what she doesn't know will kill you

  • You: Love
  • Me, an intellectual: Kaz Brekker, Bastard of the Barrel, Dirtyhands and Lieutenant of the Dregs, who only ever invests in people for the sake of money or his own gains, doesn't know what mercy is, can kill a man without blinking, rescuing Inej Ghafa and telling her he would've done it again and again and again even if she no longer had the skills that make her valuable

@ people who complain about killing stalking or any other story plot featuring abuse

Chill. It’s not real.
If it’s triggering then just… don’t read it???

should you fight them: clone wars edition
  • anakin: if you value your life, do not fight anakin. he probably deserves it, but you might die, so i wouldn't recommend.
  • obi-wan: he's gone through enough shit, why do you even want to fight him? i guess if you really need to, just know that there's no way you will ever win, but he won't kill you unless you're an immediate threat. just don't hurt him, please, he does not deserve any more hardships.
  • ahsoka: why would you fight ahsoka? do you like beating up innocent padawan ladies who have never done you any wrong? plus, anakin will probably gut you.
  • rex: literally do not fight rex. he is completely innocent and has experienced too much sadness for one very short clone lifetime, please do not fight him. plus he will fuck you up, i mean have you seen this boy??? like anakin probably won't come after you but it's because he knows he doesn't need to.
  • barriss offee: please fight barriss. you know exactly why. just do it! fight her! she deserves to have her ass kicked immediately.
  • asajj ventress: she'll hand you your ass and probably kill you, but if you want to fight her, then i guess?? sure???
  • satine: DO NOT FIGHT SATINE. you will win, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST???? plus, obi-wan will kick your ass.
  • lux bonteri: he's a great politician, but he's also as useful in a fight as a tie-dye handbag, so you probably shouldn't fight him. i mean, you'd win, but it wouldn't be satisfying.
  • padme: she might seem weak and easy to defeat, but she's had like 10 assassination attempts and she's not even thirty yet, nor is she dead. do not fight her. PLUS, anakin would try to kill you if you even looked at her wrong, so like. there's that.
  • hondo ohnaka: you should probably fight him, but you also really don't want to get on his bad side, but he's also strangely likeable, despite being a literal kidnapping, thieving, smuggling pirate? i dunno, dude. i guess you can fight him, but you should be careful.
  • palpatine: i cannot stress how much you should fight palpatine. you'll probably die, but it will be worth it.

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How will the s,m,t react if they find out that Yui is the princess of hunters and she have the duty to kill them ( Yui didn't know about her family) and let say that she has the ability to kill them but she doesn't want to.. Like she is struggling between love and duty. -Sorry for my bad english :'(

This is so sad ;-;


♥Shu: So… It’s your job to kill me, huh? How bothersome… And I thought everything was going nice and steady. Oh well… Do whatever you want. I don’t care… I knew a day like this would come, eventually… But I didn’t expect you would be the one to end my life.

♥Reiji: You’re… I asked you what will you do, but your words do seem weak. You say you love me, but you sound doubtful about it. Hm… Let’s do it this way. Run away from this house, and never come back. I… I’ll kill you if you come back.

♥Ayato: You have to kill me?! Why?! You don’t need to… You don’t have to! See? You don’t want to do it! You’re mine, Chichinashi! And that means you cut all ties with the rest of your family! I’ll kill those people if they ever think to come for you!

♥Kanato: How dare you… Don’t you love me?! I opened myself to you, and you just…-sniffs- I should just kill you myself! I know you can choose, so choose to stay with me, stupid!

♥Laito: …Bitch-chan? Are you going to kill me? But, if you’re going to do so, why are you crying? Huh~? You don’t want to? But, if you have to, I don’t care, nfu~ It would be a nice proof of true love to die at your hands… That way, I would truly believe that you love me, haha~

♥Subaru: You know… I once wanted to die, ages and ages before meeting you. But now that I’m at your side… It’s different… Tell me, wouldn’t it be easier if I just killed the ones who sent you to finish me?


♥Ruki: Do what your heart tells you to, Livestock. I can’t help you with this. You’re on your own. I don’t agree with any of these things, honestly. I believe you’ll make the right choice. But, if you choose to kill me… I’ll have to defend myself. So, choose wisely.

♥Kou: W,what?! Why do you have to… Are you that silly, M Neko-Chan?! It’s obvious which side you should pick! This… This is not fair… Don’t you think my opinion is important in this kind of situation?!… H-hey, look at me…

♥Yuma: Hah?! Sow, I’m just going to say this once, so get your shit straight! If you loved me, you would tell all those assholes to fuck off! Your past, and those hunters don’t matter anymore! Here, now, it’s you and me, you get it?!

