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Okay, i understand you all probably want some Voltron: Season 2 stuff, but in my defense i finished this days before then and just forgot it existed until just now XD So yeah, have some out of the blue Chibi!Laurent as i work on some Klance and maybe oTHer sTuFF if you guys have any requests XD

So uh
Bad: Class was cancelled today without my knowledge (I still don’t know why) so I got up super early and went all the way on campus and dragged my art supplies around all day for NO REASON (also forgot the laptop so homework was near impossible to do)

Good: Got a lot of drawing/water coloring done, I hope to show them soon today when I get ahold of a scanner. Also made friends with a classmate who made my same mistakes, had lunch together, probably never would have talked to her if this didn’t happen so *shrug*

A very quick and rough as hell art style experiment of mine has resulted in an OC.

I call her Sumati which means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit. But don’t be fooled by her name, she’s actually an evil scheming bitch and will probably ruin your life. Avoid her.

I hereby declare this hiatus to be the Angst Fest 2k17

Instead of crying because of moftiss, let’s cry because of self inflicted angst pain hAhAHaHaAhaHaHAhA!!!!!!

You don’t like tfp? Fine, tld was a perfect source of angst fest and so is tst so let’s do that. Let’s angst shit up. I love s4 coz they actually made lots of my angst headcanons CANON! And now let’s make MORE HEADCANONS FROM THE ANGST CANON!!

Btw let me just make this clear here: if you wanna make a fic from a headcanon I wrote, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO!! I just ask that you link it to me because I WANT TO READ IT! I don’t care if one person has already written it, so what, you can write it again in your own style and I’d still wanna read it ok I LOVE ANGST


 “Brothers and sisters, do not tell evil lies about each other. If you speak against your fellow believers or judge them, you are judging and speaking against the law they follow. And when you are judging the law, you are no longer a follower of the law. You have become a judge. God is the only Lawmaker and Judge. He is the only One who can save and destroy. So it is not right for you to judge your neighbor.”
James 4:11,12 New Century Version

i want Ouma to blush ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)                                                                                         

ANDDD NEWS TIME yeeeeeeeeeeee                                                                        See, i change my art style a little bit ehhhh, why? Because i dont like that old, its too cute and ughhhh.. i like changes! And in future i planning to start posting nsfw i think. AND TELL ME WHAT CHARACTER TO DRAW i want to test this style :>>>> Ofc danganronpa character, the best from ndrv3. Sooooo yeah! Have a good day! ^^ (or night, or whatever i dont know when you reading this :ooo)


the way they fetishized trans men was creepy as hell. like. what the fuck. look at my HUGE BADONKERLONKS, WIDE BIRTHING HIPS and 0% actual organs in my stomach gahahah

but im gonna admit that yea i did look up to their art style a lot 

what i don’t get is why people are still making a big deal about them? it’s been a month and checking the tag, seeing people still take jabs at them is kinda…. cmon guys 

rcdart’s apology seemed really genuine and from what i’ve seen, they’ve learned their lesson

i just think the constant jabs at rcdart is completely unnecessary 

btw just in case u guys have an issue w reading things longer than 5 sentences i am not defending what they did in anyway. im just saying that they apoligised and their learning from their mistakes. pls move on 

thank u :> 

blackyangelic  asked:

What are some of your favorite movies? Im bored of rewatching the same films))

I’ve never been one for stories. I always loved movies for their cinematographic/ visual qualities over story. Randomly ordered I’ll name a few.

Immortals (story is bad to mediocre but the production, sets, costumes and visual language wow. Beautiful.)

Her (decent story and interesting point of view on the near future regarding AI. Visual style is what draws me to this film though)

Star Wars Episode III ((yes I know prequels are better) however there’s something with the fall of Anakin and the rise of Darth Vader that draws me to this film. I grew up with the prequels and sequels so maybe I’m a bit biased. The opening scene is in my opinion still one of the coolest sci-fi scenes. How the music cooperates with the footage and how as the intro continues the tranquil intro setting is met with chaotic all out war.))

*Disclaimer I love Star Wars*

Les intouchables : the way it was filmed. The color grading and setting in Paris. The humor. The kind of feel good movie I could watch over and over.


The intro still gets me to tears and is what made an impact on me. I love how colorful and utopian it is visually yet the whole prologue around the main story is very dark

Just to name a few


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