what separates us all

i’m not a snob. i’m not rich. i don’t think i’m better than anyone. i’m not super skinny. i’m not a health nut. i’m not ignorant. i’m not going to scream at you for eating meat. i’m not going to make my cat vegan. i’m not saying 100% of the population could go vegan, i know there are rare diseases and restrictions preventing that right now.

vegans have the most bizarre stereotype honestly. we are normal people who care more about animals than we care about our taste buds. 

that’s it. that’s what separates us from everyone else. we come in all shapes, sizes, colours, ages. we care about other people, we care about where our food comes from. 

I decided that for my own sanity this is what I’m gonna hold into for the next four months. Despite everything they want us to believe and despite what they want us to forget I believe in what I see and THIS look screams LOVE, this is a look of pure adoration, and he only has looked at ONE person this way aka the LOVE of his life.

Mick Davies: My entire life with the Men of Letters, I never broke one Rule. And yes, at first I was shocked at how Sam and Dean operate. But what lady Bevell doesn’t mention is the lives they’ve saved, monsters destroyed, and outcomes made better not because of the Code, but because of Sam and Dean Winchester’s sense of what’s right. Dr. Hess: And that is the crux of he matter. The code is not a suggestion. It is an absolute. The Code Is what separates us from the monsters. It is the order by which we all live. Mick Davies: No. The code is what makes a young boy kill his best friend. When I was a child, I had nothing. I owed you everything, and I obeyed. But I’m a man now, Dr. Hess, and I can see the choices, and I chose to do the right thing. [silenced gunshot] 

12x17 “The British Invasion” 

Sticks & Bricks - A Day To Remember


And from all the smiles I’ve seen yours are the ones I crave for the most

“Our lives pass by so quickly that we don’t realize that there are so many precious moments to catch in [life]. In our daily life let’s record each and every moment and turn them into our memories. Let’s talk together, laugh together, sing together. That moment we share together unknowingly has already become special in our hearts. One month, you and I, the time we spent together, when we remember about this, it will be an amazing memory to us. That memory to you, I hope it will become your special daily life” - Taeyeon to her fans


Prompt: There is a glitch in the system and for some reason there is two Komaedas in the NWP, one is from SDR2 and the other is from the SDR2.5. And the two are arguing between each other about talent and hope.

A/N I don’t know who you are anon but I hope you’re prepared for the consequences of your actions. Oh, boy I’m going to have a headache over this.

SDR2 Komaeda vs SDR2.5 Komaeda

This was the showdown nobody asked for.

“Hello, I’m Nagito Komaeda, SHSL Luckster.”

“Hello, I’m Nagito Komaeda, I have the worst luck but it’s no talent.”

Perhaps even worse than the appearance of monokuma was the glitch of having two Nagito Komaeda in the New World Program.

Out of all the possible hurdles to the rehabilitation program, Komaeda’s luck just had to trigger the event with the least likelihood. Even with a program this advanced, it shouldn’t have made such a basic error in creating a double. What’s worse was that the double just had to be an almost polar opposite of the original. And out of all the participants, it just had to be Komaeda.

Both Komaeda’s were unnerved by each other’s presence and in fact, they took it rather calmingly. Contrary to the rest of the class, they took it in stride and resolved at peaceful acquaintances until the matter was resolved. However, that treaty was effectively dissolved once they got to know each other. It wasn’t so much about having a doppleganger but rather the issue that their double had such atrocious values.

“I despise talent. While it’s true that I don’t have any talent, I don’t hate it out of a personal grudge or anything. I just think that the world would be a better place without it.” Komaeda 2.5 discussed with a carefree smile.

“How truly despicable your existence must be to have no talent and therefore, no hope within you. I don’t blame you for having such twisted beliefs. It’s only natural that the worthless would hate those with worth.” Despite the harshness of his words, Komaeda’s smile was light and easy.

“I think that it’s you who is pitiful. Just because you have talent, your ego has inflated so much that you think that that’s all there is to the world. Those who are born with worth are meant to rule over the worthless, is that it? Despite your grand abilities, your worldview is terribly narrow.” Komaeda 2.5’s voice dropped to an ominously low level as he muttered, “I feel so ashamed to share name and face with you.”

“By all means, I’m the one disgusted by your existence!” Komaeda chuckled almost lightheartedly if only his eyes didn’t look so set on killing. “How could worthless trash like you even dare to think outside your unamazing box? Of course, the only reason I can think so highly is because my talent gives me the right to do so.” He narrowed his eyes. “Something you clearly lack. Those born without talent won’t amount to anything, that’s just the way the world works.”

The two engaged in a heated staredown, neither giving way.

“Ordinary untalented people are just stepladders for creating stronger hope. They can be less than that but they can never be anything more. They don’t posess any hope at all and that’s what separates the two of us.” Komaeda almost spat his words in disgust. “You’re hopeless.”