♥Azusa: W,why are you… Telling me this, Eve…?!… We are so happy… Together… I… Gave away so many things… Just to keep you… At my side… And you…! Am I… Not important to you… Anymore?… S-stay with me… Eve…


♥Carla: What a shame. I guess it was a waste of time to let this… Relationship go too far. Do you even think you can match my power, human? I’ve killed countless of your people. So, be wise and throw those thoughts away.

♥Shin: You’re one of those hunters… Heheh, it’s kinda fun how a handful of humans think they can get rid of us so easily. My power in battle is unmatched. Luckily for you, I’m giving you the option to deny your duties.

zodiac horror story (part 2)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • *
  • part 1: http://littlekingv.tumblr.com/post/158545307359/zodiac-horror-story-part-1
  • *
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • *
  • - previously on ''zodiac horror story''
  • ''virgo: this forest is scary as shit.
  • aquarius: your face is scary as shit.''
  • pisces: *screams*
  • cancer: PISCEEESSESEESS.''
  • - this time on ''zodiac horror story''
  • *
  • the signs are all traumatized by what just happened. did pisces die? is she still alive? who knows. the signs are sitting in taurus' tent, waiting for the perfect moment to come out.
  • taurus: well, aries, because i wanted to have a tent all for myself because i don't want to sleep with any of you in one tent. and it was really small and cute, i just had to buy it. couldn't resist.
  • cancer: then why are we in this tent and not in yours, aries? you have the biggest tent out of all of us.
  • aries: the tent is only meant for sagittarius and me.
  • scorpio: then don't fucking complain about being in the smallest tent. you are the one who doesn't want to share your big ass tent, so it's your fault that we are here, in this tent.
  • virgo: y'all know that we could easily move to my tent? my tent is the second biggest.
  • leo: what if the killer is outside?
  • aquarius: who the fuck said that there was a killer?
  • capricorn: she could've easily fell.
  • gemini: true, but can you also explain how she's gone all of the sudden and why she screamed so loudly?
  • aquarius: aliens.
  • sagittarius: guys, don't worry. she'll probably be back soon. gemini left too and here she is.
  • gemini: hehe.
  • libra: is pisces gone?
  • scorpio: *hits libra with a flashlight*
  • capricorn: so.. are we going to move from tent or what?
  • aquarius: i just want to sleep, man.
  • taurus: saaMEEEE.
  • cancer: should we just go outside and check if anything's outside?
  • virgo: yes.
  • leo: who's going first?
  • sagittarius: i will go first, i don't care 'bout shit.
  • sagittarius slowly peeks his head out. he crawls out of the tent.
  • sagittarius: no one's here! you all can come out!
  • everyone crawls out of the tent.
  • aquarius: hmm.. what time is it?
  • cancer: *grabs phone out of pocket* ehh.. 3:34 AM.
  • aquarius: OH MY GOD I WANT TO SLEEP.
  • scorpio: well, we aren't going to sleep until we find pisces. let's split up.
  • aries: what?! are you out of your fucking mind?!
  • virgo: why can't we just stick together..?
  • scorpio: if we split up, we have the chance to find pisces faster.
  • gemini: not if she's dead lol.
  • scorpio: she's not. she can't be.
  • capricorn: she can..
  • cancer: WE DON'T CARE. we're going to find her, whether she's alive or not. we can't just leave a friend behind.
  • sagittarius: well, she basically left us behind.
  • aquarius: can i just stay here and sleep?
  • taurus: yeah, can i stay here too?
  • scorpio: no.
  • cancer: wait, what if taurus and aquarius stay here and watch our stuff, and we are going to find pisces.
  • capricorn: good idea.
  • leo: can we just go already?
  • virgo: i ain't leaving if we are all going to split up. i don't want to go alone.
  • cancer: we ain't going alone. we're going in groups. you and capricorn will go that way, leo and libra that way, sagittarius and gemini that way and scorpio, aries and i will go that way.
  • virgo: ugh, fine.
  • cancer: great, let's go.
  • scorpio: and be careful y'all.
  • libra: yay, adventure!
  • all the groups are out in the woods, looking for pisces, not knowing where they are, or where to go. let's see how capricorn and virgo are doing out in the woods.
  • virgo: it's sooooo cold.
  • capricorn: i know.
  • virgo: why does this happen to us?! why, oh, why?!!!!!?!?!
  • capricorn: calm down! we're just going to walk around, head back and then we're just going to say that we didn't find pisces. end.
  • virgo: what!? i don't want to lie!
  • capricorn: well, too bad! pisces probably just left us because we didn't listen to her.
  • virgo: she wouldn't! she would've told me.
  • capricorn: maybe not.
  • virgo: she's my best friend. why wouldn't she?
  • capricorn: soo.. you're her best friend, still you don't want find her. okay.
  • virgo: what? who said that?
  • capricorn: you did. all you were worrying about is splitting up.
  • virgo: that's just because i'm afraid to go alone in the woods, okay?!
  • capricorn: you didn't even say anything when she went missing or when she screamed or when there was a blood trail on the ground.
  • virgo: i-i.. i don't know.
  • capricorn: of course you don't.
  • capricorn starts walking while virgo stands still, not knowing what to do or say.
  • capricorn: hurry the fuck up.
  • virgo: *sigh*
  • let's see how taurus and aquarius are doing.
  • taurus: i wish i had some pizza right now.
  • aquarius: oh my lord. why did you say that?!
  • aquarius: I'M HUNGRY NOW, THANKS.
  • taurus: i have chips in my bag if you want.
  • aquarius: yes please.
  • taurus walks over to his tent and grabs a bag of chips out of his bag.
  • taurus: *sing hallelujah*
  • aquarius: *sings with taurus*
  • taurus: do you want a drink?
  • aquarius: yes.
  • taurus: coke?
  • aquarius: yes!
  • taurus walks over to his tent again.
  • taurus: aqua, do you know where my mini-fridge thingy is?
  • aquarius: uhh.. no?
  • taurus: uughhhhh. someone probably stole it.
  • aquarius walks over to taurus to help him find it.
  • aquarius: uhhh.. maybe behind your tent?
  • they go behind the tent and they see a light in the distance.
  • taurus: hey, do you see that light too?
  • aquarius: yeah..
  • taurus: should we go to it?
  • aquarius: uhh.. i don't know man..
  • taurus: i'm going.
  • aquarius: w-what?!
  • taurus walks towards the light.
  • aquarius: fucking hell.
  • aquarius follows taurus.
  • taurus: heeyy, it's my mini-fridge and a flashlight!
  • taurus picks up the fridge and flashlight.
  • aquarius: phew.
  • aquarius walks back to the camp.
  • aquarius: *looks behind him* taur-taurus? what are you doing? why are you standing there? come on!
  • taurus falls on the ground with 4 knives in his back and one knife in the back of his head. he's.... dead.
  • aquarius: *screams*
  • scorpio: aquarius?
  • *
  • rest in peace taurus.. you will be missed..
  • *
  • stay tuned for part 3, and thanks for reading!
  • Mioda: Isn't this great? It's just like when we were younger! Remember that time— *starts rambling*
  • Inside Tsumiki's mind: You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.
  • Inside Tsumiki's mind: That doesn't sound fun at all, Tsumiki!
  • Inside Tsumiki's mind: Well, how do you know? All you do is nurse people, Tsumiki!
  • Inside Tsumiki's mind: I think Tsumiki is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, Tsumiki.
  • Inside Tsumiki's mind: Oh! Tsumiki, Mioda stopped talking. She wants you to respond. Say something, stupid!
  • Tsumiki: I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Mioda: Aw, thank you!
  • Inside Tsumiki's mind: Nailed it.

