what she wants is michael

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: You can't tell me the whole Scranton branch didn't shut when Michael and Holly got married. That they didn't fly out to Colorado to see Michael marry the girl of his dreams. You can't tell me Michael didn't try to get Ryan to be his best man but when Ryan ran away, he asked Dwight instead. That Jim wasn't a groomsman. That Cece wasn't the flower girl. That Andy didn't sing the song Michael and Holly danced to. That Kelly and Andy didn't have another dance off and this time, Andy didn't have to go to the ER. That Phyllis, Pam, and Erin didn't cry when they said I do. That Michael didn't ask Erin for a dance. That the whole office didn't plan a flash mob like at Jim and Pam's wedding. There is no way none of this didn't happen.

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all my imagines that I wrote everyday in february, enjoy! (inspired by dodie clark doing vedif) 

day one: Ashton - That Band

it was just a festival, until she bumped into someone who caused things to take an unexpected twist.

day two: Luke - Alive, just

crushed by the waves, amnesia ridden and unable to remember the one closest to her.

day three: Michael - Nightmares No More 

he was her safety net, always there to catch her after a bad dream

day four: Calum - Background People

sometimes it’s the one you don’t pay attention to that has the biggest impact.

day five: Ashton - That Band, part two 

she caught a musician’s eye without knowing, now she had to find him.

day six: Luke - Nights Without You 

an unexpected visit from the one she needed most.

day seven: Michael - Ever Growing Love 

who’d of thought that two strangers would’ve impacted so strongly on each others lives, told through the perspective of a close friend. 

day eight: Calum - Passenger 

you go through life as an observer, you see people go by and never know them. but what if you got to, just once without knowing? 

day nine: Ashton - If Only: Part Three

to him she was everything, yet to her he was a stranger to talk to unaware of him being her guardian angel. 

day ten: Luke - Winter Chills

snowball fights on a fresh winter morning, a simple yet sweet way to spend with the person you love. 

day eleven: Michael - Loose Threads: Part Three

devastated from last nights actions she goes to see Michael and hear him out one last time. 

day twelve: Calum - Cheat Day

a surprise order is in store for Calum as he tries his best to be a supportive friend, yet ultimately fails. 

day thirteen: Ashton  - A Day To Remember

both single, both up for an adventure. what a way to spend valentine’s day. 

day fourteen: Luke - Home Comforts

long distance is never easy, sometimes it just takes the sound of his voice to bring you the comfort you truly need. 

day fifteen: Michael - (preference)  #40. Let’s break the rules, just for one night.

all she wanted was something different, but what Michael had in store for her wasn’t what she expected. 

day sixteen: Calum - (preference)  #35. So you’re telling me that you’re dead?

rushing to see her friend who remains in a coma she is unable to hold back her feelings for him, and as they say, comatose patients can hear you. 

day seventeen: Ashton - (preference)  #55. Sometimes the darkest days have bright bursts.

supportive figures come in all forms, even the best friend you’re deeply in love with. 

day eighteen: Luke - (preference)  #44. It was just a walk.

it was just a chat between strangers, nothing else. or at least that was all it was meant to be. 

day nineteen: Michael - Interview 

yet another interview the band had to do whilst she sat out of sight watching, until a story she wished to not hear came to her attention. 

day twenty: Calum - Night Life 

one too many drinks has been known to cause the unexpected to become something else entirely, much to her and Calum’s confusion. 

day twenty one: Ashton - One Sided: Part Seven

it’s no longer just her as her written words screamed for help whilst he silently wished for her to stay.

day twenty two: Luke - Sacrifices 

sometimes to achieve your dreams you have to make the greatest sacrifices, other times they’re made on your behalf. 

day twenty three: Michael - Postcards From My Past 

years and years worth of written care all for her, yet knowing he is soon coming home an apparent hidden message is uncovered. 

day twenty four: Calum - Judgement 

their entire relationship revolved around secrecy, meeting in hidden places to remain out of the world’s eye. but in reality, the secret can hurt more than the truth. 

day twenty five: Ashton - Mistaken Identity 

a last minute night out before she goes back for her last few months at school manage to change all because of a mysterious individual. 

day twenty six: Luke - Old Times 

some messages will always have the same memories, no matter how much time passes or how things change. 

day twenty seven: Michael - Postcards From My Past, part two

with Michael home she has little time to decipher his messages and meanings, but it isn’t easy with the box of postcards that have been collected over the years.

day twenty eight: Calum - A Goodbye

it’s never easy to say goodbye to the ones you love and have grown as a person with but sometimes it’s inevitable. 

thank you for reading wedif, it was certainly an adventure! - catherine x 

Nicotine M.C

warning: smut

word count: 3000+

song: Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco

I really like how this one turned out. I tried writing it a bit differently so instead of writing it just in 1st person I did a mixture of 3rd and 1st, I felt like it would’ve turned out better like that. Hope you like it @miastxy ! x

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I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you
So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do

Just one more hit and then we’re through
‘Cause you could never love me back
Cut every tie I have to you
'Cause your love’s a fucking drag
But I need it so bad
Your love’s a fucking drag
But I need it so bad

Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine, nicotine

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Dive (Part One) - Derek Hale Imagine

A/N: my first Derek Hale Imagine ahh xD my favorite sour-wolf! 

