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Sam x Reader

Prompt: Sam and Reader argue, leading to fluff and smut

Warnings: swearing, mentions of injury, slight angst, fluff

Words: 1515

A/N: this is what I came up with! Thanks for the prompt anon, sorry if it’s not what you had in mind though. Should I do a part 2 (with smut ;))?

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Title :: Nightmares, Teddy Bears and Feels by InnocencePoisoned

Word count :: 9,013

Chapters :: 1/1

Rating :: Mature

Relationships :: Nesta/Cassian

Characters :: Nesta, Cassian, Azriel, Elain

Additional Tags :: Fluff, Wings, Wingspan jokes, bad language,Swearing, Sleeping Together, Literal Sleeping Together, Totally friendly way, Light Angst, Attempt at Humor

Language :: English

Summary :: Nesta is having nightmares and decides that sleeping with Cassian (literal sleeping) will help chase them away. It works but comes with unexpected feelings and awkwardness.


“I know of a way that should work. But you won’t like it.”
“I’ll do anything.”
“Sleep with Cassian.”
“Except that. What the fuck, Azriel?”

Part 1 of Nessian- Teddy Bear Files

anonymous asked:

why do you repost art? even with permission? you seem like a genuinely nice person... but you repost art (yes, with permission i know but still...), reblog your own reposts over and over again to get more notes, and you have a tag called "my posts" for your reposts, when the drawings were never yours in the first place. sounds like you're just doing all that do get followers tbh.

Hi anon, you know what I dislike? when people, especially in anon, assume things about me like that ^^ that’s something that makes me GNNN inside x))

I’m gonna reply to each points, tbh I don’t see why I should justify myself to you but at least it’s not an aggressive message so ok ^^

- I began to ask permission to repost when I realized that there were so much unauthorized posts on tumblr that a lot of person were reblogging them since there was mostly that. I also love sharing with my friends in general, or make discover new artists <333 

- about the “reblog”, the main reason is stupid tbh, it’s just to fill more my queue ahah ^^’’’ (and bcs some people asked me if I could reblog bcs of time difference but now it’s really more keep my blog active xD)  ah and let’s be clear **big breath** I don’t care about notes unless it’s works of mine, like my music or my drawings or edits, I really care about the feedback in this case (like all artists) so I won’t be ashamed to admit that.
For the arts I post,  I don’t know why I would want to have notes since I feel nothing about it since well I haven’t made them. Tbh, I’m one of the few persons who wish that tumblr could let the possibility to hide notes for some posts…

- About the tag “my posts”, I use this for everything post I do, I didn’t think much about it, just a way to find things easily……..(again why assuming the worst –”’’ I could have choose *hakuna matata* it wouldn’t have changed anything).

- And the last sentence is the one that makes like OTL OTL OTL the most each time……… I take very seriously the repost with permission, I’m very careful about that, I keep a constant contact with artists just in case, I even try to make the artists consider to create a blog here too!!!! And for many they came :D and I could support them directly here <333 also since I ask permission, I am more aware of unauthorized reposts here so I could try to contact users about it or even warn the artists about it. I even made masterlists (but thanks to tumblr staff, links are broken now) for the fandoms so they could be careful too.
Do you really think that I would bother to do this if the only thing I wanted was followers……..?

Tbh anon, I take this ask badly, because I think it’s kinda insulting in a way. 
You don’t know nothing about me or about what I do, so next time instead of sending an ask on anon, ask by DM, let’s talk.
Otherwise, yes I love my friends and the followers I talked with, that’s the only thing that really counts to me here ;))

Well, have a nice day now.


I’ve had time to cool off and talk to some of my family and friends. I will be coming back. I’m going to change how some things are run on my blog, but I am going to give this one more shot.  

I’m taking a week off.  I will not be on to post stories or answer Asks until next weeken. I’m taking some time to breath.  Please continue to tag me so I can catch up on reading.

What to expect when I return:

There will be no more drama. No anon asks that are negative will be answered.  I will be reblogging what feels good.  There will be no mention of wank and I will not get involved in drama.  I have made some mistakes with how I’ve handled this situation and I have some major regrets.  I should have been ignoring this from the start. 

