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‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

different headcanon questions!!

1. What are three Netflix shows that they’ve rated five stars?
2. Where do they prefer to read? On the sofa, in bed, at a table, on the porch, in a cafe?
3. Do they like to play games? What kind of games: video, card, board? What are some of their favorites?
4. What’s their food weakness? What food can they never turn down?
5. Do they prefer movies or TV shows? Why?
6. What holiday is their favorite? Which is their least favorite?
7. What’s their diet like? Are they vegetarian, vegan? Do they have any food allergies that make them have a special diet?
8. What sort of toys did they play with as a child?
9. How often do they go grocery shopping? Do they tend to do one large trip, or smaller ones throughout the week?
10. Do they eat breakfast? What’s a typical breakfast look like for them?
11. Do they like going to museums? What type of museums do they like to go to? Art, science, historical; interactive, quiet, a mix?
12. How do they organize their books? Alphabetical by author, by title? By size, color, date published? Is there any rhyme or reason?
13. Have they ever been do Disney World/Land, or any other amusement park? What do they prefer to do at them: go on the rides, play the games, eat the food?
14. How do they eat their popcorn? What do they put on it?
15. When do they pay their bills? As soon as the bill comes in? At the last moment? Or are most of their bills automatically taken out of their account?
16. What time do they normally go to bed? How many hours of sleep do they usually need to function in the morning?
17. Do they have cable, or do they rely mostly on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services?
18. What is their preferred weather? What would be a perfect weather day?
19. Are they more of a snacker throughout the day, or they eat three meals and call it a day?
20. Have they ever had an imaginary friend?
21. What were they a part of in high school/college, if they went? Were they a part of any clubs, did they play any sports? What clique would they have been considered a part of?
22. Do they have a favorite restaurant? How often do they go to it, and what’s their usual order?
23. How do they prefer to watch movies? In the theater, on a streaming site, from an owned DVD/digital download, rented from somewhere?
24. Do they watch any sports? What are they a fan of, and what teams do they root for? Do they watch the games/matches on TV or do they try to be there for some in person? Do they just catch the highlights on their phone later on?
25. What do they prefer to do in the summertime? Do they like going to the beach, do they prefer camping, staying in the city? Do they like to stay indoors and away from the heat?

@thisshouldbegayer, I hope you don’t expect Lance will be able to keep his hands off Keith from now on, hahaha

okay, but like what if neville went full plant-lover-badass after the war? like he finally gets known as both the most kind and strong teachers at hogwarts?

neville longbottom covered in colourful tattoos of flowers and plants.

neville longbottom seeing one of his students being bullied and setting his foot down.

neville longbottom with earrings in the shape of cacti.

neville longbottom turning his scars from the death eaters into vines and roses.

neville longbottom jamming to some loud hardcore music in-between classes.

neville longbottom switching to classical music the moment a student walks in so they don’t get scared.

neville longbottom with flower tattoos.

Potter Bros, Detention Woes

What’s In A Namesake Pt.1

James Sirius: Move over, this seat is reserved for the most handsome wizard in the room-

James Sirius: Me.

Albus: No. You’re the reason we are in detention so you can pick another seat.

P. Longbottom: *looks up*

Albus: And who says you’re the most handsome wizard? *looks to Neville* For all we know it could be Professor Longbottom. He is pretty…. dashing.

P. Longbottom: I’ve known you since you were born Albus, it’s not going to work. Good try though.

Albus: Well that was a bust.

James Sirius: Hey Albus?

Albus: What?

James Sirius: Besides, no matter how dashing Professor Longbottom is, I am still the most attractive.

Albus: Why is that, James?

James Sirius: It’s in my name. I was named after the two most attractive men that have ever strutted down these halls….

Besides myself, of course -as we have established.

It was fate, obviously.

Albus: Hey James?

James Sirius: Yeah?

Albus: Well, if we are going by names, I was named after the two bravest men that our Dad has ever known.

He told me so himself.

P. Longbottom: *Violin Screech*

P. Longbottom: Time for a field trip!

Don’t play with your food.

It is December of 1980, and a young Alecto Carrow is on another countless raid with a group of Death Eaters when she, not unusually, comes across a vaguely familiar face.

Her next victim is cowering, unarmed, in the corner of the bedroom. In a home that was one more protection spell away from being safe.

Alecto raises her wand, but that spark of recognition crosses her expression and she hesitates.

The person chances a glance up, allowing hope to seep into their thoughts before they can think to stop themselves.

The wandless victim slowly nods their head.

The slowly building sense of relief from Alecto’s deceptively friendly tone dissipates as quickly as it appeared.

Alecto raises her wand once more, and the victim tries to plead with her. Scream. Anything. But they cannot seem to find their voice.

Their silence is broken too late, with a piercing scream that reverberates throughout the house, until it is forever muted.

The Death Eaters move on to the next house.


