what smells like blue

Fight and Stay Alive - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of violence and blacking out

Summary: You are stuck in a mountain where the people there wanted to kill you for their own benefit. With Bellamy and Clarke missing, someone had to take charge. While worrying about Bellamy and the other missing delinquents, you somehow became one of the leaders of the remaining hundred.

Word Count: 1744

The Earth was always such a mystery, and like every child in space, Earth seemed so beautiful. Your every wish on every star was to find out what the Earth was like. How did grass smell like? How blue was the sky? How tall were the trees?

You wished to take back every wish you ever made or thought of. The Earth was beautiful. But seeing the beauty was nothing compared to the peril you had to experience, the stress you burdened, and the friends you lost.

The people who housed the hundred in the mountain were not as perfect as they seemed. They were draining blood from Grounders, and soon enough, they’d drain the hundred.

“We need to get out of here,” you told everyone. “Pack your bags. Hurry up!” You shoved a bit of food in your small bag before hoisting it over your shoulder. A boy came up to you. “What’s going on?”

“This mountain isn’t safe. We need to leave,” you explained. You addressed the entire group. “Come on! Before they change their minds!”

Alarms rang through the air and banged against your head.

You whipped around. The doors were closing. “No!” The worry erupted in you and boosted you towards the closing doors. “No!” Just as your fingers grazed the unforgiving metal, the doors shut. You hit the door with your fists. “Hey! You said we could leave! Let us out!” Panic flooded your veins. You pounded the doors. Pain radiated from your knuckles.

Then, you saw Maya. She could help. Why was she with a soldier? Was this her doing? Is that why she was so close to Jasper?

The soldier looked up.

You stopped. “Bellamy?” you whispered. He was alive! He was so close. You were so close! If only that stupid door wasn’t there.

His eyes widened. His lips formed your name. He stepped forward, but Maya kept him from doing so. Bellamy clenched his jaw. “Fight,” he mouthed.

You nodded.

It had been hours since you and the others had been locked in the mountain. You held a metal fork and hid it beneath your sleeve. It wasn’t much, but it was needed. “How can you be so sure?” Harper asked you.

“I told you,” you responded, “I saw Bellamy. He’s going to get us out of here.”

“What if he’s caught?”

“He won’t.”

Monty added, “He might be, (Y/n). None of us… We’re not invincible.”

You gulped. “If he’s not… here, then I’ll do something. We’ll all do something. We are not dying in a mountain.”

The doors opened. You stepped to the front, wanting to see what would happen. You knew you had to protect as many people as you could.

Dr. Tsing arrived with guards and guns. She looked at you. Then, she looked at the person beside you, a boy named Aster. Dr. Tsing pointed him. “Take him.”

You stood in front of him. “President Wallace said we could leave,” you sneered.

“Yes, but he’s not in power anymore.”

You held the boy’s arm. “Please.”

A guard ripped the boy away from you.

You can’t do this. No!” you screeched. “Hey! Give him back!” A guard shoved you into another guard. He held your arms behind your back and tightened his grip. “What about this one?” he asked in a gruff voice. The soldier crushed your wrists in his hands. Then, he felt the fork. He scoffed.

You struggled against him. You kept your eyes on Aster. “Aster!” You wiggled and fought and screamed.

“I hope you know you’re all incredibly special to us.” Dr. Tsing’s chilling voice shook you. You stopped. You took a breath. Through your hair, you saw Aster being dragged out. You dropped to the floor, limp and drained of energy.

The guard had let go of you.

You touched your wrists. You flinched as pain bubbled at the blue marks. Your fork, your only weapon, was gone.

Harper helped you up and on a bed. “We need a plan,” you muttered. “We create a human barrier then. Next time they come, we stay together.”

“We link up,” Jasper suggested. “Link arms and fight.”

It didn’t work. The guards broke through. One pinned you to the wall. Right by the wrists. You screamed. “You already destroyed my wrists,” you breathed out.

The guard released your wrists and went to your arms.

You blinked. Then, you smirked. “Bell?” you whispered.