The problem: 

First  - in a moment of anger last night I began deleting. I deleted my beloved Mark P x Reader x Tom Ellis threesome story and my no pairing The Cage! Home of the $6.66 Lap Dance story along with both my Matt Cohen stories (I was working up from the bottom of my list).    I severely regret this and if any of you saved them offline for any reason I would love if you could let me know and I’ll send you my email address so I can get them back. 

Second - Also in anger, I deleted my pending works, my tracker sheets, and all non-story posts on my blog since the start of 2017.   I have managed to recover  my pending challenges list but I lost my pending requests.  I know I just posted  the updated list last week but I deleted that post.  Did anyone save it that they could email it to me? 

If not upon my return I may have to start over with requests and I apologize. Please feel free to take your requests to another user if you would like - I completely fucked that up.

The lesson here - don’t make rash decisions when you are running on hurt, anger, and no sleep. 

I am sorry for all the drama these last few weeks and if you stick with me I promise you’ll see a different blog, back to the way it was, when I return. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Jams, I think you're pretty awesome! If you don't mind, could you talk about what it was like when you first realised you were nonbinary? How long did it take for you to figure it out? I am 16 and I'm really confused about my gender right now - I don't know if I think I feel a connection to my assigned gender just because that's how everyone sees me, or if I actually do have that connection.

I’ve answered this question before (and should probably add it to the FAQ) so check the ‘replies’ or ‘advice’ tags for previous responses to similar questions. I promise I will some point actually go into this in detail, because there’s a lot more to it than I can write in a rushed text post, but this is the short-ish answer:

I was maybe 15-16 when I started feeling weird about my gender but back then Tumblr wasn’t a thing and I had no vocabulary to describe how I felt (I barely knew what transgender meant, due to complete lack of education). I was teased by friends about how I presented and acted and was often referred to as ‘an X trapped in a Y’s body’ and while that wasn’t correct something about it resonated with me. However I still didn’t have the words to articulate how I felt at that point so I just didn’t pay much attention to it and assumed I was just being weird. It wasn’t until I got to university and basically had a minor existential crisis regarding my identity (there was yelling while sat slumped against a cabinet in someone’s kitchen at 1AM, a story for another time) that I started exploring Tumblr and other online communities and I realised there were more than two options. Suddenly everything made a lot more sense to me and after a lot more careful research and internal exploration I felt ready to tell the world how I felt. That was when I was 19-20 ish, and I’m now 22 and out and proud to the vast majority of people who know me. 

There’s no such thing as too old or too young to figure this stuff out, you can start your gender journey at any age and take as much time as you want :) these things often require patience and a lot of introspection so don’t worry if you haven’t got it all figured out right away (especially as a teenager when you have so much other stuff going on)

jfc anti self dxers are trash

i don’t care who i offend

getting my diagnosis almost cost me my sanity, i was so badly abused for a whole year. I realized how bad it was only when it was too late, after i had a breakdown.

no one should have to go through what i had to go through just to get a little “autism” stamp on their disability paper. no one.

hey bean and i made a network for wlw who are interested in conspiracy theories, aliens, supernatural stuff etc. we’re both really excited and it be cool if you guys applied! ily <33

    what you can do to join:

  • follow bean and me
  • reblog this post
  • fill out this form
  • message us with any questions 

   why you should join:

  • great way to make new friends 
  • get to talk about conspiracy theories and how gay you are
  • a safe space for you and a people to tag in your stuff

   who can join:

  • anyone who is a wlw and likes conspiracy theories etc. 
  • anyone between the ages of 14-20

Ok people, please block user “acetungldotcom”. They are posting abusive and shitty stuff in the ace positivity tag.
I wouldn’t advise trying to comment on their posts or sending them asks, because the reason they are doing it is just to get attention. The best method is to just not give them what they want, so block or mute them.
(i don’t care which side of the ace exclusion discourse you’re on, stuff like “aces should be exterminated” is not an ok thing to post, much less in a positivity tag)

anonymous asked:

Quick question: do you update your fic recs? Like if I wrote a mermaid AU do you go back through the tag and find more you like? or should I send you a link to include it?

