what shit would go down

  • mom: let me know what stresses you out so I can help you with it. even if I'm contributing to it, just let me know.
  • me: okay, well, sometimes you yell at me and it makes me upset, because you always blame me for it and I'm not allowed to disagree with you or else it's all my fault.
  • me: that's not what I'm saying.
  • mom: YES IT IS.
  • me: .....anyway

“Capturing Her Damaged Heart”

Rated M. See chapter 1 for list of warnings. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A deadly disease plagues the world. People are dying, the dead are rising. The infection spreads too fast to stop. Everyone tries their best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but things get messy for Natsu when he finds a blonde woman on one of his missions. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Zombie Apocalypse AU. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance.

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*Chapter starts with a flashback.

Chapter Twelve: Memories 

(July 2nd, 2017, Sunday Morning)

Natsu woke up early so he could take a shower before everyone else. He didn’t go to the male’s bathroom, seeing as they hadn’t improved since last year. If anything, they were worse. Not only did they still house a family of wasps, but they seemed to have collected spiders and beetles as well.

Natsu filled the solar shower with a jug of clean water before he pulled the rope, hoisting it up on a tree branch so it would work better. Despite the water being cold, Natsu took his shower. He didn’t bother washing his hair, seeing as it was extremely short, but he did spend a good amount of time scrubbing the rest of his body, trying to wash the river water off his skin from yesterday’s swim.

After rinsing and drying himself, Natsu got dressed. He bundled his dirty clothes into a ball before heading back to his tent, putting them in the bag to be washed when he got home.

A few of Natsu’s friends were already awake by the time he got back, some of them heading to the showers while others prepared breakfast. Levy was the first to greet him, her shower stuff in her arms as she walked past him.

“Happy birthday.”

“Thanks,” he said with a grin, remembering he was now twenty years old. He didn’t feel any older, but he was still happy nonetheless.

“We gotta drink to celebrate tonight!” Cana cheered from her tent, raising a bottle of rum in the air.

Natsu snorted, thinking to himself, ‘Celebrate huh? What was the excuse for the other nights?' The group had been drinking every night since they arrived, so he doubted it would feel any different.

'At least my dad’s coming today,’ he thought, his smile widening.

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can u review samgladiator's "yandere high" series bc u seem perfect for the job tbh

I hope you know what you’ve done to me.

First off, I would like to say that there are 60 episodes in this series, one was left out of the playlist, episode fucking #55 if i remember correctly. The first episode has about 8 million views as of now. The minimal amount of views for each episode, mind you, is about one million.

Keep in mind that these episodes are ALL about 20-50 minutes long. Presumably, I had to watch this for THIRTY. HOURS. STRAIGHT.

This series. Is still. Updating. I hope I don’t have to review those.

Now for a series titled “Yandere” High School, a minecraft roleplay, it actually started out pretty decent. The running gag of looking both ways before crossing the street was okay. It started out kinda boring though.

This series was based off of that Yandere Simulator.

I don’t think Sam Gladiator knows what Yandere means. Just saying.

The two main characters are two kids called Sam and Taurtis.

Sam’s an asshole, to be honest. He started out okay but his character quickly took a turn for the worse. At least it was gradual, over a period of time. It could almost be called character development.

It certainly has……. potential, if that’s the right word. The last couple episodes are easily the most strangely disturbing of the series.

Just to warn you, this is probably the worst portrayal of the mentally ill i have EVER seen. it all goes downhill once Professor Gareth dies. 

I am probably never going to associate with anything related to HunterxHunter because of this guy. I just couldn’t. I wasn’t into it before, and I am definitely not getting into it now. Sam and most of the characters in this series apparently have an extremely unhealthy obsession with that series. From shittily timed references to the main two pretending to be their twin sisters in order to avoid being murdered by a fucking Yakuza boss, this fucking 60 episode series has it all.

You know, I only started watching this because you asked me to. And honestly? if you had only told me to watch the first episode and nothing else? i probably would have kept watching it. it strangely has the ability to make you want to know what happens next. I honestly have no fucking idea how. The plot somehow simultaneously happens too fast and is way too dragged out. I think what compels you to watch more is it’s ability to do things like this.

My favorite part of the series is Sam and Taurtis continuing to narrowly “no homo” around their feelings for each other. Seriously guys, you went on a fake date and kissed several times in this series. Have your characters go out with each other. The people can clearly see the chemistry.

Sam, as his own character, separated from the other characters, is kind of a dick! I probably wouldn’t watch his videos where he plays on his own. He just works better with other people, I guess. Sam’s character, is quite literally a stalker! This man has sent out wedding invitations. In high school. To HIS wedding, with someone who has shown ZERO INTEREST IN HIM, HAS PUT OFF ALL OF HIS ADVANCES,  AND HAS NOT EVEN BEEN PROPOSED TO YET. Seriously, the man needs to back off to say the least.