“This is why it’s so bothersome to try and reason with people who have lost reason. Me, hopeless? Take a good look at a mirror. You’re already a lost cause.” Komaeda 2.5 crossed his arms and looked down upon him with pity. “You truly have been blindsided by your talent if you think that that’s all there is to hope. Hey, have you ever heard of that saying? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“I happily accept your acknowledgement of talent as power.” Komaeda laughed for a bit and then paused, expertly holding the conversation in air. “But let me correct you, hope is more than just absolute power.  Hope, in other words, is a proactive will and talent… It’s an absolute “good” that’s brought forth by that!“

"You honestly believe in an "absolute good” how laughable. You place too much faith in this talent of yours. Just because you’re more talented, you think that you’re that better than the rest of us.“ Komaeda 2.5 looked down in contemplation. "Well, I suppose there is some truth in that. Talent is what places people in a hierarchy. The world is unfair because there is an unfair distribution of talent.”

“Hm? It looks like there might be some hope in you after all if you understand that much. But it’s not that remarkable of a hope.” Komaeda leveled a seething glare at him. “Without talent, you’re nothing more than a faceless commoner. The most you can aspire is to become a stepping stone of hope.”

“You’re right. Without talent, I’m at the bottom of the hierarchy. I, along with the rest of the population’s majority, am doomed to become mere stepping stones only. Such a needlessly cruel fate.” Even though Komaeda 2.5 said such despairing words, he hardly looked affected by them. Rather, he even smiled. “From our point of view, doesn’t it make your absolute good look bad?”

The air was thick with tension that neither of them had any plans of cutting, only adding on.

“Without talent, then everyone would be able to lead modest lives and find a modest amount of happiness.” He continued and then in a threatening tone, he added. “Were I able, I would erase all talent from the world.”

“Listen, you are without talent trash. The only reason why I let you talked this much is because I pity you for sharing my face. Well just because I’m hearing you out doesn’t mean I’m actually listening. After all, your words mean nothing without a talent to back you up.” Komaeda loudly proclaimed. “And how do you plan to get rid of talent when you have no talent of your own?”

“I won’t deny that I’m just a regular guy with a bit of bad luck. But even though I don’t have any talent, I don’t see myself losing to you.” Komaeda 2.5 stepped closer, challenging. “I have such terrible luck that I couldn’t possibly hope to defeat you.” He raised his finger and pointed at him with an aim that could kill. “But maybe I can take you out with me.”

“I’d like to see you try. Although I highly doubt that an untalented scum like you could possibly do anything that world-breaking.” Komeada laughed off the threat. “Who knows? Knowing my luck, maybe you’d get lucky instead and achieve your ideal world. That would be absolutely despairing for me.” Komaeda’s smile was twisted at the corners. “Then all I have to do is take all that despair and change it into hope.”

All of this could have been prevented if only Nagito Komaeda’s luck wasn’t so powerful. Now that there were two Komaeda’s, they decided amongst themselves to fight for their own ideals. With talent or without talent. Which one’s beliefs was stronger and would ultimately shape the world after?

This was the showdown nobody asked for but Komaeda was more than willing to fight for.

Look who has been a big girl knitter and finally cast on her sweater!
It sure took me long enough, but now that I am started it is only a few thousand stitches away from being finished.
I will do a separate update on what pattern I am using and all the details.
The pink swatch is another blanket square. I am trying to use up all my scrap yarns. The stitch pattern is lovely and super easy! I thought it would be a few days of painstaking pattern reading. But I picked it up really quickly. I think I might make another one :)

“What if i can’t control my feelings and make out with him? What if i get drunk and kissing?”

You guys realize how rapey that sounds, right? Like, what if the tables were turned and some guy you have no such feelings for just made out with you? You do realize that’s what most teachers feel for their students right? Nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Not to mention, many of us are underaged, do you know in how much trouble your tc could get if you suddenly “can’t control yourself anymore” and just randomly kiss him? Do you know what could happen to you in that situation?

Some of you have no idea what logical thinking is, do you? You can’t just lose control while you’re either still in school, underaged, they don’t reciprocate or all three of them. It’s what separates us from animals, self control in combination with the bare minimum of morality is what keeps society from crumbling and inner pedo’s and rapists afraid to do anything. There are laws and ethical values based upon this! So don’t you ever say such serious shit again without thinking “if everyone did this, would it make the world a better place?” Bc it wouldn’t and if only you did it, the consequences would also not be pleasant.

Once you’re legal, graduated and they reciprocate, fine. Do whatever the fuck you want. But until then, keep it to the fantasies.

The British Invasion

Word Count: 995

A/N: This is @faith-in-dean and my rewrite for “The British Invasion” where Mick doesn’t die. We are currently working on rewriting 12x18 as well but it’s a lot to edit so I’m not sure when it will be up. Hope y’all like it and don’t hesitate to give feedback! :)

“Ketch. Why’d you call me here?” Mick said walking into the conference room. He had been wondering what the fuss was about ever since he received the alerting message.

