what should we call this ship


My future husband says whaaaaat hahaha :’D

SORRY NOT SORRY, you guys wanted more D.VA and Lucio ship so I DID IT hahaha

This joke was too perfect not be done, I even woke up in the middle of the night and wrote it on my iPad so that I didn’t forget about it the next day LOL

Since this ship is now kinda popular I guess it should have a name. I always called them Frog & Rabbit (like Tiger & Rabbit) but someone on Know Your Meme suggested we call this “Bunnyribbit” and I think it’s kinda cute. What do you think? :)

I hope you like this! :D

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So my dad has noticed my obsession with Sherlock, and him being the coolest dad ever, asked if he could borrow the DVDs since I speak so highly of the series. After he watched the first episode, he calls me and says “So, does Sherlock and Molly get together? Because they should.” Like…after just the first episode my father noticed something. He has had me watch the other episodes with him since the first one. And let me tell you what, my dad ships sherlolly just as much if not more than we do, my fellow sherlollians. Due to our schedules not always matching up, my dad just watched S3E1 tonight. When Sherlock crashed through the window and kissed Molly, my dad literally jumped out of his chair and yelled “I KNEW IT”. Boy was he pissed when it turned out to be Anderson’s theory lol. Then he turned into a giddy child when Sherlock and Molly solved crimes together. Then pissed again when he found out Molly was engaged. He made it as far as S3E2 tonight….
I CANNOT WAIT for him to see S4E3.

When you watch the episode and you see Bonnie suffering so much that you realize that people really FAILED her.

Bonnie was always the one who sacrificed herself and when you see what she’s able to do to bring Enzo back to his side, and also that Elena is the first thing Damon think about, it shows what we all suspected:

Bonnie is not respected, it’s above happiness, dear Bonenzo, Bamon, and other ship fans. It’s FUCKING RESPECT.

Caroline LET MESSAGES. NO trying to see her so-called best friend. I’m VERY SORRY, Stefan can wait! You are a fucking vampire erase the memories with the help of all later!

Damon hears Bonnie “ Leave me alone “, I’m sorry, this is precisely the moment when you don’t leave someone ALONE!

Caroline CALLED her mother? Someone who ABANDONED her ? who is a vampire when she supposed to be here for her? What is your fucking logic? Stefan is right, you only think about your fucking marriage!


Also, I seriously want to see Bonnie slap Stefan. Or Damon. Or someone for fuck’s sake, she deserves a slap! WHen she almost killed Elena, she was under the expression influence but for once… MAKE THEM PAY. STEAL THE CAMARO. LEVE THIS SHIT HOLE. I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT BAMON ANYMORE CAUSE DAMON FAILED YOU!

Let Elena burn in her fucking coffin and move on!

Ps: Kai is back, it’s probably the time to have payback.

PS2: Abby is a vampire. So why the hell can she do magic etc? Did I miss something?

  • Person A: You know we should go on a date.
  • Person B: Huh? Come again?
  • Person A: You and me. A date.
  • Person B: Okay, but why all sudden?
  • Person A: Because I love you and you love me and I appreciate your company.
  • Person B: Honey...
  • Person A: So...
  • Person B: What did you do this time?
  • Person A: Uh I may or may not called your douche bag uncle a whiny tiny asshole and then attempted to kick his ass?
  • Person B: *sighs*
What I see and what I think.

Anti’s or somethin: “Klance is the absolute ship in voltron!
Me: They don’t even have any romantic feelings surfacing. And what the hell? Lance is totally hetero but your ship still matters. Just don’t shoot and force others as well. Let it come naturally. And sorry to see, but I can only see Sheith in these 2 seasons, because of their interactions in the show. Keith and Lance hardly talk much and I can’t even see even a drop of romance. And I should know. I’m a Lance’s fan.

Anti’s or somethin: “Sheith is so disgusting. It’s pedophile!”
Me: What the fuck? No one called other pairings (Klance) disgusting and just what the fuck man? We like have many heterosexual pedophile movies with huge age gap couple or something that make it looks acceptable and you never complain about that. Besides! There’s not even a lick of sexual things in Voltron cartoon, like what the fuck? Are u blind or something? They’re are almost the same ages, even Shiro and even stated in it’s official website.

Anti’s or somethin: “I have my opinion too! I just think Sheith is disgusting!”
I know but you abusing your freedom to think by throwing it into people’s face. We can accept your opinion but it’s a fucking disgrace when you began name calling, asking people to die (but in mmmmyyyyy opinion, no one needs too but if there is a choice, you fuckers that threaten others) and again, there’s not a single lick of romance here. Thick-headed bastards. Besides, you gotta expect that not everybody agrees with you. Just like you’re not agreeing with other ships.

Anti’s or somethin: “There’s to many nfsw.”
: Fuck you, there’s a button that locks R18 picture. Even I use that!

What Are We?