Taurtis, however, that boy is a fucking diamond in a rough. You wonderful man Taurtis, you.

Congrats, you killed me. I literally did not sleep last night because in the two days I spent watching this, I couldn’t even finish it. I wasn’t going to watch this for a third day straight. I cried twice during that time, because I literally could not continue, but i did.. The last time I probably cried was when Kakyoin died in Stardust Crusaders.

Actually, I don’t want to mention Stardust Crusaders. I don’t want to give Sam any ideas.

This series has all the grace of a vacuum cleaner descending a staircase on its own. I think need to be comforted. Or murdered. Either works.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm curious SAO, what was the very first thing that made you say: o HmY gOd, this is, this is THE band, imma devote entirely to these five weirdos and love them til my very end (??????)

A lot of gypsy witchcraft summoned me into this hell hole. 

So I watched the X-Factor in 2010, which is literally the only year I’ve ever watched the entire series. Mainly because it was very cold and snowy and I was trapped in my college at uni trying to avoid going outside unless it was for lectures or alcohol. 

Then I saw this:

And even though I just re-watched it and laughed for five minutes straight, that was kind of the moment where I was like, “Holy shit these kids are going to be big.” It isn’t the world’s greatest performance or anything but it was the first time I was like, “this isn’t just five people singing at the same time” and they had something. “The X factor” if you will. They should’ve won. Everyone thought they would…but I think that’s probably Simon Cowell’s doing, not the public vote. 

ANYWAY. I forgot about them for the most part because I was shagging my way university and writing a sex blog about it, but then in 2013 I was working in London and I heard “Best Song Ever” on Radio 1 and I was like, “This is good…who is th-” and then it was like, “That was One Direction!” and even the DJs were like, “This is a really good song.” And so I listened to Midnight Memories on Spotify and was shocked by the Mumford and Sons-esque vibe so I looked up who wrote the songs and was really impressed that they wrote their own songs. 

Here’s where the gypsy magic bit comes it because I was walking out of my office to get lunch…just mindin my own business, listening to MM again and I looked up and Liam Payne was standing not far from me and I looked at him and then looked down at my phone screen that had this album cover:

Then I looked back up and was like, “Did I summon his presence? Am I a witch? Have I always been a witch?” but then it just turned out that he lived across the street and I ended up seeing that hoe all the time. 

BUT so then I was like listening to their music and was like, “Hey this is really good…” and THEN I saw that article on Buzzfeed about the “46 times Louis and Harry proved that they belonged together” and I was like, “Oh my god, I had no idea they were a couple! How cute. Yeah man, they really aren’t subtle.” And then all hell broke loose when I realised that they WEREN’T an out couple and I was like

(I was also very into Jenna Marbles at the time.)

SO yeah. That’s how it began. Then I was flying from London to California on a Virgin flight a few months later and it was like, “Virgin recommends This Is Us!” and it was in the morning and I was like three bloody marys in and so I was like, “lol okay” then I watched it about four times rapid fire like 

Because they were so endearing and now here I am. A fuckin Sherlock Holmes of gay teddy bears who’s been banned from writing for Buzzfeed because Simon Cowell got his panties in a twist over it. 

Flash forward a couple more years and I was hooking up with this guy who I then found out HAD BEEN ON THE X FACTOR IN 2010 (he didn’t make it to the live tapings which is why I didn’t recognise him). So inadvertently 1D would have infiltrated my life one way or another (heh) at some point whilst livin my vida loca in London. And now I’m in LA where I’m expecting to like have a latte spilled on my by Lewis at Starbucks any day now because that’s exactly how that shit would go down. 

And that’s what you missed on Keeping Up With SAO x

So, the Pens are going to the White House this season:

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uhmmmm what iF they all had a prank war what would happen

🇩🇰’s hair gel would be swapped for glue. 🇸🇪’s furniture would have all the screws loosened and every time someone would sit down, they’re fall straight on their ass. 🇮🇸 and 🇳🇴 would originally team up but then 🇮🇸 swaps all the butter in the house with play dough, 🇳🇴 is out for b l o o d. when 🇳🇴 turns the actual floor into real lava and 🇩🇰screams “the floor is lava” they all almost die. 🇩🇰 and 🇫🇮 are lowkey a duo made in hell. 🇫🇮 makes cookies out of spicy pepper and has like two regular ones so when 🇩🇰 goes to eat the regular one the others grab the pepper ones and they all m e l t. rip 🇸🇪 🇮🇸 and 🇳🇴.