★ Karamel Appreciation Week ★

Day 6 favorite angsty moment

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HC that after hearing the prophecy, Snape goes to Lily himself and tries to persuade her to flee with James and baby Harry, but she won't listen because she doesn't trust him. "Lily, please!" pleaded Snape, his voice laced with desperation. "What, you think I'm just going to abandon everything on your whim?" Lily spat back. "It's common knowledge that you're in with You-Know-Who! You're probably just trying to draw me out so he can kill me!" A frosty pause. "James was right about you."

When Severus Snape heard the prophecy, he rightly assumed that the Dark Lord would find the information very useful. It had been his last chance. The Dark Lord already had all of Severus’ potion recipes. There wasn’t anything more that Severus could teach or show or bargain with other than the flying spell- the one that he and Lily had made together, the one that he had promised himself he would never teach to anyone.

The prophecy was vague.  His heart rejoiced at this.  It would be nearly impossible to sort through the number of people that the Dark Lord believed had defied him- after all, he believed that about everyone except for himself. The madman had grown ever more paranoid as time went on- there had been some whispers in the higher ranks that he’d even killed some of his most loyal operatives after accusing them of sabotage.  Severus had been looking for a way out for a long time, and this, he was certain, would be his ticket to do so.

But things, as it turned out, were not that easy.

They never were.

He sat at his desk the night after the September 15th Death Eater meeting, his quill quivering in his hand.  Steeling his jaw, he placed pen to parchment and began to write.