~~ “It was dark times, Harry, dark times.” ~~

Potter Bros, Detention Woes

What’s In A Namesake Pt.3

*Afternoon in Godric’s Hallow* 

*Pig drops a letter*

Ginny: Harry, we got a letter from Albus!

*skims letter*

Ginny: Do you remember the thirteen years ago, in St. Mungos, after I just gave birth to our second child and you picked out his name?

Harry: Mmmhmmm.

Ginny: And do you remember with I told you what a horrible idea it was and one day we were going to have to explain how Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape were the two bravest men you knew?

Harry: Yes?

Ginny: Well today is your lucky day.

Harry: *reads letter from Albus*

You fuck up once and you’re no longer “The Boy Who Saved the Wizarding World” but “The Boy Who Gave His Kid A Complex”.

Ginny: You named him, you’re dealing with this.

Harry: Yeah, yeah I’ll go floo Albus right now…

And kill Neville while I’m at it.


YOU DONT LIVE THERE ANYMORE  —  give me a plot where MUSE A’s girlfriend just passed away, from whatever reason we decide, and hes been taking it hard. maybe he’s started using to numb the pain. cue taking the long way home just so he can drive by her old apartment, breakfasts alone at their favorite restaurant, a hazy state of mind where he insists that he sees her out in public places. now fast-forward at least six months, and he’s starting to do better. has himself a new distraction, be it a job or a new girl or whatever. and he’s driving home from said distraction and coincidentally passes by his late girlfriend’s apartment. it’s when he looks up at her window that he notices the new tenant, MUSE B, dancing around in her living room, and the resemblance she has to his girlfriend is enough to force him out of his car and right to her front door. of course, MUSE B isn’t her, but MUSE A is so desperate to talk to her at this point that he makes up some story about how he’s there to fix something so he can come inside.

what’s in your bag: tom riddle

Tom: My wand, of course. It is decent but…there is always room for improvement and I am sure I will find a better one.

Tom: A diary. It is…very important to me.

Tom: Professors favour students who always come on time.

Tom: I also tend to have migraines which is…inconvenient, to say the least.

Tom: Hm, a love letter from a Ravenclaw. Smart - they know the right people to make friends with. I’ll keep it…for now.

Tom: Ah, poetry. Books make so much more sense…

Tom: For my artworks I don’t use colour, but I like all shades of grey-

Tom: Not like that.

(modern au where Tom is just a misunderstood fine art student)


  • ❛ what is better ?  to be born good,  or to overcome your evil nature through great effort. ❜
  • ❛ it’s a lucky time to be alive. ❜
  • ❛ skyrim’s harshness has a way of carving a man down to his true self. ❜
  • ❛ i’ve heard about you … and your honeyed words. ❜
  • ❛ i would wake up and hope that it was just a dream but know it was not. ❜
  • ❛ i’m not a man. i’m a weapon in human form. just unsheathe me, and point me at the enemy.❜
  • ❛ you never should have come here. ❜
  • ❛ i fight so that all of the fighting i’ve already done hasn’t been for nothing. ❜
  • ❛ you stink of death, my friend. i salute you. ❜
  • ❛ you’re either the bravest person i’ve ever met … or the biggest fool. ❜
  • ❛ i faced him fearlessly, my fate inescapable, yet my honor sustained. can they say the same ? ❜
  • ❛ you push the world harder than it pushes back. ❜
  • ❛ all the living shall fear the dead. ❜
  • ❛ remember, your mind is the best weapon you have. ❜
  • ❛ one sure mark of a fool is to dismiss anything that falls outside his experience as being impossible. ❜
  • ❛ the curse of much knowledge is often indecision. ❜
  • ❛ what’s the point in being miserable all the time ? ❜
  • ❛ being happy or unhappy is a choice you make, and i’ve chosen to make the best of things. ❜
  • ❛ walk always in shadows, so that you will see your foes before they see you. ❜
  • ❛ i don’t really think i’m cut for the quiet life. ❜
  • ❛ the flames of a hero can reforge the shattered. ❜
  • ❛ i’ve sacrificed to much to let you take it from me. ❜
  • ❛ he would have proved troublesome to me. ❜
  • ❛ what is wrong with the world these days ? everyone is obsessed with death. ❜
Confrontational/Angsty/Other Starter Pack
  • “I KNOW you took my last yogurt.”
  • “How could you do that to me?!”
  • “You killed them, didn’t you?..”
  • “I trusted you..”
  • “You threw it away! You threw it all away!”
  • “Don’t come to me when you need help, you wont find any here.”
  • “I told you to meet me at the OTHER place! Why did you end up here?!”
  • “Why do you keep taking directions from your phone?.. This is the THIRD TIME I’ve had to come get you.”
  • “Hit me again and we are THROUGH!”
  • “I told you i would fight you and now I’m here.”
  • “Please stop, please stop..”
  • “Scream at me all you want but you know what you did!”
  • “I came to get back what’s mine, now give it to me!”
  • “I told you we were done!”
  • “Give me one more chance, please!”
  • “I said keep your HANDS out of my FRIES!”