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hahhaha so…….. this.. is a super quick concept………….. I might work more on it or just throw a whole new thing together but eh, we’ll see……

Deadeye Dave is something of a wild card, even when he used to be a bounty hunter, and a good one at that. Known for being able to track down any ghost in the Ghost Zone and capturing them quickly, he had no qualms with working with his mark or even letting them go if it offered something that interested him more than the first offer. That… brought him some problems, of course. Walker is determined to capture the ‘criminal’ and keep him behind bars while Dave only sees the warden as a joke.

Despite the whole brooding cowboy look, the guy has quite a sense of humor and is more than willing to waste his time betting on some dumb game or shooting challenge. He just can’t resist a nice gamble, no matter what’s on the table, the thrill of chance is more rewarding than anything.

I’m still thinking a lot about his powers and personality (Stuff like how his gun is just a way for him to channel his ghost ray more effectively), but if I… like him I might just work out more about the guy

nothing to see here, folks, just need a quick outlet for some ??? what is my life, why are there feelings all of a sudden i am not equipped for this

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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )


My favourite adoptive relationships in fiction


“So stop making that face at me…”


matching simon and baz transparent circle thingies because i just finished carry on for the third time and i’m having a lot of feelings

feel free to use them as icons or whatever as long as you credit!


this is a sloppy-ish comic about a strong headcanon of mine which is basically:

 hanzo, due to years of coping badly with life, sees genji in a very idealised, ‘always-a-child’ way, and can’t quite connect that to 35-yrs old actual genji(this is turn, makes genji feel like hanzo thinks he’s inferior). essentially: it’s hard work patching things together, but they try. 

(full hc rambles on this reply thread lol!)

movies that should exist: a pride & prejudice modern adaptation
starring mindy kaling as elizabeth bennet & jessica chastain as darcy fitzwilliam

“ugh. you LOVE me?”
“don’t make that face. it’s not like i want to. you’re loud and you talk too much about television for an adult and every single member of your family has friended me on facebook despite the fact that i’ve never spoken to most of them, and most of them have very poor punctuation. in fact, this whole situation is very embarrassing. like herpes. but like herpes, i don’t think it’s curable without taking action. so here i am. telling you. i love you.”
“can you even hear yourself right now?”
“so … what are your thoughts?”
“what are my thoughts? about your i-love-you-like-herpes speech?? which, p.s., herpes is incurable. that shit’s always gonna flare up again.”
“exactly. the metaphor is appropriate.”