I do, especially if I find a fic that fits exactly what the requester was asking and/or I feel like I missed an obvious choice!

Just to be safe, send me the link!

extasiswings  asked:

I am almost reluctant to put in a request for the next piece of the trash saga given my current desire to whack Flynn over the head with a frying pan and physically drag him back to Lucy and Iris, but should your schedule permit the writing of such a thing I would maybe/possibly/definitely love it

a little pre-finale treat; as usual, the foregoing bad choices by garcia flynn, and other things, can be found in the trash saga of flynn and lucy. also tagging @garciiaflynn​ by her request, and @prairiepirate for moar reasons.

“Stop me if I’m stating the obvious,” Rufus says. “But what the hell do we do now?“

Lucy really, really wishes she had an answer for that. They’re sitting in the Lifeboat, not daring to pull out of 1861 entirely just yet, in case this was somehow an elaborate bluff and Flynn was trying to trick them into leaving early, but according to the onboard computers, the Mothership is no longer in the nineteenth century. Nor are they sure where it’s ended up. It’s gone blank. Off the grid. They have absolutely no idea where or when Flynn is, and they may never again. If he thinks he’s done with his mission, if he destroyed the Mothership to prevent Rittenhouse from getting it – but he said he wasn’t, so he must have found some way to break the processing links between the two machines. Needle in a haystack doesn’t even begin to cover the difficulty of finding him again.

“She’s his kid,” Wyatt says, looking at Iris, who is curled up on his jacket on the floor and has fallen asleep, not before crying herself out. “She’s his kid, he’s somehow stumbled his damn way into actually doing what he tried, and he – he what, just freezes up? Dumps her on us? Runs? Yeah. Father of the Year.”

“You can’t tell me you might not have the same reaction if… if Jessica just walked up to you one day on one of our missions. Or I would, with Amy.” Lucy rubs her temples. The Time Team, to say the least, never foresaw becoming the three reluctant adoptive parents of Garcia Flynn’s resurrected child, but that seems to be the role they have been presently stuck with. Just another day at the office. “And either way, this isn’t her fault.”

Wyatt clenches a fist on his knee. “So of all of us who want lost loved ones back, fuckin’ Flynn is the one to do it first, probably has no idea how he did it, and doesn’t even think she’s real, so he just leaves her behind for us to clean up his mess. Typical.”

“We have to find someone to leave her with,” Rufus says. “Unless we’re planning to stick her up on the dash like a bobblehead and make her our mascot. Denise – Agent Christopher, can’t she find some sort of government program for the kids of criminal masterminds who need good homes – “

“We can’t dump her on Denise! And we can’t let either the government or Rittenhouse get hold of her! They killed her once, what makes you think they won’t do it again?” Lucy shifts in her seat, as if to shield Iris from a sudden abduction attempt by armed time-traveling black ops. “Doesn’t Flynn have any other relatives, anything?”

Wyatt’s gaze flickers. Finally he says, very reluctantly, “His older half-brother. Gabriel Thompkins, the one who’s alive because Flynn saved him from the bee sting in 1969. But he has no idea he’s even related to this whack job, we’d put him in danger if we told him, and are we supposed to just turn up on his doorstep and be like, hey, here’s your niece, don’t tell her she’s back from the dead and also your brother is a total – “

Catching sight of Lucy’s face, he finishes rather restrainedly, “Problem.”

“Jesus,” Rufus says. “Emergency childcare for the offspring of your mortal enemy was not one of the issues I thought was specific to time travel.”

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anonymous asked:

Favorite ships for Iruka: romantic, platonic, familial, go.

For Munday, anonymously ask the mun something you want to know about them, their portrayal, or what they will/won’t write.

Fasten your seatbelts because this is not the essay I am supposed to be writing


Iruka and Naruto: I complain about lacking a Naruto to write these things with more often than I really should but Naruto is important to him and taught him a lot and they are two lonely family less people who found each other and I hate how canon treated that. I also am 150% a sucker for cute kid interactions.