Dear Lily,

I know we haven’t spoken very much, or really at all, as I have done my best to abide by your wishes, but I must beg you to please reconsider staying in Wizarding Britain. Please take your husband and son out of the country until the war is over.  You were the only person who ever called me a friend, and for that, I cannot sit idly by while your family is in danger.

Please, talk to Albus.



He handed the letter to Albus, his hand quivering with fear.  The headmasters eyebrows furrowed for a moment and he cast a spell on the envelope to check it for dark magic.

“You still don’t trust me,” Severus grumbled, shoving his hands in the pockets of his traveling cloak.

“Severus, I am merely following your wishes and keeping them safe,” Dumbledore sighed in reply. “I shall deliver the letter.”

Severus finished giving his report and Apparated back to Spinner’s End, his mind consumed with depressing thoughts and a sense of self loathing. 

He stared at the knives hanging over the kitchen stove for a long moment before turning away.

No. Not tonight.

He still had work to do.

Severus was not expecting the letter that Albus Dumbledore handed to him the next time they met. Even without bringing the envelope up to his nose, he could smell Lily’s distinct rose-and-lemongrass scent, which was unchanged even after so many years. It made him feel pathetic with longing, and he forced himself to shove down the anguish until his eyes were hard and black and empty.

“She is doing well,” Albus said simply, without being asked. “The baby keeps her rather sleep deprived, but she’s healthy and happy.”

“Thank you, sir,” Severus said, his voice bereft of emotion.

“Off with you, then,” Dumbledore said cheerfully.

Severus went.


I’m not sure why you seem to think that you can change my mind, but it is at least very kind of you to show your concern. This is my home. I belong here, and so does my family. I won’t be run out for being the “wrong sort.”  You should understand how that feels, Sev. You spent a lot of time being run out of shops for looking like the wrong sort as well. But instead of understanding you joined up with the very man who wants me and everyone like me to be dead. DEAD, Sev. Do you know what that means?  Did you think that he didn’t really mean it when he said that? That the power, fame, and glory he promised you was somehow worth throwing the rest of us in the fire? Albus told me why you did what you did. I know I must be happy that you had at least the tiniest shred of decency to help us hide, but let’s not kid ourselves. If it had been anyone else but me, you wouldn’t have done it.

Hah. I meant to write a short note, and here you have me writing a missive. I guess that’s what happens when the baby is teething and refuses to sleep. I tell myself that I can see the good in anyone. After all, I did marry James-Fathead-Potter.  Even though you were a bit rough and I didn’t always agree with your methods, I used to know that your heart was in the right place, Sev, but now I’m not sure you have a heart left at all.

I’d better stop writing. The words are beginning to blur from sleep deprivation.


Severus didn’t realize he was crying until the first few tears hit the parchment and the ink began to smear.  Her scent, which was pressed into the parchment filled his head with bittersweet memories.  He hurriedly folded it and slipped it back inside the envelope, casting a Stasis Charm on it.  He knew it was pathetic, but at that particular moment, he didn’t particularly care.


I know I shouldn’t keep writing to you, but you must know that I have done my best to atone for my sins. I know I have made many, many mistakes.  Believe me, nothing you have to say to me is nearly as harsh as what I tell myself, but I am doing my best to make up for what I have done wrong.  The Dark Lord is going mad, or he has already gone. It’s hard to tell the difference nowadays.  He is paranoid, he looks for reasons to maim or kill even his most ardent followers. Even Bellatrix Lestrange got subjected to his Crucio at the last meeting for speaking out of turn to praise him.

I am not telling you to leave because you are not welcome here. I am telling you to leave because regardless of what has happened, I want you to survive while Albus works to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all.

I shouldn’t say this. If the Dark Lord were to find out, I would be executed.  But I need you to know.  I need you to understand.  Please. My life is worth less than that yours and that of your family….your happiness. 

I will pay out of pocket for the portkey myself if that will convince you.



Save yourself.



Lily’s next letter was brief.


Spoke with James. He agrees that we can’t trust you. The charm we’re using should protect us. Albus suggested it, and we all know that You-Know-Who is scared of his power. And, on the off-chance that your portkey is a trap, I have asked Albus to destroy any subsequent letters or items that you send.

Sorry, Sev, but I can’t take chances with my family. Maybe we can talk when this stupid war is finally over.



Severus stared at the word above her name, his heart thudding so quickly he thought it might burst.

She loves me. She still loves me.

He didn’t have any delusions that it would ever be romantic. But with his mother dead more than a year, and his father lost to drinking a few years before that, Severus had no one to love.

No one but Lily.

And she loves me.

He held the note to his chest, willing himself to breathe and wanting nothing more than for the war to be well and truly over.