Anonymous said: Hi love! How are you? I was wondering if you could do a Teen Wolf imagine? The reader is Alpha of her own pack who came to Beacon Hills and she is well respected among everyone for her strength, bravery, skills, wisdom etc. She meets Derek and Scott (and everyone else) and helps them with the Alpha Pack. Along the way she and Derek fall in love and she becomes great friends with the others. Thank you so much, have a great day!❤😘

Disclaimer: I don’t own Teen Wolf :D

Your name: submit What is this?


“I don’t trust her!”

“Derek! She wants to help us! She knows about the Alpha pack-“

“Scott, you can’t just pick up any stray Omegas you find and expect-“

“Whoa, excuse me?” (Y/N) argued from where Deaton was patching her stomach up. “Did you just say stray Omega?” she asked getting upset.

“Yes” Derek said firmly.

“Oh, how charming” she said rolling her eyes. “An Alpha, I’m assuming?”

“Yes” Derek said stepping closer. “How did you know?”

“Takes one to know one, handsome” she said flashing her red eyes at him.

“Ha! Bet you didn’t see that one coming sour-wolf” Stiles said laughing but stopped when Derek glared at him.

“You’re an Alpha?”

“Yes” she said as Deaton finished.

“It should be gone in no time” he said with a kind smile.

“Thanks” she said rolling her shirt down. “I’m (Y/N)” she said extending her hand for him to take. Derek looked at it and hesitated but shook it anyways.


“Hale, I know” she said grabbing her jacket from the chair and putting it on. “I know all about the Hale family and I know all about Scott McCall” she said looking back at Scott. “The True Alpha” she said emphasizing it only to annoy Derek a little. She succeeded.

“And you want to help us?” Derek asked still upset.  

“Well, yes. You’re crazy if you think you can take an Alpha pack by yourselves” she told them.

“And you know how?”


“Uh-huh and we should trust you why?” Derek said with a sarcastic laugh.

“Because my last name is Lupin” she said defiantly and erasing Derek’s smirk off his face.

“You’re (Y/N) Lupin?” he said shocked.

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Do y'all ever think about how in Voices in My Head, Michael is giving Jeremy advice on how to ask out Christine and he tells him to mention how smart she is? What if that’s what Michael always wanted to tell Jeremy when he confessed but he’s trying to set Jeremy up with Christine to make him happy, but all he knows about love is what he feels for Jeremy

the fact that Michael Scofield…who threw his ENTIRE life away (keep in mind that he had so much potential to do some really great things) to get himself incarcerated and experienced years of torture and almost losing the love of his life handful of times. Michael who left his morals behind and keeping so little faith close to him in order to not go insane. The man that has seen blood being shed & shed some himself because of his determination to help his brother THINKS and BELIEVES that he isn’t much of a BROTHER? there is a serious underlying tone in all of this. Michael Scofield went to the ends of the Earth for his brother so Lincoln can breath in a dose of freedom still doesn’t seem enough. he feels like he lost his way. U see it in his face in the current season. We are watching one of the most confident and smartest human being feeling unworthy, unwanted and helpless. After all this he still clings on to what he knew. He pleaded to Sara in that recording to not forget who he was, that he IS Michael Scofield. The person that was admired by the country during “Fox 8” for being the ring leader- the mastermind. The person that helped Sucre become a husband and a father, the person that gave C-Note a second chance at life, the person that gave LJ his father back and though with tremendous consequences…he gave Sara the love that she never knew she wanted and needed. Michael, in what he assumes is his last dying breath, NEEDS to be remembered as that Michael Scofield. Not the one that is barely hanging on now. But yes….

“I’m not much of a brother.”

8.04: I’m pretty sure I like this episode more than most people do…

I really love the “outsider pov” and seeing how a trio of “normal folks” react when their lives are infected by the supernatural. Because these kids were true innocents whose lives were sacrificed by a werewolf who was only trying to cover his own tracks.

Are monsters truly monstrous? The werewolf in question had been living for years on animal hearts, controlling himself and resisting the urge to kill people. We learn a lot about the sort of control that werewolves within a few generations of a pureblood can have (changing outside the full moon, not blacking out when they transform, resisting the urge to kill). But this is a story about what happens when after YEARS of “controlling himself,” the professor makes one “mistake,” and instead of running for his life when he knows that hunters will probably be coming for him soon, he bites an innocent student of his to pin the blame for the death on.

He didn’t want to leave his comfortable life. He didn’t want to give up everything he’d worked to have at the university, in his career, so he bit Michael to turn him. That was one of the acts of monstrosity in this episode, even more so than the original victim’s murder. He bit Michael knowing that he would turn, knowing that Michael would have no idea what happened to him, that he’d have no control over himself that first time he turned, effectively putting EVERYONE ELSE in just as much danger.

But Michael turns to his friends, his “brother” and his girlfriend, who each deal with what’s happening to him in their own ways. Brian is jealous of Michael’s supernatural strength, because he was already jealous of Michael for his relationship with Kate. Brian had noticed Kate first, but she’d fallen in love with Michael. Brian wanted the girl, and a lot of this episode is how that jealousy turned him monstrous before anything ever bit him.

As the three of them discover what happened to Michael, that it’s more than just the positive changes that have made him physically stronger and faster, Brian asks Michael to help him find the thing that bit him, because he wants to be stronger and faster too. Like a “superhero.”