“They’re killing them, (Y/n). You have to fight harder than this. Here.” Bellamy pressed something cold into your hands.

You inhaled sharply, your wrists crying out in pain. You pocketed the gun.

Bellamy whispered, “Get everyone ready.”

“You have a plan?”

“Working on it.”

You gulped. “The president. He’s the only one that might be on our side.”

“Hey!” A guard interrupted you two. “Everything ok?”

“Yes, sir,” Bellamy responded. He squeezed your hand softly before letting go.

You closed your eyes. Bellamy was alive. He was ok. One of your friends was safe. You breathed in and out. The others, you had to take care of.

You reached for the gun in your pocket.

Pain pricked your wrists. It would have to do.

“Take apart the beds.” You walked around. “Take out the nails by hand and use them. Next time, they’re walking into a fight.”

Four hours later and no one had come through that door.

“What’s taking Bellamy so long?” Monty asked.

“I don’t know,” Jasper admitted.

You stood up and held your wrists above your head. “He’ll come.”

Monty was still doubtful. Harper was doubtful. Everyone was.

“Hey!” you shouted. “Stop thinking like that! Wallowing in worry won’t do any of us any good. Fight. Stay safe.”

Jasper nodded. “She’s right. Stick to the plan. They are not taking anyone else without a fight.”

The doors swung open. You linked arms with Harper and Jasper. You rooted your feet to the ground. You focused on your anger on the doctor and soldiers marching towards you. Dr. Tsing scanned the room. She pointed at Harper. “This one’s ready.”

Harper whimpered, and guards took action.

The pain from your wrists didn’t matter. “Hey!” You pulled out the gun and shot a soldier square in the chest.

After that, chaos ensued. The hundred fought as hard as they could. But, guns against bedposts… It was inevitable.

You were sprawled on the floor. Your muscles ached. Sharp agony pinched your wrists, gut, and legs. A blurry image of Dr. Tsing appeared. “Take this one,” she said.

You barely noticed the guards picking you up and dragging you out.

That was the last thing you remembered.

“(Y/n)!” Someone shook your shoulders. Monty was in front of you.

You panicked. You sat up and pressed your wrists down on a fluffy material. You hissed and cursed at your wrists.

“Hey, it’s ok. We’re going to get out of here.”

“How? What happened?”

“We hid you well from them whenever they came. Now, we can go. Bellamy has a plan. Follow me.”

You climbed off the bunk bed and followed Monty to the trash chute. You laughed a little. “We’ve done worse.”

Monty and Miller held it open for you, and you slid through. A puff of air hit you once you fell. You were blinded for a few seconds.


Joy overtook you. “Bellamy?” You jumped from the trash bin. Bellamy stood there in uniform. He had bags under his eyes, cuts on his forehead, and a gun in his hand. Yet all light shone on him.

You lost your breath. You laughed and jumped right into his open arms.

Bellamy wrapped you up and held you close. His fingers brushed your hair. His lips pressed against your forehead.

You grasped his shirt. Your wrists screamed at you, but you didn’t care. Bellamy’s warmth and the giddiness in your gut more than made up for it.

“Wait,” Bellamy pulled away from you and gently cradled your wrists, “your wrists. I-”

“It’s fine.” You laughed and stroked his cheek. “You’re ok, right? Nothing too bad?”

Bellamy smirked. “I survived a bomb, (Y/n).”

You beamed. “I know. I know.” You sighed and kissed his forehead.

Bellamy gulped. “We need to keep going.” Bellamy and you led the rest of the hundred through the halls.

“We need to split up,” Bellamy announced.

Monty stepped forward. “No, we do this together. We survive together.”

“Bellamy’s right,” Jasper said.

Miller groaned. “They don’t trust Maya anymore. Who’s gonna help us now?”

Bellamy smirked a smirk you know too well. You smiled. “You have a plan,” you stated.

Bellamy nodded. When you turned the corner, a group of Mount Weather citizens greeted you. Bellamy explained, “These people will help us.”

