what tags do people even use jesus christ

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Why do you think violent, transmisogynist gatekeeping exclusively refers to emergency rooms? Jesus christ?

Why do you think I’m arguing against literally anything except people using their previous struggle receiving HRT as a claim that they were denied emergency life-saving medical treatment in order to dismiss asexuals as not being Oppressed Enough to be considered MOGAI?

Please catch up on what’s going on before you bandwagon into my inbox without even knowing what you’re bandwagoning on me for:



I think it’s incredible that Taylor invited Sophie to her home, it means she trust us, it means she don’t believe in the line between fans and friends, it means she’s here for us. 

But yet again there’s still people mad about that because it’s not about them. They’re not the one having Taylor’s attention, because they didn’t get a package, a follow or even a like. There’s millions of people out there who wish to get a little bit of Tay’s attention, including me. Taylor made a tumblr to be closer to us, so it can be easier to interact with us. I believe Taylor is doing her best to make us happy. You know, she could do like the other celebrities and not talk with us at all. 

You know what i’m not even gonna tag Taylor in that because I don’t want her to see this but I want you guys to read this. Get your shit together people, Taylor is human and jesus fucking christ she’s doing her best to make us happy so please be grateful, tumblr doesn’t just consist of getting Taylor to know your entire biography. Let’s just celebrate that our Idol is here for us when we need her and we literally have the opportunity to hang out with God.