BRIAN: Michael, you can’t keep this to yourself.
MICHAEL: Keep what to myself? We don’t even know what this thing is. Why the hell would you want it?
BRIAN: Michael… I don’t – I don’t want to be Piggy anymore, man.
MICHAEL: You’re – you’re not a pig, man. Brian, listen to me. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve just got to figure out what it is you want and go after it. I’m telling you – you don’t want this.
BRIAN: Right, ‘cause I don’t want to be super-strong or have a prayer of getting any ass this year or… Please, please.

(heh, Michael didn’t get that reference)

But this exchange really tells us everything we need to know about these two characters, and their respective “humanity.” Michael was scared, despite outwardly enjoying the benefits of what had happened to him. He wasn’t willing to let this happen to his friend, at least until they knew what was going to happen to him.

Brian didn’t care about what the consequences might be. He just wanted that power, and wasn’t even interested in learning the fine print first. Even after Michael fully turns for the first time and kills someone, and comes home horrified and covered in blood.

Michael and Kate begin staking out Sam and Dean trying to discover if they know what’s happening to him, Brian follows them and agrees to help them, but nothing they say– even the bit about werewolves– deters him from wanting to get that bite himself.

He finds a clue in their videos that leads him to the original werewolf who’d started all of this, their professor. Who’d picked Michael to be his “patsy” for the hunters, because Michael had the audacity to sleep through most of his classes. “I mean, who would miss him?” He looks away from Brian when he says it, because even he knows he’s done something monstrous here.

PROFESSOR: Why are you doing this?
BRIAN: I want to see what you guys see… do what you do. I’m sick of being Piggy. I want to be Ralph.
PROFESSOR: We don’t get to choose who we are.

But Brian did. He blackmailed the professor into biting him, threatening to expose him if he didn’t.

When he returns home, he finds Michael and Kate packing to leave. The two of them decide to do what the professor should’ve done and flee from the hunters after them. They’re appalled at what he’s done, but he shows them the video of Sam and Dean killing the professor… who tells them, “Thank you,” as he dies.

But they spot the security camera and Michael and Kate worry that the hunters will use it to trace back to them.

MICHAEL: I remember attacking Scott. I remember ripping his beating heart out of his chest. I remember the look in his dead eyes when I bit into that heart, Brian. And above all, I remember how sweet, how delicious it tasted, and ever since I’ve tasted it, I’ve felt more powerful and more out of control.
BRIAN: More weak. You don’t need someone like Michael. You need someone that can take care of you.
KATE: I can take care of myself.

A fight ensues, and Brian kills Michael, because Michael would never hurt his friend, but Brian had no such reservations:

KATE: You asked him to? [to MICHAEL] He asked you to bite him?
MICHAEL: I didn’t, okay? [to BRIAN] I didn’t want to hurt you. I would never hurt you, Brian. [BRIAN laughs.] This thing inside of me – you don’t want this.

But Brian had already decided what he was going to do with his newfound power:

BRIAN: Kate, listen to me. I love you. I love you. You’ll understand. You just need to see what I see. After I bite you, you’ll understand.

He wanted Kate to love HIM instead of Michael, and he didn’t care about the cost, or what Kate felt or wanted. Because she loved Michael, even after he was bitten. Becoming a werewolf didn’t make her suddenly love Brian. So he forced the bite on her, too, believing that would solve all of his problems.

KATE: I didn’t finish Brian’s movie to justify what happened. To be totally honest, I’m not really even sure if I understand it at all. I just wanted you to know that – that Michael wasn’t always a monster. None of us were.

KATE:  I’m leaving. And you’ll never hear from me ever again. Look, I know that there’s another way. I can eat animal hearts. [A tear rolls down her face.] I’ve never hurt anyone. Nobody human, anyway. I didn’t choose this. Please… please give me a chance.

But her plea really does touch both Sam and Dean, and it’s Dean who makes the decision to “give her a shot” at salvaging whatever she can of her life. Werewolf or not, they’re fairly well convinced that she’s not a monster.

And that the real monsters in this episode already paid with their lives.

Just like s12 has been asking us over and over again: who are the real monsters?

anonymous asked:

hey i know mavin is cute yeah but can we talk about FAHC michael and lindsey?? everyone thinks michael is crazy and loud but next to lindsey hes practically normal (well almost..) michael can be predictable, always going for explosions but lindsey?? shes a wildcard, she does what she wants she doesn't care. even michael is concerned when they ask her to drive somewhere

haha fahc Lindsay is fucking amazing. I mean talk about Lady Luck, am I right? She’s somehow managed to weaponize pure luck and no one knows how she does it or how she’s still alive. And she’ll just shrug and keep going as she’s doing

this is just me getting out some important meg turney feelings i love her v much okay thanks for listening

Meg Turney was an aesthetic sort of person. There was no doubt about that.

Baby doll dresses and heels that gave her walk an extra flirty, commanding lilt, her hair in pretty curls that framed her pretty face. She loved things that exuded luxury, she enjoyed when people knew she was one of the have’s, not the have-not’s. Probably a result of growing up one of eleven in a family that never had quite enough to suit her tastes and probably one of the reasons she got into this business.

It could be something left over from her modeling days, when aestheticism was her bread and butter, but she had always had an appreciation for things that were pretty.

She also had a penchant for irony, which is probably why she was an ex-model turned criminal and why beauty was laced into everything she did.

She had lots of glitter in her wardrobe, but accessories were her favorite. She had guns in all sorts of pastel colors, her favorite car was a baby pink mustang with an all-white interior that she’d 100% gut someone for getting dirty, and she has a special person in the nearby laundromat who takes special care of all her blood-and-other-gore-stained clothes. “Like a mob doctor, but for clothes,” as Jack always teased.

