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hello love! so sorry to bother but i was quite concerned about kougyoku's headpiece shown on the 13th page of magi's chapter 334. i wanted to ask if it symbolizes her rank or just serves as an accessory? she's one of my favorite characters and little details such as this mean a lot to me so i wanted to ask you about it ;_; i hope this isn't of any trouble to you, thank you for reading, wishing you a wonderful day!! ☆

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If I remember correctly, you mean what she is wearing in Alibaba’s “dream” of the future, right? If so, yes, that specific headdress marks her as the empress.

Hakuryuu has actually worn it during his tenure as emperor:

According to this source, it’s called a Mian Guan (冕冠):

Official and state rituals of utmost importance (usually involving sacrifices to Heaven) will involve in the usage of the Mian Guan 冕冠. The “Mian” refers to the lacquered board placed on top of a Guan (usually is a large Guan that covers the entire head), with a square edge at the back and rounded edge in front. Strands of jade beads called liu 旒 drape from the two ends, with their colours in the respective color order: White (metal), yellow (earth), green (wood), red (fire), black (water). The Emperor’s Mian exclusively uses 12 strands of 12 jade beads front and back, while members of the royalty are entitled to use 9 strands of 9 beads. High and middle-rank officials also can use similar designs with 7 or 5 strands of the same number of beads.

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Three Days in the Highlands Chapter 41


This is a complete work of fiction and as such is an entirely fabricated tale created in my imagination.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and this is the beginning of the final chapters to this tale in the Highlands.


Caitriona is too alluring and Sam is distracted by what she is wearing and also by words spoken that have deep significance for him.

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The legend herself


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