what smells like blue

Signs as Bad Jokes

Aries- What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick.

Taurus- What has four legs, one foot, and one head? A 🛏️.

Gemini- What is 🍊 and sounds like a parrot? A 🥕.

Cancer- What swims and starts with T? Two ducks.

Leo- It has four legs and can fly. What is it? Two birds.

Virgo- What is sticky and brown? A stick.

Libra- How do you open a 🍌? With a 🐒!

Scorpio- What can you serve but should’t eat? A tennis ball.

Sagittarius- What did the blanket say to the 🛏️? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Capricorn- What’s blue and smells like red paint? Blue paint.

Aquarius- What’s the tallest piece of furniture? The bookcase. It’s got lots of stories.

Pisces- Why do cows wear bells? Their horns don’t work.

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It's been a while. Have any of you checked Tord's pulse?

Patryck: Have you checked at all?

Edd: I did a little bit ago..

Patryck:  It would probably be a ideal to check it again.

The Signs As Bad Jokes Told On Game Grumps
  • Aries: Why can't you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? The p is silent.
  • Taurus: A jumper cable walked into a bar. The bartender says: "I'll serve you, but don't start anything!"
  • Gemini: I still remember the last words my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket... he said: "Hey, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?"
  • Cancer: What's red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.
  • Leo: A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm. He says: "A beer please, and one for the road!"
  • Virgo: Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love, and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was incredible!
  • Libra: De ja moo: the feeling that you've heard this bull before.
  • Scorpio: A priest, a rabbi, and Muslim cleric walk into a bar. The cleric, having abstained from alcohol due to religious restrictions, does not drink, and his friends decide to do the same. They spend the night laughing and having a good time.
  • Sagittarius: A horse walked into a bar. Several people got up and left as they sensed the potential danger of the situation.
  • Capricorn: What do you call a black man on the moon? An astronaut.
  • Aquarius: Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?"
  • Pisces: What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.
Soulmates AU; Taehyung

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Summary; Whatever your s/o writes on their skin, will end up on yours and visa versa.

i wanna scream hes so cute

told ya it was gonna be messy 


-when you were 4 you were given you first painting set

-along with a whittley read-along friend

-after for months of having that toy you decided that whittley was creeping you the hell out

-you also thought it was haunted

-but the painting set started something off that would stay with you for a long time

-you had a love for painting

-there was something you could do forever

-you accidentally got paint on your arm

-and halfway across the world in south  korea

-a small Kin Taehyung was eating cereal

-when a small red blob turned up on his arm out of nowhere

-he s C R E A M

-he cry

-his parents didn’t know what it was until it disappeared after you finished painting and were putting your pots and paints away and you washed your arm 

-he discovered the knack of having a soulmate at the age of 4

-what a kid

-but you didn’t know until you got into primary school

-where you were writing in class

-just minding your own business

-and guess who else is in class?

-Kim taehyung

-he was just so bored….

-……………..that he doodled on your arm one day with a little hello on the side 

-he remembered the times that red blue and yellow paint would just turn up out of nowhere

-and maybe it was the same person so he tried to contact you

-the doodle……. 

-and it turned up on your arm

-you screamed in class

-you scared

-you didn’t cry 

-you came home and found out you couldn’t wipe that shit off

-it was ballpoint pen too!!!!!!!!!!!!

-it wasn’t sHA R P IE  MUM      LIS T E      N

-she then realised what has happened 

-she told you it’s your soulmate trying to talk to you 

-you’re like wait hHATW WHAT 

-she just sat there and laughed at you because you didn’t know what the fuck was going on but ok you went with it

-so on your left arm you wrote the word hello

-you waited a while to hear a response

-MEANWHILE in south k

-he looked down to see his arm had a little message

-”oh…they responded?? i’ll write back”

-and boom

-”they’re not going to oH MY GODH THEY REPLIED WHAT

-”hiiiii i’m taehyung! what’s your name?”

-you blinked

-this kid must be younger than you with a writing style like that

-you replied with your name and he asked how old you were

-you responded with your name and you were like oh my god this is an actualy person wh  AT TT TT TT  TTT

-it turned out that you two started to talk a little more 

-that little more turned into a lot more

-that lot more turned into a wHOLE LOT MORE


-you were actually into being his friend

-even though you found out he lived in sk


-your parents decided to move back just after you finished high school

-yeah cool going mum and dad

-and they asked you to join a college there

-so you did

-you enrolled on the god damn fucking plane what the fuck

-and they accepted you because you had pretty good grades and your art was good!

-y/n the art student

-an amazing title!!