Her favorite example, however, was her knife collection.

Griffon sometimes questioned the logic of having beautifully-crafted and easily identifiable knives as one of her weapons of choice, especially considering she insisted on going back to retrieve most of them (the only ones she left behind were ones she left as calling cards) because they were expensive as fuck and she was really attached to them. But to her, it was all worth it.

The sight of some huge lug, who very clearly underestimated her and thought he would simply scare her into submission, bleeding out on the floor with one of her beautiful knives, with roses carved into the marble hilt, lodged in his chest, some of the white petals getting painted in red with his retreating life, gave her such a rush.

Meg didn’t just use her knives for killing, though that was probably her favorite use for them (perhaps that’s why her and Ryan got along so well.)

Meg loved to scare everyone she knew and loved just a little bit, so she liked to show off her knives, her pretty, delicate killing tools as much as possible. She would peel fruit with them, hem dresses with them (“Cosplay isn’t cheap, you know, and I’d rather spend money on fabric than a new pair of scissors”,) and, on one memorable occasion, had enlisted Mica and Lindsay who had graciously trusted her enough to let her trim their ends with her favorite blade while the boys watched.

Besides that, she especially liked leaving them around specifically with the intention of them being found by people she wanted to find them.

The first time she’d ever left a knife for someone to find, it had been in the center of the bed of some frat boy asshole whose dad owned the jewelry shop she’d been scoping out for weeks. All she’d had to do was flutter her eyelashes and ask for a drink before she’d trapped him, acting captivated all night as he bragged endlessly about his dad’s store and spilling what he thought to be inconsequential information in the hands of some random, ditzy girl he’d met in a bar.

She’d let him take her home, let him eat her out for his troubles before looting the place and sneaking out before dawn, but not before leaving her blade hilt-deep in his bedsheets, with a note that said “Made you look <3” in red lipstick under the blade.

Meg found she liked using her blades as a calling card when the situation called for it, a signature all her own.

She left behind notes tacked to the walls by knives quite often while she was freelancing. More often than not, the notes were for The Vagabond, with whom she was frequently partnered for jobs (because the results were usually impeccable) and whom she’d grown very fond of very quickly.

She didn’t tend to stick around after jobs she collaborated on, just took her share and left without stopping to exchange pleasantries once her part was finished. The Vagabond, or Ryan, as she’d come to know him as, privileged information she was honored to know, was the only person who made her wish she would.

She couldn’t though, she knew that, not yet. There was still too much at stake for her, knew that no one was truly here to make friends and she was not about to lose everything she’d worked for because she’d wanted a companion.

So Meg left little notes where she knew he’d find them, little goodbyes that became “see you later’s” that became just any old thought that popped into her mind because she knew she’d see Ryan again.

“I saw all the Diet Coke cans you have stashed in the backseat of your car. Savage.”

“I’m always peckish right after these jobs. Next time, you bring coffee, I’ll bring doughnuts?”

“I don’t care how comfortable they are. I will not be seen on a job with you in those disgusting Dad shoes again.”

(That was a particular favorite, because she knew Ryan woke up the next morning with a video on his phone of his gross waiter shoes going up on flames in the middle of an undisclosed warehouse in West Los Santos. He’d shown up to their next job in, unsurprisingly, another pair of Dad shoes, she’d shown up with a shoebox and a pair of custom Diet Coke converse for him to wear. To her delight, he did.)

Every time they met up for a new job, he would hand her back the knife she’d left behind on the last one, a smile sparkling in the eyes behind the mask.

Then Ryan settled down with a crew and she went from seeing him a couple of times a month to not at all, and that was awful.

Then she’d gotten an offer from Geoff and Griffon Ramsey, patriarch and matriarch of one of the most infamous organized crime syndicates on the West Coast, who claimed an “anonymous” tip led them to her, and she decided that maybe she’d spent enough time on her own.

Meg moved into the Ramseys’ enormous penthouse, got her own room just down the hall from Ryan, and suddenly the infamous Baby Doll had a dollhouse all her own.

The Fake AH Crew quickly became accustomed to finding painstakingly detailed and jewel-encrusted knives in random places, almost always with notes attached.

She left a rhinestone-studded knife stuck in the center of a plate of leftover lasagna, claiming it as her own. She then left the same knife, now blood-stained, speared in the center of the stainless steel refrigerator with a note that read “WHOEVER ATE MY LASAGNA, I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL DESTROY YOU.”

She stuck notes on Trevor’s door, reminding him that Galavant was on that night at eight and he’d better be ready for some show tunes. When Galavant was on break, she made sure he knew that Reign was on in a few hours.

When Jack was out on recon, she left the curling iron she’d borrowed with its cord wrapped around the knife stuck in her bedroom door, with a note telling her thanks for letting me use this, there’s cookies on the counter if she was hungry, also they were out of tampons. Jack delicately reminded her that that information may be better shared via text, while she was still out and able to pick some up before coming home, and Meg agreed.

Meg got on with the Fake AH Crew like a house on fire, they were the family she thought she wouldn’t have after she let hers behind, but as much as she loved them, they only saw a fraction of her knife post-its.

Most of her messages were left behind explicitly for Gavin, Michael, and Lindsay.

If leaving L.A., becoming a criminal, and joining the Fake AH Crew felt like a puzzle piece sliding into place, meeting Lindsay, Gavin, and Michael felt like three more puzzle pieces connecting themselves to her and completing the whole damn picture.