But it wasn’t that simple.

It never was.

It never would be.

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Okay but what if Ashi gets really flustered when she tries to nose rub Jack because she doesn't know how to show affection so she just accidentally headbutts him instead. (On the first try, anyway; she apologizes and manages to get it right the second time.) But seriously though, I feel like Ashi's main response to Jack's mental self tormenting him would just be like "DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL THEM??!" She is 100% that "Then I will kill them FOR you" friend.

Omg over protective Ashi I love. PLEASE

  • Robert: Vic said you'd gone to talk to somebody.
  • Chas: Yeah. Your trollop.
  • Robert: What did you say?
  • Chas: None of your flamin' business.
  • Robert: I hope you didn't make things any worse.
  • Chas: Worse?? How?
  • Robert: I thought maybe you'd gone to see Aaron.
  • Chas: No, no, you see, cos I can't see him till tomorrow.
  • Robert: I thought maybe you'd gone anyway.
  • Chas: Tomorrow not soon enough for you? Bearing in mind the bad news I've got to give him.
  • Robert: So you're telling him, then?
  • Chas: He's my son. How can I look him in the eye and not? You cheated on him. With her. And now I'm gonna have to break his heart.
  • Robert: Then don't. Maybe Aaron doesn't have to know. If I can speak to Bex, we might be able to contain this.
  • Chas: And let you get away with it?
  • Robert: No. To protect Aaron.
  • Chas: He's never needed you more, and look at what you did. Now, get out, before I kill you. Because if you stand there for much longer, so help me God.
  • Robert: What about Liv?
  • Chas: She's not your responsibility. You're nothing to us now. I want you out of this pub, and I want you as far away from here as possible.
  • Robert: Chas, please don't do this.
  • Chas: I don't have a choice. I know it will destroy him, but at least you will be out of our lives forever. Because after this, there is no way he will ever forgive you.

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I see RBers are hating on Emma in the sneak peek because she didn't immediately want to help Gideon and insinuated she'd be willing to kill him. No shit...? The guy actually did try to kill her! It doesn't matter if he was born yesterday, he's literally an evil 28-year-old NOW who left a terrible first impression on the Charming fam. They don't owe him anything though it seems like they're willing to try and negotiate for Belle's sake.

Gideon’s main goal was and will soon once again be to kill Emma.  Emma has no obligation to help him.  And you know what?  I’d be lowkey saying I’d like it better if he were dead too, because this motherfucker has tried to kill her and has sent her TL away and is using him as blackmail.  Like Emma should have any obligation to help him do his dirty work.  After how horrible Rumple has been to Emma, she doesn’t owe him the kindness of mincing her words around him.  And TBH, what has Belle even done to try and help the situation other than let Rumple fucking help him?  As far as she knows, Gideon is still trying to kill Emma, and Belle was totally okay with that as long as her son didn’t darken his heart.  Yeah, I have no sympathy for them.  Boohoo, Emma said something mean to Rumple and Belle about their son, meanwhile said son is trying to fucking kill her and they are actively helping him.

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Beronica fans also have been sending her hate because the show has done bughead. Telling her to kill herself and she's an awful person.

which is absolutely terrible and it’s not something i condone at all. telling someone to kill themselves it’s serious business and it should not be done over a tv show or fictional characters. and sweetie :) sorry to burst your bubble, but lili reinhart is an awful person. she’s fake, contradicts herself literally all the time, she quuerbaits beronica constantly oh and let’s not forget about that time she said lesbians and wlw are something out of fanfiction and that they don’t belong in riverdale. so yeah. i’m not saying people should be sending her threats and telling her to kill herself because again, it’s not a cool thing to do, but she also isn’t the angel everybody in this fandom pretends she is.