-so you touch down in sk and head for your old apartment that you sister was living in

-it had like 3 bedrooms so it was chill

-she was just holding the keys for your fam 

-you couldn’t remember your old baby room

-but it looked nice now

-ok thats cool

-so after a while you got a message from taehyung

-the first one in like a month

-it turned up on your thigh and you smiled as he wrote it with a couple delays

-”anyone still here??”

-”yes im v jetlagged though”

-”wait where are you??”





-you were just about to reply when your mum called you out of your room 

-and you kind of forgot about the message 


-he…..then felt sad ; ^ ;

-cause he wants to hear from you and especially if you’re in seoul then he wants to meet you and just find you and hug you and maybe kiss you if you let him because he cares about you and loves you dearly wAAAAAAAAA

-you kind of feel bad about not replying too and it was a little too ate because he washed it off


-so on the first day of college 

-you stroll into your new art class and just sits down at the back with a nice desk and chair 

-and this dude comes in behind you

-he’s got this wide ass smile on 

-like hes so happy atm 

-he decides to sit down next to you because you look sweet and stuff

-“hi i’m taehyung what’s your name?”


-a smile soon emerges on your face because it may be a coincidence that he has the same name as your s/o wow

-”when did you start art anyways?”

-”a couple years ago…i’m not good at drawing faces…i’m more a natural artist…like trees and skylines and stuff”

-you nod but notice that his smile faded into a small glum

-and you ask him what’s wrong

-”my friend…who also has the same name as you….coincidentally…she hasn’t spoke to me in over 2 months….”

-”oh….well maybe there’s a reason for your friend not being able to reply….maybe they ran out of service?”

-”it’s a little bit….more complicated than that….”


-you two still talked but you were a little quiet

-you dropped your rubber and your pen tip accidentally ran over your ankle

-and guess what

-the same mark turned up on his leg

-oh my god

-oh my god

-miss y/n? miss y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead


-he still looked a little down

-so what your clever ass did 

-was that you saw he had his left hand in a fist while his right hand was open

-so you started to doodle in your left hand 

-little hearts with the word ILY in big letters

-you became anxious soon because what if that mark on his leg was merely coincidental 

-and it wasn’t actually him

-you sighed and waited for it to be break time so people could leave the class while you two waited behind for more work

-on the first day too wow you eager beavers

-you then tapped on his shoulder

-”ah taehyung? i think there’s something in your hand….”

-he looked to you and sighed

-and when he opened his left hand

-he got so excited!!!! 

-his brain;



-you hid your left hand under the table and you acted like it was a new thing

-”whoa..did you do that?”

-”no…this is what i mean by me and my friend talking in our special way”

-”that’s really cute…..because me and my friend do that too.”

-you brought your hand up and showed it to him


-the exact same shaped hearts

-the exact letter shape and detail 

-even the small sparkles were the same

-his face

-he went from 



-( ✧Д✧) OMG!!

-he was so hAPPY 

-you could’ve sworn that he had tears in his eyes

-”i’m sorry for not replying back to you…..”

-”i-i don’t care about that…i’m just so happy that i met you finally!”

-”same here taehyung.”

-oh y’all wanted a twist huh?

-so as well as jumping up and down he also picked you up and held you tightly in his arms

-but before the session was back on he turned to you and 

-”can i do something quickly??”

-”oh sure what is–”

-just before you could finish your sentence he quickly jumped up and kiss you on the forehead

-and you just stood there

-your brain;









-you hid your face into your jumper because you knew that your soulmate was so cute and nice and you loved him a lot wow im soft byeeeeeeee

“hey what did michelangelo say to the ceiling?”

“what did he say?”

“i gotchu covered”

“that was good….but what is red and smells like blue paint?”


“your nose”






Did you find an elusive Unicorn Frappuccino before it disappeared into the sunset yesterday?  🌈 🦄

I don’t know, Mom, those colors are awfully bright…

Unicorn friend, you say this is unicorn-approved?

Unicorn friend gives her enthusiastic approval!

Nose bops are the surefire way to determine deliciousness!

Maybe the other side won’t have this invisible barrier preventing me from nomming the pretty colors!


This video is EXACTLY what I was talking about the other day when I said that the way you perceive colour is not the way I perceive colour. And this isn’t even including hue/contrast differences in personal vision perception. Take a look! 

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how about that laf outline you mentioned a while back? really want to see how you plot your stories

Right! Okay, so this is a direct copy-pasta of my LaF notes, unedited.

It’s my rough outline of how things would go, wasn’t completed all at once, notes got added as I progressed. It’s not all my notes, but the main progression that I followed when writing.

