing references for them as well. 

  • They take the goddamn college volleyball scene by storm ok you can’t tell me otherwise Kuroo’s a sick ass blocker and we already know Oikawa’s like a different kind of “genius” setter, and they have great senses of timing/strategy *snorts like dragon*

  • Once these two get to know each other, they’re honestly pretty awed at the other–they’re so similar, both more than multitalented, and yet vastly different in each of their talents. Which proves fruitful for both, and parallels Oikawa’s endless rivalry with Kageyama

  • Tbh if they really did room together, I’d like to think they’d be best frenemies and just end up rooming together after college, even if just for a while, just because they’re already used to each other/each other’s habits.
Miraculous Origin Episodes -- Korean Stream

To watch or not to watch, that is the question.

It was announced that in the beginning of March, the first Miraculous origin episode will be aired in Korea. The excitement is understandable, and many were probably dead set on watching the stream. 

That is, until Hawkdaddy/Thomas Astruc asked us not to

Why? Because he wants us as fans of the show to enjoy these two special episodes as much as possible. 

Thomas himself stated that these were his favourite episodes. He is the creator; he knows what’s coming. He also probably understands that Miraculers would get more out of these episodes if we actually understood what the heck was going on, and what was being said. 

If you wish to watch the stream, by all means watch it. You have the freedom to do so. However if you decide to spoil the episodes for yourself, please be considerate and respectful of those who choose to wait. 


I know that it is impossible to ask the entire Miraculous fandom to refrain from posting spoilers, especially in regards to the origin episodes. Therefore if you choose to post, please use the tags #mlspoilers #NoSpoiler #MLspoilers.

Please respect the choices of your fellow Miraculers. You had the ability to choose whether or not you wanted to be spoiled; it is only fair for others to be able to choose as well. Tag your spoilers.  

It’s kinda interesting to me how when I was younger, I saw the styles on Dexter’s Lab and PPG as being super simplistic and easy to draw.

Well, now that I’m older, it’s cool looking back at them and actually being able to see all the principles and stuff that were used, and how they were so carefully designed to have clear silhouettes. They look really simple, but to a trained eye, it’s amazing how many technical properties you can see within them. Heck, what amazes me most is how they’re so flat, yet solid at the same time (more so on DL than PPG, maybe aside from Professor Utonium when he’s drawn in perspective). Anyway, lots of other shows that had that sort of style didn’t seem to do it quite as well as those two did.

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Can I have a reaction to another member kissing you out if no where. Thank you!

When Jin saw Namjoon swoop in and peck you on the cheek, he would be furious. “What do you think you’re doing?” he would ask when he got in Namjoon’s face, scaring the boy have to death, “Back off!”

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Yoongi would be beyond mad when he saw one of the members kiss you. He would be so pissed off that he wouldn’t even be able to move. He would just sit there and stare at that member, giving off his cold aura as the member got more and more scared. 

Originally posted by suga-com

Hoseok would stare at the two of you with a bitchface, clenching his jaw while he spoke. “What the actual heck do you think you’re doing to my girlfriend? Didn’t you know that I’m the only one who can kiss her?”

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Namjoon would walk over to that member and he wouldn’t hesitate to punch them in the gut, making sure not to punch them in the face so that no fans would question it. “If you pull some stunt like that again, I’ll punch you in the face.”

Originally posted by whereisuniq

Jimin would immediately pull the member away from you and get them on their knees. “Don’t you dare ever do something like that to my girlfriend again or we’re going to have a problem,” he would say and he wouldn’t ever be able to trust that member around you ever again. 

Originally posted by lovelyoongi

Taehyung would be in shock when he saw one of his bandmates kiss you. His mouth would drop open and no words would be able to form because he would be so surprised. He would end up turning around and leaving, not being able to handle it all. It would take him a while to be able to talk to that member again. 

Originally posted by brendaunicorn

Jungkook would be beyond pissed when he saw one of the members kiss you. “Um, why?” he would question as he got in their face, staring them down, “I don’t want to see that ever again,” he would say, before walking off, trying to calm down a bit.

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So awkward koinkydink... My name is Annie (woop) and I recently got engaged to my boyfriend.. Whos name is Levi. And that got me wondering. Do you think the two characters would ever actually have a chance at a relationship?

You gotta be fucking kidding me here. Those characters together would never do anything, they’re both so passive like what the heck?! I’d have a more passionate romantic relationship with Donald Trump tbh. 

But congrats on your engagement :)