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Fic: Where you are, I will be (and anywhere in between) (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “Is that a yes?” she asks, breathless when she finally pulls away. “Yes, Caroline,” he grins, “That’s a yes.”

Author’s Note: Like what? What is this? Me coming out of Steroline hibernation after nine months all because of a glimpse of a #JuneWeddingInParis? Yeah, apparently that’s all it took. I haven’t written in ages. Clearly. But here, have a fic full of fluff to make up for it. Enjoy! (Title from Zella Day’s Compass)


He’s half asleep when she says it.

With the morning sun slipping through the gap in the curtains, casting a soft, hazy glow about the room, warming the parts of his skin not entwined with hers, he can’t be blamed for wanting to linger in the moment a little longer.

But Caroline. Oh Caroline.

She never could rest idly, let a perfectly good day waste away.

“You know I’ve been thinking …” she starts off.

His lips curve into a smile, inching into his pillow, “Mmm, about?”


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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun || Wakamatsu Hirotaka for hharukas

What took you so long, you idiot? I was close to giving up, you know…

Ok, the new chapters give me so many feels. So I did a redraw of some of the very few panels that didn’t break my heart (chapter 81 page 42 [or 41 if you don’t count the credit page])

scorbus 2k16

scorbus narration is done, but it’s also forty minutes. I don’t know how it ended up that long t b h. I’ll try to take out the non essential parts and make it a usual twenty minutes and at the most thirty minutes so it’s not so long. BTW I haven’t had time to watch Merlin but I usually binge Saturdays as like 12 am, and it’s almost Saturday at 12 am, so I will finish watching Merlin this weekend and be able to start writing the script.

anywaysH Y P E


So lately I’ve been crazy about drawing digital portraits and I figured hey why not try opening commissions?? So here I am haha ahhahah ha,,, ha,, hopefully this works out because I’m in need of $$$. If you like art and would like to help a girl out, please consider checking this out hehe thank you!

**reblogs are much appreciated T__T

Please read everything under the cut if you are interested 

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okay so i don’t usually post about this sort of stuff but i’ve seen that one post going around for the past couple of hours. it is great and yeah, it’s super inclusive and everything, and it should totally happen! i just don’t think the “whiteout” day should happen. at all. if this happens, it should not be about white people. it’s about poc and representation of everyone who sadly never gets enough of it. and white people get way too much representation.


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