A good chunk of their conversations were verbally continuing a thought Meg had left on a piece of paper tacked to a wall somewhere.

It might be a “I don’t know if Birdo is transgender, Meg, but I do know that you’re coming to bed and we’re taking a nap right now” or a “Turney, I don’t care if you don’t like it, I’m keeping the beard” or a “Hey, I got your note, I’m at the store now and I don’t see Land Before Time VIII, will you settle for Cats Don’t Dance?” Sometimes they would forget to tell Meg that they were answering a question she’d asked on a note and they’d have to backtrack and remind her.

Even worse, they had developed what Ray sneeringly referred to as their “super secret queer knife language,” which didn’t even require any paper notes. Meg would just leave certain knives around their room or the penthouse and miraculously, the other three were able to decipher what she wanted based off of it.

Meg’s switchblade with the hilt designed to look like a marble column was met with a text from Michael asking her what kind of food she wants him to bring her, he’ll head out in a minute.

Her black knife with the grip that was carved to look like a black cat wedged into the wall right next to the front door let Lindsay know she had a cat video to show her and to come to their room immediately.

Her butterfly knife decorated with actual, crystallized butterfly wings (a gift from when some of the Starbomb gang had visited) lodged in their door meant she was having some sort of emotional breakdown, “butterflies” in her stomach and that she needed one, two, or all of them, whoever was available, for cuddles, STAT.

Her double-sided knife that had flowers carved into the hilt was a promise, a tease, a request to have all the necessary supplies for a fun night, and Geoff gagged every time he saw it.

The best, however, was when Michael, Lindsay, and Gavin found one of her hundreds of throwing knives, small, compact, with pastel ribbons wrapped about the grip and hanging like streamers from the ring on the end. She left them discreetly, in places only they would find them.

Holding up Michael’s leather jacket on a hanger in the wall, letting him know she’d been able to use club soda to get the bloodstains out, or snuck into his duffel bag when he had to go away for a few days (he now had one of them hanging from his rearview mirror.)

She left one standing upright in the desk next to Gavin’s mouse of his ridiculous computer set-up, with a cupcake and a note reminding him to “take a shower for Christ’s sake, it’s been days and you are ready for this heist, I promise.”

Shoved into the mattress next to a brand new dress Meg had bought for Lindsay, a pair of matching shoes and purse lying next to it, with a note that read “Be ready by 7, I’m taking you out on a date <3.”

Little “I love you’s” and reminders that she was thinking of them, relayed to them with the same tools she’d used to stop someone’s heart. A “you take my breath away” with something she’d used to do just that.

i might put this on ao3 i don’t know let me know if y’all like that

p.s. the butterfly butterfly knife was given to meg by suzy from game grumps if you couldn’t tell bc she sells bug things

p.p.s. made a cats don’t dance reference bc natalie cole just died rip 


Michael x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One 

Part Two

“I heard you brought (Y/N) home.” Tommy chuckled after finding Michael lazily slumped in his office with a daft grin on his face.


“Bloody hell Tommy she’s been home almost a week and you’ve not noticed.” Michael chuckled.

“Well I’ve only just come back from London and the first thing I get is an earful from Esme.” Tommy chuckled and nodded towards the whisky and tumblers sat on the desk.


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Tangoing with Sexuality; Last Tango in Halifax - Meta

Episode two: The Ladies have Landed (here)
So, in episode one Caroline is being secretive about her liaison with Kate; being uncomfortable in her conversation with Kate, but also with the many awkward hallway encounters™. However, with Michael ‘bloody’ Dobson, we again see the usual fearless Caroline, how does that work? Is it a contradiction of her character? Why is the woman that has thus far been hiding beneath the Doctor Elliot mask suddenly quite forward about her liaison with Kate? Well, turns out it’s actually explainable. 

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The Virgo Complex-Part 3

Hades/Persephone AU

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Summary: Do you love me enough to let me go? Do you love me enough to set me free? Do I love you enough to think twice? Our love is eternal, though maybe only half that long.

A/N: Final part of  my fic based on the greek legend of Hades and Persephone but a lot will be different from the original to fit this story. Happy reading :)

|Part One| |Part Two|

~Approx. 3k words~


You had been a captive in the underworld for a few weeks now, a mere blink in the eye for an immortal, but you suspected that wasn’t the only reason the days were no longer dragging by. He had become much more kind to you than he had the first day. You often found the gemstone flowers hidden around the kingdom in places you knew he put them just for you to find, complete with poems that he had handwritten. The inky scrawl was no work of Apollo, but it was lovely still.

Despite how much better your stay in the underworld had gotten, you couldn’t help but feel bitter about your captivity. You missed the sky and the bees and the beautiful rivers that you used to have endless access to. You missed your nymph friends and your mother and the rare beauty of Mount Olympus.

You contemplated this as you picked over your meal. You could feel Michael’s eyes on you, his harsh stare something you were no longer afraid of.

“You don’t eat, my love? You stared back at him wordlessly. “Do you not like it I can prepare something more to your likinh if you wish it.”

“No I don’t want to eat anything else from here?”

“What do you mean, my love?”

“I’m already a prisoner, why should I add more time to my sentence by eating your food?”

“You are not a prisoner, this is your home.”
“No, this is your home.”My home is above the earth, not in the darkness where you hide.”