Child!Iruka and Caring Adult: This could be Kohari and Ikkaku or it could be some other caring figure. I would love to write with a Hiruzen one day regarding that relationship. After his parents die he is just so alone that anything counts to him, including Mizuki. If he has a full-time caring adult his grieving process over his parents also manifests differently which is really fun because he’s even more of a little shit. 


*categorized by type of relationship rather than individual muses for the most part because all these guys are side characters and so almost no one plays them

Iruka and other chuunin/ Paper Ninja: Commiseration, Iruka actually being the same rank as one of his peers, good things. 

Iruka and other jonin: He seems to know like all of them in canon and is usually at least on friendlyish terms with them. Also, he has jonin level skills and I like exploring ninja friendships, sue me.

Iruka and Anko: Best friend, takes fantastic care of him while also being terrible, the bants, the snuggles, it’s all good things @mita-rashi

Romantic: Under readmore because shipping

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anonymous asked:

"occasional writing" you say when you've written multiple long-ass, beautiful fanfics

Hahaha, thank you so much, anon-friend! That is very nice of you to say =D

I never know what it is people come to this blog for, and I am always worried that I have led them here on false pretenses. So I sorta felt like the description should warn for that. If you are here for writing, then know that there is also a whole lot of anime reblogging that goes on and dominates the majority of this blog. If you are here for a whole lot of anime, then you should know there is also occasional writing that happens. Either way, I just hope you are having a good time while you are here!

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Thanks again!!

My, lovely partner, @emofish-parentalunit has tagged me… I suppose I should do it.

Nickname- Ki by everyone and sometimes, Bug by @original-lighting-minion

Star Sign- Sagittarius

Height- 5'3

Time right now- 5:00

Last thing I googled- Bleach fanfic, and eBay for 1966 batman

Favorite music/artists- David bowie and Bon Jovi

Song stuck in your head: nothing’s going on up there right now

Last movie I watched- 1966 batman the movie

Last tv show watched: My cat from hell

What I’m wearing right now: Do you really need to know? My ouran tshirt and shorts

When did you create this blog: 2014

What stuff do you post: batman, dragon age, and whatever else I’m obsessing over

Do you have any other blogs?: yep, my photography blog- @kayceelainphotography, my Voltron blog- @lanceredlionvoltron

Do you get asks regularly?: nah

Why did you choose your url?: I’m pagan/Wiccan, I’m a Ned, my names Kaycee

Gender: Genderfluid, they/them, but I lean to masculinity

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favorite color: Black and red

Average amount of sleep: 3-4 hours

Lucky Number: 5

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1-2

Dream job: writer

Following; 191

Everyone I’d tag was tagged by my partner, except,
If anyone else wants to do it, go ahead and say I tagged you.

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I really appreciate your tenacity in calling out all the disgusting defenders of Milo's pedophile apologia but would you please tag those posts for CSA victims? This topic can be extremely triggering and debilitating and they should have the option of not being confronted with potentially harmful effects. Thanks

Sure thing, can someone tell me what the standard sort of hashtag to use is so it gets filtered out for them?

flannelapartment  asked:

Hi! I just found you on YouTube and I have a few questions. I'm getting a cockatiel from a breeder soon, and I saw in your bird room tour that you had a lot of emergency items like olive oil to loosen up things if they're choking. What else should I have on hand? Any other supplies you recommend I have, such as nail clippers and things of that sort. Stuff I wouldn't think of off the top of my head like food and toys and such. Thank you!!



those two links should give you the answers you’re looking for, got a long list of emergency scenarios and how to respond to them as well as an avian emergency/ first-aid kit

if there’s more that’s not mentioned in there you’d like to know feel free to ask away!

anonymous asked:

Your readmores literally never show up for me. It'll be tagged "read more" and there's clearly SUPPOSED to be more text but ... There's no link????? Or actual read more????? What's going on, dude?

No idea! I’ve heard people have a similar problem before which is why I started tagging all my readmores. I think that going to the permalink of the post should still let you read the whole thing? If not, I’m not sure what would help.