Maya was in the front. “We’re gonna hide you. Not everyone here agrees with Cage. Not by a long shot.”

“Come on,” a man said. “We’ll divide you along the way.”

You grinned as the delinquents passed by you.

“You should go, too.”

You blinked. “What?” You turned to Bellamy. “No, I’m going with you.”

“No. You,” Bellamy looked to Monty and Jasper, “and you need to follow them. They still don’t know I’m here, and I need to keep it that way.” He squeezed your hand. “I’m sorry.”

You pursed your lips. “Of course. But, what are we supposed to do then?”

“Fight. Stay safe.” His voice grew rough. “There’s a war coming. Be prepared. Go.”

Monty and Jasper ran off and left you and Bellamy together.

You scoffed. “You need to let go of my hand in order for me to leave.”

“I know.” Bellamy pulled you by your waist and kissed you.

You smiled and kissed him back. You rested your hands on his chest and sighed. How was it that even though war was on the horizon and your body still ached in pain, Bellamy made those issues disappear? He made you feel lighter than air itself. And you needed that more than ever.

Bellamy pulled away. He kept a hold on your waist and kissed your forehead. “Stay alive.”

You took a deep breath. A brick settled in your stomach. You were back on Earth with all the doom and gloom on the horizon. You gulped. “You, too, Bell. I love you.”

He beamed. “I love you, too.” Quickly, he pecked your lips, let go of your hand, and disappeared.

You ran off to find the others.

Whaaattt???? Two imagines in two days???? Yeah, I’m behind in homework guys, and instead of doing that, I got inspired…. *shrugs* I will warn you… Actually I should warn you in the announcement coming up. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this guys! Have a beautiful day!


1. A horse walked into a bar. Several people got up and left as they spotted the potential danger in the situation.

2. Yo mama so fat she should be concerned because diabetes is a serious problem.

3. How do you confuse a blonde?
Paint yourself green and throw forks at her

4. Ask me if I am an orange.
“Are you an orange?” Nope, I’m a person.

5. A priest, a rabbi, and a Muslim cleric walk into a bar. The cleric having abstained from alcohol due to religious constrictions, does not drink, and his friends decide to do the same. They spend the night laughing and having a good time.

6. Why does Michael J. Fox make the best milkshakes?
He uses the finest ingredients.

7. What do you call a black man on the moon?
An astronaut.

8. What’s red and smells like blue paint?
Red paint.

9. A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a banana martini. The bartender thinks this is a little peculiar and then becomes aware that he is actually dreaming. He wakes up from his dream and begins to tell his wife about the ridiculous dream he had. His wife just ignores him, the man rolls over and begins to sob because he realizes his marriage is in shambles.

10. I still remember the last words my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket. He said, “Hey, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?”

It’s a fluorescent liquid, out of his ear holes, what is it? It smells like rotten eggs mixed with smelly fish and blue cheese. I touch it, disgustingly gelatinous. Now I put the wet finger deeper inside his ear hole, digging for more, searching for hidden substances that drip from his brain. He moans, and I remove my finger. I stare at it, and the urge overwhelms me. I lick the bluish substance, and my eyes widen in realization. “It’s…” The words, caught in my throat, can’t come out. Horrible, terrible. I sniff it again, now the smell stronger than ever. “Smurfs.”

five times blue sargent doesn’t kiss richard gansey iii (and one time she does)


It is late when Gansey gets home, and he doesn’t expect either Ronan or Noah to be there. But he is surprised when Blue is. She sits on the edge of his bed, fiddles with the edge of her boxy t-shirt, occasionally wipes her eyes with the heel of her hand.

“Are you okay?” Gansey’s voice is louder than he intended and he winces as Blue looks up sharply.

“I don’t know,” she mumbles. He ambles over and sits next to her, the bed creaking and then sagging when he does so. Gansey doesn’t press as to why she’s upset. Maura has just disappeared; that’s reason enough.