He suddenly rose from his throne, his eyes darkened like they were the first time you had made him angry. “Watch your tongue darling. Those braver than you have dared to threaten me and have not been able to handle the consequences.”

“I am not afraid of you.” You spoke defiantely, surprising him as you stood to face him. You were much shorter than him, but the fire behind your eyes outmatched the blaze in his own. “You won’t hurt me. You can’t hurt me. Because I do not fear you. I do not fear anything. I am a goddess and there is nothing you can do to hurt me.”

His face was a mere centimeter from yours. His blackened eyes searching your face for any hint of fear. But he found none. There was no shakiness to your voice, no trace of a lie behind your words, and no slouch in your posture. You were quite serious and Michael didn’t know what he felt more, anger or lust.

Slowly, he reached up to take your chin between his fingers, his power forcing you to keep still as he looked at you. “My, what an interesting girl you are my love. Standing up the the devil himself.” His thumb traced over your jawline, and you couldn’t deny the way his touch gave you shivers. “You’re lucky I love you.” He whispered, letting go of your face. He turned away from you. “Eat or don’t eat, I don’t care. Do as you wish.” He waved his hand before suddenly his form dissipated into black smoke, leaving you alone in the grand palace.


The skies were dark to match the barren fields of the earth. No crops graced the earth, flowers refused to grow, the leaves on the trees turned brown and stopped yieling their precious fruit. The earth was starving and the people and animals on the earth were no different. The earth’s princess was gone and the entire world was in mourning.

Olympus was no different. The gods were restless, Zeus included. The earth was slowly perishing and it was taking the mortals down with it. Without mortals to worship them, the gods would have nothing and that frightened even the strongest of gods.

Demeter had been searching the entire earth for weeks to find her daughter, but after coming up with nothing it was clear that calling together the council of gods was the only option.

“You are the lord of the skies, find her!” Demeter yelled, her once brightly colored dress turned grey.

“I can assure you she is nowhere in my domain.” Zeus replied calmly. He was not used to being bullied into submission and he wasn’t about to start now just because an angry goddess threatened to ruin the earth.

“Then where could she possibly be?

“Search the skies, search the oceans, search the entire earth even, but you’ll never find her.” A rough voice sounded. A puff of smoke from the back of the throne room diverted the attention from the sky god, all eyes on the black clothed figure with piercing green eyes and a knowing smirk on his face.

“You little brat, what did you do with my daughter?”

“That’s none of your business anymore.” Michael smirked, leaning against the column with a fresh pomegranate in his hand. Demeter’s eyes turned stormy, but knowing there was no way she would be able to reason with the god of the underworld she suddenly turned to Zeus.

“You have dominion over all that is, tell him to give her back to me.” She demanded.

“She has already eaten my food, she cannot return to the world of the living.” Michael interjected, pushing his way to the front of the throng of gods and goddesses.

“If she isn’t returned back to me the world will remain barren. All the humans will starve and you will have no one left to worship you. Is that what you want?” Demeter raged.

Zeus was no fool. He knew that if Demeter was good on her promise then the fall of the gods would be imminent, however he could not ignore the law. If Demeter’s daughter had in fact consumed the food of the underworld then there was nothing he could do.

“How much of your food did she eat Hades?”

“First of all, I go by Michael now, have for the last eon if you haven’t heard, but if you must know she ate a whole pomegranate. She ate the whole thing so she stays with me, I don’t make the rules.”

“You’re a liar.”

“Prove it.”
“You prove it!”

“Enough!” Zeus thundered, storm clouds in his voice. “Hades why must you always cause trouble.”

“For the last time, it’s Michael, and it’s not my fault. Blame Aphrodite and her love sickness.”

“So you love this girl.”

“Of course I love her, I wouldn’t be up on the awful mountain if I didn’t.”

“Then swear on her life that she ate the whole fruit.”

Michael was quiet for a moment. He knew if he lied on her life then there would be disastrous consequences. Broken promises were never resolved easily and he didn’t dare put his beloved’s life at risk.

“She ate six seeds.” Michael mumbled, hanging his head low.
“Six seeds that’s all? That’s practically nothing!” Demeter hooted. “Doesn’t even count, now give her back to me.”

“If she leaves me you won’t want to deal with the consequences.” Michael spoke darkly. “What do you think will happen if I no longer guard the gates to the underworld? The dead intermixing with the living my what a situation that would be.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“You clearly don’t know how much she means to me. I will fight to the ends of the earth to keep her with me, even if that means fighting the self centered goddess of wheat or whatever the hell it is you’re in charge of.”

“Has anyone bothered to ask Y/N what she wants?” Aphrodite interjected.

“Stay out of this beauty queen.” Michael snarled.

“Right who am I kidding, no one will ever fall in love with you.” The love goddess sneered. “Keep up that attitude and I’ll make sure of it.” She hissed under her breath so that only Michael could hear. His eyes widened. In a predicament like his the last one he wanted angry with him was Aphrodite.

“Duly noted. Remind me to sacrifice something in your honor later.” He mumbled before turning his attention back to Zeus.
“Tell you what, because I’m tired of this bickering I’ll make you two an offer.” The sky god boomed. “Six seeds is equal to six months. Six months she shall reside in the underworld with my dear brother, and for six months she will return home to her mother.”

“What!” Both Michael and Demeter shouted at the same time. While it was fair, neither god was used to compromise.

“It’s fair. I don’t want to hear another word.” Zeus settled himself back on his throne, wine goblet in hand, clearly quite pleased with himself.