You can see how some things got shuffled around or deleted, how lines of dialogue got cut or changed, and how vague ideas developed into the final product.

Hope it’s good for a laugh and some insight!

Like a Fairytale, Lucy’s Plot Notes:

-Yuuri’s family/bakery always makes the sweets for the palace’s parties, have been doing that for years

-Yuuri sees Victor one time from a distance when he’s young and falls in love/thinks he’s really pretty, always tries to get glimpses of him at any public appearances, but never goes to the palace when his family makes the deliveries because he’s too nervous about possibly meeting the prince. Everyone’s like, geez Yuuri, get your shit together and go get some but nope

-This year, something happens, his parents can’t go (idk what) so Yuuri steps up and is like “fine, w/e, i can do this, get in and get out, no big deal, he’ll never be in the kitchen anyway” haaaaaaaa, yeah right

-bumps into Victor (literally?), panics, maybe someone gives him some champagne or something to calm his nerves, maybe one too many, we all know how that goes

-drunk dances with the prince? lol. no stripper poles though

-gets dragged out by someone later, doesn’t remember much, doesn’t even leave a slipper (maybe just knows he got drunk and thus is terrified)

-meanwhile victor the prince is mad bored of the palace parties but deals with them cause it means getting some of bomb sweets that always get brought in
(angry baby bro yurio popping in on occasion to make snarky comments)

-maybe tries sneaking down to the kitchens to see if he can steal some sweets, bumps into a cute sweet lil japanese boy who totally freaks out but aww isn’t that adorable

-oh look cute sweet lil japanese boy is drunk and way too fun and suddenly the party is fantastic and the prince is in love but then the cute japanese boy is gone and all he knows is that he was in the kitchens with the sweets so maybe someone at the bakery will know who he is?

-victor goes to bakery to find out, yuuri terrified, begs someone else working with him not to tell the prince that he was there cause he thinks he’s going to be in trouble

-“no, we don’t know any cute lil adorable japanese boy, sorry, can’t help you” aka sad prince victor

-victor asks other people who were at the party (could be some sort of annual truce-between-kingdoms party so I have an excuse for the other international characters??) but no one seems to know who it was that was the life of the party, aka more sad prince victor

-victor decides to have another party, opens some invitations to people living in the capital, hoping by having it he can find his crush or else find out if any of the common folk know who he is

-yuuri refuses to go despite all his friends/family being all “dude seriously”

- cue fairy godmother phichit: “bitch plz you are fucking going, I haven’t worked this hard whispering magic suggestions into people’s ears to make this happen for you to chicken out now” [mila - champagne? victor - swan?]

-phichit has textbook, new at job, keeps glancing at notes to help

-phichit blows glitter/fairy dust in yuuri’s face at the last moment “what’s that?” “confidence!” “…confidence is glitter?” “don’t question how magic works”

-yuuri goes, everything is beautiful?
(forgets invitation, almost gets turned away, gets saved by yurio?)

-midnight, in garden? Victor traces Yuuri’s lip with thumb, leans down to kiss, yuuri hears bells chimes, nerves erupt, “I can’t” runs off-

-magic wears off midnight cause phichit is new, on probation? “actually says here that it would have lasted if you kissed him before midnight but that wouldn’t have made a difference— what’s that face. Oh my god. Would it? Did you almost kiss him?! Wtf, for realz?!!!! awww fuck”

-Yuuri: why are you doing this?
-“part of my initiation. I gotta help a couple fall in love, but I shot off my mouth and said I could do it with my eyes closed so I got the prince.. but then I found you, yuuri~! He’s so in love with your sweets and you’re so in love with him and it was perfect!”

-victor comes to bakery – that’s twice you’ve run out on me!

-drags yuuri to palace, shows him gardens, asks him what he wants to do -horses, paint, dance, music, games, tease yurio?
-yuuri says he wants to cook, hasn’t eaten anything all morning

-victor showers bakery with gifts, yuuri returns everything but marble statute to cut into slab for baking, turns down invitations to go to palace so victor shows up, refuses to leave until yuuri spends time with him

-takes victor out to make deliveries, some people who are older and can’t get around as well on their own (victor notices yuuri slips extra treats to each one)

-victor notices some part of road is damaged, buildings worn out, asks why they aren’t fixed/who is responsible, yuuri tries to avoid answering the question “actually you are”

-yuuri bakes with yurio, shows him how to make zephyrs, then makes something with victor

-victor and yuuri in the gardens, victor makes him a flower crown
(what color do you like – blue. What flowers – cliché but roses.. they smell like raspberries and they’re the first decorations I learned to make from icing so… )

-victor makes blue roses out of ink in prep
–yuuri makes him small hairpiece out of sakura “if I had more time I’d make you an entire crown”
-victor makes him sit, promise not to look or move, goes to make blue rose crow, wears then presents to yuuri, who worries

-“you’re a prince, you’re the prince, I’m nowhere close to that, I don’t have a title or any sorts to offer you, I’m just a baker…”
-“you want a title? Fine, I can give you a title, which do you want? A lord, a duke? A marquis?”

