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different midnight new years kisses following up this post of mine


I hope you appreciate him. Because there’s a whole village back in Wales who thinks he’s a hero.

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Man I LOVE that Tex and Chuck fusion! He looks awesome! Ah ~<3 I think I am in love again. If you are doing all manner of fusions... What would a Tennie, Claire mix be like?

YESSSSS more fusions you guys are my favorite enablers oh my god.

I have no idea what what would lead these guys to fuse but oh my god

Tenaire is 2 good 4 u

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As I look over the Planeswalker page of the Magic website, I am impressed with the wide cast you've made for the story. Will you start bringing back one-timers now? Or are brand new Planeswalkers still on the table? *long, difficult pause* PLEASE, bring back TAMIYO!!!

It depends on where the story takes us! I don’t think we’ve seen the last new planeswalker character, but we’ll also consider calling on existing characters if it makes sense for us to weave them into the story. Everybody’s on the table. It is a large and versatile table, like the kind you can expand out and put extra wood pieces in.