But he is somewhat startled when Blue wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his shoulder. She smells like shampoo and spices, and all of a sudden, Gansey wonders what he smells like. Blue’s tears gradually seep through his shirt, but he doesn’t move, not until she lifts her head and smiles a watery smile. It gratifies Gansey, especially because it’s made just for him.

He leans forward, touches his forehead to Blue’s. Her breathing becomes shallower, and she squeezes her eyes shut.

“Gansey…don’t…” she whispers.

He takes one of her hands, idly running a hand across her palm.

“I won’t,” he replies, but his voice cracks and neither of them miss it. He doesn’t kiss Blue, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to.

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Run and Escape

You opened up the scars again
Consume me like a cancer
Bringing on my wicked might distorting all the answers 


– Rated T –

There is no one left in this world

Our world is dead. 

Deep within the acid belly of the Underground lies those who no longer recall the smell of fresh air, who could never recall what “blue” looks like. Rain is a myth. Clouds are black and dry–stealing air from lungs and replacing them with the burning start of flames that consume, consume… and give off nothing but death in return.

Those who live only know survival is fair game. Death is the only order that stands above. 

It is here that she meets him. Her arms chained down to the wrists, and a tracker lodged in the metal choker around her neck. She hides the shackles fairly well; beneath black fishnets, a mass of black Ironworks that could pass for jewelry, and a long black cloak that covers her from head to toe. 

Levi greets his “client” with a stare that gleams down at her through a sharp nose and a lit cigarette caught between the damp parts of his lips. He’s openly impressed, yet she couldn’t discern that emotion from all the ones churning in his eyes even if he wanted to. 

He could smell blood in her clothes, note the half-dead emptiness in her eyes and know immediately that she’s one of the Strong. 

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Requested by  @snifflesclifford(Cherilyn) (Hope you enjoy :)}

“Hey Michael?”

“Yeah Y/N?”

“What’s red and smells like blue paint?”


“Red paint!”

The two of you explode into muffled giggles, Michael being on the bunk beneath you and you being up top. You could hear him choking his laughs with the stupid teddy bear he always brought with him on tour and you yourself had tears rolling down your face from laughing. You heard Michael’s giggles turn into gasps for breath. “Hey, hey Y?N?”

“Yeah Mikey?”

“What’s brown and sticky?” You could hear him snort at the answer in his brain.



The two of you started laughing once more, so hard that you had trouble breathing and had to grip to the sides of the bunk to keep yourself from falling off. Michael started banging on the wall to try and contain his fit of laughter. “Hey Mi-”

“WOULD YOU TOO SHUT UP?” Calum roared from the other side of the tour bus. “You’ve been at it for hours!”?

You heard grumbles from the rest of the bus. “Seriously, you’ve been telling shit jokes since nine tonight.” Your best friend, and the guitarist of your band that was touring with 5 Seconds of Summer- Tanner, said, throwing a pillow at you from his bunk.

“And it’s two in the morning.” Ashton called.

A very tired Glitter, your eyeliner wearing, looks-like-he’s-gay-but-isn’t bassist, grumbled “Assholes.”

“Ok, ok, i’ll shut up. No need to get cranky!” Mikey said in his gruff, australian accent. The others mumbled their thanks in the bus for a few minutes before a whisper just loud enough for you to hear came from below you. “Hey Y/N?”

“Yeah Mikey?” You whispered back.

“What type of flower only sleeps at night?”


“A Day-ZZZ!”

The two of you erupted in a storm a laughter again, clutching your sides it hurt so much until you felt yourself being lifted up, and you grabbed a blanket to take with you. “Go outside with this shit!” Luke said almost angrily, and soon both you and mikey were on the ground outside laughing, with Glitter mumbling “now maybe the two of you will shut up’.

It was silent with only crickets chirping, until Mikey held open his arms for you to cuddle into since it was cold and then it was even more silent. After about ten minutes you leaned up and whispered in your lowest voice “How do you make a milk shake?”

He grinned and said softly into your ear, “How?”

“Take a cow to a horror movie.”


You guess that you and Michaels laughs were a bit too loud for Calum’s delicate ears.