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Tbh I’m getting real sick of people asking why people choose to represent minorities instead in their interpretations instead of sticking with the canon portrayals. Do minorities not deserve representation? Is it wrong for everyone to want to be able to see themselves in their country? 

There is no possible way the canon portrayals of nations can accurately represent the history and culture of an entire nation and all its minorities. Chill the fuck out. 

i can’t believe i swore i was done with this hell of a show like literally two seconds ago and then the news broke and i sold my soul again

just like that

one headline and i’m back

Katie McGrath everybody. this is what she does to people


Horse and rider are okay which makes this all the more funny in my opinion.

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Dude I'm latinx and I have literally people of every damn shade in my family like when people ask me what my race is I'm like ??? But that doesn't mean I'm white...I am brown? So when people say shit like "McClain is an ok last name!! He could be mixed!!" Yeah no shit he's mixed but that doesn't mean he's white you stale watercress sandwich.

what in the living fuck yo i feel you like i get asked the SAME SHIT and people ask me like “oh are you like irish or something?” and i’m like “???? a BIG no there buddy” and then when i’m like “i’m cuban” and they go “Oh but you don’t look hispanic” i swear i have to force myself not to punch them in the fucking face. 

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Wait... what wow race is your characters favorites (like double amd taro and all them)

Out of the ones that actually play… Double likes the draenei but he plays a human, Taro likes the orcs. Anya likes Blood Elves, Zaid likes the Tauren

and Jiro likes the Pandaren.

She let him down. 

That was the one, sole thought running though Sara’s head as she drank. The taste of the scotch was welcome. Her mind continued to race over what’d happened that day. Replayed missed opportunities that could have led to a different outcome. While Jax, the Professor, and the others continued to put blame on Mick…

Sara was putting the blame on herself. 

What Ray said rang true. How they’d treated him these past few months finally caught up to them. Sara had teased him as a sister would a brother. Or so that was what she’d been telling herself. She’d been mean. She’d been, in no other words, a bully: and it was now biting her in the ass. 

She remembered, now. The way he’d looked at her. When the others had said they didn’t trust him. As if he’d been waiting for her and her alone to say she believed in him. That what they’d been through from bar fights to losing Snart meant something. Instead… Instead she’d let her power. Her new role as leader… Cloud her judgement. She’d let doubt dictate how she talked to him. Because she knew what he’d been feeling. If it had been Laurel standing there… She took another drink to erase that thought.

She’d handed him the spear on the battlefield right before he went rogue. She really had trusted him. She still did. In a way. How many times could a guy be knocked down before he lashed back? She now knew how Snart felt when he’d had to deal with Mick the first time.

“He wants to change his past.” Sara looked up from her drink to stare at Amaya. “We talked. Before. He said the call of the spear was that of his dead parents. To not play with fire…”

“He wants to save his family?” asked Sara. “From-”

“-himself,” finished Amaya. 

Sara nodded, doing her best to not feel defeated. 

“I let him down,” she admitted. 

“We all did,” amended Amaya. “I am sorry. For what I said earlier. I let my anger-”

“I deserved it. We-”

Then, it was in that moment, time changed. Sara blinked before looking around. The leather of her outfit creaked with her movement, before she looked at her partner. She quirked a brow before taking a sip of her drink. It took her a moment to focus. Had she really been daydreaming? She hadn’t done that since she was a young, stupid fool on the Queen’s yacht. 

“So who’s our latest target?” she asked. 

“Someone named Dr. Ray Palmer,” said Amaya, slapping down a file on the table before drawing out a blade. She idly started twisting it in her hand. “Darhk says he’s a threat to the League.”

“Well then.” Sara downed her drink before grinning, every trace of the hero she’d once been gone. “We better get to work.”

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I've got a ton of gw2 characters. Some I write about a great deal (like the three siblings, Shani, Sywyn and Wren), and many I role play a lot with. Of the aforementioned, they are the law in Dry Top, with Shani as sheriff and her brother and sister as deputies. Shani is a thief, Sywyn is an engineer and Wren is a guardian. While we don't have horses in game, I write the three as though they are accomplished riders Fantasy and the wild west.

You know, theres this little girl in Beetletun who talks about getting a pony. I’ve always wondered how a pony could exist and not horses haha.

But anyways, those three sound super awesome! What race are they? A wild west silverwastes would be such a cool setup.

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How astounding is it that they're just turning out white washed Asian roles like it's nothing. Catch Tumblr first say they ain't watching it only to later actually watch it (a la iron flub). The trailer for D*ath N*te is terrible. I'm dying that they felt the need to change his last name. Tell me again why Light Yagami is racially ambiguous?

yeah lmao the “anime fandom” on here is so ugly they probably don’t see the problem w/ it. i wonder what race Light Yagami and Motoko Kusanagi are. mystery

why i shouldn’t have photoshop (part three)

So, I was thinking yesterday, why are the stripes on the pride flag straight? Most of the people in the LGBTQA community aren’t even as straight as the lines on their flag (lolzor jokes). So, I decided to design a new one for fun.

This one was my first draft. I know, the squiggles are truly a masterpiece and I should definitely start drawing. That was a joke. 

But, I looked at it for a while and thought, this isn’t… gay enough. 

So, I made another one.

Here’s RuPaul on my gay flag. 

I think we should start printing these immediately.

But then I made more, and I just couldn’t stop myself…

I’m saying what have I done but on the inside I have no regrets.

edit: anyone can use any of these but you have to give me credit and no reposting please❤️