-yuuri pauses, then laughs… is it really that easy?
-….. well, yes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, my mother was a ballet dancer…

-dance together at some festival/party in town
(alex rybak’s into a fantasy music)


-victor disappears for a week, then shows up with baskets full of lemons/maple (or whatever ingredient)

-“what else?” (to fix) ….“…the ports?” “the ports? They’re fine!” “…the ones you and the navy uses are fine, ours are a bit worn” “done” “it’d be nice to have a second bridge on the river, closer to city’s border” “done”

-“what else can I do?” “….you could kiss me.”

-ending? proposal? in garden??
“yuuri… not just for tonight, but forever… will you be my prince?”

-(Yuuri smiled. Beautiful and breathtaking and all that Victor ever wanted. And then… Yuuri didn’t hesitate to take his hand.)

(Obviously, the ending in particular went a bit differently, ahaha)

Ask me things (ノ^∇^)ノ
  • 1. What is your favorite color?
  • 2. When was the last time you tried something new?
  • 3. When was the last time you cried?
  • 4. When was the last time you laughed?
  • 5. Does smiling make a person prettier?
  • 6. Who is the cutest person on tumblr?
  • 7. List the 5 most important people in your life right now.
  • 8. Describe one of your childhood memories.
  • 9. If the color blue became odorous, what would it smell like?
  • 10. What is your favorite animal?
  • 11. Mountains or beaches?
  • 12. Cherries or strawberries?
  • 13. Do you prefer taking or giving gifts?
  • 14. Favorite song?
  • 15. Favorite TV show?
  • 16. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?
  • 17. Summarize your blog in 6 words.
  • 18. Summarize your life in 10 words.
  • 19. What country (or state) do you live in? What time is it there?
  • 20. How many things in the room are the color green?
  • 21. What did you do last Christmas?
  • 22. When is your birthday?
  • 23. Do you like people who use big words?
  • 24. Which of these is more valuable: honesty or sympathy?
  • 25. If you were to go to Japan, what would be the first thing you would do?
  • 26. When was the last time you read a good book?
  • 27. When was the last time you took someone's advice?
  • 28. Would you rather have really big feet or really small hands?
  • 29. Tell us something good that happened today.
  • 30. Do you love anyone? Who?
Egobang- “Dan is just very happy doing something, like talking to Barry and he's laughing and smiling and Arin is watching him and thinks he's so beautiful and he just says fuck it and decides to tell Dan how he feels.” Requested by Anon

Arin was sat watching Danny play Mario Maker. He absolutely loved when Danny played the games instead of him so he could just stare at his best friend/co-host. Arin had known for such as long as he could remember that he was one hundred percent in love with the other male. Arin studied his friends features closely, they were already engraved in his mind permanently, Arin knew this for a fact from how easily he can draw Dan but he needs a reference for anyone else that he did, he also could draw his older friend so realistically that it even shocked himself.

“Gah! Fuck!” Danny shouted loudly, scaring the ever-loving shit out of him, “God-fuck! Fuck this goddamn fucking stupid goddamn game and the fucking dick-eating creator!” Danny rambled on, shoving the controller at Arin, “If I have to play this one more fucking time I swear to god, I will fucking fire that WiiU game pad out a fucking window.”

“Can’t be that hard.” He replied, moving to a better position, and playing through the level quickly, not dying once.

“Fuck this! Fuck you! I’m done, I am done.” Danny stomped off out of the room, hearing a loud laugh coming from his close friend as he stormed off to the lounge.

“Next time on Game Grumps! Hopefully, Danny won’t leave me in the middle of recording.” Arin chuckled and turned off the recording before going to find his flustered love, “That level really pissed you off huh?” Arin teased softly, approaching Dan from behind, though Danny nor Barry – Who Danny was currently talking to – heard Arin even enter the room, due to how quiet he had been.