The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Lord henry: wow basil who u paintin
  • basil: NOBODY [sweats]
  • lord henry: he's p. hot u should show this pic to everyone
  • basil: dude i cant theres ~too much of my self in it~
  • lord henry: LMAO BASIL you ugly fuck that guys the hottest dude ive ever seen and you.... well.... arent..... but dw im sure hes dumb as shit
  • basil: .........:(((...........but i love him
  • dorian: sup guys im here now what talkin about
  • basil: how hot you are
  • lord herny: yeah
  • dorian: hahah omfg
  • bail: let me finish my painting
  • lord henry: OKAY im going
  • dorian: HENRY NO DONT LEAVE ME HERE its v. boring
  • henry: k fine let me just poison your entire worldview and turn you into an asshole in like 1 page
  • lord henry: hey u know dorian that painting of u is p hot but you wont be hot forever one day you will be OLD and GROSS
  • Dorian: oh fuck
  • dorian: oh god really
  • dorian: if only through some ambiguous dark magic the painting could get old and gross instead of me :'(((
  • basil: dude chill
  • Basil: ~DORIAN NO~
  • Basil: I will destroy the painting
  • Dorin: basil no its pretty
  • Basil: fine
  • Hery: k bye everyone i got stuff to do
  • ~later~
  • basil: hey dorian hey
  • basil: here you can have this painting bc im madly in love with you
  • Dorian: SWEET ok bye
  • Dorian: [closes door]
  • dorian: [looks at painting]
  • dorian: [breathes heavily]
  • Dorian: fuck............ im so hot.........
  • ~1 month later~
  • dorian: hey everyone im engaged to this actress
  • everyone: cool lets go see her play
  • actress: [bad acting]
  • actress: b/c I love u :'(((
  • Dorian: u suk bye bitch
  • actress: kills self
  • dorian: [doesn't know]
  • painting: ~evil vibes~
  • dorian: ew omg no no no i must write an apologetic letter to the girl i hastily ceased loving
  • henry: lol she dead
  • dorian: Thats it there is no good left in my heart
  • henry: haha yeah also here have this book that will turn you into even more of a jerk
  • dorian: tnx henri
  • henry: bye
  • basil: DORIAN WHAT THE HELL OH GOD you are not the starry eyed little twink i knew 1 month ago what happen to you dorian no ilu
  • dorian: ((hmmmmm basil would probably turn me into a better person......... but no...... i am an evil man......evil.......to the core..))
  • dorian: Bye basil
  • ~5 years pass~
  • dorian: hahah im such a bad person but who gives a fuck
  • dorian: [various ke$ha songs and montage of him throwing money and jewels and music and rich tapestries and orgies everywhere]
  • dorion: k that was fun
  • painting: [hella gross]
  • dorian: lmao
  • ~another 5 years pass~
  • basil: dorin omfg hi is that u
  • dorian: yea
  • basil: i have heard bad things about u dorian everyone says youre a fucking asshole but i don't believe them bc you're too hot
  • dorian: hahahahaha actually speaking of do you want to see my ~soul~
  • basil: lol wut
  • dorian: .........wait.... why did i show you that.......
  • dorian: fuck...... i have to kill you srry
  • basil: [dead]
  • dorian: hm.
  • dorian: hello chemist man can u pls destroy that body with your chemistry magic
  • chemist man: k
  • ~later~
  • henry: sup kid
  • dorian: stuff
  • dorian: hey henry do u think basil got murderd
  • henry: dunno prolly dont care really
  • dorian: .......k
  • ~later~
  • dorian: haha wow
  • dorian: I'm a bad person
  • dorian: this sucks better go kill myself tbh
  • Dorian: [stabs painting n dies]
  • police: wtf this is gross
  • ~FIN~
  • Sasuke: Shut up, you're useless.
  • SS Fans: Well I mean he's right there's nothing Sakura can do right now, he's just being blunt
  • Sasuke: Naruto, they're a burden, you should have just left them to die
  • SS Fans: Sasuke is right, they have to save the world even if it hurts him so much to make that choice :( / Sasuke's lying, he just doesn't want Kaguya to see that he cares about Sakura so she won't attack her! / He's just tsundere!
  • Sasuke: But thanks to that [the vest] I made it. But not you. I did it on my own.
  • Naruto: Did you thank Sakura and Obito for saving you?
  • Sasuke: Who gives a shit just focus on the goddess trying to kill everyone
  • SS Fans: Aw he's such a tsundere :)
  • Naruto: Sasuke! Save Sakura!
  • Sasuke: ....... -no intention to save her-
  • -Kakashi saves Sakura-
  • Sasuke: What the fuck how did HE get Susanoo?! A perfect one at that!
  • Sakura: I love you! Maybe romantically or platonically idk, which one Kishimoto-sama?
  • Sasuke: GOD you're annoying, I'm going to trap you in an illusion where I kill you so you'll shut up
  • Kakashi: She just wanted to save you, she's not even interested in going out with you anymore
  • SS Fans: Shut the fuck up Kakashi you don't know shit
  • Sasuke: What, is she having fun daydreaming about love? I just don't care about her love for me, I never have and she should have stopped a long time ago because I've NEVER been interested
  • Sasuke: Naruto, you're the only person I care about so that's why I have to kill you, you're my best friend, my only bond
  • Sasuke: -flashbacks of Team 7-
  • Sasuke: I think of Team 7, Sakura included, as a FAMILY

I love you, Iris.

