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Other people have approached this topic before, but I want to do it without immediately dipping into claims of racism or whitewashing. What I’m talking about is how women in the manga are pale, while men are dark.

I can think of multiple male/female instances where this happens.

  • The Strauss siblings. Mirajane and Lisanna are pale, while Elfman is dark-skinned.
  • The Tower of Heaven crew. Milliana is pale, while Sho is dark-skinned.
  • The Oracion Seis. Putting to one side the incredibly uncomfortable experience of watching Brain, a black man, turn white when he turns more evil (not pale, literally Caucasian white), he and Cobra are dark-skinned, while Angel is pale.
  • Scorpio and Aquarius. Pale female, dark-skinned male.
  • The Seven Kin of Purgatory. Ultear and Meredy are pale, while Azuma is dark-skinned.
  • Jiemma and Minerva. Minerva is pale, while Jiemma is dark-skinned.
  • Pisces in human form. The mother is pale, while the son is dark-skinned.
  • Arcadios and Yukino/Hisui. Hisui and Yukino are pale, while Arcadios is dark-skinned.
  • The Spriggan Twelve. Ajeel and August in his battle form are both dark-skinned, while the women are light-skinned.

Dark-skinned men without any nearby females include, of all people, Acnologia. Men that reach into the “probably still on the dark edge of light-skinned” include Jager, Ivan Dreyar, Dan Straight, Bluenote Stinger, and Jura Neekis. In some cases, it’s apparently supposed to be attributed to a tan (I believe that was Cobra or Elfman, don’t quote me), and in other cases it’s probably their home locale (Sho and Azuma).

Believe me, I’m not complaining about the dark men’s skin tones–every one of them on this list ranges from ‘pleasantly muscled’ to ‘damn fine as hell’. But I’m just wondering where the dark women are at. There are exactly three dark-skinned women in the whole series, and two of them only appear in the anime (Sue and Eclipse Aries). It especially doesn’t make sense for people who are blood relatives to have such different skin tones, especially as hair color seems to match in most cases (Pisces, the Strauss siblings). 

So…. ?????

character aesthetic: elle greenaway

“The men I hunt down are cowards. For the most part, they target the weakest members of society, women and children. There’s nothing I’d rather do more than put the bastards away.”

The Suit Part 1

You never thought he’d ask you. But he did. You’d been together for almost two years now. You were completely inseparable. Only when the club runs came along and you understood. Didn’t make it any easier but you understood. He asked you to wear his crow and be his old lady a little after a year. But you didn’t imagine he’d ever ask you to marry him. Like ceremony and rings. You were just happy be made you his old lady and that you had his crow. Who needed paper documents? You two were in mad love. You figured that was his way of “Marrying you” and you were fine with it. Filip Telford was your old man. And you his old lady. But he did want more. He wanted to not just call you his old lady. He wanted you to be his wife. Once he started seeing you it was over for the crow eaters. No “what happens on a run” nonsense. He was completely devoted to you and no one else but you. He’d do anything for you. No matter how hard it was for him to do…

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it terrifies me that my life could take a turn somewhere in the future. I could fall in love with the right one or the wrong one. I could lost my momentum in life.

It terrifies me that there is so much closed doors in this world and that there’s so much pressure in taking the right path. It terrifies me that one day everyone would turn their backs on me and that no one would ever love me again. It terrifies me that I’ll be on a rough patch forever because maybe I don’t fight hard enough. Maybe I am not focused enough. Maybe money really is what runs this world. Maybe writing and engineering really is not for me.

I guess this is life.


i understand. you found paradise in tumblr. you had some good posts, you made a good blog, the blacklist protected you and the tags were plentiful. you didn’t need a friend like me. but now you come to me and you say “outofcontextarthur, they’re not monkeys, muffy was a hippo”. but you don’t ask with respect. you don’t offer friendship. you don’t even think to call me godfather. instead, you come into my blog on the day my daughter is to be married and y

anyway my favorite thing about the trashladins is how absolutely perfect pidge got keith’s hair, she got the exact way that his bangs lay & she even got the little sprig of hair at the top of his head & she clearly spent a fair amount of time attaching multiple pieces of trash together to make it look just like his hair

but with lance she just

absolutely did not try at all, that’s not even kind of what his hair looks like, pidge what the whole hell


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