“Okay, okay…” Barry heaved, tears rolling down his cheeks from laughing so hard, Danny was laying on the couch he’d been seated on, gripping his sides still giggling like a fucking idiot, “This one is so stupid but I love it so much…” Barry began, “Ready?” He asked, watching the mass of curls panting on the seat close to him, all he could get was a nod from Dan, “Alright, what smells just like red paint buts blue?”

“What…?” Danny muttered breathlessly.

“Blue paint.” Then they were both laughing hysterically again. Arin couldn’t help but smile and he caught himself staring but it didn’t bother him as much as it usually did. Arin felt like he was ready to tell the man he’d been secretly in love with for years how he felt.


“It’s freezing in here.” Danny mumbled, grabbing a blanket from the back of the couch pilling it around him, tucking his legs beneath him and moving closer to Arin for warmth, feeling the boy tense beneath him.

“What are you doing, Dan? I’m-I’m trying to concentrate.” He said awkwardly, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks.

“I’m cold.” He chuckled, “Cuddle with me, I’m gonna freeze to death.”

“Danny, n-“ He stopped, seeing the cute bushy haired boy’s head rested comfortably on the younger’s shoulder, “Fine.” He grumbled, “You know you’re just feeding the shippers.” He muttered softly.

“Oh well, I’m cold and you’re warm so I don’t care.” He replied, nuzzling closer to his friend, feeling how tense Arin now was, his muscles were tight and he was seated in an awkward position, not his normal slouching positon, “You okay, Big Cat?”

“’M fine.” He said softly, not saying much now.

“Is this too awkward for you? If it is I can move.” Danny yawned, running his fingers through his long tangled hair.

“Uh… No, it-it’s fine…” He replied, his face now a deep crimson as he attempted to beat the level of Splatoon that he was stuck on, now it seemed even more impossible. Danny yawned again, stretching and rubbing his eyes with his adorable sweater clad hands, making his co-host’s breath hitch in his throat and die, yet again as he couldn’t help watching and falling even more in love with the older.

“Fuck, I’m tired, after this video, since it’s like three in the morning I think we should like, stop recording for today.” Danny murmured, pressing his face into Arin’s shoulder yet again.

“Oh, um… Yeah, sounds good.” Arin nodded, barely talking by now and Danny noticed the odd behavior.

“Next time on Game Grumps.” Dan spoke, shutting off the recording, “I think you should go get some sleep, dude… You’re really out of your element.” Dan told Arin as he sat up properly, removing himself from Arin and stretching for the millionth time. Arin ignored his friend’s comment, pulling his knees up against his chest, burring his head between them and letting out a frustrated groan as tears fell down his cheeks, “Arin…?” Danny asked, hearing a heart-wrenching, pained gasp come from Arin, signaling that he was crying, making his best friend worry immensely. Dan slid closer to Arin again, placing an arm over the shaking boy’s shoulders.

“Dan, I really want to tell you something but I’m scared…” His voice came out so soft that Dan could barely hear him.

“Arin! You’re my best friend! You can tell me anything… You know that.” The taller man told Arin, confusion washing over him. Why would Arin be scared to tell me something? We tell each other everything!

“I-I know that, Danny but-but… This is just something that could ruin that between us… You could hate m-me and I couldn’t live without you Danny…”  Arin cried, “I just couldn’t…”

“Oh, man… You could never lose me, Arin… What could possibly make me hate you, Arin? You are my best friend, and that basically means you’re stuck with me forever.” Danny told him, getting a frustrated groan from, Arin, “What’s wrong?”

“Just- Just…” Arin muttered not knowing how to explain how he felt.

“Dude, you can just tell me, it’s okay.” He encouraged.

“Danny, I like- Um… I’m… Dan, I like guys…” Danny gave him a confused glance, “That means that I’m-I’m… I’m… gay.” Arin breathed, feeling a weight lift from his shoulders, but an ache was left in its place.

“I’m proud of you, Arin.” Danny hugged his friend, “That’s fine with me… I don’t know why you would be scared to tell me, you’re my best friend, why would that change anything?”

“Because…” Arin mumbled, giving Dan a sorrowful smile.

“What is it?” Danny asked, placing a hand on his friend’s knee. Arin quickly jerked his leg way.

“Because you’re only my best friend…” Arin sighed, his head dropping to face the floor.

“Huh?” Danny asked softly.

“Danny…” Arin whispered barely able to be heard and Danny could see tears falling from his closest friend’s cheeks to the floor below.

“What is it, Arin… Please tell me…” Dan begged by this point.