Pairings DeanxReader

Warnings: Implied sex

Summary: Your relationship with Dean is intoxicating and you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Yet when it comes to putting labels on it you can’t seem to find the right words.

You weren’t sure what to call you and Dean. You weren’t even sure what, what the two of you had was. All you knew it was passionate, hot and it consumed your thoughts more than it should have. 

You had with him, what most girls wanted with him. It was no secret that Dean Winchester was attractive, the kind of attractive people didn’t believe was real until they saw him up close. That celebrity, magazine cover guy look that had girls falling over themselves to get with them. Yet you were the one lucky enough to be sitting next to him. 

Every inch of that perfectly carved face, every little detail was stretched into your brain. You knew those candy apple green eyes lit up a certain way when the sunlight caught them. You knew if you were close enough you could see that all too familiar pattern of light freckles that danced their way across the tip of his nose and his flushed cheeks. 

However it was his smile that was the most memorable. The first time you saw those plump lips turn upwards, you knew you were in trouble. It was the same feeling you had now, after all this time. Your stomach would still flip at the sight, you heart beat speeding up. 

It wasn’t just his face that had you captivated. If you were being honest, it was everything about the man. The way he walked, those bow legs that carried him effortlessly. The same ones you could pick out from a crowd with ease. Those callusol hands, worn from years of hunting and gun holding yet still knew exactly how to make you squirm. Those arms, muscular and broad, trained to fight and defend, but yet were so gentle as the wrapped around your waist, pulling you into him.

Sometimes you found yourself wondering why you. Dean could have any woman he wanted, you knew that, he knew that, yet every night it was your bed he crawled into, you name that he moaned over and over again. 

Sometimes, rarely, but occasionally you would find yourself thinking about leaving him, running away and escaping it all. Deep down the self conscious part of you, the scared little girl that you kept well hidden feared that Dean was doing this as some part a sick humourless joke. Maybe it was bet, maybe it was a part of some ridiculous pass time that he used to distract himself from life before something better came along. Who knows? You tried to push them down, forget that you even thought like that in the first place. You knew Dean, he was a good man even if he was a little messed up and you prayed he wouldn’t do that to you.

You could still remember the first time, even the second and the third. If you closed your eyes you could feel him on top of you, his lips ghosting over the skin on your neck, his finger tips digging into your flesh. You could imagine his teeth scrapping against your lower lip, his hips pushing down in between your thighs. You could hear every moan, every groan, the way your name sounded as it fell from his lips, the sounds so beautiful they shouldn’t exist. 

So if anyone ever asked you what you and Dean were, you wouldn’t know how to answer, you wouldn’t be able to find the right words to describe it. All you knew was that you never wanted it to stop. 

People who’s like ‘yuri is a fifteen yo high schooler let him be at his age stop shipping him’ yeah bro just let him be at his age. THAT is the point!! Idk which high schoolers you are talking about but i’m sure that i’ ve never seen them. Would you like to hear about high schoolers ( even 3rd year mid schoolers) I know??? Y'all can be sure that that is not as pure as you thought. They are watching porn in fucking class. ( you can think the other things) This is the reality and also the thing what we call physical growth. I am not trying to say they should make something sexual. but if something happens (romantically or sexually) it’s not pedophilia. …And age gap….. seriously????

we have to not call ourselves “darus trash” or “desus trash” for shipping daryl and paul. mlm (men-loving-men, e.g. gay men) not once talked about how much they hate it when fandoms do this. 

because it’s not a bad thing to support love between two men. we shouldn’t degrade love between two men by calling it “sin” or ourselves “sinners” or “trash” for finding it nice. 

also this, calling love between men “sin” and such things, is something what abusive homophobes do on conversion therapies so we shouldn’t associate ourselves with them, or love between men with their abusers’ words.

so please let’s not call ourselves as shippers or the ship itself as “trash” or “sin” or anything negative. 

we should switch to positive phrases and names like;

- “this ship is so wholesome/healthy/great/lovely”
- “I’m in love with their love!”
- “I’m such a fan of this ship!”

