what style is in

I know it is almost 40 years too late for this but,  I think the way that the Duchess wore her hair on her wedding day spoiled the look of the Bagration Tiara.  That heavy fringe and feathered style could have been swept back. I think the Bagration Tiara would have looked better on a hairstyle similar to the how she wore it in the picture below when she wore the Rosebery Pearl and Diamond Tiara. 

I know it sounds like I’m bitching, I am not really.  It is just a mere observation. But then the 1970′s (and the 1980′s) were not decades that were the greatest for fashion and great hairdo’s

first time kissing and they both suck bc they have a mental breakdown in the middle of failing epicly

dave later on googles ‘how to kiss without fucking demolishing ur bf’s nose with ur own’

don’t be fooled by karkat’s uncharacteristic calmness he’s actually screaming on the inside and later on he screamed at Kanaya about this