“I’m so in love with you it physically hurts and I know that you could never love me back.” Arin was now basically sobbing and Danny couldn’t help but to reach out, placing a finger under his best friend’s chin, lifting his head and looking into the other’s big brown eyes that were glazed over with sadness and regret, “I-I shouldn’t’ve said anything… I’m sorry, I’ve fucked up.” Arin sighed in defeat, trying to turn away from Danny’s gaze but Dan placed a hand on either side of his face.

“Hush.” Dan mumbled, slowly moving his hands away and Arin turned away again.

“I can’t fucking ‘hush’, Danny, you just don’t get it.” Arin snapped and again Dan placed a finger beneath his chin and brought his head up to face him, this time he slid closer to Arin so their legs were touching. Danny stared into the other, younger man’s eyes for quite a while, “What the fuck are you doing, Dan?” Arin growled harshly and Danny moved closer, their noses touching slightly and a small smile played at his lips as he gently pushed his lips against Arin’s sweet mouth. The smaller male at first was shocked and taken aback but soon he melted, leaning into the kiss, wrapping an arm around Danny’s skinny figure, and placing the other around his shoulder and tangling his fingers in his friend’s long messy hair. Danny pulled Arin to be seated in his lap, holding him close as their tongues danced between their mouths. Arin was the first to pull away, looking deep into Danny’s eyes.

“I love you, Arin.”

“I love you too, Danny.” And in that moment, he was at bliss.

title: amarantine (love is always love)
word count: ~5100
summary: She wasn’t sure if this was some elaborate curse, or if this was real, actual Back-to-the-Future-I-have-to-get-my-parents-together back in time.

If it was a curse, Killian was here somewhere, and she could remind him who she was and he would actually be at her side to help her and support her… she wouldn’t have to try and prop herself up on a bad imitation of his voice.

If she really was back in time, he was still in Neverland, and completely out of her reach.

It had to be a curse.

a/n: i do not know why i did this. i have so much homework and studying to do that it makes me recoil in horror and instead of chipping away at any of it or cleaning the house or doing anything, i wrote a 5100-word sappy romantic fanfiction.

i highly doubt they’re actually going to go in this direction but i wanted it, and i wanted to write it before it got irrevocably jossed by the next episode, so.



Even Emma could admit that it was kind of… really pathetic.

But she’d been dropped down into the past – she wasn’t even entirely sure when – completely alone and apparently she was the one who had to fix it because she was always the one who had to fix it but she had no idea what to do or where to start or where she was or how to survive like this and… and she couldn’t do this alone.

So she’d sort of started to imagine him walking beside her, making comments or suggestions, and always, always, always supporting her, always saying the opposite of whatever her fear and self-loathing were muttering in the back of her head (you can’t do this, you are so far out of your depth, what if you’re just a madwoman and there is no such place as Storybrooke?).

Of course, if he had really been here, he probably could have come up with something better than you can do this, love, and his accent probably would have been more believable.

It had only been two weeks since she was in Storybrooke, but his voice was already slipping away.

All of their voices were already slipping away.

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Fight and Stay Alive - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of violence and blacking out

Summary: You are stuck in a mountain where the people there wanted to kill you for their own benefit. With Bellamy and Clarke missing, someone had to take charge. While worrying about Bellamy and the other missing delinquents, you somehow became one of the leaders of the remaining hundred.

Word Count: 1744

The Earth was always such a mystery, and like every child in space, Earth seemed so beautiful. Your every wish on every star was to find out what the Earth was like. How did grass smell like? How blue was the sky? How tall were the trees?

You wished to take back every wish you ever made or thought of. The Earth was beautiful. But seeing the beauty was nothing compared to the peril you had to experience, the stress you burdened, and the friends you lost.

The people who housed the hundred in the mountain were not as perfect as they seemed. They were draining blood from Grounders, and soon enough, they’d drain the hundred.

“We need to get out of here,” you told everyone. “Pack your bags. Hurry up!” You shoved a bit of food in your small bag before hoisting it over your shoulder. A boy came up to you. “What’s going on?”

“This mountain isn’t safe. We need to leave,” you explained. You addressed the entire group. “Come on! Before they change their minds!”

Alarms rang through the air and banged against your head.

You whipped around. The doors were closing. “No!” The worry erupted in you and boosted you towards the closing doors. “No!” Just as your fingers grazed the unforgiving metal, the doors shut. You hit the door with your fists. “Hey! You said we could leave! Let us out!” Panic flooded your veins. You pounded the doors. Pain radiated from your knuckles.

Then, you saw Maya. She could help. Why was she with a soldier? Was this her doing? Is that why she was so close to Jasper?

The soldier looked up.