“I’ll take her first. Hades lead the way.”

“For gods sake, it’s Michael and who says you get her first? You’ll just brainwash her into hating me.”

“Dear I’d be surprised if she doesn’t already hate you.”

“Oh buzz off wheaty. Don’t you have some trees to plant?”

“Don’t you have some souls to harvest?”

“Enough! I do not want to hear anymore bickering from you two.”

“Don’t worry it’ll only be twice a year.” Michael rolled his eyes.

“Will you give me on last night with her? Then she’s yours, for now, but please just let me say goodbye.”

“Oh like you let me say goodbye? Absolutely not.”

“Oh Demeter, give the boy a break. Hades, or Michael or whatever you go by now, you can have one last night and then you must deliver the girl back to her mother.”

“Fine.” He grumbled before exiting the grand courtyard in the same ominous puff of black smoke.


The familiar heat of the underworld greeted him. He hated being outside of his kingdom for too long. He was angry. Even the souls could feel it. He felt as if he had lost you, despite the six month’s grace he had received.

“Y/N!” He called out, his voice laced with the bitterness he felt. “Y/N!” His voice shook the entire realm and he was certain you had heard him and the fact that you hadn’t come running to greet him bothered him even more. He made his way down to your room, not bothering to knock on the door he had the decency to finally give you. You were laid on the large bed, your eyes closed and the movement of your chest matching the soft rhythm of your breathing. He almost didn’t want to wake you. “Darling.” He moved his hand up to stroke your hair that was still threaded with wildflowers. It felt like silk in between his fingers and he smiled as you lightly stirred in your sleep. He leaned his head down to press small kisses to your neck, poking his tongue out to leave a trail of wetness on your skin.

Your eyes fluttered open to meet his own that carried a hint of mischief mixed with the adoration he felt for you.

“Michael what are you doing?”

“Loving you.” His whisper sent a chill up your spine. His arms wrapped around your body, lifting you from the bed and sweeping you into his arms as he continued to place kisses all over your body. “I’m sorry for being so rude to you earlier. I just don’t know how to act around you.”

You mumbled something that sounded like ‘no excuse’ but Michael brushed it off.

“I love you, darling.”

“You don’t know me.” You whispered, your fingers threading through his hair.

“I know that you’re beautiful. And that you love the earth. And I know that somewhere in that big heart of yours you harbor something other than hate for me. I know that you care for me more than you let on, princess. And I will never let you forget that no matter how far away from me you are.”

“What do you mean?” You placed your hands on his chest in an attempt to create some space between you so that you could properly read his expression. “Why would I be anywhere other than here?” Michael’s eyebrows knit together, his expression darkening, but he didn’t answer you. “Michael?”

“Make love to me.”


“I want you. And I know you want me.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m ready to give you my body.”

“We don’t have much time my love, please.”

“I thought we had eternity.”

“Half an eternity.”


“I’m giving you what you want.”

“Michael.” Your voice was a whisper, unbelieving, like if you said what you were thinking out loud the idea would slip away.

“You hate me so much, now you can be free of me. For at least awhile.”

“Michael I don’t hate you.”

He suddenly stood up, crossing the length of your chambers in two long steps, his back turned to you. He was stubborn, but he couldn’t resist you. You got up from the bed, walking over to him. The moment you placed your gentle hand on his shoulder you felt him relax, the tension he had been feeling since the council meeting fading as you laid your hands on him. “I don’t hate you.” You moved to the front of his body, taking one of his hands in yours, the other reaching up to stroke his face. “I don’t. I just don’t like to be controlled.”

“Oh my love, what a pair we are.” He said, placing his hand on top of yours.

“I want to do something.” You spoke in a hushed voice, your eyes trained on the floor so you wouldn’t have to look into his eyes, but his fingers found your chin, lifting your gaze to meet his. It seemed like he was always doing that, almost like he craved the control over you it gave him. Slowly, you stood up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his. His hand absentmindedly reached around to the back of your neck and pulled you in deeper, but immediately, you pulled away. “No. I want to do it. Stop trying to control everything and just let me do it.” You berated him. Surprisingly he obliged, resting his hands at his sides and waiting patiently for you to do something.

You couldn’t resist the small smile that creeped its way onto your expression at the sight of him trying his best to keep still.

“There’s a good boy Mikey.” You cooed and Michael felt his heart leap at your words. You very deliberately began to trace your fingers along his arm, moving up until you slipped the dark robe off his shoulder where it pooled on the floor, leaving him in nothing but black cotton pants and a loose fitting shirt. Your fingers danced around the veins in his arms. They were so prominent, like rivers flowing through the desert. Goosebumps raised to meet your touch as you continued working your way down his body. “Take your shirt off.” You said. You wanted to see him like no one else had before. Without any hesitation, the god of the underworld silently did as you asked, depositing his shirt on the floor next to where his robe lay leaving his chest bare for you eyes to roam.

Your hands moved down his pale body, your palms flat against his chest as you touched his skin.

“You’re so beautiful.” You mumbled, your eyes trained on his body as your delicate fingers moved to circle over his soft tummy. “I don’t know why the mortals don’t erect statues in your honor more often.”

“Perhaps they can paint you next to me.”

“I don’t doubt they will.”

“I love you.”

“I know.”

He was silent again, seemingly content with you answer as your hands continued to roam his body. “I don’t want you to go. Please, don’t leave me.”

You were surprised to hear him beg, his voice cracking as he stared down at you.

