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The naruto fandom is one of the most toxic and sexist fandom I've ever been in.Someone actually said they hoped sakura got brutally raped and murdered.What normal person says these things?You don't have to like her but seriously,what has she done to you?I dislike Karin,I mean really think she's distasteful,but I wish no ill will on a fictional character,I was outraged that Sasuke stabbed her.What do these type of people say to actual people in real life that they don't like?My god the ignorance

Yup, it certainly remains as the worst fandom I’ve ever been exposed to. Disappointing, but watcha gonna do? :)

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In IAGBO song there's a part where jb sings "when you down for the week and then gone for the weekend" so I think that what she did that was really fucked up is to lead him on and make him think that she trusted him and wanted to take him back and then tell him that she didn't want him. And also from the Sofia Insta incident I think that she would also fight with him or do smthing to not allow him to move on with other females when she saw him getting close to other girls (something he also did)

It’s quite possible…

  • [An AU wherein Hawke and Companions join the Inquisition]
  • Cassandra: Ser Hawke has graciously agreed to lead this Inquisition, provided that we give sanction to her Kirkwall associates as well. Inquisitor, allow me to introduce you to your council of advisors.
  • Josephine: I look forward to working with such illustrious denizens of the Free Marches.
  • Leliana: Yes, tales of your role in the Mage Rebellion have traveled far and wide. I am eager to hear them from your own lips.
  • Cullen: Not you assholes again.
  • Lauren: What are Dinah and Mani arguing about this time?
  • Ally: They have a bet going about what Camila's like in bed. Dinah thinks she's secretly really kinky but Mani thinks she's too romantic.
  • Lauren: Yeah, she's actually both.
  • Ally:
  • Lauren:
  • Lauren: I mean... How would I know? I don't know what Camila's like in bed.
  • Lauren: But I would assume she's both.
squint at where you’re from

oops sometimes you gotta

spoilers for 413, bellamy/clarke, 1600 words, gen. AO3!

Even though it’s not really the same as coming down in the first time, Bellamy still has this strange sense of deja vu as he looks at the door. The ship is smaller, he has fewer people with him, he feels both more and less sure of what he’ll find. They tried to hit the only spot of green they could see, but the controls are a mess, so he’s not sure they got to it. The whole fucking ship is a mess, built out of whatever scrap they could salvage. Even with six years to perfect it, the thing is still held together with spit and prayer, according to Raven.

But it got them to the ground. They’re back.

“Just open the fucking door!” says Raven, and Bellamy lets out a long breath and finally hits the release.

He knows what he’s hoping for: clean air, plants, blue sky. And he gets all of those.

He just also gets a girl, maybe ten or eleven, with brown hair in braids, pointing a gun at him. Which is honestly fairly encouraging; someone survived, and they have firearms. So she probably came out of the bunker.

He puts his hands up on reflex.

“Hey, uh–we come in peace,” he tries, and then says it again in Trig, for good measure. He doesn’t recognize her, but that doesn’t mean anything. She could be from another clan; there are plenty of them he doesn’t know. Or–his heart trips on the thought–she could be a nightblood. She could have survived because of that, and if she survived–

The girl pulls her gun back and looks at him critically. “Are you Bellamy Blake?”

He blinks a few times. “Um, yeah. I’m Bellamy Blake.”


She sounds skeptical, which doesn’t make any fucking sense. She’s the one who brought it up. There’s no reason for her not to believe him.

“Yeah, really. Did you come out of the bunker? Is my sister with you? Octavia?”

You’re Bellamy?” she says, like she didn’t hear him. She’s making a face like something smells odd. “I thought you’d be taller.”

Taller?” he asks.

Raven pokes her head out. “It’s been five minutes and you’re already being held at gunpoint? You sure have a way with people, Bellamy.”

“Look, we don’t want to hurt you,” he tells the girl. “Just–”

“I know,” she says. “You just want to see Clarke.”

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The culture of college education in this country is so frustrating to me, because it ends up feeling like life and death when it really really shouldn’t. Failing an exam or dropping a class or taking more than four years or even dropping out of school shouldn’t feel like the end of the world, and we all know this, rationally, at yet they do. 

(And people who went to college when you could basically always get into your first choice school and pay for the entire year with your summer job busing tables, perpetuate this by making everything about arbitrary metrics of ~success~ rather than happiness/general life satisfaction).

And yeah, there are a lot of cultural and societal factors at play, not least of which is the way that our education system treats college like the goal, something that must be harnessed to guarantee the highest possible earning potential, a necessity for future success and happiness. 

But expecting to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re what? 17/18/19? is ridiculous. Hell, I’m in my twenties and in grad school and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life most days. Basically no one I graduated from college with is doing what they ultimately want to do (if they even know what they want to do). 

Idk idk. Life isn’t linear and it’s a lot longer than it seems when you’re 19 (which I realize is rich coming from me, the 23 year old), and they way we treat college is kind of (very) fucked up. 

Nickname Headcanons

Ever since phase one, 2D, Russel, and Murdoc have all had their own little nicknames they liked to call Noodle. They’re not used much now that she’s older, but they still make a reappearance every now and then.
Russel: babygirl, princess, baby
Murdoc: brat, kiddo, darling, sweetheart
2D: little one, Noodle-cup, honey, dolly


i let you go, annie


if you want to view paradise,
simply look around and view it
anything you want to, do it
you can change the world,
there’s nothing to it.


I wonder how many exclusives (probably 5/5) Dan Wattpad must have before some people realise that no one is stupid enough to give interview after interview to somebody who bashes them constantly. Self respect is still a thing.