post-reveal headcanons
  • after Pidge’s reveal the team asks her what she wants them to call her (like, should we call you Pidge like we used to? Or do you prefer Katie instead?)
  • she says she doesn’t care either way
  • and she responds quickly to both names
  • Allura and Hunk slip into calling her Katie pretty easily
  • Keith still calls her Pidge because it’s easier to say but also because he slipped up once and she said she was fine with him calling her that
  • Coran tries to remember to remember the smol salty earthling’s name but it just comes out as Pidge anyways but it doesn’t matter, Pidge knows it’s the thought that counts
  • Lance just
  • poor Lance
  • it depends on the day, sometimes he calls her Katie and sometimes Pidge and sometimes both and sometimes neither like poor boy
  • privately Pidge doesn’t mind but she finds it kind of funny (and cute)
  • Shiro calls her ‘Katie’ very casually mid-conversation and apologizes with a rather red face when he realizes (who knows why?? I sure don’t, do you????)
  • of course there are changes in the way the team interacts after she tells them
  • Allura, Hunk, Keith, and Coran treat Pidge the same way they always have (the entire squad pretty happy knowing that she trusts them enough to tell everyone and Allura is very enthusiastic about having a fellow female on the team - cue Alluran fashion, heart-to-hearts, etc.) but with a little more caution on Keith and Coran’s part
  • Shiro is really gentle towards her but knows she can hold her own so he doesn’t baby her
  • Lance just isn’t sure about anything anymore
  • he’ll be in the middle of breakfast one day and remember every embarrassing thing he ever said or did in front of Pidge which, had he known she was female, he would have never done (example: changing, talking about girls in their class, making not so appropriate jokes, making suggestive faces, etc.)
  • Shiro gradually gets used to calling her ‘Katie’ and tries not to let memories of a fuzzy-faced little girl clinging to Matt’s shoulder distract him
  • the most important thing about post-reveal tho is that their entire view of Pidge has dramatically changed, basically the team’s new motto is YOU TOUCH PIDGE AND YOU DIE
  • Hunk, Shiro, Lance, Keith, Allura, and Coran are all members of the #ProtectPidge squad
Ship Wars?

Lol ship wars? Marven sank the day he left Mare powerless in the bowl of bones to die. If y'all want to blame it on Elara then I’ll say Marven sank the day he let the silvers kick Mare in the face and put the leash on her.

The only ship wars we should be in is what to call Mare and Cal’s ship name.
1.Marecal for miracle (my favorite)
2.Calimare for the squid
3.Care because it cute af
4.Mal because it means bad in Spanish and Cal and Mare can be bad bitches when taking down the silvers.

Ok tho I’m pissed that he called her bitch and uraraka should too but he also complimented her TWICE. Have we EVER seen bakugou complimenting another girl? He does called them “bitch” at all of them (tbh I’m really not okay with that, he can be such a little shit) but uraraka is the only girl he has ever complimented in the entire series. Bakugou clearly recognizes her good looks AND strength after the match. If that’s not a bit of respect and slight attraction then i don’t know what the fuck it is but to me this launched the fucking ship (งツ)ว

Newsie Notice

Hello fellow Newsies. I know a lot has been happening since the post about keeping straight characters straight and so on. I am going to have one last say on the matter and then I’m going to go back to writing my fanfics and pretending none of this happened. Are there people who want straight characters to stay straight? Yes. Are there others who want to ship them with the same sex? Sure. Do I care? Well, at the risk of being called homophobic (which I am not, you do you boo) sort of. Should that matter to you? Absolutely not. I cannot tell you how you to live your life. I am not going to apologize for my opinion and I do not want you to apologize for yours. What I do want is for the Newsies fandom to come to an agreement that we all have different opinions, beliefs, and ideas and we should respect them. This is my way of extending the olive branch to all of you, asking you all to put aside your differences and come back together as one to revel in the pure wonder that is Newsies. And with that, I will be going back to writing fanfics.


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Why do superc**p shippers think we all hate Lena? Take a look at my blog, I love her! and I love her friendship with Kara. I also really like Katie I started watching Merlin because of her.I even used to ship super*orp I made edits and text post memes about them but you guys drove me off ,so much hate and negativity, always attacking and harassing not only fans but actors,producers and writers, hijacking other people’s posts and editions,making anti blogs(wow I'm so jealous you have that much time).I’m happy for Katie she is amazing and incredibly talented,well deserved.Sad many of her stans are pretty nasty,aggresive and immature she deserves better fans.Anyway you should be celebrating instead of being here in our tag sending us hate messages,calling us names,racist,homophobic,assuming our sexualities or ethnicities based on what we ship.

anonymous asked:

I like your S4 ending theory about Bellamy and Clarke actually ending up on the same side of the dropship door so-to-speak. I'm hoping for some Titanic inspired scenario where Bellamy and/or Clarke last minute decides to sacrificially jump ship and go to the other person so that they are "together" (a la Jack saying "what are you doing, you're so stupid why would you do that!")

You jump, I jump. I’m on that list, you’re on that list. There’s an echo there.

Now we all know how Titanic ends, and Jack sacrifices himself for Rose. 

But it remains to be seen if Bellamy would let Clarke sacrifice herself for him. Or if he would jump with her.

Let’s call it an alternate possibility. We should be looking for as many alternate possibilities as we can right now, instead of fixating on one possible end point. We should also remember JR’s love of extreme plot twists, so that the ending we think is likely all the way right until it happens, is reversed and completely turned on its ear.

What if..

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been talking about ships, and stuff and y’know…what if there’s this one universe were the fan/love children of different ships from multiple universes go to hang out, and go to school even?

And the teachers would be the creators of those fanchildren <:

I thought it’s a really cool idea, watche guys think?
Feel free to leave some headcanons here.

Maaaaybe we should call it..shiptale?