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Why couldn’t you have left well enough alone? You were happy.
2.20 // What Is and What Should Never Be

I find it funny when I see a post or whatever saying “THIS IS NATIVE AMERICAN” and I’m like okay? What kind of Native American? Cree? Nisga'a? Haida? Mi'kmaq? Blackfoot? Mohawk? Tsimshian? Ojibwe? Dakota? (These are all groups I named off the top of my head)

I know it’s hard to wrap your non-native minds around this but we’re not all one people.

Rhett’s Medium article is emblematic of what white folks everywhere should be doing. I realize there are people who think GMM should stay in their lane regarding politics, but that’s absolutely absurd considering having a youtube show doesn’t mean you live in a vacuum. I’m so proud of him for stepping out of the safe zone to address the issue of perpetuating racist legacies and I hope it sets a precedent for more discussion. Let’s talk about that and keep talking.

You can’t bring one group of people up and tear another down. You can’t say that colored people are beautiful, but white people are disgusting. You can’t say that gays are great, but straight people are horrible. You can’t go on about trans people being wonderful, but cis people being “murderers” or just awful people. You can’t do those things vice versa. You can’t love one of group, but hate and demonize another. Those generalizations are harmful. Most importantly, you can’t say those things in the name of equality because that’s not equality, that’s a fight for supremacy. That’s not what we should be doing.

okay so i’m not in the 100 fandom but i still find it extremely uncomfortable that there wasn’t a fraction of this huge outrage when they were popping off black and brown people left and right or straight up disrespecting cultures

Okay, you know what? *Warning, ANGRY RANT ahead*

I love how people get all smug, deliberately do racist stuff, and are ready to write these long lectures on stuff they don’t know anything about…until they don’t get the response they want.  Then suddenly they’re young kids who just don’t know any better and weren’t trying to hurt anyone.  Bull shit.  

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Why you sharing videos of decent white people and police officers doing what they should be doing? They are not our concern.

They don’t deserve a parade for considering you human. Is that enough for you? Is your self esteem that low? Are they condemning their community/ law enforcement? This is the bare minimum.

White People: The protesters need to stop being violent. Violence never solves anything.

Protesters: (protest at popular events to gain more publicity)

White People: Don’t do that either.

Black Celebrities: (use their fame to promote a cause)

White People: Don’t do that either.

Protesters: Then what should we do?

White People: Only protest in ways that can easily be ignored.

Lol when I pronounce el salvador the way it should be pronounced & white people are like “sorry what? What country is that? Do you mean *insert ugly gringo accent* el salvador?” Like bitch gtfo my face

jacksophone  asked:

What should white people do today?

You’re asking me… what a group of people can do as if I have the power?


I got a few suggestions.

  • Vote on an provision to take down SuperPACs and remove funding.
  • While you’re at it, stop redrawing the maps so you can squeeze more people from one party into another.
  • While you’re at it, draft a bill to build a force that will become “Internal Affairs” but the twist is, with people who can’t be brought with influence by the cops… matter of fact, they can’t be cops.
  • At the same time, I want you to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous  Day” to obverse the deaths of Native Americans.
  • While you’re at it, I want reforms in the Prison Complexes. We need to figure out who’s in the prisons for trumped up charges. 
  • We need a better education system. Fix that.

That’s what y'all can do today. *phone call* Hold on.

*puts down phone* I just been informed I took this question too seriously.

If this is in response to #BlackOutDay…

Er… do whatever you want. Just don’t tag anything #BlackOutDay, #BlackOut, #TheBlackOut, #BlackFriday, #BlackSelfieDay…


The last two tags are a mockery and if you partake in one of those tags, I heard tomorrow’s day motto is “bring ya ass here, White boy!” and we’ll proceed to drag y'all until you cancel your Tumblr accounts… or apologize.

And some of you rather delete your Tumblr accounts than to apologize and learn your lessons.

anonymous asked:

by saying its "whiteout" every other day, you're perpetuating racism. who gives a flying fuck about what white people want to do. they should be allowed to be proud of their skin color as well. and that is not a racist opinion.

lol am i? you missed my point so here it is: whether youre aware of it or not, it is constantly drilled into people by the media that european features are prettiest. that is what i mean by “it’s whiteout every day”. pale skin, thin body, light, straight hair, light eyes, high-bridged nose, small/medium lips. countless blogs on this website celebrate being pale and white. in turn, black people constantly feel pressured to live up to these standards in order to feel “pretty”. they’re told in subtle ways that they’re prettier with permed hair, weaves, chemically lightened skin, and plastic surgery. so god forbid they have one day to themselves on a microblogging website to celebrate their natural beauty without white people whining about how they should be allowed to be proud of theirs too. why do white people insist on taking that from them? white beauty is pretty much the default right now, so it’s time to celebrate black beauty, too.  

(white person & black person hugging)
white people: thats what we all should be doing. putting all our differences aside and coming together. my faith in humanity has been restored. it doesnt matter what color you are. we all bleed red. this is so beautiful i think i just peed a little. racism is over. this is what MLK wanted

katherine-anne-in-wonderland  asked:

I'm begging you, please don't lump all of us "white people" in the same boat as this woman. White is simply the color of my skin, it does nothing to make me who I am.

I did not lump all white people together, this is your interpretation and it is solely your problem. Instead of privately sending me messages like this, what you should be doing is publicly taking to task the white people who continually lie, deceive, distort, defraud, erase and profit off the suffering of black people. That should be your priority. Do that first if you truly want to be seen as different.

A white couple dressed up as Jay and Beyoncé without doing blackface and Tumblr is throwing them a freaking parade. They aren’t supposed to wear blackface, why are we giving props to white for not being shitty people? You’re not supposed to be shitty people, I didn’t realize you got confetti thrown at you for doing what you should.

anonymous asked:

im trying to call white people out when they're being racist, on tumblr for example. but im white and i always get told to stay in my line, but at the same time you tell us white people to call people out? what should i do? i really wanna help make a difference.

Well imo your lane is to call out other white people when you see them participating in racism and to be careful to not speak over people of color.