“You said yourself I’ll come back to you, whether I like it or not.”

His hand reached up to touch your cheek, only this time you didn’t stop him. “I want you to like it.”

“Then give me some time.”

“How does half an eternity sound?” He chuckled.

“I think that should be alright.”

“Please don’t let it take that long for you to love me.” He wrapped his arms around you, placing a kiss to the top of your hair as he brought you into his chest.

“Then don’t make it so difficult.” Your mouth curved into a close lipped smile.

“Darling we have one more night together. Spend it with me?”
You mulled over his offer. The thought of his body close to yours, holding you close as you dreamed sounded like a little piece of heaven down here below earth.


“Okay? Really?” You loved how he sounded like a little boy whenever you appeased him.

“Help me out of my dress?” You looked up at him through your lashes, a facade of innocence on your face mirroring the excitement on his. His nimble fingers pulled you in by the waist before in one swift movement he lifted your dress over your head, leaving you bare in front of him. You were surprised however when his eyes didn’t once divert from yours.


“Yes darling?”

“I’ll learn to love you. I will. I’ll try.”

“I’ll learn not to control you. I’ll learn to make you happy. I’ll treat you like the queen you are. My queen.”

You nodded, afraid that if you opened your mouth you would say something you weren’t ready for.

“We have one night?”

“Just one.”  

“Then I want you to spend it holding me.”

“That, my queen, would be my pleasure.”



Beauty and the Beast Chapter One

Tags: @juniorhuntersam

Word count: 2235

Warnings: none

Parings: Dean x reader

“Hello! Anyone home!” (Y/N) called out as she walked into the old fashioned bookstore, the bell chiming overhead as it closed behind her. She jumped when a loud bang came from a back room behind the counter followed by a lot of coughing and a cloud of dust puffing out from the open doorway. Seconds later a girl with long black hair, pulled back into messy braid all but fell out of the doorway coughing and sputtering.

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I Can’t Watch A Movie Without Making An Ass Of Myself - M.C.

Summary: Michael thinks he messed up. 

Pairing: Michael Clifford x  Female Reader

- - - 

“Fuck, that movie was disgusting,” Y/N shuddered as the closing credits started rolling down the screen. She sat up from her corner of the couch, reaching across Michael’s lap and grabbing one of the many bags of hot cheetos he stole from the convenience store. “You’re disgusting,” Michael shot back teasingly, giving her shoulder a playful nudge. “That’s one of my favorites, don’t be an ass.”

Y/N stuck her tongue out at him and grabbed the remote, returning to the Netflix home screen. “What do you want to watch next?” She asked, scrolling through the movies. Michael knew this was a rhetorical question- she had already stopped on Pulp Fiction and gave him the puppy dog eyes. Michael couldn’t say no to a Tarantino movie or Y/N’s gorgeous eyes, so he let out a sarcastic groan and nodded. Y/N squealed in excitement and hit play, then let her head fall back onto Michael’s shoulder. His breath hitched slightly.

Through the movie, Y/N had her head on Michael’s shoulder and her arms around his soft torso. Michael couldn’t focus on the movie in front of him when the love of his life was cuddling him, and he was just sitting there like a total douche. His arm slowly snaked around Y/N’s waist, butterflies erupting in his stomach as she curled closer to him, humming with contentment. Michael got too caught up in the moment. He leaned down and pressed a kiss on the top of Y/N’s head.

“Michael,” Y/N mumbled warily, sitting up and looking at her best friend. The movie was paused. Fuck, Michael thought, mentally beating himself up. “Fuck, Y/N, I’m sorry,” Michael sighed, bending over and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Michael, I-” Y/N began, but Michael wasn’t done talking.

“I’m sorry I kissed you, that was a total dick move of me. It’s just- I’m… I’m in love with you, Y/N. I know I’m nothing to you, I’m total scum-of-the-earth probably, but I just want you to know you’re everything to me. Oh my god, I can’t watch a damn movie without making an ass out of myself! When you laid on me I was stupid and assumed that-”

Y/N leaned in and connected her lips to Michael’s very gently, one hand resting on his neck and the other pressed lightly against his chest. Michael’s eyes widened and he let out a surprised squeak, but he quickly relaxed and let his eyes closed as his lips moved in sync with Y/N’s. She pulled back shortly after, a smile curving on her face. “That was an excellent way of telling me to shut up,” Michael breathed out, a grin forming on his own face. Y/N leaned in again, but this time she let her forehead rest on his.

“I love you too, Michael,” she giggled, kissing him again.

i think the best way to properly exemplify the differences between michael and rafael is their ~grand romantic gestures~ rafael gets jane’s favorite author to propose to her very publicly after, like, 4 months. rafael’s proposal, while romantic, wasn’t exactly considerate. he didn’t talk to jane’s family, the most important people to her, or even jane herself about what she wanted for their future. michael goes to jane’s abuela and learns to speak his vows in spanish, fully immersing himself in jane’s family, culture and religion. that, for me, is what separates the two of them. rafael will always be impulsive and rash and self-centered when it comes to his feelings for jane. michael will always put jane’s happiness, her wants and needs, above his own. 

He’s not that bad part 2 *requested*

“You should do a part 2 of “he’s not that bad” “
“You definitely need to write part 2 of He’s not that bad!It is amazing,I liked it so much!Part 2 pleasee” 

Part 1 here  

Words: 1383
Warnings: mention of the “base system”
Pairing: Michael x reader
Requested: Yes x 3

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