“Oh, I didn’t. Mr. Davies.” Ketch responded as confusion swept across Mick’s face, even more so as his boss that was supposed to be in London walked in.

“Dr. Hess. I didn’t think you left London.” Mick almost accused, stopping in his tracks.

“I don’t. But I have been tasked by the other elders to fix this rapidly deteriorating situation.”

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A DeanCas zombie apocalypse!au wherein Dean and Cas are separated from the very beginning due to their relationship not being recognized by the state. Six months after being placed in different Survival Groups and both thinking the other dead, they’ve long since given up hope for happiness in such a different, dark world. 

Until Sam goes out for a supply run.

Insisting on going by himself, he gets trapped in a beaten down car surrounded by the Undead, and is saved by a mysterious bed-headed man with a wooden baton. With darkness quickly approaching and so close to a hot zone, Sam and the stranger bunk in the nearest, safest nook they can find for the night, and exchange stories of Before and During with mouths full of baked beans. 

Or, rather, the mysterious man talks… Sam listens, raptly, to a love story that transcends even the end of the world.

The man moves his beans around his mouth as if savouring every greasy bite. He swallows with solemn blue eyes. “Before has been put to rest,” he says, voice gravel-rough. “What’s before us now is what truly matters.”

Sam bites his lip and nods into his can. “Who’d you lose?”

For the first time since they’ve met, the man looks shaken. He pushes around his food and swallows thickly, shoulders tense. “A man,” he says cautiously. The corner of his lips turn up in a ghost of a smile. “The most wonderful man.”

It's Ranting Time

It has been brought to my attention that once again, Tony Stark aka. Iron Man is getting a lot of hate. HOW????
Tony Stark is a human being, just like all of us but what separates him from us is that he is targeted greatly by hate groups, yet STILL finds it in him to try and help others.
If someone came at you with nothing but hate because you tried your best would you still defend them?
We constantly see Tony getting blamed for stuff that was out of his control.
His weapons, because they have his name on them he is being punished. Never did he willingly sell his weapons to the bad guys. His most trusted partner/father figure Obie made those dirty deals. Yes Tony made the weapons but he also had a MAJOR company helping him. What was the R&D team working on? What was the board of Stark Industries asking for? Weapons. So how is it, one man is blamed for something so many were involved in. That’s right cause he was born to a name, just like all of us are.
Ultron. Let’s get this straight, Ultron was an IDEA constructed by Tony AND Bruce to help protect the world. When they tried to apply the power from Loki’s scepter to the Ultron code, it FAILED. Ultron activated himself and created his own views on the human race. And looking through the history books, isn’t that surprising. Now didn’t Wanda and Pietro help him up to a certain point. I don’t care if Wanda was unaware of his plan, they willingly decided to help a crazy robot destroy others. Wasn’t Wanda the one who insisted that she wanted to turn the Hulk into a monster and hurt all those innocents. Yet Tony tried his best to stop Ultron from the moment he went haywire.
Now Civil War, we have a futuristic man, presented with the Accords and sees what THE PEOPLE WANT. Isn’t that what America is based off of? Independence and the right to choose for ourselves. The accords allow for other countries to choose what they want. Why shouldn’t we respect there wishes? But no, Captain America is more worried about being able to do whatever he wants when possible. So then for us average people should we be able to do anything we want just because we fell it’s right? I don’t think so, hence laws.
But we see a woman target Tony at an event and tell him that she blames him for everything and that he’s a monster. So NO ONE else was involved, like at all?
All I’m saying is look at the bigger picture and stop blaming the guy for things that weren’t always in his control. He has done his part and worked hard to make up for everything. I don’t see anyone else doing anything. Tony has put effort, money and time into fixing all of this. The other avengers?
After Ultron… Thor went home, Steve stayed on base with the new Avengers, Clint went home to his family. How is that at all being helpful to all the destruction they have caused. I didn’t know that running drills in a fancy base was helping raise money to build homes or repair towns.
After Civil War, who knew hiding in a jungle was going to rebuild an airport and supply a company with a new plane. Cause I’m sure they have insurance for Superhero fights.

I don’t hate any of these characters but for anyone to sit here and say Tony Stark is a monster and doesn’t do enough. Please go back and look at the cold hard facts cause I think you forgot to look at the big picture.


└ Here’s looking at you two~


Introducing Food & Wine’s new video series Mad Genius Tips! In them, F&W Test Kitchen guru Justin Chapple reveals wonderfully oddball-brilliant cooking tricks and turns common household objects into essential kitchen tools. Above, How to Separate Eggs Using a Water Bottle. What would you make with all those perfectly separated whites and yolks?

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Priya is really pushy, did you know this? If either of the boys is getting any attention she sidles up and takes their place while batting her eyelashes like, ‘Move over, hamburgers. A prime rib is coming through.’
—  my dad