grey's anatomy sentence meme ( various seasons. )
  • " you're my person. "
  • " i am a hormone casserole! "
  • " i don't know how it happened, but i don't have anyone. "
  • " isn't that the most ridiculous piece of crap you've ever heard? "
  • " the only time i don't feel like a ghost is when you look at me. "
  • " how would you feel if she called your penis angry or snide? "
  • " they're my family. "
  • " we are not better. "
  • " the two of us are going to be serving slushies at the multiplex. "
  • " don't look at me like that, like you've seen me naked. "
  • " do i have sex hair? "
  • " just put one foot in front of the other, just get through the day. "
  • " you're dying inside, aren't you? "
  • " you can't replace her, nobody can. "
  • " sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, they just can't love you back in the same way. "
  • " apparently i lost you. "
  • " i was raised to be a good man in a storm. "
  • " i never understood squat about who you are. and now i do, and i don't like it. "
  • " are you upset with me? "
  • " life without you terrifies me. "
  • " it's you, i need you, and you're the only thing i will ever need. "
  • " take your hand off my boob. "
  • " because, it's what jesus, would freaking do! "
  • " you got your second chance, just don't screw it up. "
  • " in your dreams evil spawn! "
  • " what? you've never did anything crazy for love?"
  • " take off your pants. "
  • " you walk away? that's all i get? "
  • " i always screw myself out of everything good. "
  • " he/she's the one, and i wish he/she wasn't. "
  • " it kills you, doesn't it? "
  • " i'm going to become a lesbian. "
  • " please don't chase me anymore, not unless you're ready to catch me. "
  • " you can have the worst crap happen to you and you can get over it, all you gotta do is survive. "
  • " i would notice if you were missing... i would notice. "
  • " slow down, slow down.... shh. "
  • " here, take it easy. "
  • " i don't wanna be alone. "
  • " that's it? you're just gonna leave too? "
  • " i have nothing left. "
  • " i'm so tired. "
  • " i don't know what's wrong with me. "
  • " i don't feel anything. "
  • " my point is, i have a dog. "
  • " i'm miserable without he/she/you. "
  • " why are you whispering? "
  • " i'd really like to try your method of "healing with love." "
  • " you did good. "
  • " i need you alive because you're my person. "
  • " promise me you won't die because that would be the worst break up ever. "
  • " i'm still in love with you. i tried not to be, but it didn't work. "
  • " you want me to kick his/her ass? "
  • " thirty second dance party! "
Pt. 2 Oneshot(Request) Traveling w/ tc to tlm & Smaug is interested in u. He trades u for tlm & Thorin agrees bc he's mad.(U r a skin changer u just don't know)(Thorin doesn't realise what he's done till after and tc is furious) This might be long.

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Once your screams stopped echoing through the great halls of Erebor, silence was all that was heard from the dwarfs. Kill and Fili looked at each other in shock. Was their best friend really gone forever? Fill gripped sword tight and walked over to the king Under the Mountain.

“You cannot expect me to just stand here uncle! She wasn’t just a girl to me! Do not expect me to stand here and do nothing.”, he said, as he tried to match his eyes with Thorin’s. He felt a hand grip his shoulder.

“Aye, count me in.”, Before said to Fili. 

“Aye!”, the rest of the Company roared. Fili sighed in relief.

 Thorin looked around at the group of men in shock. They didn’t show fear or ager, but instead showed bravery and concern. He looked down at the stone, as your echoed screams filled his mind. He felt angry, but didn’t know why. All his life he had been waiting for the moment when he Arkenstone was his, but once he gained it, he wasn’t happy. Instead he felt clouds fill his mind, he couldn’t think straight. As he looked closer at the stone, he could see his refection. Only, it wasn’t his, it was his grandfathers. The reflection of a sick man. He saw a tear fall from his eyes, he knew he wouldn’t suffer the same fate of his grandfather. Thorin walked over to the edge of the stairs from which he stood and held out the stone.

“I am not my grandfather!”, he let go of the Arkenstone and watched it tumble along the glittering gold. 

He turned back at his brothers and smiled. Balin stood up and grabbed Thorin’s shoulders. Balin smiled and nodded his head. 

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go kill a dragon and save y/n.”, he slightly commanded. Fill and Kili smiled wide and hugged their uncle. Soon enough, the  Company of Thorin Oakensheild has set off on the journey to save y/n. 