You stopped. “Bellamy?” you whispered. He was alive! He was so close. You were so close! If only that stupid door wasn’t there.

His eyes widened. His lips formed your name. He stepped forward, but Maya kept him from doing so. Bellamy clenched his jaw. “Fight,” he mouthed.

You nodded.

It had been hours since you and the others had been locked in the mountain. You held a metal fork and hid it beneath your sleeve. It wasn’t much, but it was needed. “How can you be so sure?” Harper asked you.

“I told you,” you responded, “I saw Bellamy. He’s going to get us out of here.”

“What if he’s caught?”

“He won’t.”

Monty added, “He might be, (Y/n). None of us… We’re not invincible.”

You gulped. “If he’s not… here, then I’ll do something. We’ll all do something. We are not dying in a mountain.”

The doors opened. You stepped to the front, wanting to see what would happen. You knew you had to protect as many people as you could.

Dr. Tsing arrived with guards and guns. She looked at you. Then, she looked at the person beside you, a boy named Aster. Dr. Tsing pointed him. “Take him.”

You stood in front of him. “President Wallace said we could leave,” you sneered.

“Yes, but he’s not in power anymore.”

You held the boy’s arm. “Please.”

A guard ripped the boy away from you.

You can’t do this. No!” you screeched. “Hey! Give him back!” A guard shoved you into another guard. He held your arms behind your back and tightened his grip. “What about this one?” he asked in a gruff voice. The soldier crushed your wrists in his hands. Then, he felt the fork. He scoffed.

You struggled against him. You kept your eyes on Aster. “Aster!” You wiggled and fought and screamed.

“I hope you know you’re all incredibly special to us.” Dr. Tsing’s chilling voice shook you. You stopped. You took a breath. Through your hair, you saw Aster being dragged out. You dropped to the floor, limp and drained of energy.

The guard had let go of you.

You touched your wrists. You flinched as pain bubbled at the blue marks. Your fork, your only weapon, was gone.

Harper helped you up and on a bed. “We need a plan,” you muttered. “We create a human barrier then. Next time they come, we stay together.”

“We link up,” Jasper suggested. “Link arms and fight.”

It didn’t work. The guards broke through. One pinned you to the wall. Right by the wrists. You screamed. “You already destroyed my wrists,” you breathed out.

The guard released your wrists and went to your arms.

You blinked. Then, you smirked. “Bell?” you whispered.

“They’re killing them, (Y/n). You have to fight harder than this. Here.” Bellamy pressed something cold into your hands.

You inhaled sharply, your wrists crying out in pain. You pocketed the gun.

Bellamy whispered, “Get everyone ready.”

“You have a plan?”

“Working on it.”

You gulped. “The president. He’s the only one that might be on our side.”

“Hey!” A guard interrupted you two. “Everything ok?”

“Yes, sir,” Bellamy responded. He squeezed your hand softly before letting go.

You closed your eyes. Bellamy was alive. He was ok. One of your friends was safe. You breathed in and out. The others, you had to take care of.

You reached for the gun in your pocket.

Pain pricked your wrists. It would have to do.

“Take apart the beds.” You walked around. “Take out the nails by hand and use them. Next time, they’re walking into a fight.”

Four hours later and no one had come through that door.

“What’s taking Bellamy so long?” Monty asked.

“I don’t know,” Jasper admitted.

You stood up and held your wrists above your head. “He’ll come.”

Monty was still doubtful. Harper was doubtful. Everyone was.

“Hey!” you shouted. “Stop thinking like that! Wallowing in worry won’t do any of us any good. Fight. Stay safe.”

Jasper nodded. “She’s right. Stick to the plan. They are not taking anyone else without a fight.”

The doors swung open. You linked arms with Harper and Jasper. You rooted your feet to the ground. You focused on your anger on the doctor and soldiers marching towards you. Dr. Tsing scanned the room. She pointed at Harper. “This one’s ready.”

Harper whimpered, and guards took action.

The pain from your wrists didn’t matter. “Hey!” You pulled out the gun and shot a soldier square in the chest.

After that, chaos ensued. The hundred fought as hard as they could. But, guns against bedposts… It was inevitable.

You were sprawled on the floor. Your muscles ached. Sharp agony pinched your wrists, gut, and legs. A blurry image of Dr. Tsing appeared. “Take this one,” she said.

You barely noticed the guards picking you up and dragging you out.

That was the last thing you remembered.

“(Y/n)!” Someone shook your shoulders. Monty was in front of you.

You panicked. You sat up and pressed your wrists down on a fluffy material. You hissed and cursed at your wrists.