  • batman: *points at shirtless joker's scars bruises cuts and injuries* where did you get all those? are you okay?
  • joker: oh uhm *points on one* this was one you and this one was you and this one was you and this one was you
  • batman: okay thats enough i get it-
  • joker: and THIS one is that one time you pushed me off a roof and the bone tore through the skin!
  • batman: oh god ok please stop
  • joker: and this one was you and this one was you and this one and this one- and OH THIS ONE is when you-
  • batman: ...... shit....

Bellarke AU: Climbing Mount Everest

Bellamy and Clarke fall through a sheet of ice into a cave, where they have to find a way out since where they were drowned out their distress signals for help. Without the right equipment,  little food, and temperatures below freezing it was inevitable they would die fairly quick. They need to work together to survive before the mountain takes them like it has the others before them.

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Imagine the boys playing uno Imagine the shit that would go down

Oh my god what a disaster honestly. Like Michael would be strategic af okay he’d be saving up a draw 4 just knowing that the prime opportunity would come up and it would – and he’d put it down on top of 3 other draw 4′s cause Luke would’ve put one down first thinking he was going to slay Ashton with it but then Ash put one down, too, and so did Calum, and then Michael laughed triumphantly cause he could put another one down leaving Luke with a whole circle of draw4s piled up and he’d probably whine and huff and cross his arms over his chest like i don’t even wanna play this is dumb and Calum would probably try and sneakily put down two cards or put down the card he’d picked up when he didn’t have an appropriate card and Ash would be like HOLD ON A MINUTE. and like argue whether or not he could put down a pick up and that’d spark like a whole entire debate about the rules of the game which would somehow end with Calum getting his way and winning even though he technically probably shouldn’t have and Luke sitting there at the end with 16 cards that are all yellow

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What if Anakin never turned to the dark side, but still, through some alternate series of events, ended up as profoundly mutilated as he did on Mustafar? Such an essential component of who Vader is are his injuries, so how do you think a still-light side Anakin, who has the love and care of Padme, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka (and his kidslets?), would deal with his injuries and come to terms with what happened to him? basically how do you think shit would go down??

AYYY WHAT AN IDEA - let’s say the jedi, mid-ROTS, find out the location of the separatist base through dooku, who was captured. they probed his mind, found the location, and then dooku escaped. naturally, they send anakin, because not sending in your force nuke would be dumb, and probably some other jedi upstarts like mace windu, kit fisto, etcetera, while yoda and his team handle whatever the hell is happening on coruscant. 

let’s also say that dooku and some deus ex machina were waiting for the jedi to show up on mustafar, anakin - in his “i haven’t slept in four days and i haven’t eaten in three” ROTS mentality - loses ground, dooku performs mou kei, and anakin is turned into a crispy hot dog, screaming on the floor. one of the jedi talks mace windu out of mercy killing him, they scoop him up, and then they fly back to coruscant to the tune of anakin’s moans of pain.

they get back, having destroyed the separatists (let’s say that anakin force choked the life out of dooku while burning alive, because that’s something anakin would do), and now palpatine’s lost the plot. his apprentice is a charred stump and his little game of war is in shambles, and they’ve found him out. so he fucks off to some little corner of the galaxy to bide his time and do, i don’t know, something a sith would do. he kicks puppies and spits on dogs.

now the jedi are tasked with, uh, scraping the charred bits off their chosen one. because the jedi aren’t fucked up like palpatine, he’s way better taken care of, he gets anesthetic and proper prosthetics, he has access to physical therapy and all of those good things. as cruel as the jedi can be, i really can’t see them separating anakin and padme when anakin’s so horribly injured, so they take care of him in the sense that - well, they owe him. hearing someone scream in pain for hours changes your opinion of them (cough, mace windu) and the fact remains, now that the sith lord has been revealed, everyone’s kinda hoping that they can get anakin back on his feet so he can fulfill his destiny. they’re choosing now to believe in that prophecy.

meanwhile, anakin is a wreck. he’s depressed and self-conscious and isn’t doing very well, despite padme’s best efforts - after several months of slow healing, they come to the decision that it’s best for anakin, and their family, if anakin leaves the order. the jedi are pissed, but you really can’t stop them at this point, and padme gets anakin to therapy and gets him an awesome doctor because she’s extremely invested in helping anakin. obi-wan visits. when ahsoka hears what happened, she comes running, and the whole squad (minus the jedi guy) lives on naboo and it’s pretty nice. even so, anakin has some really, really bad days, and it probably takes him several years to come to terms with what happened, and even longer to accept it.