You could hear the hurricane of Smaug’s wings on either side of you, as you two soared higher into the air. You couldn’t feel the tears on your face, all you could feel was the pain of knowing Thorin had given you up for a rock. You felt tired and slowly began to lead against the giant beast. You could feel every muscle of Smaug move, as he flew through the air. You became hypnotized by his shimmering scales. You placed your hands gently onto a few of the red rocks and softly slid your fingers across them. Suddenly, you heard a purr like sound come from the dragon. You jerked back in surprised, and began to laugh. You didn’t know why you were laughing, there was nothing to smile about at this point time time, but that purr broke down that wall. You felt a sudden shift in direction and the clouds of which he was sailing upon, were gone, All you could see was green land and a few small mountains. You could feel the fresh green air fill your lungs, it was like a drug. You hadn’t see so much green in your life. Then the another shift in the course. You saw Smaug head to the biggest one of the mountains you had seen earlier. You knew this was going to be your knew home, your new life,….your new roommate. Once you got closed enough to the mountain, Smaug pushed back with his wings and tilted enough that you began to fall off of him. You tried to hold on, but their was no chance of safety with this snake. Once you couldn’t feel his leathery skin, you couldn’t feel anything, just air. Suddenly something caught you from your fall. You made a small oof sound, as your legs and arms dangled from you. You placed your hands on the catcher and felt the fimilar claw of Smaug. He’d caught you, no, he’d saved you. You heard a low growl come from him. He slowly drifted over to the opening to a big cave, and gently placed you on the ground. You wobbled a bit, being you having’t walked in a few hours. Then walked into the cave. You felt a loud and hard landing from Smaug. You were confused on why he had brought you here, he could never fit in a cave, even if it was big. It wasn’t that big. You grabbed a stick and motioned Smaug to light it, he took a small waft of air and spewed a fire big enough to light the new torch. You looked up at him and smiled, there is no way he can get to me inside, you thought. Then, unexpectedly you felt a gust of wind take hold of you. You stepped back from the pressure, then immediately the movement of air stopped. You turned to Smaug, but in surprise their wasn’t a dragon, but a tall man. You gasped at the sight, you began to back away, but stopped once you saw the skin to the man. He was tan, but had tattoo like scars on his back. You stepped closer to him, he turned around and looked at you. You saw the eyes, dragons eyes, his eyes.


K. Michelle Gives Advice to Kehlani
  • Int: Are you familiar with the young lady Kehlani?
  • K: Yes, yes, yes! When I met Kehlani she was so respectful. She ran up to me and she was like "I really look up to you. I love your music."
  • Int: Have you followed what happened with her over the last couple of days, or last day?
  • K: Yes.
  • Int: You as somebody that's lived your life in the public, it seems like the burden of what she just went through with you know, breaking up with one guy, getting with another, breaking up with him, going to the ex- She tried to hurt herself late last night.
  • K: Yeah. I was gonna reach out today at some point.
  • Int: Do you have any advice for a young person coming up in this industry carrying that kind of weight because you seem to-
  • K: It's evil. It is outright evil. I'm to the point now where I just- you know, you can be big and bad you know, and then you have to go home and really deal with it. And I can honestly say that I'm really to the point now, it's just like, nothing shocks me, what people will say and do to you. Her? Um... she's 20, you know what I'm saying, and just starting. Then I can't imagine what it's like to not be toughened up by being on TV and getting beat up every Monday night. You know what I'm saying? You start to get conditioned to the hate, which is bad to say. She doesn't have that. Like, she's 20 and she just got in this and you know, she hasn't had the easy life either. So when y'all be going in on these people, you don't know what they life is like! You know, and just- evil! Like I even saw last night people was like, "Oh um, like you're so wack you didn't even succeed with killing yourself." Who says that to people?
  • Int: People on the Internet. Nameless faceless cowards.
  • K: And they're miserable and this is their only source of feeling important. Before, you couldn't talk to all the artists, you know? Now you can do things and say things, and she's probably sitting there reading every comment. Like I've hired someone who goes in and blocks, and I'll block. But she probably don't have that yet. And what I would say to her is, Stay focused on what it is. You're 20. You've got a lot of learning to do. You have a lot of love to give. And, you know, it's called growing pains, and no growing pains to the point where you.. end it, where you can't grow no more.
  • Int: She's had tremendous success for one project too.
  • K: Yeah! She has and people are excited about it. I'm excited about it. I just feel like you just have to ignore these people because the hate ain't towards you, it's for themselves. They hate themselves. So that really kind of bothered me and I am gonna [reach out] to her today.

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alex just doesn't understand memes and it absolutely kills maggie

Alex is totally a middle aged mom when it comes to internet culture like Maggie will try to show her a funny video and the whole time Alex is all like “Who is this?” “Do you know her?” “What does he mean what are those, they’re shoes?” “Who is Daniel and how many white vans does he own?”

and it kills Maggie cause like her girlfriend is a genius scientist but she can’t just shut up and enjoy a stupid vine

send me sanvers headcanons