“Hey, it’s ok. We’re going to get out of here.”

“How? What happened?”

“We hid you well from them whenever they came. Now, we can go. Bellamy has a plan. Follow me.”

You climbed off the bunk bed and followed Monty to the trash chute. You laughed a little. “We’ve done worse.”

Monty and Miller held it open for you, and you slid through. A puff of air hit you once you fell. You were blinded for a few seconds.


Joy overtook you. “Bellamy?” You jumped from the trash bin. Bellamy stood there in uniform. He had bags under his eyes, cuts on his forehead, and a gun in his hand. Yet all light shone on him.

You lost your breath. You laughed and jumped right into his open arms.

Bellamy wrapped you up and held you close. His fingers brushed your hair. His lips pressed against your forehead.

You grasped his shirt. Your wrists screamed at you, but you didn’t care. Bellamy’s warmth and the giddiness in your gut more than made up for it.

“Wait,” Bellamy pulled away from you and gently cradled your wrists, “your wrists. I-”

“It’s fine.” You laughed and stroked his cheek. “You’re ok, right? Nothing too bad?”

Bellamy smirked. “I survived a bomb, (Y/n).”

You beamed. “I know. I know.” You sighed and kissed his forehead.

Bellamy gulped. “We need to keep going.” Bellamy and you led the rest of the hundred through the halls.

“We need to split up,” Bellamy announced.

Monty stepped forward. “No, we do this together. We survive together.”

“Bellamy’s right,” Jasper said.

Miller groaned. “They don’t trust Maya anymore. Who’s gonna help us now?”

Bellamy smirked a smirk you know too well. You smiled. “You have a plan,” you stated.

Bellamy nodded. When you turned the corner, a group of Mount Weather citizens greeted you. Bellamy explained, “These people will help us.”

Maya was in the front. “We’re gonna hide you. Not everyone here agrees with Cage. Not by a long shot.”

“Come on,” a man said. “We’ll divide you along the way.”

You grinned as the delinquents passed by you.

“You should go, too.”

You blinked. “What?” You turned to Bellamy. “No, I’m going with you.”

“No. You,” Bellamy looked to Monty and Jasper, “and you need to follow them. They still don’t know I’m here, and I need to keep it that way.” He squeezed your hand. “I’m sorry.”

You pursed your lips. “Of course. But, what are we supposed to do then?”

“Fight. Stay safe.” His voice grew rough. “There’s a war coming. Be prepared. Go.”

Monty and Jasper ran off and left you and Bellamy together.

You scoffed. “You need to let go of my hand in order for me to leave.”

“I know.” Bellamy pulled you by your waist and kissed you.

You smiled and kissed him back. You rested your hands on his chest and sighed. How was it that even though war was on the horizon and your body still ached in pain, Bellamy made those issues disappear? He made you feel lighter than air itself. And you needed that more than ever.

Bellamy pulled away. He kept a hold on your waist and kissed your forehead. “Stay alive.”

You took a deep breath. A brick settled in your stomach. You were back on Earth with all the doom and gloom on the horizon. You gulped. “You, too, Bell. I love you.”

He beamed. “I love you, too.” Quickly, he pecked your lips, let go of your hand, and disappeared.

You ran off to find the others.

Whaaattt???? Two imagines in two days???? Yeah, I’m behind in homework guys, and instead of doing that, I got inspired…. *shrugs* I will warn you… Actually I should warn you in the announcement coming up. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this guys! Have a beautiful day!

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Run and Escape

You opened up the scars again
Consume me like a cancer
Bringing on my wicked might distorting all the answers 


– Rated T –

There is no one left in this world

Our world is dead. 

Deep within the acid belly of the Underground lies those who no longer recall the smell of fresh air, who could never recall what “blue” looks like. Rain is a myth. Clouds are black and dry–stealing air from lungs and replacing them with the burning start of flames that consume, consume… and give off nothing but death in return.

Those who live only know survival is fair game. Death is the only order that stands above. 

It is here that she meets him. Her arms chained down to the wrists, and a tracker lodged in the metal choker around her neck. She hides the shackles fairly well; beneath black fishnets, a mass of black Ironworks that could pass for jewelry, and a long black cloak that covers her from head to toe. 

Levi greets his “client” with a stare that gleams down at her through a sharp nose and a lit cigarette caught between the damp parts of his lips. He’s openly impressed, yet she couldn’t discern that emotion from all the ones churning in his eyes even if he wanted to. 

He could smell blood in her clothes, note the half-dead emptiness in her eyes and know immediately that she’s one of the Strong. 

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